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Grindin’ Ass Raw: How Quickly ‘Safer’ Bottoms Go Raw

Grindin’ Ass Raw: How Quickly ‘Safer’ Bottoms Go Raw

Raw-or-wrapped-2How much I love asking the question, “Raw or wrapped?’

If I’m on Grindr or Scruff or Manhunt (I’ve got a free trial) or Craigslist, it’s a question that’s bound to come up. And ever-so-quickly, as soon as it does, the response about half the time is “wrapped” or “safe.”

Fuck, just look at the young man to the right — he wrote “Always safe.”

And I wrote, “Oh. Too bad. I’m not.”

Immediately — not even a minute passed — before he said he’d fuck raw.

Recently, a survey found about half of all gay men said they fucked bareback while the other half said they fucked safe. This is a flawed study because, I believe, when confronted with someone a bottom want to fuck him, he’ll go raw almost every time.

Believe me, I get more ass this way.

A lot of you may think I’m out there stealthing ass Opens new window of a page on this blog left and right. No. I’m not. I only do that at sex clubs, adult bookstores or bathhouses where anonymous hook-ups are rampant and, even then, it’s rare.

Most everywhere else, the horny man will go raw without hesitation.

The Tanned, Tattooed Lasian

I’m downtown running errands and, whenever that happens, I see that as an opportunity to get some. Honestly, Grindr and Scruff are hit and miss. Plus it’s a Wednesday in Atlanta Opens new window of a page on this blog and I know that’s a craptastic day.

But the common chime goes off on the ole iPhone and I begin chatting it up with what looks to be a light-skinned Latino.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I have a thing about exotics — any Asian or Latin flavor. Well, we all also know I’m an equal opportunity fucker Opens new window of a page on this blog, glad to breed most any ass.

The 27-year-old had shitty photos, but it didn’t much matter to me. He’d turned off his distance meter but seemed pretty damn close. And we were getting along. He liked my cock shots. He asked me to come over to fuck him.

Raw-or-wrapped“Raw or wrapped?” I asked.


I turned him down, letting him know I just fucked raw.

Now I expect bottoms to come back with an invitation anyway, but his response shocked even me.

“Okay, well, you can fuck me raw as long as you cum in me,” he typed.

“I have no problem breeding your ass,” I wrote back.

Soon I had an address and was on my way.

Turned out I was only 3 minutes away from his apartment complex. He answered the door with just a towel.

A 6-feet tall, this beefy man’s wide, smooth chest looked just meaty and delicious. He was deeply tanned. And those horrible photos just couldn’t make up for the vision before me. Tattoos scattered his body. In fact, throughout our session, every move would cause me to discover a new tattoo — he had at least a dozen. Some as small as a dime while others were much larger.

His nipples pointed down toward his belly.

He escorted me to the bedroom and dropped his towel while I began taking off my clothes. His large flat nose gave him a Hawaiian look but the Asian truly stood out. That is, as he jacked his uncut cock and it stood up a rigid 8 inches and very wide.

Now that wasn’t Asian cock. It was truly Latin.

We went down to business, him snorting my poppers Opens new window of a page on this blog, sucking my cock, kissing me with his luscious thick lips and begging very soon for me to eat his ass and fuck him.

His legs and ass were covered with dark, wiry hair (again, symptoms of Latin descent). I worked his hole just a little before he wanted my rock hard cock inside him. His padded tanned skin next to my mighty white seemed like an odd dichotomy, but it worked as my cock slipped inside and he snorted more on those poppers.

With him on his back, my cock thrusting inside him, he soon began begging for my nut.

“You want it already?” I said, knowing we’d only been fucking a few minutes. But I was on errands and didn’t have long. But I didn’t mind making this a quick one. As fast as he was jerking his cock, I knew I wouldn’t have long anyway.

“Breed me man,” he said.

I snorted the poppers now and went plunging over the edge.

I bred his ass, pushing my cum inside him and letting him know he’d gotten my load. Then I pulled out and dressed.

“Damn,” he said. “Thanks. I’ve been looking all day for someone to come over and fuck me. You were the first one serious enough to do it.”

“Glad to help out,” I said.

And I left.

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Gloryhole cock shoots a load in Jarod's ass

Two New Resources: Bareback Event Calendar and Bareback-Friendly Destinations List

Where and when?

Two of the most prominent questions when fucking. And when one is horny, one really doesn’t give a fuck. We just want to fuck, don’t we?

That led me to put together some bareback resources for all my raw pals who need that information. With CumUnion Open-New-Window-External — the current preeminent bareback orgy — in 17 cities in North America and two more on their way, I felt like no central resource put together all the events we might be interested in.

Further, if you’re traveling to a city, one might be able to discover the adult bookstores, sex clubs or bathhouses there, but would you know if it’s bareback-friendly (or at least, bareback indifferent). Or might you find little condom Nazis running around making sure everyone’s wrapped that Johnson?

No more.

