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Going Back to Indy

Apparently, I didn’t get my fill during my recent but very brief visit in Indy last week, so I’m headed back into the city for a bit. Wonder what I’ll find this time.

I can always hope for a lot of ass to breed.

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Travel Diary: Trio of Cum Dumps in San Fran, But Barely Remarkable

Travel Diary: Trio of Cum Dumps in San Fran, But Barely Remarkable

As I continue my visits in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’ve been attempting to get closer to the Castro as much as possible in order to attract a larger crowd. This time, I stayed just across the Bay Bridge in Emeryville. But I might as well had stayed in the Silicon Valley as the bottoms insisted I proved to be much too far for them to venture forth from the city itself.

I’m beginning to comprehend the mentality that the Bay is a great divide and few dare cross it. It’s similar to Atlanta and the Interstate loop around the city proper known as the Perimeter or I-285. People here refer to life “ITP” or “OTP” as in, “inside the Perimeter” and “outside the Perimeter.” Those inside dare not step outside for fear the air isn’t breathable. Many outside won’t go in for fear of rape, shootings or worst of all, paying for parking.

During my stay I fucked and bred three holes — a Latin, an Arab and a half-Asian. One crossed the divide for me (thanks), I crossed for one and the other happened to be on my side of the Bay.

Arab Ass

Arab ass is hot. Not metaphorically. I mean it’s temperature hotter than normal ass. I’m sure somewhere along the way I’ve fucked some Arab ass, but I just can’t access that index file at the moment. He was a late-night stop-by and I figured, what-the-fuck, here’s something new, I’ll try it. He wasn’t hideous but I’ll be damned if he wasn’t all that. He made up for it with enthusiasm, even licking my ass that I’d not exactly prepped for rimming (yet he lapped it up with gusto).

Let’s just say I was just there to breed him. He kept begging me to hold off so we could play some more but I didn’t. I injected hot sperm into his steamy ass.

Gotta had in to the Arab, he licked me clean, put on his clothes and said, “I go now.”

He slipped out into the night.


On my way to the airport, I stopped by his place. His photos on BarebackRT.com were hot, hot, hot. The photos were accurate but the attitude went a little more prissy than I’d hoped. We got down to business and his skills were okay as long as I pinched his nipples — damned bossy bottoms. Perform and I reward. Don’t expect me to reward so you’ll perform.

Anyway, this ass had been well-used many times and once I got into it, he opened up like a Morning Glory Bloom at dawn, making it impossible for me to cum. So I stopped being polite and started getting real, pushing him down to his stomach so I could fuck him like I meant it. He protested and resisted, but I finally got him where I needed. I went into top mode and lost how long it took, but I had to go harder and deeper to get my cockhead somewhere in his ass where it felt a little tightness. He just grunted. I finally buried it and pumped out a few squirts.


I save the best for last. Short and looking like a Marine, he stepped inside. When he kissed me, his mouth opened and he started with the tongue, from top to bottom. Sloppy. And sexy. Great chest with just a little hair. Hardcore angular face. And the fucking started almost immediately after I got hard. When he rode me, I got him close to the edge fast and we had to slow down.

Didn’t matter much. When I had him on his back, I fucked his ass hard and he grabbed his cock. Two jerks and thick, milky cum flew out.

He endured me fucking a little longer, beginning for my load and I let him have it.

Obviously, his thick cock was a top cock and this was a top fulfilling an itch that came along on occasion. But he let me finish off, which I appreciate.

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Travel Diary: Latino Liar Cock Texan Tease

Travel Diary: Latino Liar Cock Texan Tease

Suffer not fools.

Unfortunately, the Internet is filled with them. Fools, flakes, assholes and generally a lot of fucking assholes. And not the kind of assholes I want to fuck. My travels will tend to be short hops all over the country — interestingly enough, “D” cities like Des Moines, Dallas and Denver. When posting ads on Craigslist, the text rings true: “ONE NIGHT AND ONE NIGHT ONLY.”

Other specifics are included, such as: “Non-smokers only.”

While filtering through bots, photo collectors and the usual flakes, narrowing down to a few potentials can be easy. I decided on one. After a little back and forth, the address and name of the hotel is sent along with my cell phone number.

Fifteen minutes pass, then this e-mail arrives: “Ohh cool I would love to go there and take care of you now but I don’t have gas and I get pay tomorrow!”

I responded: “Ummm…. then why the fuck did you respond?”

A few minutes later, this e-mail arrived: “Coz I just got in my car and realized are you free tomorrow in the morning?”

I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck. The morning won’t make a difference in your bank account, asshole. “No. Read the ad again. Tonight and tonight only.”

In the end, the jerk wad did come over. He started with the calling me “sir” and shit. You can see the photo of him above, which probably appears about six or seven years and 20 pounds ago. He’s much beefier, which didn’t bother me at all. I like beefy.

