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Why No New Blog Posts?

Why No New Blog Posts?

So I guess you’re wondering why I’ve not posted anything new of late.

It’s a combination of a few things…

…Disappointing bottoms.

…Ordinary bottoms.

…Uninspiring bottoms.

Sounds like I am blaming bottoms. I am. I don’t quite get a few things:

  • The last few bottoms I’ve met at the adult bookstore (with one very distinct exception, #6 on that list) did not have lubed up asses. Seriously? I don’t mind a little spit shine but generally I expect some smooth entry into an ass. I don’t expect to tear what’s left of my foreskin off trying to get inside your tight bunghole.
  • If I ask you if you want my load, answer me. I get so many bottoms begging for verbal tops and I am. I am very, very verbal. I get off on being verbal. But fuck, you’ve got to answer back. It’s even better if you beg… verbally.
  • If you want to be my regular bottom, you have to work around my schedule of horniness… not yours. I understand work and life schedules and whatnot but get with the damn program. A bottom who’s been begging to be my regular one day turned me down because he “didn’t feel horny.” The next day, he wanted it. Well, too damn bad because I fucked someone else.
  • Bottoms have to do a little work on their cocksucking. I’ve had some seriously shitty blowjobs leading up to the fuck. Teeth scraping, flat tongues and very little movement… never mind how much you’re forgetting my balls. Sometimes I just fuck to get it over with.

Enough bitching. I’m looking for some decent bottoms to populate some new blog posts. Any around?

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Travel Diary: A Repeat Customer

Travel Diary: A Repeat Customer

My job takes me to Birmingham, Alabama, several times a year. On my travels here, I’ve found this town can be a little unreliable with a larger selection of flakes responding to ads. But along with that, I’ve found a segment of more reliable bottoms.

This guy definitely falls into that category.

I found — and fucked — him last visit. He apparently had a good time so when my ad appeared this time, he dropped me a note correctly identifying my hotel. I invited him over.

As usual, the room was dark. I was naked when he arrived. He stripped down quickly and found my cock. In general, I enjoy cocksucking but it doesn’t do much for me other than getting me hard. Well, this 25-year-old turned out to be incredibly talented. He used his oral talents both to work my shaft and then dropped to my balls, lightly sucking them into his warm mouth and extending his tongue toward my taint. That little tickle set off plenty of precum, which I’m sure he sampled more than once based on his “mmmmm” sounds.

After a respectable amount of time, he came up for air and worked his way until we were deeply kissing. His long tongue probing my mouth, I could feel his hard, little cock against my stomach. But it wasn’t long until he was straddling me. My cock poised at his lubed hole.

He climbed off and assumed the position, ass up and ready. He inhaled poppers and I felt his ass muscles open up immediately. I was inside in a swift movement and he started groaning immediately. He needed no time to adjust.

So I fucked. Eventually he was flat on his stomach, I was on top of him, sliding my cock in and out of his raw ass. He twisted his face around so we could kiss. I liked kissing this guy, so I pulled out and flipped him onto his back. I slid back in as he took another popper hit.

I really pummeled his ass for a while, slowing down and leaning in to kiss him. But I was ready — already late for dinner plans — and I took my snort of poppers to begin the warming sensation and boiling in my balls.

“You want my load?” was the first words uttered.

“Fucking breed me man!” he reached down and opened his ass.

Pretty soon I was letting my cum go deep into his guts. He didn’t cum but the noises he made was like he’d had an orgasm as well — a satisfaction for this bottom to have cum in his ass.

When he got ready to leave, we embraced with another deep kiss. He was as tall as me at 6-foot-3. Maybe next time, I need to fuck him standing up.