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Helping You Out

Helping You Out

Here’s a collection of miscellaneous things that bug me about online profiles:

“Not to be racist but…” or “It’s just a matter of taste…”

Truth is, you’re about to be racist. When’s the last time you read, “Not to be racist but I really only fuck Asians.”

Too much of what men write is what they exclude, not what they include.

Men can’t be blondes

Men are only blonds. It’s one of the few examples where the masculine and feminine matters in the English language. Females are blonde, men are blond. Fucking kills me every time I see it. And speaking of color…

No one’s 50 shades of grey

Unfortunately, our language is getting fucked up thanks to people being unable to figure out Grey is normally a name (it is in the book as it is for anatomy, both the original book and the television show). The official color is gray with an “A.”


So “hit me up” I’m “down to fuck”? Really? Up and down? I want to go in and out.

“Breeding” means raw

It amazes me when I post an ad somewhere about “loading” or “breeding” an ass and then I get the “safe only” response. Even more amazing is the request that they “just suck me off.”

Uh, no. I’m here for the ass, not for the mouth.

When I say “potent cum,” what do you think I mean?

I’m just asking.


Fuck you.

What’s up with the abbreviation for etcetera?

If you’re going to go on and on, it’s etc. not ect.

The contractions get me

Please, if you will not go somewhere, you won’t go there… And you want to go elsewhere.

Also, there is no way that there are people out there who don’t understands there’s some contractions out there that the masses seem to misunderstand.

For the most part, I find barebackers are good people; they are often misunderstood and they’re accused of being spreaders of disease and woe. Truth is, barebackers just know their cocks and asses provide a gateway to happiness. Theirs is a life of freedom.

Don’t cry to yo mama

I make it extraordinarily clear that I say some nasty shit when I breed ass. I’m verbal as I approach orgasm.

Just recently it happened again, but this time the fucker didn’t have a choice. I’d mounted him and his little 5-foot-7 frame couldn’t go anywhere. As I am thrusting inside him, I began some of the most horrific things you can say to a bottom.

I’d warned him. Clearly. He knew I’d say things.

He didn’t respond or beg or even whimper. I knew he just wanted it over.

I growled and let it go in his ass, leaning over into his ear: “You asked for this.”

smokerAnd don’t try to lie

I know when someone lies to me. Sometimes I choose to ignore it. Other times, I call the fucker out.

Another thing I make clear is no smokers. All the time, people try to get around it.

“Oh damn,” a guy says the other day after begging me to fuck him. He’d claimed to be a fan and, well, sent me a pic of himself, of all things… smoking. “I quit in May. You won’t smell it on me. I promise.”

Men are known for their veracity. I’m always telling the truth to fuck ass. And I’m sure you’re telling the truth to get cock.

May? Why didn’t you go for last June?

Anyway, he got cut off.

Yes, you fuckers can go ahead and try to mask the smell with cologne and mouthwash, but allow me to point out a couple of salient points:

  • You’ve dulled your senses with smoking so you can’t fucking smell the shit on you.
  • Because the smell adheres everywhere, it’s usually on you in someway.
  • And even more apparent, your lungs are saturated so when you exhale, it can be smelled.
  • It’s even within your bodily fluids like spit, sweat and especially cum (which can stink like a mutherfucker).

Grindr is for babies

What the fuck is up with Grindr?

  1. It doesn’t work.
  2. It has children on it.
  3. It doesn’t work.
  4. The children on it aren’t interested in “hooking up.”
  5. It doesn’t work.

You’re a hooker if you’re shirtless without wildlife

I live in the South, so it’s not odd for me to see photos of people holding up fish, frogs or other creatures from some Redneck hunting expedition while being shirtless. Some gay men post these images as proof of butchness, although when you’re sucking my cock or taking my raw, rockhard cock up your ass and begging for my cum like the little bitch you are, you’re not so butch.

However, if you’re shirtless on any hook-up site or app — this means you, you little Grindr children — and then you add that you’re not here to “hook up,” you’re a hypocrite and a liar.

I don’t shave my balls because I don’t like hair

Lick the sack for larger snack.

My hairy sack tends to get in the way of allowing people to find my spots to give me a lot more pleasure. And the more pleasure I get, the bigger the load they get.

And I shoot big loads, with or without a little licky licky.

Why do you think a barebacker should compromise?

Sometimes I get a horny bottom who insists on a condom, who wants me to fuck them but expects me to be the one to compromise with a condom.


Why should I be the one to compromise?

DDF? Of course!

Everyone online is DDF and clean. Fuck. I’m clean. I took a shower yesterday.

