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The Eleven Commandments of a True Bottom

A New True Bottom Finds His Way

Note from Mark, aka iBLASTinside: I received this as a comment to the original post, The Eleven Commandments of a True Bottom Opens a new window from this blog. I spruced up the text a little (not everyone is meant to be a writer) and turned it into this entry. 

It’s a good lesson for bossy bottoms everywhere to stop insisting on how things are going to go and give yourself over to the way the top wants the fuck. You might find yourself having a helluva good time.

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Today, I followed the Eleven Commandments of a True Bottom Opens a new window from this blog.

I have never barebacked before or ever been what I now consider a “true bottom.” I was always a bossy bottom.

iBLASTinside's Bareback Loading ZoneToday I decided to try something new and met someone on BarebackRT.com. I invited him over. His cock was already thick as a beer can.

I gave myself over to him and told him to do whatever he wanted, the lube was on the night stand.

I lay down on the bed, ass up, and he put lube on my hole. He then inserted his thick man cock.

I then made a big mistake. I told him I like it rough.

He began to spank me.

As the commandments I had just read stated, I can only give sounds from pleasure, so I was quiet.

He pulled out his cock and shoved in the lube bottle, which was so thick when I wrap my hand around it, my finger tips don’t touch. It was rough. He pushed me further on the bed as he pulled the bottle out then shoved it back in.

Then he did something completely unexpected.

He added his cock on top of the lube bottle in my ass.

I couldn’t help but scream. I know it shouldn’t have but he pushed my head into the pillow and kept on plowing.



After a while, he took out the lube bottle and rammed his dick (a solid 8″) straight inside me and came deep inside.

Then, he slapped my ass, pulled up his shorts and left without saying a word.

Thank you for posting this. Thank you for “opening me up” to this new amazing experience. I owe it all to you.

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Loading Zone is a feature of the iBLASTinside Blog where readers submit their stories. Have you got a raw fuck tale that just needs to be told? Send it (along with a photo or two) to iBLASTinside@gmail.com.

Travel Diary: Beantown Bronze (Borderline Bossy) Bottom Begs for Blast by Bentson

Travel Diary: Beantown Bronze (Borderline Bossy) Bottom Begs for Blast by Bentson

When I arrive in a town like Boston, BarebackRT.com Link Opens in a New Window lights up. Am I recognized? By a few. New meat?  That’s it. I think the bareback community occasional craves that fresh injection of DNA into the murky mix. It’s so nice to log on and find 10 or 15 messages waiting to be read.

Now some buttwipes fail to read the most basic information, even in my own BBRT profile Link Opens in a New Window. As I’ve outlined on the Getting Fucked by iBLASTinside page Opens a new window from this blog on this site, I have a few requirements (don’t fucking smoke), but otherwise I’ll be interested based on how things go in our conversation.

Such is what happened with one such hot bottom.

Truth is, I had two very different men that were definite possibilities and one dark horse in the race for my cum on the one night I was in town.

The dark horse? A muscle bottom from Montana visiting Boston. Fuck if when I saw his bubble butt ass and thick thighs, I didn’t want to get my cock between his muscular cheeks and get him to squeeze.

The other bottom followed me on Twitter Follow on Twitter. He was fucking beefy and totally hot. But timing sucked as my boss called and wanted to meet the team as a precursor to the next day’s business. The beefy bottom had to be up early, so by 10:30 p.m. when things were wrapping up, he was knackered and off to bed.

While plenty of other men popped up, my 25-year-old bottom popped up continually, requesting an anonymous scene. And his ass photo just proved irresistible.

I love anonymous scenes. My favorite is known as “Room Service” when I’m traveling and I’ve done it many times… Opens a new window from this blog in Texas and Opens a new window from this blog in California, just to name a couple. But I know there’s a lot more here I’ve just failed to tag.

I outline the basics for the bottom. He comes into the darkened room, strips naked, finds me naked on the bed, sucks me hard then climbs on board and rides me a bit. I then put him on his stomach and finish off in his ass, sending him on his way.

His response?

Instead, he’d prefer I only take him from behind.

He outlines a completely different scene, where I hide in the bathroom and he is on all fours. I’m responsible for getting myself hard and I just fuck and load him.

