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Georgia Gay Cub Reporters Write Cute Newspaper Article About Me & Pal

link Georgia Boys Founders of Gay Men’s ‘Bareback Brotherhood’


So the above appeared in the GA Voice back in June 2013.  It’s the Gay rag for the Atlanta area. I’d say Georgia and I image a few people pick some up in Savannah and maybe Augusta (where these fine reporters probably haven’t noticed that two of three major Georgia hubs host huge bareback orgies once a month).

I’m glad that two of the three of the founders of the Bareback Brotherhood or #BBBH qualify as “boys.”

Fuck that.

I don’t know about @GaPozAthens, but last time I checked, I am a MAN.

Further, did you know you don’t have to be Gay to be in the Bareback Brotherhood?

That’s right. Ding ding ding!

You just have to be a guy to be a part of a brotherhood. Duh.

Bareback as a bi, as a straight or even just curious. Doesn’t matter.

Just fuck raw.



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Gloryhole cock shoots a load in Jarod's ass

Ongoing Fucking

While I have not been able to post it, I have bred. And often. My Chicago trip saw three receive my juice, which I still intend to record here about two as both were worth the marking — one a loaded Latin, as I mentioned in an earlier post. The other a cheating cub, away from his hubby on business and taking loads from strangers.

I’ve bred four or five others during the blur of my travels. Most are anonymous. Some know who I am but most don’t and I don’t give a fuck one way or another. My notorious blog does give way to allowing me access to ass, which I appreciate.

I’ve also had the lovely honor of loading up an escort who’s decided to try out Atlanta for a time. This adorable (and honestly sweet) young man offers up his ass and appreciates a good fucking.

If you’re in Atlanta or the northern side of town, hit up SubBtmEscort on BarebackRT.com. I hope to get him to open up for one of my more detailed conversations as a bareback escort.

And if you hire him, please mention me. In fact, just say “hi” thanks to me.

I’ve also fucked at Inserection at Cheshire Bridge, the adult bookstore with some of Atlanta’s best gloryholes. The comments on my Inserection page are correct: The place now charges for the rooms upstairs.

I find this is a good thing. Too many meth-head asswipes were abusing the open rooms and flopping upstairs, sleeping off their highs. Now you find sex happening downstairs and more fucking. I’ve bred more thanks to this push downstairs, especially through gloryholes.

Just yesterday, I actually ended up in a booth with a former Marine — at least I am guessing he was former. Gosh, more than any other branch of the service, those guys just love getting it up the ass. And this one did too, taking my load with gusto.

All this said…

While I’ve written all this, I do think things will need to shift or change.

I haven’t figured out exactly how. Do I mean I’m settling down? Not at all. I can’t. I need to spread my seed. I always will.

But I also need a better resource of ass. And although I’ve craved to help pass on the skills I’ve learned, I still haven’t found someone dedicated enough to mentor.

I pass the time. Waiting.

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Looks Like the Perfect Devil’s Dick Ice Cube Tray…

Looks Like the Perfect Devil’s Dick Ice Cube Tray…

I am a geek. I am proud of that fact. Of course, I check out the shop ThinkGeek.com, which happened to send me an e-mail today. I happened to notice this ice tray that makes cubes shaped like 10 AK47 bullets. Seems to me they’re perfectly shaped to make a devil’s dick then slip right inside an ass.

You’ll likely need a syringe to get the shape correct since the mold needs to be closed to get the three-dimensional shape and there’s a very small hole to put the liquid into — in this case, cum.

I’ve added it to my wish list. And here’s a link to get one for yourself.

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Travel Diary: The Man Who Would Be Paduwan

Travel Diary: The Man Who Would Be Paduwan

I hesitate to write this encounter for many reasons:

  1. Since it occurred over several hours, I will not accurately recall all the details of our sex.
  2. Some of what occurred is, frankly, some stuff I’m going to keep for my own private memories.
  3. This is one encounter that defies words in multiple moments (and for me to be wordless means something).

The bottom in question for this encounter wrote me a long time ago — at least three year. He proved to be memorable to me in many, many ways. When “fans” contact me (I use the term “fans” loosely), I generally find he’s read one or two pieces on this site. On occasion, maybe he’s even made it beyond a few.

This guy went well beyond that.

He claimed to have found my “Deceptively Fun” stories on Nifty.org erotic archive back in 2003 and started following me then. As our communication developed, I came to believe him. He made references that even caused me to struggle to recall my own references.

