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Gloryhole Slut at 18

Gloryhole Slut at 18

I can’t make this shit up.

If I did, I wouldn’t use cardboard. But the kid did.

He hit me up on Scruff. Usually I ignore the 18-year-old boys. And that’s what they are… boys. Even though some have these perfectly taught bodies with a slight layer of baby fat. And the barely legal pubes sprout out over the spit glistened cock where they’ve rubbed one out repeatedly.

He was just a few miles away and looking for “fun.” And I was bored. Chatting him up a little. His profile lacked a face pic but the chest pic seemed harmless enough.

Then he mentioned he’d built his own gloryhole and wanted me to fuck him through it.

I didn’t believe him.

A second later, I got a photo via Scruff.

Indeed, the cardboard with a hole cut into it, secured into a basement window.

Then he checked my height again and, a few minutes later, came back to say he was raising it for me since I stand over six feet tall.

Within an hour, he sent be a second pic (the one you see above). Now adjusted to my height, he asked me to come by his home, sneak down to the basement and fuck him.

Of course, I was wary of this little plot. I didn’t quite believe him… at first. But over the next little while, he convinced me of a couple of things:

  • He had a gloryhole.
  • He was 18 years old.
  • He wanted his ass fucked and bred.

I waited until well after midnight, when most people would be asleep before venturing to his neighborhood. I drove cautiously through it.

Everything was quiet and, his nondescript home sat silent and dark. I parked far enough away not to be noticed but close enough for a good escape. As the cicadas sang in the night, I crept nearby and then finally around to where I could see from the back, indeed, there was a gloryhole lit up.

I sent a message and approached.

He was kneeling naked. This young, beefy 18-year-old body at the hole.

I unzipped and put my cock through.

His hands were cold compared to the humid July air. He fumbled with my cock. His mouth surrounded me and he tried his hand at a blowjob. Honestly, it needed a lot of work. I never have a problem getting hard, but if I did, he’d have a hard time getting me there.

Inexperience. He needed someone to guide him. But with this piece of cardboard, I’d never be able to teach him how to take cock.

After a bit, he stood and turned around, aiming my rock hard 7-inches for his ass.

Like velvet.

Where he had inexperience in sucking, he made up in fucking.

I could smell the baby oil he obviously been using to lube up. And perhaps he’d been playing with something up his ass because it slipped inside his hole with the greatest of ease.

He scooted back, practically sitting on me. The cardboard pressed up between us. I lunged forward a little.

I’m not huge. But let me tell you, men notice when I go inside. They feel my cock slide into their guts and, for many, can’t always just take it in a single slide.

This little college-boy slut could.

And he bounced.

No adjustment needed.

Part of me wondered if I was his first cock of the evening. I never sniffed a whiff of other cum, but who the fuck knows. Or cares.

I couldn’t pound him and, when I tried to set a pace, he couldn’t quite get the groove with me.

I would have loved to have grabbed his hips and just thrust into him with all I could. But we were at a fucking gloryhole at his parents’ house in the middle of the fucking night. And I was a creepy old man fucking their son bareback.

So I just concentrated on the feeling.

His ass was open to my cock, just loose, but still wrapped around my cock tightly enough. The oil along with a little of his sweat, spit and my precum mixed together to provide enough lube for a good amount of friction.

But he was a natural bottom. I could see his smooth body through the little cracks.

Better yet, I could feel his ass. I just felt smooth and perfect.

I knew it wouldn’t be long. The excitement of this forbidden place and an 18-year-old hole — probably the youngest I’ve fucked in years.

And I felt my cum boiling up in my balls. I stopped moving and let him continue his awkward rocking.

I unleashed a torrent of cum into his ass. I held back my grunts or any noise. I just let my cock pump into him. I know I pumped for a solid 20 seconds. Strand after strand of hot man DNA streamed into his well-oiled cunt.

And I remembered where I was. I pulled back, zipped up and slipped into the night.

