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Go Go Go… Well, I Went to BJ Roosters

Go Go Go… Well, I Went to BJ Roosters

Ventured out this week to Atlanta’s go-go boy dancer bar, BJ Roosters. It’s my first time to check the place out. The review is now posted Opens a new window from this blog.

three-and-a-half-stars out of five rating

The bar ended up earning 3½ stars, loosing points for it’s extremely smoky (and not ventilated) interior, the sleazy and not-very-clean interior (especially the bathrooms) and a general poor space planning. On the plus side, the bar lacks the stuck up attitude of the only in-town competition of Swinging Richards, dancers are just as good looking and much more relaxed without the fear of fines and the overbearing thought/action police at the fully nude bar, the dancer diversity is greater for much more selection and it can be a little more fun.

Comparisons between the two places is inevitable. Both places have basically the same dancers, in fact. But BJ Roosters will take in a more diverse selection for people like me who enjoy the more exotic choices.

With the club’s move to a larger space rumored, I’m inclined especially to go back once my lungs recovered, especially since I don’t have to wait as long for my wallet to recover.

Again, don’t miss the review!

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Happy Ending Erotic Therapeutic Massage Atlanta

Atlanta Gay Escorts and M4M Massage Therapists

Male Massage Therapists in Greater Atlanta Area

Each of these reviews are of my own and I visited these men without their knowledge that I would be writing a review. I did indicate that I wanted a legitimate massage and that I hoped for sexual play following the massage. This was not solicitation but sexual activity between two consenting adults as I paid only for the massage.

I didn’t tell them I was writing a review and most didn’t know I was going to write this review or even who I happened to be.

Most never knew I wanted or hoped for bareback sex, although it was never my intention. My reviews evaluate…

  • The therapist’s ability to provide a good therapeutic massage;
  • Connect on an emotional and/or spiritual level with the client (me);
  • And provide a basic happy ending (preferably without requiring me to jerk myself off or even snort poppers Opens a new window from this blog).

Therapists earn more for their techniques, abilities, value and sensuality. And if a therapist happens to bareback, that’s a huge bonus, of course. But that won’t save you from a bad review (just check out Daved below, who’s so tweaked out isn’t worth it).

Atlanta’s Male Massage Therapists, Masseurs & bodywork specialists

Listed in Alphabetical order based on their known names (many are not their “real” names).

three-and-a-half-stars out of five ratingAndrew-Massage-Atlanta


PRO: Polite, talented
CON: Too chatty, harsh on the cock

one-and-a-half stars out of five rating


PRO: Hot Latino, great body, available nude
CON: Rush, can’t massage, extra cost to get you off

two-and-a-half-stars out of five stars ratingEcstasy-Spa-Bryan-Massage

Bryan Kelly

aka Ecstasy Spa or Mixed Massage Arts

PRO: Nice body, friendly
CON: Costly, older than advertised, intense smoker

four-out-of-five-stars ratingchad-massage-therapist-150


aka Blond Chad

PRO: Incredibly in tune spiritually with his clients; very cute
CON: Visiting temporarily (winter/spring 2013); needs to upgrade supplies

three-and-a-half-stars out of five ratingCoach-Bill-Massage

Coach Bill

PRO: Beefy, quiet man; solid, quality massage
CON: Needs more sensuality

two-out-of-five-stars rating


aka David

PRO: Barebacks, bottoms, once had a great body
CON: Tweaked out, rough skin

three-out-of-five-star rating


aka Lucky Good Hands

PRO: Actually massages well, sexually teases, inexpensive
CON: No happy ending, no privacy, no nudity

four-out-of-five-stars ratingChest of Ramses or TheBestHandsGA Massage Therapist


aka TheBestHands or TheBestHandsGA

PRO: Great massages, beautiful body
CON: Doesn’t like mutual touch, afraid of cum

three-and-a-half-stars out of five ratingRobDean-Massage


PRO: Strong, good-looking; pocket muscle man
CON: Rough hands; massage can be a little rough

two-and-a-half-stars out of five stars ratingAveda-Robert-Massage


aka Aveda Robert

PRO: Inconsistent massage quality, very chatty
CON: Relies on Aveda products, afraid of cum

Comments below Scroll Down

What About the Other Massage Websites?