He told me he was in the Philadelphia.

We would occasionally connect electronically. He’d send photos and we’d talk about mutual interests, even beyond the fact I wanted to breed his ass deep.

Finally, it turned out I’d been in the City of Brotherly Love but just for a couple of nights.  As soon as an entry posted on my potential travel there, he e-mailed.

Now there’s always a little concern that someone might be a bit of a stalker, but it’s not like he was visiting me in my home city. It would be a hit-it-and-quit-it. But fuck, after hitting it, I sure as hell didn’t want to quit it.

We made arrangements and he followed through. He walked into my hotel room. A little shorter than I, his photos failed to do him justice. A little shaggy, brown hair, full beard but not a bear at all. Yet too handsome to be a cub. And not too hairy when his clothes came off. Just hairy enough. His hairy wasn’t wiry but soft. His kisses weren’t soft though. He had a tendency to bite down and make the kiss so deep, you thought he was trying to suck your brains out through your throat.

Not that it was a bad thing.

We were tumbling on the bed naked and quickly. We were intertwined and fighting for a kind of dominance. Was he going to be the bossy bottom getting what he wanted or was I going to be the top controlling the pace of what  was going to happen that night?

I liked him (at least up to this point) that I didn’t want him out of the room fast.

As a conquest, I knew I’d get his ass. He wanted it too bad and I came too far for him not to get it. But this boy had a fucking agenda.

When he went to sucking my cock, he went down deep and then I felt it… his tongue brushed across my balls. This continued. The little fucker had read my entry from Feb. 4, “He’d Always Wanted My Load,” where I described the first time someone deep-throated me and licked my balls at the same time. He would not be outdone.

My CockHis technique proved to be better anyway. And he moved to accommodate my cock (yes, that’s my cock in the photo) by approaching it from a 69 position. This allowed me to play with his ass some. But he insisted he was there to work my cock and to relax.

And he did.

When he would finally let me into his ass, it would be a little at a time as his ass flexed, letting me in just enough and then tightening around it. His ass accommodated me easily but tightly. And he’d been practicing, flexing and working it. This boy wanted to be a world-class bottom.

Compared to every other bottom I’d fucked. Of the thousands I’ve fucked, he indeed entered my top 10 fucks ever. Dare I say, he was among the top five.

The night blurred with intense fucking, passionate fucking, riding my cock, begging for my cum, kissing, sucking and pretty much everything.

We talked, laughed and had a session that lasted several hours.

When I would finally mount him, he begged for my load like I knew he would. He wanted my load inside him, anyway possible. Deep and hard, stay inside and to mark my territory. The hours of fucking meant I was in top mode, which meant I had to really pummel him. He took it. Begging for more. Begging for my load. Poz. Neg. Infected. Clean. It didn’t matter to him. He just wanted to sample my DNA inside him.

That’s the kind of cum slut I love.

And I gave it to him.

Deep. I shoved it in and paused as my cock throbbed and began to shoot out the warm spunk into his hot hole.

I stayed inside him for quite a while before finally slipping out and he licked what he could off, although most ended up within his ass.

Then I did something that totally surprised me. Something I’ve probably not done since my twenties or maybe even my teens.

I sucked him off.

Yea, I guess this wouldn’t have been a hit-it-and-quit-it situation. Maybe he’s not boyfriend material, but at least fuck-friends situation and I’d really love to take him out breed him or get him bred. We have mutual interests. But he’s in Philadelphia. And I am here.

But I have the memory. And I’ll just have to see if I can top it with someone else.

Any takers?

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gloryhole fuck

Glory Hole Cubby

One of those errands days found me downtown near one of Atlanta’s most frequented sex spots. I decided to stop by to see if I might relieve a little stress. I wandered in and found the place busy, men standing along the walls and popping in and out of the booths. Maybe I chose a good day.

In general, I like this sex shop. The Atlanta crowd can have something to be desired though with a tendency to have way too much attitude. Many of the booths have glory holes, which is among the things that makes me happy. I enjoy shoving my cock through the hole and waiting for all the sensations with what I cannot see.

The problem with this particular place is how low the holes are situated. I can’t stand straight up. I have to kind of prop myself against the wall and position my legs wide. It hurts after a bit.

(I need someone to hire me to design a sex club with flexible glory holes and hand holds.)