I’ve created a Bareback Calendar Opens new window of a page on this blog, listing as many events as I knew (at the moment). I’m sure I’ve missed a few to start.

And to supplement that, I’ve listed Bareback-Friendly Destinations Opens new window of a page on this blog as well.

Please e-mail me, Mark Bentson, mailbox_full or hit up my contact page Opens new window of a page on this blog with your destination or event.

In general, I will not include private, invitation-only events. Keep that in mind. And I’d prefer if there’s a website associated with the event or destination.

And, as always, I’d love to hear what you think of these resources.

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Bareback-Friendly Destinations

Bareback-Friendly Bathhouses, Sex Clubs and Resorts

These destinations are known to be friendly or indifferent to gay bareback sex occurring at its location.

Do you have a destination that should be included? If you are a business owner or if the business sponsors or allows bareback events to occur at its location, we will include it here. If raw fucking is pervasive at the location, it may also be included — but only if multiple barebackers nominate the location. Please e-mail Mark Bentson mailbox_full or contact him Opens new window of a page on this blog with your suggestion.

AZ | CA | COGA | FL | IN | IL | LA | MO | NV | OH | PA | RI | TX | WA | WI



Flex Open-New-Window-External Bathhouse yelp

TOP Return to Top


Steamworks Open-New-Window-External Bathhouse yelp

Cathedral City
Cathedral City Boys Club (CCBC) Open-New-Window-External Resort yelp

Hollywood Spa Open-New-Window-External Bathhouse yelp
Melrose Spa Open-New-Window-External Bathhouse yelp

Los Angeles
Flex Open-New-Window-External Bathhouse
Midtowne Spa Open-New-Window-External Bathhouse yelp
Slammer Sex Club Open-New-Window-External Sex Club yelp


North Hollywood
North Hollywood Spa Open-New-Window-External Bathhouse yelp

Palm Springs
Cathedral City Boys Club (CCBC) Open-New-Window-External Resort yelp
     NOTE: The Palm Springs CumUnion meets at this location.
Helios Resort Open-New-Window-External Resort yelp

San Diego
Club San Diego Open-New-Window-External Sex Club yelp
     NOTE: Due to the large military presence in the area, this club does not accept credit cards and does not check IDs.

San Francisco
Playspace yelp Sex club

1350 Club Open-New-Window-External Bathhouse yelp

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Midtowne Spa Open-New-Window-External Bathhouse yelp

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Club Eros Open-New-Window-External Sex club Review by Mark Opens new window of a page on this blog
Flex Open-New-Window-External Bathhouse yelp Sleazy Guide to Atlanta Opens new window of a page on this blog
Inserection Opens new window of a page on this blog Adult book store yelp Review by Mark Opens new window of a page on this blog
Manifest Open-New-Window-External Sex club yelp Review by Mark Opens new window of a page on this blog

Parliament House Resort Open-New-Window-External Resort yelp

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Fort Lauderdale
Club Fort Lauderdale Open-New-Window-External Bathhouse yelp
Windamar Beach Resort Open-New-Window-External Resort yelp

Club Orlando Open-New-Window-External Bathhouse yelp

Tampa/St. Petersburg
Ybor Resort & Spa Open-New-Window-External Resort yelp

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Club Indianapolis Open-New-Window-External Bathhouse yelp

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Steamworks Open-New-Window-External Bathhouse yelp

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New Orleans
Club New Orleans Open-New-Window-External Bathhouse yelp

TOP Return to Top


St. Louis
Club St. Louis Open-New-Window-External Bathhouse yelp

TOP Return to Top


Las Vegas
Hawks Gym Open-New-Window-External Sex club yelp

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Flex Open-New-Window-External Bathhouse yelp

Club Columbus Open-New-Window-External Bathhouse yelp

TOP Return to Top


Hawks Portland Open-New-Window-External Sex club yelp

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Club Body Center II Open-New-Window-External Bathhouse yelp
Sansom Street Cinema yelp Cinema

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Rhode Island

Club Body Center Open-New-Window-External Bathhouse 

TOP Return to Top


Midtowne Spa Open-New-Window-External Bathhouse yelp

Club Dallas Open-New-Window-External Bathhouse yelp
Midtowne Spa Open-New-Window-External Bathhouse yelp

Club Houston Open-New-Window-External Bathhouse yelp
Midtowne Spa Open-New-Window-External Bathhouse yelp

San Antonio
ACI Opens new window of a page on this blog Sex club yelp

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Steamworks Open-New-Window-External Bathhouse yelp

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Midtowne Spa Open-New-Window-External Bathhouse yelp

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Steamworks Open-New-Window-External Bathhouse yelp

Steamworks Open-New-Window-External Bathhouse yelp

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bullet Updated March 8 with yelp connections and seven more destinations including Wisconsin and Colorado.
bullet Updated March 16. Southern California local helped provide updates to that area’s listings (thanks Dave).