Part of the reason I’m writing these is the websites MassageM4M.com Open-New-Window-External and MasseurFinder.com Open-New-Window-External do include reviews. However, I’ve submitted reviews on some of the below (and others from other cities) and they’ve never appeared.

Why? Because the massage therapist decides whether or not the review appears. This censorship allows the massage therapist to publish only the most flattering reviews.

I don’t like this because it’s deceptive. I’ve been fooled by a terrific body and flattering reviews only to find out the massage therapist sucks at massage, won’t get me off and has a terrible attitude.

Want to be included in my review list?

If you would like to be reviewed, feel free to contact Mark Bentson at his contact page Opens a new window from this blog or via e-mail iblastinside@gmail.com . These entries are at the discretion of Mark Bentson and in no way would any services provided to Mark guarantee or indicate any review (positive or negative) may or may not appear on these pages.

Reviews of male escorts, companions and massage therapists in the Atlanta area are included here. Mark also provides training to those escorts, companions and massage therapists as well as marketing services such as web, e-mail, blog and social media advice for compensation and barter. Mark can maximize the financial intake you receive by teaching you basics Opens a new window from this blog  as well as advanced techniques.

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gloryhole fuck

More Tips and Tricks to Get Some at Bathhouses and Adult Book Stores

Sometimes when you visit an adult book store or bathhouse or gay sex club, you strike out. It’s slow, a place full of attitude and lackluster people. Here’s a few more tips, as a companion to my previous pieces on Bathhouses and Gloryhole Etiquette to help out on dry days. More than anything, it takes patience but here’s more to help you out.

Notify the world before you’re going

I usually put a post on Craigslist and a bareback site or two that I’m headed to get some action. ALWAYS include a photo. I make it easier by putting out my phone number to text me.

You may be worried about this so consider a disposable phone or get a Google Voice number (http://google.com/voice) attached to your number. Problem with the Google Voice number: Can’t send or receive images. But it will allow you to hide your identity.

The other great reason to do this is you’ll get a lot of responses from people close by who will make offers but won’t meet you there. They’re your back-up plans if you don’t get what you want.

Make eye contact

You can always say “no thanks” later if you’re not into the guy, but eye contact is the key to getting action. People don’t always go alone, so you might be able to work up the chain from one mediocre looking guy to his better-looking friend or lover.

Hide for a while

lounging around at a gay bathhouseThere’s nothing worse than the same tired people wandering around and looking desperate. Go to a room or booth or somewhere and stay for 30 minutes to an hour. Don’t leave Don’t move. If you’re in a public area, just hang, relax and watch the world go by. Even if you see something of interest, DO NOT PURSUE (he’ll come back for you if he’s interested).

After a while, you get back up and wander around. You’ll have a fresh crowd. It’s even better if the place offers in-out privileges (most places don’t) and you can take a break.

Remember the best times to wander. Around lunch (11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.), after work (4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.) and after the bars close (your cities vary).

Pay attention to local events

I’m in Atlanta. I know when the Braves, Falcons, Georgia Tech, Hawks or Thrashers have a home game. I am more likely to get butch, horny guys after those events end.

The places will also be crowded after major gay-attracting events like a Lady Gaga concert or Kathy Griffin stand-up (bottoms! yay!).

Bring your own companion

Look, I am not a hot enchilada on my own. I’ve got a respectable size cock and on a scale of 1 to 10, I know I’m in the average area. So I have a couple of bottom and versatile friends, equally the same (slightly better looking in a couple of cases) and we buddy up. If we’re both striking out, we will start fooling around with each other in a room or booth.

