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Fuck Fuck Fuck

The Brotherhood of the Traveling Fucks

I’ve been traveling a lot. And it doesn’t look like it will let up anytime soon. And I’ve been fucking lucky.


The ass in each city ends up being hot, hot, hot.

If I tried to write about every ass and each encounter, you’d all love it — I know. But I don’t have time. I’m just that busy.

Allow me to summarize some of the highlights.

Mid-Atlantic Tropical Hot Ass

I usually advertise my arrival in advance of my arrival. My ads usually announce that a top blogger is coming to town, looking for some bottom inspiration. I require some basic information from those who want to learn about the blog, since a vast majority of people just want the jerk off material.

I don’t mind. But I want to get a glimpse of who’s going to see it.

Occasionally, some people know who it is. Or they figure it out quickly. These are my fan fuck plans. Some people can be dedicated fans, who read up on me in great details. Others are just the guys who read me when it’s time to jerk off.

This young, very tan man hits me up and begins begging.

Now you have to understand. The younger the bottom, the less reliable. Young men in their twenties are notorious unreliable. I’ve made plans with hem in cities only to end up with a dry dick in hand.

This one really seemed genuine.

And not to bore you with details, he worked out well considering that this time, I ended up running late. He arrived after I finally got into my hotel room. Without hesitation, he worked into an embrace and kiss.

A good kiss.

His sucking worked at getting me hard. But when I finally got into his hairy ass, the fucking tight ass proved to be phenomenal.

Too phenomenal.

It’s been a while since I’ve bred someone three times in a row. But this little fucker kept me hard through all three. I never really slowed down. Of course, I’d been saving up a little. His exotic mixture of Latin and native tropics. A little hair on his chest and these juicy nipples.

His ass never truly loosened up.

If I ever slipped out, this bottom would let out an exasperated plea to put it back in.

I never went soft. His talent seemed unending to keep me hard. He’d read about where to touch me, how to keep me interested and what to do to arouse me.

He is someone who will be fucked again.

University City Slut

It’s summertime, so most of the college kids are at home, screwing around there and not at school. Just my luck I get to go to the midwest and a town that’s pretty much nothing but a university-supported town.

There’s a small contingency of college kids around — too many of them catfish (fakes who claim to want fucking). I’d just about given up.

I’d messaged a guy on BarebackRT.com before my arrival and, well, he pops back online. I invite him over and, 30 minutes later, this thirtysomething is sucking my cock on my hotel room bed.

We went into fuck mode and his neg hole is just begging me to squirt my load inside him a coat his insides fulls of my DNA.

I do.

All you have to do is beg. And this bottom does.

It’s after all the fucking, with us winded on such an intense session, that he admits to having known who I was, loving my blog and basically wanting to find out if he could really feel it “blast inside.”

(Yes, he could feel it.)

He’d gone to dinner with friends and ditched them between the restaurant and the club to swing by and get fucked by me. But we’d promised for a more extensive session next time.

My Boyfriend Doesn’t Know I’m a Slutty Bottom

Occasionally, one of those 20-year-old guys with an impossibly smooth body e-mails me. I figure the photo has been Photoshopped until there’s not a freckle, not a blemish and no stray hairs.

I’m in Texas and on BarebackRT.com when this little fucker e-mails me, volunteering to come take my load. I tell him the hotel. He asks the room. I give it. He says 15 minutes.

And in 17 minutes, there’s a knock at my door. A gorgeous boy walks in, lithe, tall, Latin and beautiful. His shirt is coming off as he steps into the room. He isn’t hesitating.

His chest is perfect. Just barely definition but no imperfections. Anywhere.

The lights are down low because I fucking hate the harsh lighting of hotels. He flips an end-table light on, its florescent yellow blinking into cold existence. But this boy’s skin is still perfect, reflecting the seamless skin with just a peach fuzz of hair that tingles as I run my fingers over it.

He’s naked now and grabbing for my pants.

He sucks me. I was already hard. He slobbers all over my cock. He thumbs his huge uncut cock a little as he comes up and kisses me with the perfect thick lips and then turns around and lines up my cock with his perfect little pucker.

And he pushes.

I’m inside him.

