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April Fools! Who The Fuck Would Believe I’d Go Safe?

April Fools! Who The Fuck Would Believe I’d Go Safe?

double-bag-it-douchebagI lied Opens new window of a page on this blog. April Fools!

When I posted earlier on April 1 that I was going safe — so safe I’d begin double bagging my cock for fucking — it was nothing more than an April Fools joke.

Oh come on. Did you read it? I wrote I would fuck all for the bottom’s pleasure!

When in the fuck would I do that?

Just a little humor. Sometimes I let things get a little too heavy around here.

Here’s to spring. Let’s hope this winter shit and all the cold is behind us.

I Used Prophylaxis But I Still Got Infected with the Virus

I Used Prophylaxis But I Still Got Infected with the Virus

It’s Not a Christmas Cold, It’s the Fucking Flu

I wrote the previous piece about getting a Christmas cold from my nephew Opens a new window from this blog earlier this morning. In fact, I couldn’t sleep so I wrote it around 5 a.m. Eastern and set it up to post later.

When it went up, I got a notification via e-mail as I sat in the doctor’s office. They’d checked my temperature. What had been 99° now hit 101.1°.

The cutest little nurse’s tech was training today. But with the doctor’s suspicion that I had the flu, he kept his distance. But I’d taken the flu vaccination earlier this year. Surely it was just a cold.


Fucking flu.

Too late to do anything. Just have to let it run its course. Doctor says I have four more days of feeling miserable.

2013 begins with me bedridden and sick.

I did the prophylaxis thing. I used a condom for the flu. And look at me. I got it anyway.

So much for listening to the condom Nazis about using protection. I did. Now I’m fucking miserable.

And speaking of fucking — none for me. You see, I’m not going to infect anyone with the Influenza B virus. Even if they’ve had it or if they’ve got vaccination for it or they’re chasing it.

Hmmm… now fuckheads who hate me… resolve this one.

Children Are Petri Dishes of Walking Colds, Flu and Worse

Children Are Petri Dishes of Walking Colds, Flu and Worse

I love my nephew. At 3½ years old, he’s among the highlights of my life. I am one of his surrogate fathers as his real father has largely abandoned him for drugs.

One of the few bonuses of my increased time at home is I get to spend a lot more time with this adorable creature, who will grow up absolutely gorgeous and totally straight. Yes, I can tell from an early age. I read men (and boys) quickly and can easily categorize them Opens a new window from this blog.

And despite what you may think, I will never touch my nephew in an inappropriate way and if I find someone who does, I will finally make good on the promise I made to my molester Opens a new window from this blog. Death at my own hands.

If you’ve read my Dark Passenger Opens a new window from this blog series, you will know about my own molestation and the suffering dichotomy that resulted from a gay boy emerging early into sexual manhood. This blog wasn’t intended just to advocate for barebacking. I started it to explore and reconcile the psycho-sexual and emotional damage and figure out where I needed my life to go.

I’ve gotten off on a bit of a tangent because of the medicine I’m taking plus the fact I didn’t get much of a night’s sleep thanks to coughing, congestion and headaches.

My adorable nephew gave me the only thing he could give me all by himself: His cold.

Now with that virus coursing through me and surrounding the general area, I’m forced to take it easy. Last night happened to be Atlanta’s CumUnion Opens a new window from this blog that I’d hoped to finally attend. Again Opens a new window from this blog, it coincided with a full moon on Friday Opens a new window from this blog, which tends to increase horniness. Add to that a lot of men are “visiting” family, so the opportunity to fucking more ass is available.

Believe it or not, while I’m horny and, with drugs, can stand upright and generally feel okay. Believe it or not, even though I have only 99° temperature (not even 99.1°, just 99°), I’m staying home and away from others.

If I can help it, no one else gets this cold.

While some twits seem to think I’m out changing people’s statuses by stealthing Opens a new window from this blog and passing along STDs, I am not. As I wrote recently Opens a new window from this blog, if I stealth, they leave with the same status as they had prior to my fucking them.

In this case, I won’t fuck them and no one will suffer through an ordinary cold. Except me.