I’ve never seen anyone ever answer other than, “Yes, I’m DDF.” It’s a useless stat. I’ve seen people proudly declare they’re poz or “poz and undetectable,” but I’ve never, ever seen anyone answer the truth when it comes to status.

“Oh I’ve got the clap and a small case of the crabs. It will clear up in a few days.”

“Look, the Valtrex seems to be working. Don’t worry about the Herpes. It’s not like I’m gonna give you the nose-falling-off syphilis.”

Seriously, guys. If you’re “DDF and looking for same,” all you’re going to get is lies.

Understand the status

I’m glad to see more and more people who get the difference between “undetectable and on meds” and “neg, tested 1/13/14.”

Which would you rather fuck?

The answer should be undetectable.

The neg guy hasn’t been tested in more than six months. Cum on.

Curious about the Truvada whores

How many of you “Neg+PrEP” are really on PrEP and how many of you are “Now Neg + Taking Meds”?


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I’m Pro-Life! That Cum Stays Alive!

I’m Pro-Life! That Cum Stays Alive!

I’ve never really gotten political here. It’s all about sex. And I’m not about to start. But all this talk about rape, legitimate rape, forcible rape and all the rest has just gotten me so.. well… hot and bothered.

I never thought I’d end up really thinking the Republicans agreed with me on social conservative policies but, damn, we’re onto something.

Apologies or not, if women can’t get pregnant from “legitimate rape,” I’m wondering what they’d think about a little illegitimate rape. You know, a little dick up the ass kind of stuff. After all, I’m sure the life of the mother isn’t in danger because, fuck, there isn’t a mother! We all know they prefer keeping the zygote alive, so that’s basically saying to everyone to please, please, please bareback and go for it.

In fact, I’m all for what Clayton Williams said. The former Texas gubernatorial candidate and current financial supporter of Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) said, “Rape is like bad weather. If it’s inevitable, you might as well relax and enjoy it.”

This is a call to all the folks in Tampa on BarebackRT.com, Manhunt, Adam4Adam, Craigslist and all the other hook-up sites in Tampa, St. Petersburg and everywhere else around the Gulf Coast of Florida. You’re about to be invaded by horny Republicans.

Fuck them.

And I mean that literally, not figuratively. Get your cocks off in their ass. Push that cum up inside them. If they just want a blowjob or a handjob, tell them that’s what you’re going to give them then get them into your clutches and hold them down and FUCK THEIR ASSES RAW like God intended.

I’m sure their bodies will shut down and prevent infection of whatever you’ve got in your cum — if anything. In fact, I think you should invite a few friends over to fuck them. Be sure to tell them they might as well relax and enjoy it.

Don’t abort any of those nice cummy babies. Keep it alive inside of them. That’s the only way to be sure we prolifers give them what they need.


Travel Diary: To Summarize My California Trip (in Fucking)… a Triple Play

Travel Diary: To Summarize My California Trip (in Fucking)… a Triple Play

When it comes to the California journey, this time turned out a lot better than last. And the effort netted three beautiful asses in which I deposited my DNA.
Triple PlayYou can see the three here.

#1, Cumslut

The first proved to be your common, everyday cumslut. He wanted cum and would take it anyway I’d give it.

Now I like cum-hungry bottoms. There’s not a damn thing wrong with bottoms who know their place. That said, often-used bottoms often end up with sloppy asses that aren’t exactly tight around a cock. The question becomes how he works a cock.

Technique is everything for a bottom. This little slut relied on one thing: Movement of his body. His muscles in his ass never contracted around my cock to increase the friction.


However, since I wondered on my journeys whether I’d be lucky enough to find more ass, I dumped a load anyway, which he gladly accepted.


#2, Nailing Rusty

Rusty wasn’t his real name, but got to give him some creativity for coming up with something other than Ryan or Josh or Mike — seemingly the go to names when it comes to the fictional fuck labels.

At 23 years old and five-foot-four-inches, the pic to the right doesn’t come close to doing this little fucker justice. A crooked smile with deeply brown eyes one could get lost in for a few hours easily.

This dude had model good looks but luckily lacked the attitude. Within moments, he was kissing me deeply. He undressed quickly, with the impatience of a young man. His beefy, smooth pecs jutted out while his tight tummy barely outlined the perfection of a six pack. But that beautiful layer of baby-fat still covered his body. The smoothness of his chest gave way to dark fuzz on his legs and around his five-inch cock, which stood rock hard and straight perpendicular from his body.

Then I got a glimpse of his beautiful ass, furry as well but mounds of just beauty. I loved it and went in for a little taste before his aggressive nature returned for a kiss.

