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Friday Fuck Fun: Cheap Thrills Gets Your Rocks Off with UK’s Cum Pigs

Friday Fuck Fun: Cheap Thrills Gets Your Rocks Off with UK’s Cum Pigs


Coming to you direct from the UK, Paul Morris & Treasure Island Media present the fourth fuckvid in the CHEAP THRILLS series, featuring a solid mix of London’s best fuck-pigs, in four cum-drenched scenes, this video is a guaranteed cheap ass way to get your rocks off again and again.

In CHEAP THRILLS 4, watch as notorious European ass destroyer, PETO COAST, exploits LEOMANN’s begging hole, FLORIAN MANN fancies an anonymous deep breeding from a furry, uncut fucker, ANTON DICKSON discretely breeds a sleeping flatmate’s insatiable ass, and TITCH JONES plows JAKE ASCOTT until they lay spent, filled with and covered in molten man juice.












iBLASTinside's Friday Fuck Fun











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Loading Zone: My First Stealth

Loading Zone: My First Stealth

[alert style=”green”]Welcome to iBLASTinside’s Bareback Loading Zone, the place where readers and fans of iBLASTinside.com send and post their own tales and adventures. These are all true and told to Mark who occasionally massages the writing a little if needed.

Today’s submission comes from a 22-year-old, 5-foot-6-inch bottom. He’s naturally smooth and twinkish but prefers men in their thirties to fuck him (as you’ll read). He’s one of those party boys you’ll see out at the dance clubs with a wild, animated face, a faux-hawk and almost unattainable perfection that seems incredible. His tan body and perfect, perky nips just makes you more hungry. That’s enough about him. On to his adventure.[/alert]


iBLASTinside's Bareback Loading Zone

Hi Mark,

I just thought I’d let you know I stealthed Link Opens in a New Window my first top! And I did it successfully, thanks to you.

I prepared the condoms like you suggested, using your trick of moving the condoms from a very cold to a very hot place and back a few times Opens a new window from this blog.

This guy was 38 years old, bisexual and married. He wanted sex safe from the beginning but he was so hot, I just had to try! I knew this was the time to experiment with stealthing!

I sucked him hard, really working his cock over with my mouth. He really seemed to enjoy it. I hoped he would forget about the condom, especially when I presented him my smooth all. But he didn’t. He asked about the condoms.

I got one of the ones I’d been preparing. I put it on him tightly, with no room at the tip.  I didn’t use hardly any lube. Then I laid down on my back and positioned his rock hard cock at my hole.

He took the bait and went in.

From my position on my back, I could watch him. Of course I could feel the cock and condom. And I knew the moment the condom popped. I noticed he paused for a moment, giving me a strange look. I figured he too had felt the condom break, but before he could say anything, I urged him not to stop since it felt so awesome and that he was about the best fuck I’ve ever had.

That must have done it, since he started fucking rather roughly again after that… or maybe it was his excitement of knowing he was probably going to fill me up.

He really fucked me hard and within a few moments told me he was going to cum. I urged him on and he shot the entire load in my ass. And I ended up shooting all over my chest and face, I was so hot knowing he was pushing the load into me. I was so, hot by the fact I’d convinced him to keep fucking me.

After he came he pulled out and told me the condom must have broken, as it came out in pieces. He seemed a little worried. I faked surprise and told him it’ll be okay. I assured him not to worry, that I’ve never done anything like this before, so it’ll be fine. Of course, that was a lie — at least the not doing it part.

That’s it! Thanks Mark for all you do!

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Shaggy Lad Shag

Shaggy Lad Shag

Craigslist can be real hit or miss here lately, especially with some assholes flagging any hint of barebacking. But I posted anyway, half bored on a Thursday afternoon and somehow got my cell number through the filters.

The usual collection of e-mails arrived, including a 325-pound, 52-year-old man who claimed he could give me a blowjob like I’d never had before. Now look, I don’t want to deny anyone a chance for my cock and I’ve fucked my fair share of chubs but, baby, you gotta produce a pic or two before you’ve even got a chance at getting my cock.

Then the usual “would you settle for a blowjob” e-mails and “please, could you use a condom” messages from the same tired people who always reply to my ads. They recognize me, I recognize them. I don’t know why they bother. Some of the messages are filtered and bypass my inbox.

But then the ones who bother with text messages.

A new number showed up though. It was a usual, “How’s it going? Still looking?”

I responded.

“It needs to be a one-time only thing,” was his message back.

Thing is, I have a good sixth sense about these kind of things, “Sure.”

He then announced he was 18 and it would be his first time.

Now I could have doubted it, but I didn’t. I just knew this guy wasn’t bullshitting me. I invited him over with my address.