This insatiable boy just begins to ride. But I can’t be a passive top. I move him into a few positions and I pummel him.

He begs for my cum. He says he wants it bad. Please give it to him. I do. I load him up deep.

I lay in the glow afterward, letting my fingertips run over this perfect boy’s skin.

As we talk, it turns out I’m the fourth load in him tonight, although he’d cleaned out for me — I jokingly scold him for doing that. He assures me I’m the first of many loads as he leaves me for a few more.

His boyfriend is working tonight. He’s out for as many loads as possible. And he takes all loads. Doesn’t matter. Oh, he’s a little picky. Hard cocks only.

Never heard of my blog. Couldn’t care less. He just wanted my cum. He just wanted me to blast inside.

Straight Boy and Gay Bottom

In a southern city, I’ve chosen a ginger to fuck. He finally arrives. When he walks in, I recognize him immediately.

He’s straight. He’s a straight bottom. (Yes, they exist.)

He walks in and basically gets to sucking me. Nothing nice about it. He’s not very good, but it’s enough to harden me up. I step behind him and slick my cock up when he mentioned he has a condom.

I don’t protest. I put it on. At least, that’s what he sees. He lines it up with his hole, feeling the condom on it but after it goes in his hole, I pull it out and pull off the condom in a single motion and slide back inside. As soon as I’m in him bare I feel it.

His asshole is throbbing.

Damn inexperienced bottoms.

He’s shooting his load all over my bed.

Pisses me off a little, but I’ve been inside him raw and he didn’t notice. Or maybe he did and that’s why he shot off so quick.

He liked it raw.

He’s out the door and I’m on the prowl again. I don’t find another taker until the next day… this a gay guy who just had this terrific body. I didn’t see a face. I get a little concerned when I don’t see a face at all.

He walks in an angel, with these stunning eyes.

We get to the act quickly, although I wanted to take my time. And we fuck for longer than I intended because I want to give him the best I can.

He enjoys it.

We finally kiss as he leaves a load lighter and a load heavier.

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Fuck Fuck Fuck

Breeding a Redneck Behind an Abandoned House

The last week or so kept me busy for a variety of reasons and, for whatever the reason, I’ve just not had the luck with getting ass. In fact, I’d been saving up loads for a potential good fuck visiting from out of town but that quickly turned into a bust when I didn’t hear from him. So much for being a good guy. So my balls are full and I’m about to fucking bust last night.

Making matters worse, a great case of insomnia kicks in. Sunday nights should be good since the weekend is ending. Most who are horny and wanting more seek it out Sunday night, especially tweakers (who aren’t my favorite but when you’re horny, you’ll take it). And considering the time change this weekend, I’m thinking it’s going to be especially good.

As I’m cruising online, the e-mails arrive steadily and the selections are pretty good. But when it comes right down to it, I just can’t get anyone to make the commitment to get out the door and meet. It’s soon 4 a.m. and I’m fucking screwed, so I finally try to find a little restless sleep. Even so, I’m up at 8:45 and find a dozen or more new e-mails waiting for me and continue on my quest.

I’m not jerking off. That would not satisfy. It takes a fuck.

Among the latest lot, we soon narrow down to a 24-year-old redneck up the road from me.

And when I mean up the road, I mean north. I’m north of Atlanta, so he’s way north, another 15 or so miles.

He can’t come down to see me since, it turns out, he’d recently lost his license and, as any good redneck, still lived with his folks. The distance was just too far to go and get him and bring him back home. But he knew of some “private places” near by.

Hitting the interstate, which ended not far from his exit, I headed his way. I texted him as I left the highway about 30 minutes later and within a few minutes, was turning down a one-lane road, barely paved at all.

A lone figure in the distance as I crested a hill could be seen walking along. Indeed, probably about 24 years old, shortly cropped hair with a reddish tint and a four- or five-day beard. He hopped in the truck with only the suggestion to turn around.

He was beefy but pale-faced with freckles. We headed back to the two-lane road and drove a couple of miles before he spoke again and suggested we turn down a dirt road distinguished only by an old, beaten mailbox.

