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Top Viewed Pages, Top Referring Websites and Top Search Terms in June 2012

The Websites that Get You Here

I find this stuff interesting and I thought I’d share it for those of you who gives a shit (and might like to check out other destinations). These are the sources of referrals from other websites that come to iBLASTinside.com. According to Google, about 46 percent of all my visitors come from other websites. Here’s the top 10 of those.

My Tumblr account at Barebacking.Tumblr.com (this was also #1 in May).

Twitter referrals, everyone and anyone, since Twitter converts all URLs to the t.co domain (this was also #2 in May).

Tumblr.com in general, coming from users checking out my entries within the Tumblr Dashboard (also #3 in May).

BreedingZone.com, the site from RawTop, which takes the RSS feed from iBLASTinside.com and repeats it within BreedingZone. BreedingZone.com maintains its #4 spot from May when  jumped up from #7  in April.

My other Tumblr account, BarebackOne.Tumblr.com, earns the next spot, a jump of three spots from #8 in May.

Confessions of a Bareback Sauna Slut Blog from Josh Landale. Maintains its May spot after falling two spots in April.

My “old” Blogspot website (for some reason, a lot of referrals still come through there)

TreasureIslandBlog.com continues its descent down the list another three spots. In May, it was #5 and in April, the blog from Treasure Island Media earned #3., where some of my entries are featured (check out which ones). In April, this was the number three referrer, so it’s down two places.

Facebook is the big referrer here. No specific profile. Just Facebook. But it’s up one spot since it earned the #10 spot last month last month.

Google-Plus drops one place to stay in the top 10.


The Pages You Look at Most

The top viewed pages for the month shows readers’ interest. In general, each visitor to iBLASTinside looks at an average of almost 3½ pages spending close to 5 minutes (long enough for a good jerkoff session). In June, these were the pages visitors looked at most often.

iBLASTinside Bareback Theater (New feature posted at the end of May)

Bareback Movie Gallery (New feature posted at the end of May)

How to Meet and Get Fucked by Mark Bentson (New feature posted at the end of May)

Guide to Gloryhole Etiquette (dropped three places from#1 in May)

Bareback Reference Dictionary (New entry in June)

Guide to Visiting a Gay Bathhouse (dropped four places from #2 in May)

Guide to Poppers, Pleasure and Persuasion (fell four spots from #3 in May)

Marking My Territory for Tops and Jizzjoy for Bottoms (up one from #9 in May)

Guide to the Sleazy Side of Atlanta (from #4 spot in May, dropping five positions)

Top 10 Stealthing Tips (New entry in June)


The Terms You Google to Get Here

Here are the top 10 search terms in June 2012 with the rankings from May 2012 in parenthesis. According to analytics, about one third of all of my website visitors find this site through searching.

iblastinside (#1)

bareback blog (#4, up 2)

bareback tumblr (#8, up 5)

i blast inside (#7, up 3)

gloryhole tumblr (#2, down 3)

bareback blogs (#20, up 14)

Marc Dylan bareback (#12, up 5)

glory hole etiquette (#15, up 7)

gloryhole etiquette (#16, up 7)

glory hole tumblr (#6, down 4)


What people are searching to find this page::

  • stealth poz video (19)
  • marc dylan tumblr (12)
  • marc dylan glory hole (1)

Comments from My Curiosity

If you haven’t had an opportunity to complete the brief survey about my readers, please do it now. It will only take a moment.

I’m flattered that a few of you took the time to go ahead and give me a little more feedback in paragraph form. As more of them come in, I’ll be updating this.

Adding My Two Cents

Rob wrote on 28 June 2012: 

Hey Mr. Bentson, just throwing in my 2 cents worth.

I have a lot of bookmarked sites that I check daily (either before or after work) but most of them just post and re-post the same pictures over and over. With iBi there’s some real writing and thought involved, and honestly you’re far more articulate than most of the people online.

I really don’t agree with your stealthing position (popular as those posts seem to be), why not just be up front? Trust me, where I live all you’d have to do is walk into a bar and announce your name and there’d be at least five pre-lubed bottoms lined up in a row waiting for you (yeah, I’d probably be one of them).

As for improving your site the only thing I can think of is, it would be great to have an archive feature to randomly check out previous articles (sometimes I want to read about deep thoughts, sometimes I just want to read about raw stuff).

My only complaint/issue is: Where are all the comments? I KNOW a lot of people read iBi (that’s just logic since I can type a few particular keywords and “i blast inside” pops up) so why don’t more people say something? Are they afraid of being outed or something? I don’t get it (what’s the point of being online unless you have something to offer or add?)