So he arrives and, well, he’s a little more refried beans than I’d prefer. So much for out of gas. Sketchy, making me wonder whether he’d snorted a little something before visiting. At around 5-foot-5, he’s relatively cleaned up and ready to be slutty, which makes it easy to get him to start sucking.

His suck skills, like more, proves to be unremarkable. His sketch can’t keep him in one position long enough, so he stands up. Interestingly, his whole front side is shaved. Balls, pubes, pits, nips, etc. Good job without being prickly pear.

He leaves his knee-high, Lycra socks on. I’m guessing a fetish. After snorting poppers and sucking a little more, he hops onto the bed and pushes his ass into the air. From a smooth front, we have a not so smooth back with a hairy crack and hair above the crack in a massive pube-like area. I eat a little ass. Just enough to open him up and shove my cock in.

His hole is tight but with a pop, opens up and accepts my hard seven inches. His asshole is like others — tight at the opening, but inside, it’s a chasm, open and wide. But the tightness of his ring makes it worthwhile.

He’s a little squirmy. And his ass a little too bony. So I turn him over and begin fucking him with his legs in the air. This way, my pelvis is pummeling him thighs.

He won’t stop squirming.

Fuck, I hate crystal. No wonder you don’t have gas for your car, asshole. It’s cause you smoked it all up. Smoking. That’s the other thing he lied about. Now that I’m facing him, his dragon’s breath and exhale from lungs steeped in menthols now reach my nose. I lean away and grab his sock-covered ankles. Weird. For once, I’ve made a bad choice. I should have left the cock tease at home.

I reach for the poppers, snort and pop off in his ass without even letting him know I’m cumming. I pull out.

“Are you going to cum, Sir?”

“I already did.”

“But what about me, papi?”

“You can go get some gas.”

I threw him a five dollar bill.

He left. I know he didn’t buy gas. Everything is bigger in Texas. Even the liars.



Already three-fourths of the distance from downtown, he sent me a text: “You’re neg, right?”

Stupid question. I’d already informed him that I would breed him. He volunteered for the long drive to my house, out in suburbia. He’d been given a cell phone for text messaging. He’d specifically asked me do not speak. He would suck me then I would fuck him. That was it.

When he’d originally e-mailed me, it was past 2 a.m. and I had figured tonight would be one for sleep — not fucking. But he was cute and I couldn’t pass up fucking something young and hot.

“Yup,” I responded.

His next text let me know he neared my exit off the interstate. I dimmed the lights and unlocked the front door. Within a few moments, he drove up and stepped out. Not as cute, not as young, not as thin. About five-foot-eight and approaching 190 pounds, with thinning dark brown hair on top swept to the side in an Aaron Eckhart kind of style. He bowed his head low and looked to me like a junior accountant.

All things considered, he remained doable, especially considering the distance he’d driven. I will refuse to use some, but this guy deserved not to go home empty-handed… err… empty-assed. I opened the door and he stepped in quietly.

With the door closed, I dropped by lounge pants and he knelt, pushing them to the floor. His lips enclosed my half-hard cock and began a very slow and deliberate blowjob. His lips, mouth and throat were all extremely tight. Rarely do I find someone with significant oral talents, someone who indeed can give the sensation of tightness from head to shaft to the base. He did. His nose buried in my pubes more than once as he worked my cock. While very tight, he’d not learned to rhythmically move his tongue, cheeks and throat muscles to change up the sensation. But I enjoyed it.

After a hit of poppers, his enthusiasm increased significantly and his time gagging on my cock increased as well. I had grabbed the back of his head and started thrusting. But something just isn’t as satisfying about the smallness of a bottom’s head compared to the substantialness of an ass and the full body.

His oral skills kept me happy for longer than usual. I can get rather anxious to get in an ass, especially considering this particular fuck. While his ambitious skills impressed me, everything needed to get me to take him somewhere other than by my front door still seemed lacking.

I pulled off his cock and he got the message, dropping his jeans to the floor and crouching on his knees. Moving around behind him, my finger touched his hairy ass and pressed into the moist hole. Not lubed. I spit into my hand and slathered up my cock a little, finding his hole and positioning my cock for entry.

Here, he proved tight as well. Too tight. It took more spit before my head finally popped inside his hairy asshole. A little painful for me… the tightness combined with the wiry hairs stretching. I’m sure he didn’t enjoy it as well and he flinched, tempted to pop off but maintaining enough control to keep me inside. He couldn’t or wouldn’t loosen up and the angle just didn’t work for me, so I had him flip over onto his back.

With a bit more spit, I entered him again, finding his ass still tight. But I inched my way inside. Fuck, he was tight. It took a few moments before I got balls deep and began thrusting in and out. He seemed to love it. He spoke the first word: “Yea.”

I took a hit of poppers then. I didn’t want to come out and risk not blowing my load into this little dweeb who didn’t have the courtesy to be ready for me. I picked up the pace. I could feel my cum building up and a little pre-cum leaking out to lube my way. Then I could sense it. I could feel the load coming. I could see it in the distance. I close my eyes.