The four-wheel drive took the rough road with ease as we came up to an unmarked railroad crossing and then a muddy patch before coming up to a clearing. The old house had certainly seen better days but someone had tried to revitalize it with bright paint on the exposed wood, now some of it peeling away.

Its old tin roof now red, jutting up from the crisp green bushes that hid much of the house from everything. Around back the crumbling , gray structure we’d still call a barn had never housed any animals. And on this warm day, the dandelions, swayed a little in the moist air that promised a little rain later on.

I shut the truck off but he didn’t want to get out. He just stared at my crotch. I backed up a bit and whipped out my half-hard cock and let him see it. He pounced on it and began sucking.

His exertion and the heat of sex soon got the greenhouse effect going and we were both sweating, even though I was just leaning back and letting him do the work. I suggested we step outside.

He talked more than he’d ever before as we got out and began looking around for a way into the old house. An old side porch off the kitchen offered the best refuge from onlookers — which seemed to have him paranoid. Obviously, this old place was used as a fuck house around here. I could have cared less, but he wanted some place. He dropped to his knees immediately and I whipped my cock out.

He sucked but a couple of seconds in said, “If you want to fuck me, just say so.”

“I want to fuck you.”

He didn’t bother to get up but turned around on all fours, pulling down his pants and exposing his white ass.

A huge ass with a deep crevice, his hole was an angry red, as he’d obviously scrubbed it before our meeting. I spit, adding to his and shoved my cock toward his hole.

He didn’t like it but took it like a champ. In a moment, with that country slur, he was begging for me to cum in his ass. I didn’t feel like prolonging the inevitable and I released my spunk into his big white ass. Several days worth. Our position didn’t allow me to push it deep, but the boy wanted it and he kept it.

We were back in the truck in moments and back at the two-lane, me driving him to his original destination — a gas station convenience store, where I left him.

He hopped out, thanked me. With great precision, he spit on the sidewalk. I drove home, moderately satisfied, but needing a nap.

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Deceptively Fun #14: Condom Nazi

Deceptively Fun #14: Condom Nazi

Buddies have to help each other out.

So I’m at a club in Atlanta, hanging with my top bud (from the ninth in this series). He’s a 27 year old Latino, 5-foot-8, beefy but in all the right places (including his hot, hairy ass) and a thick, uncut six-incher. The club we’re at has a reputation. My buddy is a total barebacker like me. And, like me, he’s a charmer with puppy dog brown eyes.

An innocent look helps. He’s probably better at it than me. I’m more unassuming. You might even call me a geek. I could walk past you and it would not even register I’d walked by. I’m so damn normal, white bread looking, it’s a wonder I get as much ass as I do. I am tall, at 6-foot-3, but I always wear glasses, unless the fuck is really good or really bad. If it’s really bad, I don’t want to see what my cock’s going into. If it’s really good, I’m close up next to the bottom so I can see everything.

We’re suckling on a couple of beers along a slightly darkened hallway in this metro-area club that’s got a little reputation for being sleazy. But it’s inconsistent. And tonight is not getting sleazy. Since I’ve just recently moved to town, I’m still checking out the scene here. It’s my first time at this hedonistic destination.

But tonight is just not happening.

“Fuck man,” my bud says. “I need to spread my seed.”

It’s one of his favorite sayings when he’s horned up. I nod in agreement. But the mid-week evening wasn’t netting any potentials except for some older, easy targets.

We were looking for some new ass. He’d fucked several around here, but he wanted something tight and young.

“I’m getting another beer. Want one?” he asks.

“Naw,” I said. “I better switch to water.”

It was an acknowledgement that the evening wasn’t going our way.

My bud wandered off and I stood there waiting for a bit. Damn, I enjoyed fucking ass with this guy. He thought a lot like me. A LOT. We’d used the glory hole place a few times but the bottom there got pissed at us. We preferred to only fuck him together now and we’d never come over for a one-on-one.

Time passed a little longer than I expected for him to return. This left me hopeful. So I downed the rest of my beer and headed toward the front bar to see if my bud was catching us some poon-tang.

Sure enough as I rounded the corner, he was chatting up a little blond boy. Damn, he’d struck gold with this boy that could have been no more than 23 or 24, short and wispy. Surely, he was totally smooth with barely any blond fur coming out for his pubes. I was hanging back to make sure he’d hooked the boy, but my bud invited me over.