The phone rang a couple of moments later. I answered.

“I just wanted to call to make sure you were for real,” he said, his voice deep but definitely inexperienced.

“No problem,” I said. “You want to head over?”


He hung up.

A little more than 20 minutes later, a gigantic truck with wheels too big for the frame pulled down the drive and parked. Out hopped a six-foot frame. He was barely 18 or maybe 19. His shaggy, dirty blond hair obscured his eyes and a pugish nose protruded out. His pouty lips thin lips curled a bit into a smirk as he entered.

I shook his hand. Rough. Very. This boy had done hard physical labor and his body showed some of the muscles, but the beauty and softness denied the need. His voice too masculine.

He didn’t seem nervous and eagerly followed to the bedroom, stripping off his clothes. Hardly any body hair except for his legs, he’d shaved his balls and pubes. His cock hung limp but unusually thick as we crawled onto the bed. His nipples were large and beautiful, his body smooth. Part of me felt a little guilty, as if I were attempting to suck the youth from this boy… pardon me… man.

He bent over and began sucking me, not that it proved difficult to get hard. He’d obviously done it some before. I moved my hands into his thick mane and found it both soft and unusual… like a stuffed animal or a wig. His rough hands worked my cock while his mouth tried to please, not quite sure how to make it down.

The blowjob ended quickly and I went to return the favor, finding his cock now fully hard. His cock stood out no less than 8 inches and approached 9 easily. Rigid like you wouldn’t believe with one thick vein wrapping its way around shaft. Shaped like an oval, it tapered toward the head. As I sucked him, I also nibbled at his balls and moved my fingertips toward his asshole.

Largely silent, I moved up to caress him a bit when he said, “I don’t kiss or nothing.”

“No worries,” I said.

And with that he lifted his legs.

I grabbed the lube, taking the hint. I worked a little onto my fingers and found his lightly hairy asshole, moving one fingertip inside him.

Despite having the cock of a top, the action of his ass was immediate. He was a natural bottom. I wondered if, in fact, it was his first time as he reached down to pull my cock toward his hole.

“It might be easier if you sit on it, then you can control how fast it enters,” I said.

I know. The sex seemed almost clinical. But sometimes with first-timers — or with practically straight guys — it seems that way. We moved into position and he lubed my cock. He reached past a couple of condoms for the lube bottle, by the way.

He sat on it completely, without hesitation.

My cock — all seven inches — buried inside him and he didn’t flinch. For the next 10 minutes, I fucked him there as he sat on me. I fucked him on his stomach. I fucked him on his back. I pounded him. I entered him softly. I slowly withdrew and entered. His ass accepted me every way. Not a moment of problems. Not a complaint. His only words.

“Do whatever you need to do to cum.”

I slicked my hand with lube and jerked him about 20 times while I pounded his hole.

“I’m going to cum.”

When he shot, the cum shot in copious amounts at great velocity, shooting at least five feet up and 15 feet over his head, across the bed and onto the wall. The subsequent splatters continued in diminishing amounts. His asshole constricted around my cock pulling my own cum from me into his hole, but at the same moments, beginning to reject me.

His only other sounds were breathing.

Two minutes later, he was gone.

I lay on the bed, partially falling into some of his cum and wondered still if this shaggy lad was a bit of a mirage. Something inside me knew the silence I should allow him, so I did, leaving him to his own silence, guilt and denial.

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Male Population

Breaking Down the Male Population

A night a while back, one of my acquaintances online lamented that in his corner of the world, he’d fucked every asshole there was available. Knowing where his corner of the planet happened to be in proximity to a couple of universities and other places of “higher learning” (read “extreme intoxication” and frat boy experimentation) and knowing my chat friend happened to be in his rather youthful 20s (hey, black don’t crack), I challenged him on his theory that he lacked any options.

Inevitably, this proceeded to my own hypothesis, tested out time and time again over the past two-and-a-half decades, that about two-thirds of men can be had. So I decided to put together my own chart to help explain where I stand on the male population.

Chart of what the breakdown should be...

Men, to begin with, exist on a different level than women. Men experience the world through our senses — sights, sounds, smells even. Women allow their emotions to maneuver through this existence. Right or wrong, it doesn’t matter.

This is my totally unscientific study and, by that, I mean I’m probably off by 2 to 3 percentage points.

Gay Men (24 percent)

Let’s begin with Gay men, which roughly break down into two categories: Out and Closeted. Depending where you are on the planet, the ratio between Out and Closeted vary and allow me to suggest why this is the case.

First, of course, the geographic location. In the South, where I happen to live, assault by Biblical texts will chase a man into the closet faster than a Baptist at a liquor store’s front door and he sees his preacher. In some countries, especially the Middle East and Africa, we’re talking torture and death if you’re discovered, so get comfy.