Anyway, thanks for all the fascinating writing, hope all is good with you.

A note from Mark: I agree, Rob. Where are all the comments?  I do receive several but they tend to be via Twitter Follow on Twitter or through my BarebackRT profile Link Opens in a New Window. For example, my entry on attending the first CumUnion in Atlanta solicited four or five responses on June 27, the day it went up. No one commented here. I ask for them to consider posting them live. Why don’t you get things rolling, Rob? Comment! As for archives, if you follow me on Twitter Follow on Twitter, a few times during the day, one of the almost 400 archived piece are randomly selected and tweeted out. And if you don’t want to join Twitter, just check out those recent tweets as one of the items in the left column. Thanks for the comment!

Fan and Friend for Life

Darren wrote on 24 June 2012:

I absolutely love your blog. It’s the first thing I go to on the ‘net and the last before I go to bed — or even in bed.

Your encounters with all those people are the best part of the site, especially the stealthing ones. It’s hot. Each time I read them, I wished they always had pictures of them. Before, during and after your DNA gut wash

Keep up the great work and you’ll have at least one fan for life, not to mention a member of BBBH for life and facebook friend for life too.

Thanks But No Thanks

Pedro wrote on 24 June 2012:

I read your blog mainly because you’re an interesting guy. Your mind interests me probably more than your sexual exploits (and why I chose your dark history as my favourite subject, though it’s pretty horrifying topic).

It’s a sexy group of stories nonetheless, even if I don’t agree with the stealthing thing. Barebacking is something people do out of choice in my view.

Still, we exchanged some words before on how people exercise their choice by not caring or thinking or trusting too much, and I understand your point of view, so no judgement.

But I did choose “thanks, but no thanks” on the possibility of sleeping with you. ;)

Three Points

Dec wrote on 24 June 2012:

Thanks for the survey, Mark… interesting results thus far.

Just three points came to mind for me:

  • Movies: I certainly can’t afford a subscription to the theatre, so I had a quandary saying what I felt about movies for the survey… I fucking love porn, and the more forced the BB fuck is the better, but need it free, ok if you keep the theatre for full length films though.
  • Membership of BBBH: I don’t know if I’m a member or not?! I think you treat me as a member on twitter; but I decline from putting #BBBH in my blurb as it’s a bit too public for me (work, family etc. may search and discover TMI for me) however I def want a wristband and am open in by gay circles and such to broadcast it… so I said NO, but a wannabe YES.
  • Age: You should facilitate members from at least 16 to join/participate fully, as in Europe this is the consensus on legal age for gay sex (though it varies from 12 to 17.) Put something like “…in your jurisdiction” rather than stating an age? but provide the fully legal guys here to have an option that doesn’t make them feel like they’re declaring themselves as illegals ‘sssh… I’m underage’ kind of category.

Thanks for all your horny content, and look forward to keeping your tab open in my browser for years to cum!! hehe.

God bless,

Thanks for Having a Site That’s Not Just About Sex

gd wrote on 23 June 2012:

Love watching bareback porn and reading bareback stories. Cruising sites online is fun too and I get off several times a day. However, sometimes after getting off so much or in between, I like to learn more about how people feel towards sex or hear personal stories, especially sex-related.

I don’t bareback much. I’ve only done it a few times and nervous to do it anymore even. But that doesn’t stop me jacking off to anything bareback-related.

But blogs and sites — like this one — where the webmaster is so open about his bareback lifestyle and not ashamed or afraid about what he is does is inspiring and makes me feel good. Thank you for having a site that’s not just about sex and bareback but guidance, stories, reviews on places, and other things as well.


Nice Talking Back

Jesse wrote on 23 June 2012: 

Nice to talk back for a change!

Again, if you haven’t, be sure to complete the survey. When you do, you’re able to see the results immediately.

3… 2… 1… BLAST-OFF! The Countdown to iBLASTinside’s Birthday   (2 of 3)

3… 2… 1… BLAST-OFF! The Countdown to iBLASTinside’s Birthday (2 of 3)

Forty-Five Random List…

…for Mark Bentson’s Forty-Fifth Year (Part 2 of 3)

You can catch up by reading part one.

30. I need a protégé.

It’s something I have wanted for a long while. A paduwan.  Someone to take under my wing, nurture and teach the secrets of fucking. I’m not going so far as to suggest I’m the bottom whisperer or anything, but I do have a talent for reading men and finding a way into their pants and eventually their asses. Of course, getting into their asses means I fuck them raw.

I want a willing, dedicated participant who wants to learn. So many folks take the first bit of advice and then move on, thinking they’ve got the key. But learning is a process that takes a little time.

So I still await someone with endurance and patience.

