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Friday Fuck Fun: Get Loaded with 20 Men in Liam Cole’s ‘Overload’ from Treasure Island Media

Friday Fuck Fun: Get Loaded with 20 Men in Liam Cole’s ‘Overload’ from Treasure Island Media

iBLASTinside's Friday Fuck Fun


iBLASTinside’s Friday Fuck Fun takes a look at Treasure Island Media’s movie “Overload” from British director Liam Cole.

Liam Cole captures 20 men in search of sexual OVERLOAD, the dangerous state where a man is consumed by sex, where there’s no thought and no feeling beyond fucking or being fucked. Feel it once and you’ll need it again and again, for the rest of your life.

The film features bareback sex with Christian, Peto Coast, Dean Monroe, Jake Ascott, Yuri, Jake Mitchell, Priam, Anton Dickson, Chris Front Opens new window of a page on this blog, Luke Pascoe, Sebastian Slater, Paul Mann, Rob Tyler, Scott Williams and Harley Everett.

You might notice in that list Chris Front Opens new window of a page on this blog, the hardcore raw top who was interviewed on this very website. Be sure and check this one out.











iBLASTinside's Friday Fuck Fun










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bullet Andrew (3½ stars)
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bullet Bareback Bottom (and sometimes versatile) Joshua Chandler, most recently with RawFuckClub.com and Dark Alley Opens new window of a page on this blog
bullet Hung British top Chris Front for Treasure Island Media Opens new window of a page on this blog


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Chris Front, TIM's Newest Bareback Top from the United Kingdom

Bend Over for Chris Front

iBLASTinside’s First Bareback Porn Star Profile with Treasure Island Media’s Newest Brit Top

If you’re in the UK and you’re a bottom, versatile or ever let your ankles float toward the ceiling once in a while, your asshole is about to twitch. Fuck, I’ll admit it. My pucker twitched a few times during my conversation with Chris Front, and the Atlantic Ocean separates us.

iBLASTinside's Bareback Porn Star Profile

Treasure Island Media’s Liam Cole found this Dominant man and cast him in a couple of movies. We connected up online and he’s the first ever of iBLASTinside’s Bareback Porn Star Profile.

You’ve got to read the interview with him. While doing porn happened to be on this 34-year-old’s bucket list, he’s far from kicking anything but the ass of the men he fucks. And apparently, he fucks ass hard… like a certain beast of the jungle.

Check out the Rapid Fire Q&A followed by a link over to the complete interview. And if your ass doesn’t twitch a time or two, you might need to see a doctor. In fact, I think that’s one of the outfits a certain Dominant escort in Britain might offer…

Read the complete Bareback Porn Star Profile with Chris Front…


Rapid Fire Q&A


What gets your dick hard?

When my boyfriend plants it in the back of my throat


What makes your hole twitch?

A man who knows what being Dominant is really about.


What turns you off?

Feminine guys


What’s your favorite curse word or phrase?

“I’m gonna fuck you in the fuckin’ pussy, you cunt!”


When did you start barebacking?

On and off throughout my sex life; more dedicated from 2010 post-diagnosis


Who is your favorite porn star?

Either Chris Duffy or Tom Lord


Read the complete Bareback Porn Star Profile with Chris Front…


 Getting in touch with Chris Front…

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Bend Over for Chris Front, Treasure Island Media’s Newest Raw Top

Chris Front, TIM's Newest Bareback Top from the United Kingdom

He fucks like a gorilla.

That’s just about the first and last thing you need to know about Chris Front.

iBLASTinside's Bareback Porn Star Profile

Even this new top in his breakout performances in a Treasure Island Media film, Chris didn’t realize he topped like some sort of hairy ape. Look at him! He’s bald and smooth as a baby.

Yet there’s something a little uncontrolled about Chris Front, even as he and I began our initial conversations on Twitter and then took them more private. Even if I didn’t meet him in person, I felt like I was meeting a man who had broken loose.

Chris ran across my Gloryhole Etiquette Guide and decided copies should be posted all over saunas and bathhouses in the UK — especially London and his native Manchester. “Stop with the teeth men; your throat is a pussy,” he tweeted. “It’s not like a punch to the head gives them a clue! That’s my dick in there!”