WTF. Not exactly meeting the Eleven Commandments Opens a new window from this blog.

“No thanks.”

I then start working a beefy, tattooed guy.

Then the whining and “what happened?” questions start.

“Not interested in bossy bottoms,” I said. “Have a good one.”

“It was just a suggestion,” he said. “I’m glad to do it your way. I just like being taken from behind.”

After a little while without much progress and the clock ticking past midnight, I invited him over.


As I waited naked across the bed in the darkened room, I felt my heartbeat rise with anticipation, as with every time I do this scene. The light from the hallway suddenly floods part of the room as he slips in and I can just make out the shadow of a guy, about six foot tall, in a gray tank top, gym shorts and flip-flops. I’d told him to wear as little as possible.

The room plunges back into darkness and he’s slipping off his clothes. He’s moving toward the bed and soon I feel a tentative hand touch my right foot and it moves up until he’s climbed on the bed and his mouth closes around my half-hard cock.

His sun-chapped lips begin sucking my cock. I reach down into his brown mane and feel the soft hair and stroke it to his skin-peeling shoulders. This boy has had too much sun. I can feel the lizard skin as it flakes off into my finger tips. He radiates a heat.

I’m worked into full hardness but it isn’t until he starts to lick my balls do I finally start to feel some aggression and begin uttering, “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.”

I put his mouth back into my cock and push it down gently before getting him to lick my balls more. I feel his hairy chest, which has been clipped shorter and find his nipples. They’re smaller and fail to protrude much, sticking close to his body. A little disappointing, especially based on the face and chest pic I’d seen, which seemed to show larger, poking nips.

But who knows if he even sent real pics.

I pull him up by his hairy underarms and position him to ride. He spits on his hand and adds it to ass. I hand him my bottle of poppers and let him take a whiff as my cockhead begins to split him open.

For someone who wanted me to just take him from behind, it took this bottom a moment to really get his ass down to the base of my raw cock. He finally did, with extra spit and more poppers. Fuck, that ass gripped my cock tight. He begin to bounce on it. Just a little. He added more spit to the base but the friction just really set me off.

It’s not very often I find a bottom who could possibly milk a load out of me. This one didn’t know it. He was bringing me close to popping.

Interestingly enough, he’d change position or pace or angle right about the moment I’d be hitting that point of no return. Given the reprieve, I’d regain my composure. The darkness masked my biting of my lip to distract myself just enough.

Once, he almost had me there, I lifted up and asked if me wanted me to fuck him from behind.

I moved behind him, spit on my cock and slid inside.

He sighed, like jizzjoy Link Opens in a New Window already occurred. I guess he really liked it from behind.

I laid on top of him and began pumping, giving him a whiff of poppers and snorting some myself.

“You want my load?”

“Oh yes!” the slutty bottom said. “Please give me your cum!”

His begging continued as I pumped, getting closer and closer until I sighed and let out a groan, my cock throbbing and my load pumping hot, white sperm into his ass. I pushed it into him deeper and deeper.

“Oh fuck yea!”

“That’s my load man,” I said. “You’re getting my fucking sperm!”

He backed his ass up. I climbed up enough so he could impale himself a little and he rode it that way until he shot a load on the bedsheets just a moment later.

I rolled off and he left into the night just a few moments later.

I hope he found some moisturizer. His skin really needed it. His ass, not so much. I gave it plenty of protein.

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Travel Diary: Fuck Fest in Sin City

Travel Diary: Fuck Fest in Sin City

I began my little adventure in Vegas with a fuck fest, inviting several over to my hotel room.

An orgy is something like a soup. You dump a lot of ingredients into a pot, add some heat and hope the flavors meld together.

Asian AssAs with any culinary experiment, some things don’t go perfectly the first time around. But some things do. The Asian and his top friend (I believe more like a boyfriend) who arrived first turned out to be quite a pair. If you find the ass photo appealing, you don’t know the half of it.

I’ve had bossy bottoms before. Generally, they break down into two categories:

  • Prissy.
  • Prissy bitchy.

He was neither. All man. All Asian. All bottom. All smooth. All hot. And he knew what he wanted. Three of us in the room, two of them tops. There were way too many people with clothes and fuck if he was going to put up with that shit.

His humor was captivating. I really enjoy someone who knows that sex can’t be too serious.