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poppers from world-aromas.com

Coming Soon: New Poppers Guide and Expanded Reviews

Many features on iBLASTinside.com Opens a new window from this blog are popular, keeping a steady stream of visitors, like Gloryhole Etiquette Opens a new window from this blog, the Sleazy Guide to Atlanta Opens a new window from this blog, Guide to Bathhouses Opens a new window from this blog and the Guide to Poppers Opens a new window from this blog.

While I try to keep everything fresh as possible, updating on a regular basis, sometimes there calls for a more complete refresh. The Poppers Guide needs one. It actually has for a while, but I didn’t really have any new poppers to experiment with, especially considering one U.S. company making poppers went out of business.

World-Aromas.com Link Opens in a New Window to the rescue. I got seven poppers I’ve never tried from the U.K. company, which ships worldwide. Over the next several weeks, I’ll be sampling each of the poppers above (I’ve already tried one) and telling you what I think about them.

For all my American readers, you should consider trying out World-Aromas.com Link Opens in a New Window. I’ve always heard European poppers are the bomb but I’ve never been able to find any (and when I last traveled to Europe, it was in my pre-popper days, so I never got any while there).

Additionally, if any readers have questions regarding poppers that you’d like to see incorporated into the new guide, let me know by visiting my contact page Opens a new window from this blog or e-mailing me directly mail.

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iBLASTinside’s ‘Broken Virginity’ Seal of Approval

So many men, so few condoms. Thank goodness.

About a decade ago, these two female friends of mine were getting a little drunk and having a debate during a party my former partner and I hosted (yes, I’ve been in a few serious relationships). Being the polite host, I was mingling around and checking on my guests and happened to interrupt this conversation. In it, the ladies were having a slut-off — debating who was sluttier. One had been with 20-plus men and the other with almost 30. The question came from how to count blowjobs.

I just looked at the two with humor, as if staring at a couple of kindergarten children arguing over a toy.

“Girls, girls,” I said. “When you get to triple digits, give me a call. Until then, there’s nothing slutty about either one of you.”

I’m a lucky man. In my lifetime, I’ve fucked thousands of men and sampled so many assholes, it would take another lifetime to recount them all. But I do obviously write about many of them.

With an Internet full of fuck-ups, flakes and fakes, it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s bullshit. So I’m offering a place to put a few worthwhile  men. I can honestly say here that these men are legit and worth the time.

This is iBLASTinside’s Broken Virginity Seal of  Approval.

If you want on the list — especially if I’ve fucked you in the past — let me know.

Men I’ve Fucked

These are men I have fucked. With these men, I can honestly speak to an experience and endorse them in some way, shape or form.


5 out of 5 stars


Geographic Location: Washington, D.C.
Online Location: BarebackRT

Position: Versatile Bottom

Basic Statistics: Late 20s, 6 feet even, 170 pounds, toned muscular build, Caucasian, thick dark brown hair, brown eyes, a bit of hair, perfect ass, non-smoker, average cock size, below the waist

Status: Undetectable

Looks: If you’re someone who goes for that dark, handsome look, he’ll rate a 9½ easy. He prefers though men concentrate on his ass, which is easily a 10.

Rate his ass: Muscular melons with just a touch of fuzz, the pucker on his hole is easily accessible and entry can be gained with just a bit of spit. His ability to open and allow access is remarkable and the way his ass walls contour to a cock is perfection.

Proclivities: If you are lucky enough to get a chance at breeding him, it will be an impersonal pump and dump. Don’t expect more and enjoy that experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hot, muscular god of perfection or a smooth toned frat boy twink with a 9-inch cock or a hairy millionaire daddy with a beer can thick prick that shoots diamond globs of cum. He works for loads and on the nights he’s working for cum, he has them lined up. When I bred him, I was the third load in one night and the sixth load in another. 


5 out of 5 stars


Geographic Location: Hawaii
Online Location: Tumblr & Twitter

Position: Versatile to Versatile Bottom

Basic Statistics: Late 20s, 5 feet 2 inches, 120 pounds, athletic build, Asian, black hair (short), chocolate eyes, naturally smooth, perfect ass, non-smoker, average cock size, below the waist piercings 

Current status: Negative

Looks: Extraordinarily cute and innocent but devilishly good in the sack; a pocket gay, my bias for Asians wants to rate him higher, but he’s a 8 to 8½ in looks.

Rate his ass: Smooth, plump, perfect, responsive. He may fist but I am so very impressed with his control. First, it’s tasty, like an exotic fruit. Second, he can milk a cock like there’s no tomorrow. Third, he loves taking cum.

Proclivities: No impersonal pumps-n-dumps for this guy (and why would you want to). He’s an extended play only kind of guy and worth every moment. His wild streak reaches deep into BDSM territory where he’s technically a switch. He loves getting fisted (and can self fist, which I’ve witnessed this remarkable act). His fetish for athletic footwear makes fucking around with him particularly fun.

GES-afterUpdate on GayEthicalSlut

It’s like a before and after photo.

The photo is two years ago and the one here is from recently on his Twitter feed.

I think this pocket gay is hotter than ever!