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TIMFuck: Steven Richards and Pete Summers

After seeing Steven Richards’ ruthless fuckfest in Viral Loads, Pete Summers begged us for a chance to be his next victim. Not one to turn down a warm hole to fill with his sperm, Steven agreed with no questions asked. He wastes no time taking complete control, choking and pounding Pete with a brutality that only leaves the overwhelmed bottom wanting more.

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A Rough Fuck

A Submissive Bi

My last week or so, responses to ads and other efforts failed to win me much attention. So it’s a dry period. Happens all the time. So I went pouring through my e-mail box to see who captures my memories.

“Vince” appeared quickly. I’ve fucked him three times and when he appears, he usually wants it. Bad.

A married muscle man with a collection of tattoos, he’s got an incredible body (as you can see) but he’s one of the most submissive men I’ve ever fucked. Too submissive.

When he arrives, he kneels just inside my door and waits. I have to tell the little fucker to get naked. It sort of pisses me off to communicate absolutely everything I want. Get naked, suck my cock, show me your ass, etc.

That all said, one thing stands out about our fucks. I can beat the shit out of him. I mean, slap, punch and use his body any way I want. He begs for the abuse. I know I’ve bruised him more than once. He loves it. I’ve never had a guy I could just fuck the shit out of and take all the brutality I can bring to a fuck. He usually doesn’t beg for it until after four or five hits of poppers.

Yes, I bareback him. I cum inside him. He made the mistake once of not cleaning out very well. His punishment taught him well. After licking my muddy cock clean, he didn’t show up messy the next time.

And if you ask, I’ve cum inside his ass a total of five times. He often keeps his eyes closed or blindfolds himself. After I’m done with him, he takes it off and sees the geek who just used his ass.

The more abuse, the more he begs for it.

Then I imagine he goes home to his wife. Actually, I know this man has a wife. I’ve seen her. He’s pussywhipped. I wonder what the fuck inspires him to get abused by the likes of me. But who can ask really why.

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