The other top, like me, had a geekish appeal. But in this case, he had a much larger cock. A little shorter than me with glasses and a bit socially awkward.

And both these guys had invited others over to join the fun.

I was starting to like them both.

We were admiring the view out of my 24th floor windows. Naked. My cock brushing up against Asian’s ass.

“You’re getting right down to business, aren’t you?” the Top remarked.

“We’re here to fuck,” Asian snapped back.

About that time, a light knock came at the door.

“It’s Room Service!” the Asian said with delight and headed over to answer.

Malaysian CockIn walked a 22-year-old Malaysian. He was thin, small-framed with extraordinarily large nipples and a decent sized cock. He claimed to be versatile in the correspondence we’d had.

He proceeded to disrobe as we moved to the bed. Asian had added lube to my cock and I’d just barely entered inside him when the initial knock came. But now I laid on my back and Asian sat down firmly on my cock.

If I’ve said it once, I will say it again. There’s nothing so wonderful as Asian ass. Smooth on the outside, incredibly tight and warm on the inside. As I glided inside, I reached up and played with his wide, muscular chest and tweaked his dark brown nipples.

Soon the Top friend kneeled behind him and I felt his cock near mine.

It’s one of those sensations I truly enjoy. Two cocks, together, probing the same hole. His pube hairs tickling mine. Oh fuck. It brought me so damn close as we each took turns sliding into the Asian’s ass.

Asian proved to be a talented bottom but not accommodating enough to be double fucked.

Meanwhile, the Malaysian lounged on the bed, stroking. He didn’t engage closely. The Top encouraged him into play at one point, hoping him to fuck the Asian, when suddenly the bottom needed a break.

A knock at the door.

“Room Service!” this time, the chime came from the Top, who answered it.

A slender Black top entered. He began to disrobe as I fucked as I attempted to engage the Malaysian. We kissed. His lips were full and his kisses were indeed amazing. His lithe body squirmed in delight as I stroked his respectable seven inches and brushed against his balls. But when I tapped at his backdoor, he backed away.

“Not my asshole,” he said.

So much for versatility.

I stepped away and re-engaged with the Asian, who by now was hungry for cock again. I’d heard him mumbling with his Top friend about me cumming in his ass.

“No, I’m sure he shot a load in there,” the Asian had said.

So as I entered him, I asked him about it.

He acknowledged he thought he had a load. I told him not yet.

“Haven’t you wondered why I call myself, ‘I blast inside’?” I said.

I pushed him down on the bed, flat onto his stomach, and began to pump him proper. He found the poppers and handed them to me. I took a big snort. Top appeared out of no where. And we both began asking questions.

“Do —you want my load?” I said.

“Yes,” Asian said.

“Tell me you want my load,” I insisted.

“I want you to fuck your cum into my ass,” Asian said.

“Can you feel his raw cock in your ass?” Top asked.

“Oh yea!” Asian said.

“You know he’s going to breed you, right?” Top asked.

“Please!!!” Asian said.

Through all this, I’m pumping and pumping even harder. And soon I am there.

“You’re about to get a really big cumload!” I grunted.

“Oh fuck yea!” Asian said, as he arched his back and thrust his ass up toward my cock.

I went deep and began to throb as I let loose a torrent of cum, coating the insides of his chute and then pumping a little to make sure anyone else — anyone who came along in the future — would know that I had been here and bred this Asian ass.

In this moment, in the silence between seconds, the Asian let out this little sigh.

This boy was made for breeding.

As I recovered, three more men entered. An older white man and his young dark black man. They would stand in a corner and kiss before leaving on their own, ever attempting to integrate with the main group.

The other was a tall, dirty blond versatile with one of those wide, junk-in-the-trunk asses we all know and love. He soon stripped down while the duo went to kissing in a corner.

Now, as I said, an orgy is all about melding of flavors and we had plenty of flavors in the room. At this point, the duo were stuck like glue to one another. I sat between the naked Malaysian and recent Black arrival. And the new tall Dirty Blond was kissing on Top and Asian in a third group. I needed to see some cross-pollination.

I sucked on the Black guy a bit and he sucked on me. I encouraged him toward the center of the room when the duo, who’d barely disrobed, now announced they were leaving.

