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A Top Mentor to a Young Top

A Top Mentor to a Young Top

His request came bluntly — the best kind in my opinion. He wanted me to teach him how to be a better bottom. At 21 years old and at a nearby university, the young man with blond highlights, diamond studs in his ears and flashing blue eyes just seemed slightly feminine. But in the sack, he proved to be all man with his beefy smooth body up to the point just south of his cock head where the golden brown hairs began to grow wildly.

I lifted his legs and ate his ass delicately at first to begin to open his hole. While he moaned in pleasure, his hole winked just a little.

My sixth sense about these things had already told me what I needed to know to get him.

I would eat the damp, hairy pucker for a while, spreading those wide beefy cheeks and darting my tongue inside. He would moan more, grunt and enjoy. We’d switch position with him sitting on my face — his inexperience showing a little too much failing to give me much breathing room, but I didn’t care. His ass proved to be delicious.

And almost on cue, he removed his pucker from my tongue, lubed himself and my throbbing cock up and began to ease himself onto my cock.

I marveled at his determination, knowing this first moment pained him severely, and encouraging him to come off for a moment to give himself a little time to recover. He did and then eased back down after the cramps subsided. And this time, it felt better. I rubbed his smooth chest and paid close attention to his massive, perky nipples, poking into the late summer night air.

His cock still poked rigid hovering above my stomach. I whispered for him to take his time and relax. But I knew the moment he arrived at the destination as a pearl of precum appeared and then bubbled over and began to make a puddle on my stomach.

His breathing slowed a little. Yet inside his tight walls, I could feel his heartbeat quicken a little.

“How long does it take you to cum?” he asked.

I expected the question.

“It can be fast or slow, depending on when you want it.”

“Can we make it fast this time?”


I snorted poppers as he began to grind, moving my cock in and out just enough for friction to build. And with it, I knew he was feeling pleasure, as he grabbed his cock and began to furiously jerk it. I moved just enough to enhance the experience and make sure my cockhead found that knob inside him — and I got deep penetration.

“I really want your load, man,” he told me.

Within moments, we were approaching the same destination.

“I’m about to cum,” he said.

“I am too,” I said. “And I’m gonna breed your ass!”

I let out one of those noises that you can’t seem to spell. A grunt of some sort that turned into a word. “Here it is!” Then grunts with each pulse as I unloaded gobs of my DNA deep into his ass. I pushed my hips forward to assure it moved deep into him.

He was grunting as well, releasing his spunk onto my stomach and chest.

We talked afterward, detailing some tips and tricks. It had been a successful bottoming for him — somewhat of a rarity. I explained he likely was not a bottom or even that much of a versatile. He read a top to me. Nonetheless, I’d love to fuck him again.

Next time, less lessons, more fun.

Truth is, I had a lot of fun this time.