His 9-inch uncut man-meat is something to behold. Comparing this hunk of man muscle to a wild animal might be appropriate.

But I also found Chris Front keeps his 

wits about him. I imagine him stalking his prey and taking exactly what he wants quite forcefully, leaving his victims thoroughly fucked, whimpering and, quite frankly, later begging to be dominated.

Chris is forthright and pulls no punches when it comes to answering my questions. While some in porn — especially the newly birthed — might circumvent questions regarding HIV status or age, Chris bulldozes through them. He’s also blunt about his escorting — something he’s done a few years longer than his porn career — and barebacking.

The perfect combination of rams-head confidence, classic British humor and gentlemanly humbleness comes across in everything Chris writes — from the responses to my questions to his blog posts at ChrisFront.com Link Opens in a New Window to his Twitter twats Follow on Twitter.

While physically alluring, Chris also offers up an extraordinary intelligence with thoughts behind his own sexual proclivities and liberties. I found him quite compelling. I think it speaks to our own personal journey and how we all end up where we are. This is his journey.

Our conversation took place over about 10 days (on and off) as we each had time. And I’ve saved you all the best bits… especially the naughty ones.


Chris Front from Treasure Island Media

Chris Front

Follow on Twitter Follow on Twitter
Visit His Blog Link Opens in a New Window

Age: 34
Sign: Aries
Height: 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm)
Weight: 185 pounds (83 kilos)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Shaved bald
Body hair: A little light brown
Cock: 9 inches (23 cm) uncut

Chris Front Porn Star Cock

Question.When did you lose you virginity and what was the circumstance?

Answer.I had my first fuck at 16. It was entirely forgettable! Just confirmation for me that all the kids at school were right — I was a big ol’ faggot! Smart fuckers.  Always nice to take a peak at them on Facebook once in a while: “So, how’s obesity working out for ya? Oink!”


Question.Well, I guess you’re gay then. Are you single?

Answer.Gay, as gay as gay can be.  I try to be the best man I can be, and I am attracted to men who are like me.  They don’t have to be a pro bodybuilder. A man who looks after himself, stands proud in his masculinity and has integrity will make me drop to my knees — or push them up against the wall and rip their jeans open at the ass.

I am in a fairly new relationship.  My partner is Ross and we met in a sauna — surprise!  We both feel like we have found our soul mate.

The relationship is open.  We are both very addicted to sex. We knew what each other was into, and to change that and close the relationship would mean fundamentally changing who we are.  I love to hear about his escapades, as he is happy to hear me banging some sub!


Question.Is Ross, your partner, in porn?
What does he think about you doing it?

Answer.My partner is not in porn — yet.

He’s a hot, submissive, little, muscle tank! Since he’s sex-addicted and open to anything like me, he gets really horny when I tell him about my porn shoots!



You’re a top, at least in your first porn scenes?
Do you ever bottom?

Answer.I would say I’m either total Dom, or total sub, depending on my mood.  The far ends of the spectrum really. If I’m Dom, I’m very Dom, and vice versa for sub!

I spent most of my life as a bottom and was happy that way. But as I got older and more experienced — as most do — I wanted more. At the same time, I was getting bigger in the gym. I found it harder and harder to find a convincing top.

More often than not, the so-called “top” flipped over within a few minutes and I was pounding them.

Sex has become more about the power over another for me.  I love to see them struggle to take my cock.


Question.What makes a top for you? Is it the size of the man, the size of his cock or is it his demeanor?

Answer.It’s all about attitude — although I have been addicted to muscle since a very early age, even before I knew I was gay. I have never really been that interested in how someone looks.  Attitude is everything!

When I arrange a fuck, I am usually in control regardless of the position I take. I know what I want.

When I sub, the guy has to be a man — a real man.  If a top who comes in and asks if he can fuck me? The answer is always no. A top fucks, a bottom takes what he’s given without question. It’s simple, really.  The psychology of fucking fascinates me, which is the part of escorting that I most enjoy.


Question. So you escort?