THIS ATTRACTS ATTENTION. It has a multiplying effect. We’re not really there for each other. He’s had my loads numerous times. He wants others. So when I start fucking around with him, it’s a ruse to get others involved. If I’m a six (being generous) and he’s a seven, we don’t look like the average of 6½. We look more like an 8 to the people there, being there’s an exponential gain, especially since we’ll be playing bareback.

My job is not to occupy his hole but to offer it up to others. His job is to identify bottoms for me to fuck as well. It takes trust in one another and no egos.

Learn the Rhythms

Every city and every place has its own rhythms. I can tell you that Wednesdays in Atlanta will always suck, no matter what I do to try and minimize that. You have to invest the time and effort to figure out what works best for your city and your places. Ask people. Ask online. Try it out on your own.

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A Perfect Ass, A Loose Fuck, A Nice Load

A Perfect Ass, A Loose Fuck, A Nice Load

The rules of engagement inside an adult bookstore may seem a little strange. I’ve even visited with a buddy and, even then, most of our communication tended to be via text messaging. When we did speak to one another, we did so in hushed tones.

When I hear people speaking at regular volume, I’m almost offended.

There’s this one incredibly hot black guy — beefy, hairy chest. I’ve never seen his cock as he never takes it out. He’s usually there with a couple of Latinos. They stand around and chat, almost as if they’re in a club then split up and cruise. They collect back together and compare notes. Loudly. Irritates the shit out of me. These attitude queens, acting like they own the place.

Anyway, I’m getting off track.

So occasionally I meet bottoms there to guarantee an unload. At a place with gloryholes, the fear can sometime be (1.) I get oral service only and (2.) I get tops only. On this day, I was texting back and forth with a few, promising to meet up along with a collection of a few asking me to stop by their place instead.

That’s when this ass showed up on radar.incredible ass

Usually, ass photos just don’t do it for me. But this one. Well, fuck. Look at it! Just exuded perfection.

The little fucker toyed with me via text for a while. He was in black. He wore a hat. He stood in this place then that. I’d narrowed him down to two potentials. But finally figured out who he was.

He’d be hot for me then the text messages would go silent. Probably off getting fucked. Meanwhile, I’d get a little oral work done here and there.

The crowd turned out to be less than ideal today. Too many tops in the mix and way too many trolls. Luckily, tweakers weren’t represented today. But we had two distinct cliques. My hot black buddy with his Latino fairy boys and another group who wouldn’t shut the fuck up.

The code of silence guys. I’m trying to fuck here.

Interestingly enough, among the mix this trip was a guy who stayed in an open booth, pants down, ass in the air. Never sampled him. He was either Latin or a light-skinned black. Maybe next time.

Eventually, perfect ass made it clear through the sporadic text messaging. He wanted fucked through a gloryhole. That was the only way I would get him.

The vibe varies at this bookstore. Okay, I call it a bookstore, but at this Insurrection location, the books and other materials are upstairs. Down here in the bowels, there’s only booths, gloryholes and a darkroom. On this day, I’m having trouble even getting good oral. It’s a rainy day and the bottoms are being picky, which doesn’t bother me much except these are the kind of bottoms who shouldn’t be picky. So they’re all occupying one side of the double booths, awaiting someone. These fat fucks sit, taking up good space.

I let a couple of them blow me, but when I realize it’s nothing more than a mediocre blowjob, I’m gone.

At some point I get the message to visit a particular booth, as he is on the other side waiting. Unfortunately, that booth I need into is occupied. I text back.

It’s a face off between bottoms.

Well, it’s more like a wait off. See who will wait longer. Perfect ass begs me to wait on the other side. No worries. I have nothing better to do. Five minutes. Ten. Fifteen. Finally, I hear the rustle and the door open and out walks the occupier.

I’m inside in a flash and dropping trou as perfect ass strokes his long slender fingers along the gloryhole in the usual motion to indicate he wants me to shove it through.

