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Catfish Uncovered, Fake Profiles Online

Calling Out a Catfish


He claims to be porn star A.J. Manzano on BarebackRT.com with profile SuperMuscleBoi. Stupid people like this fucker also automatically type “safe” in their profile and say they just want to JO.

The photo comes up to a Fratman.tv video. And while the profile refers to a profile on Facebook, there’s actually two there. Both are sketchy at best. One posts photos of different people with a similar look as the character AJ.

The hometown of Dalton is closer to Chattanooga, TN, than Atlanta and boasts a dying trade in carpeting as the economy went south in recent years. Dalton’s claim to fame was as the carpet capital of the world.

I just don’t see a porn star living in Dalton when Atlanta is 95 miles south of there.

Today he’s on the front of BBRT. Just a friendly catfish alert.


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Nothing Good Happens After Midnight

Nothing Good Happens After Midnight

The night is my time. It’s when I’m most comfortable. It’s when the hunger strikes. When I crave an ass. When I want to fuck. When I want to get off.

It’s a kind of ritual — staying up well past midnight and stalking online. It’s always past midnight when I find one, when he succumbs to the desire, when his ass twitches for what he really wants.

My cock. My cum. His hole.

Despite a recent dry spell, it’s not for lack of volunteers. A steady stream of e-mails arrive from the willing and even a few of the desperate. Some are repeats: “Sir, might I have another, please?” Others are curious: “What does it feel like?” Plenty are just sluts: “I’ll gladly take your cum.”

The other day, I got an e-mail from a 33-year-old. In it, he wrote, “It’s safe or it’s nothing at all.”

I replied, “Fine. Nothing it is. I only bareback.”

I didn’t hear anything. Then, just after 1 a.m., he broke his silence: “Are you sure you’re neg? D/D free?”

“Absolutely,” I responded. “You have nothing to worry about. I’m positive.”

Within a half hour, he sprawled on all fours on the carpet, my cock sliding out of his ass, coated with my cum. His ass worked to relieve me, but lacked further satisfaction. His hole lacked distinction.

He went home to his wife, crawled into the bed where she slept, my cum inside him, my sperm swimming north into his colon, searching for a seed that isn’t there, but still impregnating him with my DNA.

If you want confirmation or denial about my status, I don’t provide that. I only answer what will turn you on, what will get your ass over here, what will cause you to open yourself to my seeding. I’ve bred men who beg for my “poz” cum and spunked inside men who as me not to breed. I always cum. I always breed. And it’s usually after midnight.