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Travel Diary: Velvet Vice

Travel Diary: Velvet Vice

I lived in Washington, D.C., for more than a decade. Then again, it was a decade ago when I lived here and bred asses here.

When I return on my visits, it’s always nice to check out the new crop to breed. And there are. What I forget about the D.C. area is the attitude.

When I first moved here as a graduate student in my early twenties, this city held hope for my social life. As began to frequent my first gay bars, I soon felt that hope dwindle into the embers of burning hatred for anything remotely close to social gathering places of gay men that lack any nudity.

On this visit, I am inaccessible by Metro, which means most people avoid such hook-ups like they’re somewhere 200 miles in orbit above the planet, where there’s a total lack of oxygen and inaccessible except via special dispensation from NASA.

deephole4loadsThe Velvet Vice Hole

This is impossibly good ass came to me, though.

This bottom has a hole that deserves a whole book. The perfect hole is a rare find. I do not find it. I find many asses to fuck. Many enjoyable.

Few cause me to lose it.

This one did.

His name on BarebackRT.com is DeepHole4Loads. You can see the perfection of the photo.

His ass. His muscular toned body. But great photos are a dime a dozen. I’ve seen hundreds of great photos only to fuck a mediocre ass.

His suck job on arrive was above average. He proved to be good. I tickled his ass with my finger. He’d told me two previous loads had been deposited earlier and he’d offered to have them cleaned out. But I told him to leave them in.

His hole lacked any hard ridge. With the pucker had a nice ring of hair, it could have been smooth… almost perfectly so.  My fingertip slipped inside and could feel the familiar warmth I’d associated with a nice ass.

No cum had leaked near the hole, which told me this little cunt soaked up all the cum he could.

As I prepared to fuck his as, I couldn’t help but lick it a little. He’d already spit on his hand to supply the lube for the ass for my cock. But I wanted to add mine to the mix.

His asshole opened as soon as my tongue touched it and I could hear him groan. He snorted some poppers. The way his ass grabbed at the tip of my tongue, I couldn’t hold off long before I mounted him.

My cock slipped inside. Easily. This man was a natural bottom. His ass immediately contoured to the shape of my cock. He didn’t need a moment to adjust. And he didn’t thrust one way or another. He let me set the pace.

I like a bottom who knows who is in control. I fucked him, but his ass just kept up the perfection in massaging my cock.

I couldn’t distinguish where his sphincter wrapped around me. His hole tightly grabbed my cock and held on. He wanted me.

“Use my dirty cunt,” he whispered.

“You like men to fuck you raw, don’t you?” I said.

“I like my cunt used,” he said.

“I love cum.”

I wrapped my arm around him and my hand around his throat. As I pumped his ass slowly and deliberately, I tried to hold off.

But his ass just held on to my cock like a velvet vice. Before I knew it, my cum began to boil and I began my orgasm.

I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t control it. I just… happened.

I felt his pulse quicken under my hand. He knew I was cumming, at least on a subconscious level.

He groaned. “You want my cum?” I asked.

“Pump it in my dirty cunt,” he said.

Through the blinding strain of my orgasm, I kept it up. “You’re getting my load man,” I said.

This man experienced jizzjoy. He wanted it. He got it.

I stayed inside him and pumped it deeper. He left later, off to find another load.

I would hope to pump him again.

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Already three-fourths of the distance from downtown, he sent me a text: “You’re neg, right?”

Stupid question. I’d already informed him that I would breed him. He volunteered for the long drive to my house, out in suburbia. He’d been given a cell phone for text messaging. He’d specifically asked me do not speak. He would suck me then I would fuck him. That was it.

When he’d originally e-mailed me, it was past 2 a.m. and I had figured tonight would be one for sleep — not fucking. But he was cute and I couldn’t pass up fucking something young and hot.

“Yup,” I responded.

His next text let me know he neared my exit off the interstate. I dimmed the lights and unlocked the front door. Within a few moments, he drove up and stepped out. Not as cute, not as young, not as thin. About five-foot-eight and approaching 190 pounds, with thinning dark brown hair on top swept to the side in an Aaron Eckhart kind of style. He bowed his head low and looked to me like a junior accountant.

All things considered, he remained doable, especially considering the distance he’d driven. I will refuse to use some, but this guy deserved not to go home empty-handed… err… empty-assed. I opened the door and he stepped in quietly.

With the door closed, I dropped by lounge pants and he knelt, pushing them to the floor. His lips enclosed my half-hard cock and began a very slow and deliberate blowjob. His lips, mouth and throat were all extremely tight. Rarely do I find someone with significant oral talents, someone who indeed can give the sensation of tightness from head to shaft to the base. He did. His nose buried in my pubes more than once as he worked my cock. While very tight, he’d not learned to rhythmically move his tongue, cheeks and throat muscles to change up the sensation. But I enjoyed it.

After a hit of poppers, his enthusiasm increased significantly and his time gagging on my cock increased as well. I had grabbed the back of his head and started thrusting. But something just isn’t as satisfying about the smallness of a bottom’s head compared to the substantialness of an ass and the full body.

His oral skills kept me happy for longer than usual. I can get rather anxious to get in an ass, especially considering this particular fuck. While his ambitious skills impressed me, everything needed to get me to take him somewhere other than by my front door still seemed lacking.

I pulled off his cock and he got the message, dropping his jeans to the floor and crouching on his knees. Moving around behind him, my finger touched his hairy ass and pressed into the moist hole. Not lubed. I spit into my hand and slathered up my cock a little, finding his hole and positioning my cock for entry.

Here, he proved tight as well. Too tight. It took more spit before my head finally popped inside his hairy asshole. A little painful for me… the tightness combined with the wiry hairs stretching. I’m sure he didn’t enjoy it as well and he flinched, tempted to pop off but maintaining enough control to keep me inside. He couldn’t or wouldn’t loosen up and the angle just didn’t work for me, so I had him flip over onto his back.

With a bit more spit, I entered him again, finding his ass still tight. But I inched my way inside. Fuck, he was tight. It took a few moments before I got balls deep and began thrusting in and out. He seemed to love it. He spoke the first word: “Yea.”

I took a hit of poppers then. I didn’t want to come out and risk not blowing my load into this little dweeb who didn’t have the courtesy to be ready for me. I picked up the pace. I could feel my cum building up and a little pre-cum leaking out to lube my way. Then I could sense it. I could feel the load coming. I could see it in the distance. I close my eyes.

For me, it’s an oncoming train in the tunnel, except the headlight is purple with an orangish glow around the edges. It becomes larger and I can feel my cock inside his raw ass, closer and closer. Then it bursts forth. It envelopes me. My balls tighten up and I begin my explosion deep inside his tight walls.

Driven to cum and I ride the waves until it subsides. Then I thrust in a few more times, making sure the cum is buried in him deep. I pull out, stand and send him home.