I do and he gives me a little oral to get me to full mast before backing his slender ass up onto my cock.

This boy has to have some huge fucking dildos in his collection at home. And I’m sure he’s been playing with them prior to my arrival. Plus, someone’s already loaded this ass.

He’s loose. And my respectable seven inches feels more like throwing a hot dog down a bowling alley. Occasionally I hit a side, but not often. But when I bury it, I do hit those perfect mounds, that he’s push up against the hole.

Wet, warm but loose. Not the ideal fuck. Yet there’s a gooey cum there. So I begin to pick up pace. And I did promise this hot little fucker my first load. So I pull out further, hoping my swelled head hits a little something.

Then I notice the light.

Perfect ass is filming the fuck. He’s making a movie out of my barebacking his ass. My raw cock is sliding in and out of his cummy ass and this little fucker is filming it for later.

That’s what I needed. Another pervert like me. I groan a little, take a hit of poppers and hope that’s enough for my cock to take me to the edge.

Faster and harder, you can hear me, the buckle of my belt, slam against the hole. I’m fucking through the gloryhole and pushing my bare cock into this perfect ass. I’m close.

I unload into him. And finally, I feel him clench down, the light pops off and I’ve got my eyes closed as finally, it’s a little tighter. I push my cum as deep as I can into this perfect ass. I want my DNA deposited forever inside him. I want this territory marked.

When I finally pull out, he shows me a glimpse of the movie.

We both hang out for a while. He directs me to a few more bottoms worth my time, none of whom have the perfection he does. He never ever sends me the movie like he promised. Yet, I still have his number. I can hope for a repeat.

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Deceptively Fun #11: Spit Pig

Deceptively Fun #11: Spit Pig

“You’re neg, right?”

“Yea bud.”

What a time to ask. My hard cock is buried up his ass and he’s asking if I’m neg. Hell, seems to me you ought to be asking that a little earlier than now. But who the fuck cares? I am about to shoot a load deep into this guy’s ass.

“You sure?”


He groans. Someday, I’m going to have to answer that question honestly and see what happens. Truth is, I have no idea. Haven’t been tested in years.

So I slide out and push back in. This guy’s not used to being a bottom, so I have to be gentle. But I’m gonna get my nut.

The evening started out pretty normal. It was a boring night in the middle of the week. But I was a little restless. While I am beginning to sort through the online mess of fakes, flakes and assholes, I’ve been unfortunate enough that I’ve not found anyone close by who likes to get fucked or even someone to suck my cock off on occasion. Well, there was the 57-year-old after his wife went to sleep, but that’s hardly worth mentioning.

So I went downtown to a country & western bar. Not the best place to find an ass to fuck (although there’s a propensity for many men to wear ass-hugging Levi’s or Wranglers), I find the laidback, friendly attitude of a country bar makes it an easier place for a newcomer like me to break in.

So I’m relaxing with a beer, chatting with a Lesbian when he walks in. Sure as hell, he’s not the hottest guy in here. But sometimes, you just know a potential pig. His clean cut appearance doesn’t fool me. He’s also alone, grabbing a water from the bartender and staking out a place just in the shadows.

The Lesbian heads off to dance and I finish the beer. I wander over to the bartender and get a water and then head to the potential pig.

“Time for me to switch to water,” I say.

“Yeah, I’m just swinging by,” he says. “It’s a school night, so I can’t stay out.”

“But you were restless and couldn’t stand to hang at home,” I respond.

“You know it,” he says, extending his hand. “I’m Erik.”

“Mark,” I shake his hand.

There’s some small talk while we both swallow our respective waters. Pretty soon, I see his eyes venture south, checking out my package. I’m not sure if it’s on purpose, but he’s licking his lips. He’s in his early 30s, nice frat face, a small Southern drawl and some junk in his trunk. It was obvious he was a hairy white boy who didn’t get a lot of attention, but I wasn’t up for the effort of getting one of the A&F model wannabes to wrap his tight smooth ass around my cock. My average guy was cute enough for a Wednesday night.