“Hey, Mark, this is Todd,” he says, motioning at the blond boy.

“Nice to meet you, Todd,” I smile, shaking his hand.

“He is a tall one,” Todd says. “I like ’em tall.”

I won’t bore you with the details of the small talk. We can both charm. And we both know how to buy drinks for a cute boy. If he’s 135 pounds soaking wet, it would be amazing. And so it takes a drink and two shots for our little boy to be drunk.

Just not drunk enough, though.

We escort him home, which is easy to do since he lives in an apartment complex less than a mile up the road. He’d caught a ride with another resident, so our offer to drive him home seemed chivalrous. He invites us up to his apartment, which turns out to be a tiny studio. His “executive assistant” salary cannot afford much, and it’s almost barren. Still, we’re there for the boy.

Within moments, the boy is sucking on my friend’s cock and I’m eating Todd’s hairless ass. We switch off for a bit so my buddy can eat before we fuck it. My bud is a little impatient tonight and he barely licks between the mounds before he’s got his dick rubbing at the hole.

Todd comes off my cock as soon as he feels that uncut meat poised to enter. Todd bounced on the bed away from us and reaches underneath, pulling out a plastic shoebox from beneath the bed. He pops off the top and shoved it toward my friend.

“Condoms and lube are in there,” Todd says.

“I’m neg, so it’s cool,” my bud replies too hastily. I almost groan. We will NOT get into this boy’s ass raw now. I know. My bud just committed an error from which we won’t recover. He’s “charming” technique isn’t as honed as mine.

“I don’t get fucked without a condom,” Todd says.

I stop the talk by pulling Todd into a kiss and then pushing his face down onto my cock again. I motion to my friend to put one on. He points over to my pants on the other side of the room, where he knows I’ve probably got my special, easily breakable condoms. But I shake my head, pointing at the box.

Todd would figure out something was up if my bud had moved, so we were going to play safe, at least for now.

He tore off the foil wrapper with a look of disgust and slid it on his thick cock. He applied some lube and poised it at Todd’s hole.

Just as I expected, Todd paused from giving me a blow job to reach back and check my bud’s cock to make sure it was sheathed. The he eased back onto it, a little at a time.

Even in a condom, my bud was feeling this boy’s tight ass. And it felt good. Not great. But good.

As we developed a rhythm to fuck the boy at both ends, he began to groan. Louder. Todd was enjoying this.

And I got an idea. An evil one. I pulled off Todd, bending down to kiss him. Then I went to get the poppers from my pocket. I left the condoms where they were. I returned to the scene. I offered the poppers to Todd, who refused and then went up to my bud. I got behind him.

“You want some of this sweet ass,” he almost whispered. I could get a hint of his sarcasm in his voice.

“No man,” as I reached around him, unscrewing the top of the poppers and putting it up to his nose. “Shoot your load.”

A shocked look came on his face. I knew he wanted to fucked more. I then whispered in his ear, “Trust me. Cum now.”

He had a look of confusion, but as he took a deep snort from the bottle, he went to town on the boy’s ass. Todd’s groaned. He was very much enjoying my friend’s thick cock. And with every grunt and slam, the slapping noise against Todd’s ass got louder until my friend let loose and shoved it all the way in.

“I’m cumming!” he said. And he let his load enter into that condom. I moved off to the side where Todd could just see me. I was lubing up my cock some and tearing open a condom. My friend was finishing up. As I got the new condom to the tip, Todd stopped watching me to reach back and make sure the condom exited with my friend’s uncut cock. I stepped back there as my pal stepped back breathlessly. He reached down to his covered cock but my hand got there first. I pulled the condom off myself and held it up, showing him the white juice held inside. I handed my friend the unused condom and, to his wide eyes, put his used condom on inside out.

A little cum dropped onto the floor, but most of it now covered my seven-plus-inch condomed cock.

I poised it at Todd’s hole and didn’t wait. I shoved it in. All the way.

He groaned, but grabbed up at the cock quickly and I paused to let him feel the rolled end of the condom near the base of my cock.

My buddy still stared at me. I was spreading his seed. He got his wish.