Second, and this is a biggie, is your position. If you’re a top, it’s so very easy to be closeted. Remember, a hole is a hole since men experience the world through sensory input. Natural tops can spend their lives closing their eyes, visualizing a man and fucking. So you wonder why there are so few tops, there you go.

Finally, the world is a place where, for the time being, we’re all about averages. What’s the average salary, the average distance, the average penis length, the average color, the average everything. The politically correct thing isn’t to say Asians have small cocks and African Americans have huge schlongs. Society — and I’m not talking about the Bible or morals — has decided that it’s “normal” to be married with a wife and kids. Believe me, my job would be so much more fucking easy if I played golf and talked about the little woman. I’d be ahead in my career if I were “straight.” Being closeted is a way to get ahead in my career.

In other words, religion, sex and money will put you in the closet.

So no matter what Kinsey report or survey says, I believe that when you get right down to it, a solid 24 percent of the male population is gay. You read me right. I believe almost a quarter. I am not kidding.

Bi Men (3 to 4 percent)

Funny thing, I figure the Bi men might get a little pissed at this one. I think the true Bi men — the ones hovering in the true center — might be the minority. Give me a moment to explain.

Kinsey created a scale of 0 to 6 where zero was exclusively heterosexual and six was exclusively homosexual, as illustrated by this chart I’ve included from Wikipedia.org:

Theoretically, that’s cool, but if you truly believe that Kinsey was onto something, then wouldn’t you need to be a perfect three? Actually, wouldn’t you need to be exactly 3½ or a 3.5 to be a true bisexual? Otherwise, you’d teeter off to either a homosexual or heterosexual side of the equation?

See? (Chart altered by me to show the perfect center.)

Again, men experience life through their senses, so you can fuck any hole. But seriously, the emotional attachment comes into the equation, you fall down on one side or the other and men may try out both sides but eventually settle on one or the other. True bisexuals are rare. That’s another reason why the Gay population is larger in my sampling.

Six-Pack Queers (23 percent)

Six-Pack Queers deserve a class of their own, although they’d probably end up split between Closeted and Bisexuals, if we could. If you were or are in the military, you automatically qualify for Six-Pack Queers. This classification is based on a joke I heard years ago.

Q. What’s the difference between a straight Marine and a Gay Marine?

A. A six pack.

In other words, get a Marine drunk and he’ll have sex with you. By the way, I’ve fucked more Marines that way. I’ve had every branch of the military (during active duty) except Coast Guard (if they count).

When you impair a man’s senses, he can justify his actions better. He can say he didn’t realize that he was sucking cock, getting fucked or whatever. He hides his true emotional and physical desires behind the booze. He’s easy to pick up at the bar. He’s the stupid blond sorority girl with the mating call of “I’m so drunk.”

Now not all Six-Pack Queers are necessarily in a bar, but finding one lurking there makes it easier to get him inebriated and into your orbit. If they’re not drinking, you can’t get them. Six-Pack Queers will not have sex while they’re sober.

To get a Six-Pack Queer takes a certain type of approach. As I explained, think of yourself as a predator on a nature program. You must approach your prey and seek his weak spots, exploit them and then attack mercilessly. As he whines about some ex-girlfriend, stuff his mouth with your cock and work it. Getting emotionally attached to any Six-Pack Queer will be the worst thing possible.

Straight Bottoms (19 percent)

For any man who has had the pleasure of something shoved up his ass knows the intensity of an item tickling his prostate, thankyouverymuch. Even though I’m a top, I know that prostate stimulation can provide some incredible pleasure. For natural bottoms, that experience is intensified.

Who said bottoms couldn’t be straight?

So let’s take a walk on the wild side for a moment. Let’s just suppose for a moment that a percentage of all straight men are, indeed, natural bottoms. They like — in fact, love and prefer — having things shoved up their asses.

Certainly, your girlfriend or wife or female whatever would strap one on and shove a fake cock up the ass. The plastic would feel good. It would. A certain need would be fulfilled.

However, let’s just be honest. Fake is fake. We can all pretend like tofu is meat but after a while, we want the real thing. It’s not Gay to want a real cock up your ass.

I believe the Chicks with Dicks phenomenon comes from this place, because I’m certainly not interested in any titty-heavy bitches with pricks. Who would be? What would Chicks with Dicks target? Where’s the market? Could it be straight men who want to get fucked maybe?

True Straights (31 percent)

Gotta love the Straight Boys. Believe me, there are plenty out there. And you might want to believe you’re one of them, but if you’re reading this, chances are you aren’t one. Not much to say about the ones walking the Straight and Narrow except they know that a mouth does have gender.

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