29. Make some fantasies cum true

Believe it or not, I still have a few fantasies in the darkest corners of my mind. These twisted little flights of my sexual imagination require that protégé or someone like him to become synchronized with me and be willing to waltz into the lion’s den where it’s not a controlled environment, like a dungeon or a bedroom. It requires quick thought on your feet, persuasion and a certain Joie de vivre.

28. Spread my seed farther, wider, deeper

Travel isn’t the only reason to spread my seed. Implanting my DNA in men just is my mission, my passion, the reason for fucking. And I find as I can reach more men farther afield from home — whether that’s literally geographic or figuratively in some other means like culture, age, financial status or otherwise — I find it more of a turn on.

27. Negotiate Middle East Peace

Short of that, I want to fuck more straight and bi ass.

26. Take one down, pass it around…

Where is the Gran Marnier?

25. Breed on my birthday

Any Atlanta asses want to volunteer to take my load?

24. Speaking of birthdays…

My wish list remains open at Amazon. Anyone wishing to send along something nice is always welcome to do so. It’s welcomed.

23. More strippers please

I don’t mind putting dollar bills in armbands or socks and paying for a lap dance. In fact, there’s a little bit of a turn on. That’s why one of my favorite places to visit in Atlanta happens to be Swinging Richards.

As I travel more places, I wish there were similar clubs worth my time and attention. For example, in San Francisco, I’d hoped that the Nob Hill Theatre might be the perfect cross between a Swinging Richards and a gloryhole destination. It’s far from it (I’ll get around to offering my review soon). And I’d thought Sin City might offer me a few options. But no. Women naked, yes. Men (for men), no.

I know Canada is known for some good strip clubs and a few in South Florida, but are there any more in the U.S.? Come on guys, let me know!

22. I’ve converted

Long-time readers will know my affinity for Diet Coke. When I wrote the impossible fantasy, The Company, Diet Coke features prominently in the story, as it’s provided to my character (I know, lots of you want me to continue the story and I appreciate that; read the next entry).

Well, folks, Coke Zero now features prominently among my beverage consumption as well. In fact, I drink it much more than Diet Coke and much prefer it.

Truth is, who the fuck cares? But writing 45 things about yourself can become daunting halfway in.

21. Finish it

I have a tendency to start a lot of projects but never finish them. I love watching those hoarding shows on A&E or TLC and sometimes those mentally ill folk have the same ideas but with physical world items. And the hoard overtakes their storage.

Good thing my hoard is virtual and on a computer. And good thing I don’t grow emotionally attached and can let them go. I’ve still got goals but I just can’t seem to find an opportunity to finish the books or the online projects. And often money is a barrier. It’s like The Company, which apparently had a few people enthralled. I know where the story goes and where it ends, but I just couldn’t get around to finishing it. I need to finish things more often.

20. I still want to write and direct a porn movie

Recently, I noticed the fine folks at Treasure Island Media posted its first attempts at stealthing. In the end, I believe someone felt it “too controversial” to go on the DVD, but having watched the scene, it simply lacked the spark.

When Hollywood does big films about the Navy, they bring in technical advisers from (get this) the Navy. Part of the problem I saw was bottom could easily tell the top clumsily took the condom off. The fucking went on. It didn’t “read” like a legit stealthing.

That, among other controversial themes, are things I might explore. Should someone ever give me a chance.

19. I have no tolerance for stupid questions

For some reason of late, I’ve been getting more and more visitors who find this whole “blog” thing foreign to them. Among the young men in Las Vegas who said he might be interested in being my bottom, he liked my “page” but started asking a dozen questions about me. This here blog contains more information about me than you’d ever want to know. I referred him back to the blog, for which he said he did not want to invest the time in reading.

In fact, the little prick sent just one tiny faceless pic (as you can see) then responded with the following: “Thanks for the website and the warnings, but I did not really get to see what you look like or what your stats are. After hunting around the website for about 20 minutes I came across a few stats that could be you or someone you described as 6ft and 180lbs.”

Okay, as a little help, dumbass. In the future, look at the top of EVERY FUCKING PAGE and you’ll see something called navigation. It happens to have an entry called “About Me.” If you click it, you might find that for which you’re looking.

I hate it when someone who thinks he’s good-looking, young and full-of-himself somehow thinks himself special enough for me to mindmeld and figure out what the fuck he wants from me. He kept insisting I send him a variety of photos of myself and he would consider going bare, as he was usually a safe sex Nazi.

18. Despite how it reads sometimes, I’m a nice guy

Yes, I can be an asshole. But most would attest I am a nice guy. Anyone? Bueller? Please post your “yes Mark is a nice guy” in the comments if you’ve met me.