“Damn, this is a sweet ass,” I said sincerely. I pulled out so my friend could see the ring of spooge around the boy’s hole as I used his cum as lube to fuck.

“Goddamn,” my friend said. “That’s hot.”

“And big,” Todd said. “Mark, please fuck me.”

And I did. I fucked him hard, slamming my cock into his hole, with my buddy’s cum now coating the inside of that ass.

My buddy was holding the new condom, wondering what to do, when I grabbed it from him. His cock was still hard. He was enjoying my abuse of this boy. After a few minutes of fucking Todd good, I pulled out and ripped the condom off, throwing it at my friend.

“I wanna fuck you on your back,” I said, at the same time, sliding the new condom on and adding some lube. Todd rolled over and I slid my cock into his ass.

“God-fucking-damn,” Todd said.

I took a snort of poppers. I knew what I needed to do. And I hoped my bud got the hint. I started grunting and pretty soon, on the crest of the popper high, I let my load loose into the condom. It was nice. And Todd was loving it.

After a moment, I pulled out, Todd’s little hand making sure the condom was coming out intact. I pulled the condom off with my right hand and crawled up toward Todd, kissing his face deeply. I put my hand behind my back in the middle of the kiss and my bud was there. He took the condom from my hand. You know what he did next.

Pretty soon, Todd was moaning as my bud’s still-inflamed cock entered the blond’s ass. I turned around, crawling off Todd and kissing my friend. I then looked down to see if what I expected was there.

It was. A ring of spooge around a nice, tight, hairless hole.

Buddies have to help each other out.

Deceptively Fun #7: Military Rest Stop

Deceptively Fun #7: Military Rest Stop

So I’ve moved. If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t written much, that’s the reason.

Nothing like a relocation to fuck up your chances for ass. When I finally drove South to my new home, I found the rest areas mostly abandoned. It fucking sucked. Usually you can find some local pig who’s willing to chow down on some passing through meat. Not me. Not until a Carolina Welcome Center.

So I’ve already checked out the john. Here it is, 11:30 at night, and this place is mostly abandoned. The packing and shit had preoccupied me, so I wasn’t really that horny. But still, I could use a little relief from the monotonous highway.

I walk up this little rise to the vending machines to grab me a soda, when I see a yellow Mustang parked well on down the lot, all alone. I figured it was someone snoozing, until I saw some movement. I figured, “What the hell?! I have nothing better to do other than drive.” So I wander over toward that area to better stretch my legs.

I recognized the stickers on the car immediately. Department of Defense. While it could be a civilian, when he rolled down the window, I had no doubt. Military boy. I walked up to chew the fat, so to speak, complaining about the long, boring drive and how it had me “restless.”

“Me too,” he said. “But around here it’s just too busy.”

Cars and trucks cruised in and out. And knowing the local state troopers, there would be a cop through soon.

“So why don’t we head down to the next exit? See if there’s someplace private we can find,” I said.

He squeezed his basket.

“Sounds good. I’ll follow you.”

I won’t bored you with the next 20 minutes. But we wound our way out onto a little road, near the highway but away from civilization (or so it seemed).

We both jumped out. My SUV was packed full of shit for the move, so there was no way to have action there. And a Mustang. Well. There was not all that much room. But this little 5-foot-7-inch stout boy was a hottie. At first, he just opened his trousers and pulled out a five 5-incher. I chowed down on it for a moment, before pulling out my own 7-and-a-half-inch hard cock. He swallowed it like a pro.

I shocked the hell out of him as I stripped off my shorts and t-shirt — all my clothes until I was naked except for my shoes.

“You think it’s safe?” He asked, the full moon reflecting in his eyes.

“Dude, we’re out in the middle of no where on a Wednesday night. We can see up and down the road a half a mile at least. We’re cool.”

He was soon naked with me. That way, I could grab hold of his smooth pecs and twist his nipples good. I really slobbered on his cock this time, working it good and getting it wet.

I stood up and let him do the same with my cock, working it while I ran my hands over his freshly crewcut head. I bent over and felt his smooth ass.