For me, it’s an oncoming train in the tunnel, except the headlight is purple with an orangish glow around the edges. It becomes larger and I can feel my cock inside his raw ass, closer and closer. Then it bursts forth. It envelopes me. My balls tighten up and I begin my explosion deep inside his tight walls.

Driven to cum and I ride the waves until it subsides. Then I thrust in a few more times, making sure the cum is buried in him deep. I pull out, stand and send him home.

Travel Diary: More than 5,000

Travel Diary: More than 5,000

I like anonymous fucking. It’s something about not being able to see the other person and letting your other senses take over. I especially enjoy it while travelling. This past spring, I went to Minneapolis and happened to be put up near the Mall of America. I was only there one night so finding a quick pump-and-dump seemed almost improbable.

You know how it is. You post and ad and get a few hundred responses. After a few back and forth messages, you weed out the weird, they’re not your type, you’re not their type, the flakes, etc. You end up with just a few.

I generally like to see some sort of photo but a face isn’t required. After all, it’s supposed to be anonymous! My prospects on a rainy night were lacking to say the least. But then I got the message from a 24 year old. Generally, I’m not all about age, but the name of his photo got my special attention.

It was called “mycummyass.jpg.” That’s what I like to see. Not the largest photo, but he was definitely into the anonymous thing. In this case, I’d prop my door open, be in the dark on the bed naked, he’d come in strip, get me hard and I’d fuck him.

We texted as he approached and I prepared. When he arrived, this particular hotel room accomplished darkness better than most I’d be in. I couldn’t hardly see a fucking thing. The door swung open and the brightness blinded me for a moment.

He was in the room quick and was already shuffling his clothes off. Good boy. A lot “check” verbally to be sure it’s for real. His very small frame — probably 5-foot 6-inches tall and easily at around 145 — crawled onto the bed naked and he started sucking my cock easily. I popped up to full size quickly.

He crawled up and, in an unusual move, actually kissed me. As close as we were, I couldn’t make much out. He was perfectly smooth with a high-and-tight hairstyle, spiky on top but closely shaved on the sides. His lips were full. His tongue tasted like mint gum and my cock all at once.

“Can you fuck me on my stomach?” the first thing he uttered.

“Of course,” I answered in a non-nonchalant tone. But he wouldn’t know that it was among my favorite positions. Flat on his stomach, I crawled on top of him and found his already lightly lubed hole.

I love pre-lubed holes that aren’t too heavily lubed. I love the initial friction and resistance. And this young man had it easily. I collapsed on top of him once I’d found it and began sliding inside.

He never grunted. He almost didn’t move. Buried inside him quickly, I didn’t have to wait to begin pumping.

“You’ll be my fourth load today,” he said.


“Yes really.” His all American voice was indeed young. He had a smooth ass, just like the rest of him. His hands were at his sides. As far as I could tell, he never ever touched himself.

He continued, “I’m going to get at least two others tonight before I go out.”

“You’re a fucking cum slut aren’t you?” I growled.

“Yes.” His response was simple and matter-of-fact.

“When’d you start taking cum?” I asked.

He told me an age that I was certain wouldn’t be legal even in Minnesota. No story came out. Nothing other than he liked cum.

“So how much cum would you say you’ve taken?” I asked. I was curious now.

“You want the real answer or a fake one?” he asked.

That’s always an interesting question. If he’s liked me, he’d probably prepared lies just in case someone wanted to make certain it wasn’t a slut beneath him for a raw cock. But for me, the answer could have been small or large, I didn’t care.

“Be honest,” I said. “After all, I can’t see your face, I don’t know you and I’ll never see you again.”

He considered it for a moment.

“It’s over 5,000,” he said. “I know it’s at least 5,000.”

“Nice,” I grunted. “And I’m about to be 5,001.”

“How many have you bred?” he asked.

I considered being honest or lying here, just as he did. To be honest, I had no idea. But I’ve barebacked since I wasn’t legal in my home state, just like him.

“More than you,” I said. “I’m a little older.”

“Fuck!” he said. Actually, it probably was more like, “fffffuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccckkkk.”

He was turned on. I was pushing deeper. After a snort of poppers, I got ready to let it go. “Beg,” was all I said.

“Please breed my ass with your hot cum!”

Now, I know when you read this, it sounds almost like a line delivered by a bad porn actor. But he didn’t sound like he was acting. He begged. He kept begging in earnest. He wanted me to breed his ass so bad.

I did. I grunted and let it go. He groaned, “Fuck, I can feel it.”

I throbbed and once it subsided, I kept pushing it in. “Want to make sure it goes deep.”

After a few moments, I crawled off. He hopped up, sucked my cock clean and was in his clothes in a flash. “Thanks.”

And he was gone. Never saw his face.