I got a Scruff message a few minutes later asking for more.

I would give it to him another night. And invite another top to join me.

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Travel Diary: I’m Off to Vegas, Baby! (Soon)

Travel Diary: I’m Off to Vegas, Baby! (Soon)

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… right?

What’s going to happen in Vegas? I’m going to breed ass.

What’s going to stay in Vegas? My DNA.

FYI, I’m still interviewing for a CUM DUMP BOTTOM COMPANION while I’m there. Any one interested? I’m also on BarebackRT.com.

Any of the men in Vegas want to give me a tour of all that’s sleazy in Sin City? At least when it comes to gays and bareback? I’d really love to see it! I’ll be arriving in less than a week. Please let me know by hitting up my e-mail at iblastinside@gmail.com.

Deceptively Fun #9: Glory Hole Three Way

Deceptively Fun #9: Glory Hole Three Way

The thing about glory holes is the implied result. Someone is going to get sucked and — most likely — swallowed. But there’s a stronger implication when you have your own glory hole in your home.

Being that I’m new in town and got plenty to do with setting up my new home, cruising for ass is not a top priority. So late one evening after finding places to store more of my shit, I realized that I had a half hardon and it wasn’t from putting away my underwear. I didn’t feel like going through all the shit of trying to find some guy. I wanted a hole and quick like.

So I hopped online fast and started cruising the rooms, looking for bottoms. It didn’t take long until I happened on a guy not too far away with his own private glory hole.

I don’t mind the anonymous thing and I don’t mind seeing the guy I’m fucking. But tonight, I just wanted to fuck. I made it clear pretty quickly what I was looking to do. The guy was into it, but mentioned a fuck bud of his was coming over to play with his own personal glory hole. He suggested I stopped by after a bit, but I countered with a suggestion that I could tag team him with his bud. He seemed up to it and gave me directions.

A little more than half an hour later, I was winding my way through the apartment community where the bottom lived. Finally finding the right building, I parked and went to the door, opening it without knocking.

What a sight! Directly in front of me, I saw a hot ass, thrusting into the large hole in the blocked off doorframe. Watching this got me hard instantly and when the top turned around, I started to leak.

This little 5-foot-8 Latin boy was fucking HOT — a little beefy but in all the right places. I walked up behind him and he kept plugging his cock into that glory hole. As I circled my arms around him, I glanced down to see the lips surrounding his thick meat. We then kissed.

He stepped out of the way as I dropped my jeans and thrust my own cock into the hole. The bottom went to work. My top bud pulled out some poppers and took a snort, offering them to me. I huffed a bit, preferring to kiss on him some more.

While the bottom was taking turns satisfying both of us, we were obviously more interested in each other. It was kind of a turn on. We were two hot tops and neither of us had to flip over. The bottom was isolated, only working on our cocks while we got to devour each other fully.

The bottom stopped sucking on my cock and I pulled away, giving my pal access. He stuck his fat, uncut, 6-incher into the hole and took a snort, but this time groaned more loudly than before. As I predicted would happen, the bottom had switched from his mouth to his ass and I could see his white cheeks through either side of the hole. My buddy’s bare cock was plugging him up and he started thrusting in and out.

Soon it was my turn. For a dedicated bottom with his own glory hole, he was tight. He couldn’t take me immediately, but had to add some lube before he could back up on my cock. I then went to town. My buddy was handing me the poppers as he sank down onto his knees to get a close-up view of my cock fucking this raw ass. I popped out completely and he grabbed my cock by its balls, pointing it straight at his mouth. He kissed the tip then pointed it back at the bottom’s hole. He stood up, kissed me, then whispered, “Now tear his ass up.”

I began fucking like a dog in heat, but staved off cumming because I had something else in mind. After a few minutes, I handed the poppers back to my top friend and backed away. He took my place and pushed his hard cock inside immediately. I wrapped my arms from behind and held my cock up to the crack of his ass.