But he didn’t arch his ass up, like most bottoms. He almost seemed to pull away. The hint, it seemed, was that he was a top. But I would have him. I started on him again, this time kissing him deeply — our first kiss — and then going down his chest, nibbling on each nipple, and licking between his firm pecs. I worked my tongue down, deep into his navel and worked lower
until his cock poked me in the chin. I licked the full length of his cock before sucking in his balls.

And then I started digging for the weak spot. Just below the balls. Tickling it with my tongue, I searched further south. He spread his legs to give me more access. Pretty soon, I was reaching my goal.

He seemed to clench his cheeks together a little when I touched his smooth pucker with my tongue. But I dug in. I was getting deeper. He finally started to relax and relented to my assault on his ass. I really juiced his hole up.

I stood up, this time behind him, and bent my knees some so my hard cock aimed right at his juicy little hole. I grabbed around his broad chest and pulled him close. The head of my cock slipped just a little, missing my target, but I shifted my hips a little so it found it again. This passive boy didn’t move much, but his breathing was pretty hard.

My head poked in just a bit and he groaned. But as it slipped a little further, he tensed with agony and pulled off.

“Condom?” he asked.

I nibbled a little at his ear as the pain died down, hoping to re-enter him again. But his ass remained clenched.

“Sure,” I finally whispered.

Of course there were condoms in my truck. Fuck, I leave a box in there to heat them up and get them weaker so they’ll break more easily. I pulled away for a moment, opened the passenger door and fumbled around for one. As I stripped it off, I got to thinking that this box had been in for a while. Lately, all the boys had taken my raw. Gosh, these had been exposed to the greenhouse effect several months, it seemed.

I started to handle the condom a little roughly, but I could tell it was pretty damn fragile already. So I went a little more gently.

For what I perceived as a top, he was now spitting in his cupped hand and running it over his raw hole. I hawked up and acted like I was covering my cock, but I kept it as dry as possible. He bent over his car, both hands on the hood.

Good. He was keeping his hands away. I was tempted to pull off the condom then, but I left it on, just in case he checked. But as I put the head at his hole, he kept his hands on the hood. As I felt his asshole let me in some, I grasped the base of my sheathed cock and pulled so the condom broke and my raw head entered inside him.

He started to groan. But his hands stayed firmly on the hood.

As I entered him more deeply, I kept pulling back on the condom’s base to get as much raw exposure as I could get.

His chute was warm and wet compared to the cool October air around our sweaty bodies.

“Oh fuck,” he moaned. And I felt him relax a little more as I began fucking him, pulling back until I could see a little of my raw cock glisten in the moonlight as I would pull almost out of his ass and then plunge back in.

“Oh fuck!” he said again, getting a little louder.

He took one hand off the hood and reached down to grab his own cock. I kept mine buried in case he checked for the condom, but he didn’t.

As I picked up the pace, pushing my cock deep inside him at an easy pace, it happened. I felt it begin, as I noticed that tightness around my cockbase was easing up. I knew the damn things were old, but shit, these was ancient and ready to turn to dust. With each thrust into his ass, the condom was falling apart. To prevent a hard snap, I reached down and grabbed the base just in case. Two thrusts later, I pulled the condom away completely as he groaned even more loudly, “OH FUCK!”

I didn’t want him to discover now that the condom had practically disintegrated, so I launched into some hardcore fucking after flinging the remnant behind me into the grass.

With both hands now on his hips, I really went to town — brutally assaulting his ass. His mantra of “OH FUCK” got louder and louder, but there was no one out here to hear us, so I let him.

He started to arch up, like he was a wolf howling at the moon. An “OH FUCK” seemed caught in his throat on the way out. I knew what it meant and I really began to pummel his ass.

The pucker began to seize up as I knew his balls were tightening up. He stood up, furiously jerking his cock. It was now or never.

I was there myself and with another thrust, my balls release and I growled as a week’s worth of cum surged up through my throbbing, swelling cock.

That dislodged the rest of the “FUUCCCKK” from his throat.

My babyjuice surged into his Army boy chunnel, filling his tight ass with raw cum, like every fuck boy deserves.

I could see over his shoulder that his own cock was pelting the hood of his car with strings of cum. It seemed to shoot four or five feet at least.