Answer.I have escorted for a couple of years now, and to be honest, I love it.  I’ve never understood the shame around paying for an escort. It’s just a service. For those who are buying, it’s no different to treating yourself to a new TV or a new jacket. Go on, you deserve a treat! Why not realize a fantasy or two?

There is a selfish satisfaction for me. I love getting in the client’s head, finding out how they tick, and then pressing the buttons that makes it something they could never have hoped for.


Question.So do you put yourself in a different headspace when you play with your partner, hook up just for fun, fuck on film and escort? How do you distinguish between them?

Answer.Sex on or off the clock is no different for me.  When you meet someone for a fuck, you want to give them what they want, and watch them walk away with a damp patch and a limp. It’s irrelevant whether money is involved.

I think there are two types of escort:

  • Those who rely on their looks to satisfy the client;
  • Those who use their brain.

Escorting should never be formulaic. Each person is different — as is their fantasy. By ignoring this fact, your integrity is compromised and repeat business will only result on a chance the physical image is so good, it negates the need to engage with the person and their emotional needs.

The best sex is always the head trips right?

From a negative perspective, there are many escorts out there that lose sight of the person walking through the door and the commercial responsibility they have as a service provider to both the industry, but more importantly, their own reputation.

Every escort would agree it is significantly preferable to work with the same client a number of times rather than multiple clients.  Similar to any sexual encounter, the first meet can be somewhat clumsy, not knowing what to do or misreading their enjoyment. On the other hand, the second is far more clockwork.  Nothing changes because of a monetary exchange.  In fact, this creates an obligation to provide a perfect time, every time.

I suppose I do go into a different headspace, but not in the sense of detachment.  Whilst I prepare for a client’s arrival, I go back and study their requests until I can draft a loose structure in my head and become the man they want me to be.

Escorting for me is a hobby. I genuinely really enjoy it and I have met some great guys, of whom a significant amount return.  Any bad experience guys have had with another escort, for me, generally boils down to one fact:  If an escort chooses to take to the job in a full-time capacity, the pressure to fund a basic lifestyle can be consuming.  The net result over time is a shift in priorities; the client should always come first.nOnce you start seeing the person at your door as your electricity bill, or a washing machine repair, it’s time to stop.

 Rapid Fire Q&A

What gets your dick hard?
When my boyfriend plants it in the back of my throat

What makes your hole twitch?
A man who knows what being Dom is really about

What turns you off?
Feminine guys

What’s your favorite curse word or phrase?
“I’m gonna fuck you in the fuckin’ pussy, you cunt!”

When did you start barebacking?
On and off throughout my sex life; more dedicated from 2010 post-diagnosis

Who is your favorite porn star?
Either Chris Duffy or Tom Lord


Question.What do you do when you escort and you’re not into a guy?

Answer.There has only been one occasion where I really struggled.  I always worry beforehand but I think it’s healthy to get nervous as it means I still care about what I do.  It really doesn’t matter what the client looks like or wants, I just love working out how to press their buttons. When I begin to get in tune to their fantasy, you see it on their face.  It drives me wild and I shift the gear up a few notches!


Question.As an escort, do you use condoms? In your private life, do you use condoms?

Answer.I “put my wellies on” as an escort as standard. A lot of my clients are in relationships (straight and gay), so need to be protected as its the right thing to do.

In my private life, it depends. I will tell a fuck that I will only decide on raw once I have met them, a kind of educated guess from first impressions that they would have the integrity to tell someone if they thought something wasn’t right.


Question.You are a member of the Bareback Brotherhood (BBBH), which now has more than 3,500 members worldwide. Do you think it’s had an impact in reducing the stigma of barebacking?

Answer.I’m back on my soapbox!  I have recently joined #BBBH, and for me, its a great place to be open and honest about something which is part of my life.  I love bareback, it is infinitely preferably to putting your wellies on. Sex works better bareback.

BUT, an interesting conversation I had with a friend once, gives a different perspective — specifically in relation to bug chasers.  If you contract HIV accidentally, fine. However, intentionally going out their to get infected?  I accept it is a personal choice, but with a health service on its knees, who should pay for the meds?


Question.Were you always a barebacker? Was the appeal of Dick Wadd and TIM because it offered more reality-based sex without the condoms?