He climbed up and began to grind his ass against my own 7 inches of rock hard skin. He sucked me some but just didn’t want to spend all that much time wasting it on oral before searching the hotel room for lotion and lubing me up. It took a moment before he could get me inside.

We kissed. A lot. And he was damn hot. For his youth, he was accomplished at kissing and knew a thing or two about flexing his ass a little. But because he was tight — very tight — and the lotion never really lubed him up too much, we kept the friction going. Soon he jumped off and laid on his stomach. I pounded him from behind and he began begging for my load.

I gave him my babies.

My DNA rushed inside him and released with great throbbing. When my orgasm died down, he jumped back and rode me until he released a small load onto my stomach hair.

And in a flash, Rusty left me.

Still, one of those memorable fucks.


#3, The Tao of Taye

Taye messages me from San Francisco, a half-hour away. Claiming to be a “fan” of this blog, I always tend to be a little hesitant to meet people who seem to know too much as they might turn out to be stalkers. But eventually, I agreed to meet him. He arrived.

His online photos failed to do him justice.

This chocolate god pulled off his jacket and his shirt clung to his pecs. As I reached for them, my fingertips brushed across his nipples.

His exhale told me the secret I needed. His weakness. I exploited that weakness and soon had him naked.

Rather than attempt to even express the expertise of Taye and his skills as a bottom, I’m going to explain a little on the entry. This is a man who had the most incredible ass lips and he used them, puckering them around my cock and teasing me just a little then moving them over the head of my cock. Opening himself a little and then tightening around my cockhead and seeming to try to swallow.

His ass had a personality of its own.

It was a solid 10 minutes of play before my cock fully entered him and I have to say it was among the most enjoyable 10 minutes ever.

Taye’s enjoyable ass proved to be a warmth to live in for hours — or that’s how it seemed. I fucked him and bred him deeply.

When I bred him, he was flat on his stomach. I’d mounted him from behind and, considering how long we’d played, I blew a huge load in his ass. I throbbed in a much more pronounced way than normal.

And Taye noticed.

So much so, without touching himself, he shot his own load on the white hotel linens.

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Another Cherry Pop

Another Cherry Pop

I’m not usually this lucky.

But I’ve been horny. My hospital stay caused a backlog of cum that’s built up, needing release. So when a 24-year-old beefy Latino called wanting a fuck, I didn’t hesitate to invite him over for a quickie.

He arrived. Beefier than I expected, about five-foot-six with a shaved head and very “round” and shape. Still doable but on the street, he would look mean as fuck. Not someone you’d pick up outside a home center hoping to get a bit of pinga action. We went upstairs and he stripped, revealing that dark olive skin with bit of hair all over.

His cock-sucking skills had a lot to be desired — too rough and way too handsy. He didn’t use his mouth enough to suck the cock. But still, it got me hard.

“Gonna fuck me, papi?” he asked.


He turned around and pushed his ass in the air doggie style. I lubed up and squirted a bit on his ass. I began pushing into him. His ass proved to be fucking tight but allowed me in just a bit at a time. Constant pressure gave way and soon I buried my cock inside his thick, slightly hairy Latino ass.

“Fuck,” he said. “First time ever!”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I’ve never been fucked,” he said.

“You have been now,” I said. “And it’s about to get intense.”

I began moving my hips a little and thrusting more and more. I didn’t much feel like giving this boy a great experience. I just wanted to get my nuts off. But soon he begged me to fuck him harder. So I did.

“Want my load?” I asked.

“Yes papi!” he said. “Give me your babies!”

As I plunged my cock into the dark circle of my massive ass, I pushed in deeper and released my cum. I slammed it inside him harder and harder before slowing down. And I really mushed it into him to make sure it would stay.

Then I backed off and let him get up to “clean up.”

He went to the bathroom to try and shit out some of my cum. But I’d really shoved it into him deep. I doubt he’d prove to be successful. He left quickly after, stung in the ass.

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A Latin Returns for More

A Latin Returns for More

I have fucked him before. I don’t mind repeats, especially this one.

He’s Latino. I don’t know exactly what flavor, to be honest. But his smooth body and adorable accent even melts my heart a little. Just a little. But not enough to still use his ass.

It’s probably been over a year since I last bred him. He’s popped up on the radar a few times in that year. He used to live pretty close to me but then moved to the other side of town. A very inconvenient part of town where there’s no direct route.

But now he’s back on my side of town and he’s begging me for it. His latest e-mail: “this is the latino bottom guy that played with you several times at your place. i honestly only like you. we talked dirty everytime you fuck me. and when you breed me you i used to say you left me pregnat with your babies.”

The boy knows how to melt my heart. Maybe he’s worth the last breeding of my weekend.