He relaxed down, collapsing onto the hood and I let my moist cock slip from his cunt, turning around and finding my clothes as my breathing relaxed.

“Oh fuck,” I heard him whisper, as I heard some rustling for clothes.

We didn’t say anything else to each other. I was on the road first, leaving him to wipe some more of the cum from the hood from his car. But I wondered if he’d noticed the cum I left inside him.

Deceptively Fun #4: The Truth Feels Good

It’s really amazing how stupid people are. I’ve got a screen name on one of the chat services that quite bluntly lets you know I want to put cum into either your mouth or ass. So many idiots online seem to somehow get confused that either I am a bottom or that I want “safe” sex.

Of course, that’s not the case. So I fuck with them. And this is where the real stupidity emerges.

So a guy starts chatting me up. He’s a little smarter than most, figuring I am a top. But the chat subject turns around to fucking wrapped or raw.

“I prefer it wrapped. You?” he types.

“Raw only.” I type back.

There’s a pause.

“You neg?”

“Yea.” I respond. Truth is, I have no idea.

“It does feel better,” he responds.

I don’t type anything back.

“Are you hot? Big dick?”

“Yea,” I type back. Truth is, I am just an average looking guy — not ugly, not muscular, not anything extraordinary. Pass me on the street, you’d ignore me, my bespectacled, 6-foot-3-inch frame walking by. I have no pecs, although I wish I did and — for a while — worked hard at getting them. But my muscle “mass” prefers to me toned rather than bulky. I haven’t been hitting the gym lately, so I could use to lose about 10 pounds — that’s HONEST pounds. I’m not fat by any stretch of an imagination. My brown eyes are growing out of a crew cut and the ever-present chin fuzz is getting nice and long. I look like I belong in front of a computer or in a book shop rather than shoving my cock into some 27-year-old’s ass.

But that’s what I am going to do.

“Where will you cum?” the guy asks.

“In your ass.”

“I’d prefer if you fucked me raw that you didn’t.” he finally types.

I again choose not to respond and close the window.

“I really want to get fucked,” a window finally pops up.

“Then come over, suck my cock and sit on it,” I respond.

“OK. where do I come?” appears almost immediately.

I give him directions…. with instructions. I insist he enters my house (door unlocked), strip and come to my bedroom and get started.

The fucker did. When he entered my room, the 5-foot-8-inch boy with short blond hair crawled onto my bed and started sucking my cock immediately. His little 6-incher was rock hard and thick. He was thin, almost completely hairless except for his legs and pubes. He’d even shaved his pits. He had nice large nipples and a deep tan, except for a thong tanline that showed with his ass arched up while he chowed down on my cock.

I was rock hard.. And he was leaking like crazy. I moved around and pushed him down on the bed. I started licking his ass — a relentless assault. He moaned. His ass was tangy with the scent of sweat. And it was obviously tight.

I moved up and kissed him, my cock at his hole.

“Can I sit on it?”

“Sure,” I replied and laid back down.

He grabbed the lube and started jabbing at his hole with fingers slicked with the lube. He manhandled my cock for a moment and then straddled me. He pointed my cock at his hole and started to inch down on it.

FUCK. The guy was TIGHT. That’s when it dawned on me. He was NOT a bottom. He was more likely a top, the way he had trouble inching onto my cock. He had to take three breaks off my cock before it finally went all the way in.

Finally, I could thrust into that tight wet hole. I went at it. His expressive blue eyes peered at me with an intensity of someone being pushed over the edge. He had not been fucked like this before. And he was not leaving here without a load deep in his ass.

As it slid in, he changed angle and pace. I knew immediately it was a good move for him. Now the angle roughly slid over his prostate. His cock pulsed and began to coat itself with more precum.

I began thrusting my hips up in earnest. I knew it wouldn’t be long.

“I’m going to cum!” he moaned.

“You’re fucking getting my load!” I let loose. And I began pumping cum deep into his raw ass.

“FUCK!” he said, feeling me throb.

He cum began shooting all over my chest in thin, ropy strands.

His breathing still hard, he eased off my cock. With such a tight ass, it came out glisteningly clean. No hint of cum. It was all in his ass. I turned over, curling up to take a nap as I heard him putting on his clothes.