I was always fairly lax about safe sex, tried to be responsible, but wasn’t overly bothered about stopping the action if it went raw!  I was diagnosed with HIV in 2010, and undetectable since late 2011, which was probably the most liberating event of my life. It led to a period where any cock and any hole was fair game.

Lately, I have become more selective on who I stick my dick in.

One point I should make though, is I do object to bug-chasers, but I plan to write my own blog post on this…



This was your first movie, working with legendary Treasure Island Media director Liam Cole.


Working with Liam and TIM was my first film so far.  Porn was always on my bucket list and the time was just right to make that jump.  I was only really interested in Companies like TIM or Dickwadd as they are the ones I find hot myself so when I got the call from Liam I was rather pleased!  We filmed a threesome at the beginning of May followed by a much bigger group a couple of days later.  Although they can take some time before they are released, the feedback has been very positive, apparently I fuck like a Gorilla, and more work has been offered.


The Beautiful Ass of Porn Star (and Dominant Top) Chris Front

Question.Where did you get the name “Chris Front”?


Chris Front evolved from a number of sources…   I decided on using Chris as my escorting name, and Treasure Island gave me the stage name of Neil Front.  I might still appear as Neil Front on TIM but I decided to go with Chris Front as the “brand.”


Question.You’re 34 (correct?). That’s generally late to start a porn career. Do you think that gives you an advantage or disadvantage with today’s younger porn performers?

Answer.I’m 34 and a quarter. I guess it is late, but I have never been one to do something I didn’t want to do.  Most major changes in my life where because I was ready to take the leap.

At 24 I was in a relationship for 7 years, and anything out of the ordinary was out of the question. My interest in fetish, extreme sex, etc., just simmered away until it exploded out of me!

I certainly made up for lost time.

As for the younger generation, good luck to them.

The one thing that pops into my head is I see online profiles with 20-year-old lads in £1000s of leather gear or taking a fist up to the bicep. I just wonder what have they got to look forward to?

You don’t need to do everything immediately. There is plenty of time, and I don’t think consideration is given to the psychological impact rushing through a checklist of fetishes can have.

Fuck, I sound geriatric!


Chris Front isn’t geriatric. He’s a gorilla.

He’s also rubber man, a construction worker or a military Sargent.

Watch his Twitter feed Follow on Twitter as he prepares for some of his escort duties. He’ll send shots of his outfits and transformations. He’s an athlete and a porn star. He’s a lover, a sex addict and barebacker. He’s an executive.

Christ Front is complicated.

He’s also fucking hot. When he’s fucking, it’s hot. And when he’s fucking like a gorilla, it’s scorching. 


Treasure Island Media UK Director Liam Cole is editing Chris Front’s first movie. As soon as it arrives, I’ll be linking to where you can watch or buy (and I’m sure it’s worth the dollars or pounds). You can learn more about Treasure Island Media by visiting their website Link Opens in a New Window, blog Link Opens in a New Window or Twitter feed Follow on Twitter. You can also learn about Liam Cole at his blog Link Opens in a New Window and Twitter feed Follow on Twitter.

If you’re in porn and think you’d like to be featured in one of these profiles, get in touch with me via Twitter Follow on Twitter, e-mail or my contact page. Just ask Chris Front what it’s like. 


Getting in touch with Chris Front…

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TIM Top Porn Star Chris Front

Coming Soon: First Bareback Porn Star Profile with TIM Top Chris Front

iBLASTinside's Bareback Porn Star ProfileThe cat’s out of the proverbial bag. My first Bareback Porn Star Profile will be with Chris Front. He just filmed his first two scenes with Treasure Island Media’s Liam Cole. Chris posted a note on his blog about our recent discussions.

As I promised when I announced that I’d be writing these profiles, I’ll be asking a lot of hardcore questions. Chris writes, “I’ve been bombarded with some very intimate questions and personally feel violated at the intrusion  ….. (Can’t beat a good dirty violating).. hehe.”

Chris hasn’t shied away from my questions. He’s answered them all — bluntly. So you’ve got a lot to look forward to when it’s posted.

In the meantime, be sure to visit Chris’ blog.