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Georgia Gay Cub Reporters Write Cute Newspaper Article About Me & Pal

link Georgia Boys Founders of Gay Men’s ‘Bareback Brotherhood’


So the above appeared in the GA Voice back in June 2013.  It’s the Gay rag for the Atlanta area. I’d say Georgia and I image a few people pick some up in Savannah and maybe Augusta (where these fine reporters probably haven’t noticed that two of three major Georgia hubs host huge bareback orgies once a month).

I’m glad that two of the three of the founders of the Bareback Brotherhood or #BBBH qualify as “boys.”

Fuck that.

I don’t know about @GaPozAthens, but last time I checked, I am a MAN.

Further, did you know you don’t have to be Gay to be in the Bareback Brotherhood?

That’s right. Ding ding ding!

You just have to be a guy to be a part of a brotherhood. Duh.

Bareback as a bi, as a straight or even just curious. Doesn’t matter.

Just fuck raw.



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Bareback Brotherhood #BBBH

All About the Bareback Brotherhood (BBBH)

The Bareback Brotherhood (Twitter #BBBH) stands a beacon as a social group of men around the globe from all walks of life. We agree on one thing — sex between men without barriers is the natural and only choice. As consenting adults, we choose skin-to-skin intimacy. We advocate on behalf of raw sex, knowing that most men engage but hide. We are a group without judgment and with mutual respect for all Brothers, no matter sero-status — positive, negative or unknown. Fuck more. Fear less. Regret nothing.

How Do I Join the Bareback Brotherhood?

Bareback Brotherhood #BBBHIf you are on Twitter, add #BBBH to your Twitter bio line (detailed instructions). Once you do that, please notify one of the Founders of the Bareback Brotherhood (we also recommend you follow a few of them. The Founders are as follows (in alphabetical order):

And visit us at our website, http://bbbh.me.

Yes, it’s that easy.

I Only Bareback with Other Poz/Neg Guys. Can I Join?

Yes. Again, the Bareback Brotherhood #BBBH is a non-judgmental zone. We welcome all Brothers. You can make your own choices and respect others for theirs. But understand, this group is not sero-selective and we do not sero-segregate.

If I Bareback Only with My Boyfriend, Can I Join?

The short answer is yes. But you must understand that other Brothers won’t be quite so selective. As a member of the Bareback Brotherhood, you are advocating Bareback sex.

I’m Straight/Bi/Curious. Can I Join?

Yes. The Brotherhood is a male only group and if you’re having bareback sex with other men, we could care less how you identify sexually.

I Am Under 18. The Legal Age of Consent in My State/Country Is 14/15/16/17. Can I Join?

No. You will be blocked and banned. Since this is an International group, we only accept adults of majority age, which is generally accepted to be 18. Please visit with us again when you are 18.

Am I Required to Give My Real Name?

No. Just like Twitter and Facebook (as well as many other online services) does not require real names, we do not either.

Do You Accept Membership by Porn Studios, Porn Performers, Online Sites, Commercial Sites, etc.?

Yes. The Bareback Brotherhood #BBBH welcomes any members as long as you do not actively solicit our members for your services.

I Want to Join, But My Family/Friends Follow This Twitter/Facebook Profile

Create one specifically for your Bareback Brothers to follow. Your Brothers-In-Cum need your support!

Are There Any Plans for a Meeting/Tweet-Up/Breed-Up?

Yes. The Founders and others are planning a group meeting in association with another major Gay event during the Summer or Fall or 2011, likely in the United States. There’s also discussion of one in Europe.

How Many Men Make Up the Bareback Brotherhood?

As of mid-February 2011, we count almost 200 members. By late 2012, we estimate more than 5,000 members all over the world.

I Find Barebacking Vile/Unsafe/Horrible/Criminal/Etc.

Isn’t it funny how you read all the way down here? Listen. Leave us alone. We’ll leave you alone. Go have your intimacy wrapped in plastic. We’ll have ours. Thanks.

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