He loved it. Soon he was fucking the bottom and impaling himself onto my raw cock. But I knew it would be too much for this fellow top and he lost his load into the bottom’s ass with a loud grunt. Right as he was shooting, I felt his ass tighten up, but he came off my cock immediately.

He stepped away and I could see some of his spunk dripping down the glory hole. I pushed my cock into the cummy ass and went to town, my bud egging me on to add my baby batter to his.

It didn’t take long. Pretty soon, I was dumping into the faceless bottom’s ass.

We straightened up, zipped up and left, never seeing the bottom’s face or much else of him. Outside, we chatted for a while, promising to get together sometime and hit up another ass or two. We’re looking for volunteers. Of course, I’m glad to hit one on my own.

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Deceptively Fun #7: Military Rest Stop

Deceptively Fun #7: Military Rest Stop

So I’ve moved. If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t written much, that’s the reason.

Nothing like a relocation to fuck up your chances for ass. When I finally drove South to my new home, I found the rest areas mostly abandoned. It fucking sucked. Usually you can find some local pig who’s willing to chow down on some passing through meat. Not me. Not until a Carolina Welcome Center.

So I’ve already checked out the john. Here it is, 11:30 at night, and this place is mostly abandoned. The packing and shit had preoccupied me, so I wasn’t really that horny. But still, I could use a little relief from the monotonous highway.

I walk up this little rise to the vending machines to grab me a soda, when I see a yellow Mustang parked well on down the lot, all alone. I figured it was someone snoozing, until I saw some movement. I figured, “What the hell?! I have nothing better to do other than drive.” So I wander over toward that area to better stretch my legs.

I recognized the stickers on the car immediately. Department of Defense. While it could be a civilian, when he rolled down the window, I had no doubt. Military boy. I walked up to chew the fat, so to speak, complaining about the long, boring drive and how it had me “restless.”

“Me too,” he said. “But around here it’s just too busy.”

Cars and trucks cruised in and out. And knowing the local state troopers, there would be a cop through soon.

“So why don’t we head down to the next exit? See if there’s someplace private we can find,” I said.

He squeezed his basket.

“Sounds good. I’ll follow you.”

I won’t bored you with the next 20 minutes. But we wound our way out onto a little road, near the highway but away from civilization (or so it seemed).

We both jumped out. My SUV was packed full of shit for the move, so there was no way to have action there. And a Mustang. Well. There was not all that much room. But this little 5-foot-7-inch stout boy was a hottie. At first, he just opened his trousers and pulled out a five 5-incher. I chowed down on it for a moment, before pulling out my own 7-and-a-half-inch hard cock. He swallowed it like a pro.

I shocked the hell out of him as I stripped off my shorts and t-shirt — all my clothes until I was naked except for my shoes.

“You think it’s safe?” He asked, the full moon reflecting in his eyes.

“Dude, we’re out in the middle of no where on a Wednesday night. We can see up and down the road a half a mile at least. We’re cool.”

He was soon naked with me. That way, I could grab hold of his smooth pecs and twist his nipples good. I really slobbered on his cock this time, working it good and getting it wet.

I stood up and let him do the same with my cock, working it while I ran my hands over his freshly crewcut head. I bent over and felt his smooth ass.

But he didn’t arch his ass up, like most bottoms. He almost seemed to pull away. The hint, it seemed, was that he was a top. But I would have him. I started on him again, this time kissing him deeply — our first kiss — and then going down his chest, nibbling on each nipple, and licking between his firm pecs. I worked my tongue down, deep into his navel and worked lower
until his cock poked me in the chin. I licked the full length of his cock before sucking in his balls.

And then I started digging for the weak spot. Just below the balls. Tickling it with my tongue, I searched further south. He spread his legs to give me more access. Pretty soon, I was reaching my goal.

He seemed to clench his cheeks together a little when I touched his smooth pucker with my tongue. But I dug in. I was getting deeper. He finally started to relax and relented to my assault on his ass. I really juiced his hole up.