17. Fuck it

I know this is a little offensive, but occasionally fucking the younger folk less than half my age makes for fun and, well, makes me feel a little flattered. On the other hand, people closer to my age aren’t quite as flattering, no matter how good their shape.

16. How am I going to figure out 15 more?

I’m struggling for 30. What the fuck am I going to write for the next 15. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow, my birthday, when I turn 45. Maybe early Alzheimer’s will set in and I’ll just repeat myself.

What people are searching to find this page::

  • clint swinging richards atlanta (37)
  • stealth pozzing married men (12)
Travel Diary, Day 22: Like Silk

Travel Diary, Day 22: Like Silk

No more than 25 years old, this young man broke my mold. A gravitational pull seems to keep me closing in on the younger set — although he never stood out as my first choice. Still, he handed in a stellar performance.

Arriving promptly, he entered and asked timidly (before getting naked) if he could use the bathroom. The young ones never follow instructions. Still, when he stepped into the room, his appearance delighted me. I relaxed on the bed as he approached, finally naked after his pit stop. His cool hands (after all, it was fucking cold outside) braced himself against my thighs as he lowered his face to my cock and began plumping it up.

I could see his own cock, rock hard and a firm five inches jutting out. He sucked a little more but he wanted fucking. I could tell. After a moment of fumbling around, he settled on his side, exposing his ass to me. I sniffed around a bit, realizing he’d come straight from work so it wasn’t as fresh as I’d like. A little spit and a touch of lube. I put my cockhead at his hole and pushed.

It ripped inside him and he grunted. The grimace on his face let me know my cock might be a little much, but he didn’t pull away and I didn’t pull out. However, he kept the angle difficult to mount him right.

“Want to ride it?” I asked.

“Sure,” he said.

At this phase, young ones can be skittish. So I let him up and ride. He proceeded and sat on it. Within a moment, he bucked back and forth. I took the moment to enjoy this boy and to touch his body. Something about these young ones, their body hair feels so silky — not wiry like those of us with body hair for years.

His photo (above) didn’t do his lithe body justice. To match his body hair, his ass opened up and felt silky smooth. After a while of letting him do the work, I began taking his ass, thrusting into it. I pulled him forward so I could plunge all the way in and begin to control the fuck a little boy.

The bitch wasn’t having it.

He pulled off and positioned himself again on his side. Obviously, this is what the boy liked. So I relented and shoved my cock into his ass. I began to build up pace and just let things happened naturally. My cum boiled up and I let it loose, deep into his guts. I kept pace and controlled my breathing.

If his ass was silky before, adding my cum to it helped.

After a moment, I began the typical heavy breathing of an orgasm. “You want it?” I asked.

As I predicted, he popped off my cock immediately and asked me to cum on him. I jerked aggressively, as he did. When he blew, I did too. I think he noticed the lack of output, but who cared at that point.

He went into the bathroom to clean up and shower. I just relaxed back and let him leave. But I wasn’t done that evening. Not at all.

A Joint-Statement from Bareback Bloggers


We, the undersigned bareback bloggers, unify in this statement today.

We believe in the First Amendment and for all people to express themselves. We have chosen to express ourselves through these blogs.

The actions we take are our own and we believe, as consenting adults, we can enjoy the sexual relations in the manner which we choose.

If you find what we write about as offensive, wrong or immoral, we ask you not to read our blogs. If you follow us on Twitter and you consider what we write as offensive, wrong or immoral, we ask you to block each of us. None of our communications is required reading and we do not force it upon anyone.

Since each of us launched our blogs, we all have received vitriolic lies, terroristic bullying, and even death threats.

Our voices will not be silenced. We shall no longer tolerate further cyber harassment. We will not give these threats or statements a voice in our forums.

We thank our supporters. We thank our readers. We thank those who just ignore us and let us live our lives.


Mark Bentson, iBLASTinside
BLOG: http://iblastinside.blogspot.com
E-MAIL: iblastinside@gmail.com

Breeding Jock
BLOG: http://www.breedingjock.com
TWITTER: @NikeAthlete
E-MAIL: breedingjock@gmail.com

Wild Bare Jock
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E-MAIL: wildbarejock@yahoo.com

Matt & Dan, Matt & Dan’s Sexual Adventures
BLOG: http://mattanddanssexualadventures.blogspot.com
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BLOG: http://mindtrip-lifeintheraw.blogspot.com
E-MAIL: zan.alexander@gmail.com

BLOG: http://streetmuscle501.blogspot.com
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Stud for Rent
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BLOG: http://sk8r92103.blogspot.com
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Buck Ramsey
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