That prompted Malaysian to start putting on his clothes.

But I successfully got Black man and his nine-incher to the center of the room. While my Asian — already with a nut up his butt — didn’t seem inclined to take him, the Dirty Blond soon was getting fucked and, well, the versatile produced a respectable thick eight-incher that Asian did bend over for in a flash.

The three-way fuck was hot as hell but the duo and Malaysian still left.

Within moments, the Black top let it be known he was close. And soon the grunts were matched and the Black man let loose a gigantic load into Dirty Blond’s ass.

How do I know?

Well, fuck, now I was hard again! I churned that shit up.  His ass was such a cummy mess when I entered it and I fucked it more into him. My Asian bottom, hearing the comments, came around to check it out, popped and boner and displaced me. He rammed his cock inside and within moments, added his spunk to the mix.

The Black man fucked the Dirty Blond some more as I licked one nipple and the Asian the other to try and help the Dirty Blond cum, but it just wasn’t his day. Still, I think we all went home very, very happy.

Or at least, that’s how it seemed to me.

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Travel Diary: Trio of Cum Dumps in San Fran, But Barely Remarkable

Travel Diary: Trio of Cum Dumps in San Fran, But Barely Remarkable

As I continue my visits in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’ve been attempting to get closer to the Castro as much as possible in order to attract a larger crowd. This time, I stayed just across the Bay Bridge in Emeryville. But I might as well had stayed in the Silicon Valley as the bottoms insisted I proved to be much too far for them to venture forth from the city itself.

I’m beginning to comprehend the mentality that the Bay is a great divide and few dare cross it. It’s similar to Atlanta and the Interstate loop around the city proper known as the Perimeter or I-285. People here refer to life “ITP” or “OTP” as in, “inside the Perimeter” and “outside the Perimeter.” Those inside dare not step outside for fear the air isn’t breathable. Many outside won’t go in for fear of rape, shootings or worst of all, paying for parking.

During my stay I fucked and bred three holes — a Latin, an Arab and a half-Asian. One crossed the divide for me (thanks), I crossed for one and the other happened to be on my side of the Bay.

Arab Ass

Arab ass is hot. Not metaphorically. I mean it’s temperature hotter than normal ass. I’m sure somewhere along the way I’ve fucked some Arab ass, but I just can’t access that index file at the moment. He was a late-night stop-by and I figured, what-the-fuck, here’s something new, I’ll try it. He wasn’t hideous but I’ll be damned if he wasn’t all that. He made up for it with enthusiasm, even licking my ass that I’d not exactly prepped for rimming (yet he lapped it up with gusto).

Let’s just say I was just there to breed him. He kept begging me to hold off so we could play some more but I didn’t. I injected hot sperm into his steamy ass.

Gotta had in to the Arab, he licked me clean, put on his clothes and said, “I go now.”

He slipped out into the night.


On my way to the airport, I stopped by his place. His photos on BarebackRT.com were hot, hot, hot. The photos were accurate but the attitude went a little more prissy than I’d hoped. We got down to business and his skills were okay as long as I pinched his nipples — damned bossy bottoms. Perform and I reward. Don’t expect me to reward so you’ll perform.

Anyway, this ass had been well-used many times and once I got into it, he opened up like a Morning Glory Bloom at dawn, making it impossible for me to cum. So I stopped being polite and started getting real, pushing him down to his stomach so I could fuck him like I meant it. He protested and resisted, but I finally got him where I needed. I went into top mode and lost how long it took, but I had to go harder and deeper to get my cockhead somewhere in his ass where it felt a little tightness. He just grunted. I finally buried it and pumped out a few squirts.


I save the best for last. Short and looking like a Marine, he stepped inside. When he kissed me, his mouth opened and he started with the tongue, from top to bottom. Sloppy. And sexy. Great chest with just a little hair. Hardcore angular face. And the fucking started almost immediately after I got hard. When he rode me, I got him close to the edge fast and we had to slow down.

Didn’t matter much. When I had him on his back, I fucked his ass hard and he grabbed his cock. Two jerks and thick, milky cum flew out.

He endured me fucking a little longer, beginning for my load and I let him have it.

Obviously, his thick cock was a top cock and this was a top fulfilling an itch that came along on occasion. But he let me finish off, which I appreciate.

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