I stood up, this time behind him, and bent my knees some so my hard cock aimed right at his juicy little hole. I grabbed around his broad chest and pulled him close. The head of my cock slipped just a little, missing my target, but I shifted my hips a little so it found it again. This passive boy didn’t move much, but his breathing was pretty hard.

My head poked in just a bit and he groaned. But as it slipped a little further, he tensed with agony and pulled off.

“Condom?” he asked.

I nibbled a little at his ear as the pain died down, hoping to re-enter him again. But his ass remained clenched.

“Sure,” I finally whispered.

Of course there were condoms in my truck. Fuck, I leave a box in there to heat them up and get them weaker so they’ll break more easily. I pulled away for a moment, opened the passenger door and fumbled around for one. As I stripped it off, I got to thinking that this box had been in for a while. Lately, all the boys had taken my raw. Gosh, these had been exposed to the greenhouse effect several months, it seemed.

I started to handle the condom a little roughly, but I could tell it was pretty damn fragile already. So I went a little more gently.

For what I perceived as a top, he was now spitting in his cupped hand and running it over his raw hole. I hawked up and acted like I was covering my cock, but I kept it as dry as possible. He bent over his car, both hands on the hood.

Good. He was keeping his hands away. I was tempted to pull off the condom then, but I left it on, just in case he checked. But as I put the head at his hole, he kept his hands on the hood. As I felt his asshole let me in some, I grasped the base of my sheathed cock and pulled so the condom broke and my raw head entered inside him.

He started to groan. But his hands stayed firmly on the hood.

As I entered him more deeply, I kept pulling back on the condom’s base to get as much raw exposure as I could get.

His chute was warm and wet compared to the cool October air around our sweaty bodies.

“Oh fuck,” he moaned. And I felt him relax a little more as I began fucking him, pulling back until I could see a little of my raw cock glisten in the moonlight as I would pull almost out of his ass and then plunge back in.

“Oh fuck!” he said again, getting a little louder.

He took one hand off the hood and reached down to grab his own cock. I kept mine buried in case he checked for the condom, but he didn’t.

As I picked up the pace, pushing my cock deep inside him at an easy pace, it happened. I felt it begin, as I noticed that tightness around my cockbase was easing up. I knew the damn things were old, but shit, these was ancient and ready to turn to dust. With each thrust into his ass, the condom was falling apart. To prevent a hard snap, I reached down and grabbed the base just in case. Two thrusts later, I pulled the condom away completely as he groaned even more loudly, “OH FUCK!”

I didn’t want him to discover now that the condom had practically disintegrated, so I launched into some hardcore fucking after flinging the remnant behind me into the grass.

With both hands now on his hips, I really went to town — brutally assaulting his ass. His mantra of “OH FUCK” got louder and louder, but there was no one out here to hear us, so I let him.

He started to arch up, like he was a wolf howling at the moon. An “OH FUCK” seemed caught in his throat on the way out. I knew what it meant and I really began to pummel his ass.

The pucker began to seize up as I knew his balls were tightening up. He stood up, furiously jerking his cock. It was now or never.

I was there myself and with another thrust, my balls release and I growled as a week’s worth of cum surged up through my throbbing, swelling cock.

That dislodged the rest of the “FUUCCCKK” from his throat.

My babyjuice surged into his Army boy chunnel, filling his tight ass with raw cum, like every fuck boy deserves.

I could see over his shoulder that his own cock was pelting the hood of his car with strings of cum. It seemed to shoot four or five feet at least.

He relaxed down, collapsing onto the hood and I let my moist cock slip from his cunt, turning around and finding my clothes as my breathing relaxed.

“Oh fuck,” I heard him whisper, as I heard some rustling for clothes.

We didn’t say anything else to each other. I was on the road first, leaving him to wipe some more of the cum from the hood from his car. But I wondered if he’d noticed the cum I left inside him.