After a little while of more small talk, I make my move, chunking the empty water bottle.

“Well, I better head home,” I say, reaching around with my left arm, half hugging Erik and grabbing his ass. While we’re up close, face to face, I give him a little smile. “You take care stud.”

He takes the bait, and kisses me on the lips. I respond, pushing my tongue into his slightly parted lips.

It was like I’d applied electric shock to his balls. Erik seemed to come to life with a jolt. He was slurping on my tongue some. So I pulled my tongue back and applied a juicy bit of spit to the end and thrust it back in.

A moan seemed to come up from Erik’s bowels. I know this boy’s weakness.

I withdrew. “Take care hot stuff.”

He looked a little stunned, then got his bearings again. “I’ll walk you out.”

Again, a little small talk, when he asks where I’m headed. I tell him.

“That goes almost by my place,” he says. “Want to stop in?”

I pause, check my watch, then say, “Sure, I’ve got a little time.”

I follow him a few miles up the road to his place. As we walk up to his place, I build up a fuckload of spit in my mouth. As we enter his apartment, I pull him and kiss deeply, dumping my saliva into his eager tongue. He swallows it all and returns, wanting more. I help him out again.

He’s a little shorter than me, so I pull apart for a second, purse my lips and let some spit drip out. He slurps it up immediately.


He pulls me toward the darkened hall and into a room, where he flips on a lamp and turns to face me, his lips parted slightly. I am ready with more spit, but this time, I step back a little and force it out with some aggression.

Most lands in his mouth, which had opened completely when Erik realized what was coming. We begin to strip naked, kissing deeply as we continue. I keep him infused with my spit. His cock is standing straight out from his body and nicely leaking.

It doesn’t take long until he’s sucking my cock with a lot of gusto. I begin to drop spit onto his face and my cock. He gets more enthusiastic with my cock. I’ve worked his boy into the frenzy I seek. I pull him up, spit on his face again and he seems to shudder with ecstasy. I spin him around so he’s facing the bed and push him down. He falls onto the bed and I go straight for that hairy crack, spitting on it at first and then licking it with lots of spit. He’s moaning again.

I don’t wait long. Pretty soon, I crawl up onto his back and my hard cock lays in his crack, poised at his hole. I plant my face next to his and stick my tongue out with a huge loogie. He sucks it off at the moment I find his hole and push the head against it.

He relaxes a little but winces. I pull back. Kiss him a little more, then come up, standing up and spreading his cheeks. I spit again on his hole and then add a goodly amount of spit to my cock. I lay back down on him and go to kiss him, then pull back just enough and spit into his open mouth. His hole relaxes just enough at that moment, so I push in again.

“FUCK!” he says.

I stay still, kissing him, producing plenty of spit for him to slurp. And I feel him give up, knowing that he’s happy enough with the spit to let me fuck him. So I push in further.

Within a few minutes, I am humping him in smooth, slow motions and kissing him. He’s very happy since I just keep the spit coming.

He moans a little.

“You’re neg, right?”

“Yea bud.”

“You sure?”


He groans. And now I am pumping a little faster.

I spit. “You want it, don’t you?”

He doesn’t answer.

I spit again, this one landing on the right side of his nose. “Do you want it?”

“Yes,” he whispers.

I begin to throb. He can feel it. “Yes, yes, yes…”

“Tell me you want it!” the spittle is flying all over his face as I speak.


I growl and bury my cock deep. Now it’s throbbing deep inside that raw ass, releasing every bit of cum into him. As I come out the other side of my orgasm, I spit a huge amount into his mouth.

I collapse onto the top of him and relax.

A little later on, I remove my cum-covered cock, flip him over and spit into his mouth continuously until he shoots a huge load all over his chest. It doesn’t take long.

Soon, I am on my way home.