Just to get things started, I went into a booth and let a guy suck me to full-mast firmness. This would assure a good bulge in my jeans. I left and made the loop, getting a good glance at everyone else — at least ones outside their booths.

After a few more checks of vacant booths next to occupied, I was somewhat satisfied with my options. One guy, probably in his mid-30s with light red hair and a bit of a bald spot eyed me carefully. I gave him a nod and, in short order, we were in a booth together.

There’s always an awkward moment in these situations to determine who’s the top and who’s the bottom. Hot enough for me, he just faced me, his smallish cock out stroking it. Then he yanked his shirt up.

A light red fur climbed up the center of his chest, but it was the perfectly pink nipples that caught my attention. I dove for one and immediately he spoke up.

“Fuck yeah!”

For an intense five minutes, we pleasured one another, switching off positions and locations. But his ass never proved to be an option. Shortly after his second snort of poppers, he announced he was cumming, shooting his spunk a good distance onto the plastic-covered television that served as the only light inside the booth.

He left satisfied. I was left with a hardon aching for beefy ass.

Over the course of the next hour or so, I cruised. I got sucked by a few different men. One actually did a pretty good job of providing me with significant pleasure. But I didn’t want to pop unless it was in an ass.

I ever sucked a blond boy off. His nice 8-inches snaked up and to the right, with his balls and pubes shaved for complete access. I hadn’t even spent that much time working it when I felt him shudder and them began tasting the warm, salty flavor spurt on my tongue.

I swallowed. Of course.

I followed another beefy ass into a booth and he sucked a little. I got my hopes up a little when I felt a pause with him still holding firmly to my cock. I felt something at the tip but something seemed a little weird. As he lowered his ass onto my cock, I knew the sensation all too well.

Condom. He’d wrapped me just before the fuck. As he backed up against the glory hole wall, I began to debate how easy it would be to slip the plastic off and fuck him raw. But then I smelled it. Shit. Obviously, he’d not prepared for his visit. Instead of prolonging and knowing I couldn’t leave with my cock smelling of poop, I pulled out, pulled off the condom, and tossed it back through the hole.

I did another loop then finally settled into one of the more comfortable booths. I looked through and saw something to my great delight.

A man was fucking someone in his booth.

Now I like watching like every one else, but I hate sitting and leering at someone like an old perv. But as I watched, I filled with a little hope as I saw the bottom pull out, turn around and begin sucking the top.

The bottom was fucking hot. Dark hair, lovely eyes, a little beard and some hairy over growth. From what I could see, he was a hot little cub.

He stood and turned back around and the top went to fucking again. Now the top wasn’t all that great. Mostly, at this point, I could only see the fat, saggy ass as it fucked with quick strokes into the hole of the bottom.

Obviously, top guy wasn’t all that hung.

Suddenly, top guy stopped fucking and sat down on the bench, turning the cub around to suck his cock. Now I could get a clear view. A very clear view.

Top bear leaned toward the polar side, in his 50s with a classic bear look and beard. But bottom cub just got hotter lifting his shirt to show off a piercing on his nip that perched atop a nice, hairy pec. I could see three tattoos on him including a bear claw just above his right thigh.

About then, top guy motioned for me to stick my cock through, which I only helpfully obliged.

Within a moment of hands and mouth, my cock stood a full hardness again and I felt something delightful. Daddy bear held onto my nuts and around the base of my cock as little cub backed his ass up onto me.

Now cub boy probably stood about 5-foot-4 and daddy bear wasn’t all that large — maybe four inches and not thick at all. My 7-inch cock seemed humongous in comparison. It took a little longer and a bit more spit before I broke through his sphincter and I was completely inside him.

I began to fuck, took a hit of poppers and just let myself enjoy thrusting against this wall and feeling my cock slid into a bit of bliss. I just continued to enjoy the moment, letting myself reach deeper into his ass. I began breathing heavy. I figured out what these two wanted and I was going to let them have it. I didn’t hold back. I kept my pace.

And then, I grunted — loudly. I let myself cum and I did it with just enough noise to allow the men next door to hear me. I fucked more then buried myself and let my cock throb.

After I’d shot out everything, bottom cub came off my cock and daddy bear grabbed the pace of my cock, pinching it and pulled out every drop of cum onto his hand. I pulled out and knelt to see him feet it to his cub before daddy bear licked the boy’s ass a little. He turned to me and said, “Thanks,” then went back to eating ass.

I recovered, packed up and headed home.

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