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Hate (3 of 3)

Hate (3 of 3)

A blind leading the blind mentality seems to permeate the world. We don’t want our children to be taught about sex or they might have it. Yet we all have cocks and vaginas and asshole and clits.

Then there’s this thing called the Internet and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out which goes where. Before you know it, little honors student and Christian Jessica Jane Lister is pregnant with football quarterback Cody Wall’s baby and they’ve both got genital warts.

We want our schools to teach creationism but not evolution but we don’t want our churches to support science. Hell, the Georgia Legislature is trying to pass a law that citizens have a right to carry guns into their churches, so we can kill the preacher if he says something blasphemous (like Jesus turned water into wine; wrong! Jesus turned water into grape juice).

It stands to reason that a lot of the hate I’ve garnered causing people to protest against Str8Cam Jeff Opens new window of a page on this blog and others steams from a misunderstanding of my most controversial posts about stealthing.

I know a lot of my readers think stealthing is hot, hot, hot. You jerk off to it. It’s the forbidden fruit. All of us have fantasies we all enjoy, just beyond the borders of what we’d really do.

Then again, it might be something we do.

In the barebacking world, there’s bug-chasing and gift-giving along with a Russian roulette of who-the-fuck-cares breeds us.

But I am known for stealthing, for giving the world the top 10 tips for stealthing Opens new window of a page on this blog, for explaining barebacking in meaningful ways that there’s no denying what’s really happening.

I have been deceptive. And that’s not explaining all my motivations.

The Entire Truth

Whenever I watch a magician — even someone like Lance Burton or David Copperfield — it’s become second nature for me to figure out how the trick is done. It’s not really hard to do. I can’t stand to watch “America’s Got Talent” and to see Howie Mandel be amazed at a relatively simple trick and to say, “I don’t know how you did that!”

I can tell you.

When I began the entries on busting condoms, taking condoms off and other forms of sabotage, the outrage was palpable. Most hated it. Many thought I’d broken some sacred contract.

How, I have no idea. Anonymous sex is just that. Why they have this higher-than-mighty sense one must adhere to a code when fucking someone who you don’t even know their first name, I don’t comprehend. Why? And especially why when one knows the other person isn’t put into any harm.

The mighty think that the stealther has some puss-filled cock shooting out disease upon infection and reigning some destruction upon the other.

Nonetheless, until I started writing about it, no one was.

I don’t count myself as some savior. I don’t. But I do see some of what I wrote as an education.

I do explain if you’re stupid enough to want to fuck in places where you’re not going to know your top or bottom, how one might protect oneself. How to bring your own condoms, monitor the use of the condoms and maintain your own safety.

You are accountable for your own safety. No one else.

Welcome to Real Life

It’s so very odd how some consider this bond of sex sacred even though you’re fucking with a stranger. For example, if a journalist is speaking to a source and the source wants to go “off the record” — meaning the content to follow is not to be published or broadcast — the journalist must agree to do so verbally as well. It must be stated so and both parties have to make an agreement.

Pulling out a condom just with the assumption someone will wear it doesn’t work that way.

I’m not saying this stuff just to piss people off. I’m trying to get reality to sink in. This is how the world works. Assuming an asshole top who wants to get off raw or a bottom who wants a load is going to fuck according to some honor code is just plain stupid.


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This is the 500th Published Post to iBLASTinside.com Bareback Blog

This is the 500th Published Post to iBLASTinside.com Bareback Blog

Mile Marker 500Another milestone reached by this blog. This is entry 500, meaning there are 499 other pieces for you to read here of utter nonsense, jack-off material, opinion and more. This doesn’t even include the some of the guides.

Some of the pieces were written in 2002 and 2003, although not posted here originally. But this blog has been around since 2009 and tells many stories. Some are quite personal, including those of my sexual abuse as a child Opens a new window from this blog and the Deceptively Fun stories that started it all Opens a new window from this blog.

My story has evolved in many ways but the essence remains true. I bareback and I love it.

Questions of My Status

I figure this might serve as good of a time to answer questions of my status that rise yet again. I’ve had people make many assumptions on both side of the fence, which is perfectly fine with me. But in such, they’ve claimed to discover declarations I’ve made here on my blog that I am one way or another.

I have not claimed definitively on my blog what my status may or may not be.

When certain people ask what my status might be, they ask it with motivation to allow or disallow a bareback fuck. You’re a part of a club that gets to fuck bareback. I want to fuck. So I attempt with powers of deduction to conclude what the desired answer might be and I tell them what they want to hear.

I do this because I do not believe in serosorting Link Opens in a New Window.

I explain more fully in this rant from 2009 Opens a new window from this blog about HIV status. But let me assure you, I’m not disclosing my status except to tell you what you want to hear.

Enjoy 500

And enjoy my mysterious DNA.

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There Is a Distinct Difference

There Is a Distinct Difference

It pains me to find Cristian Knox in a bit of a row with me over stealthing. He offers his feedback to my previous entry with his “Spot the Difference” game, in which he compares me to a purse snatcher, a mugger, a bad repairman, etc.

Cristian misses the point so very much.

  1. I don’t wander the streets seeking people to stealth. Quite the contrary. I make the distinct point of stating I invite these people into my lair or fuck them at an adult bookstore or sex club. This isn’t some miscellaneous place. It isn’t rape. The sex itself is quite consensual. Both parties agree to the sex, unlike the mugger where one party doesn’t wish to be robbed but the other does.
  2. A repairman coming into your home to fix plumbing or some other aspect (in his second example) is an implied contract or an actual contract. As I so explicitly stated, no such contract exists between the two of us engaging in sex. I never explicitly agree to engaging in safer sex.
  3. Cristian further makes the assumption that I am the source of any exposure of disease. This is a further problem that condom Nazis often assume about all barebackers. We are all puss-filled, infected zombies full of the worst diseases with intent on bugging everyone around us. This simply isn’t so.

But by the same token, Cristian did remind me of the fable, The Scorpion and The Frog.

A scorpion asks a frog to carry him across the pond.

“But I am afraid you will sting and kill me,” the frog says.

“Of course I won’t,” the scorpion replies. “I cannot swim. If I sting you, you will sink and we both will die.”

The frog thinks about this and finally agrees, figuring it’s safe enough. The scorpion climbs on the amphibian’s back and the two begin the journey across the pond.

Halfway across, the frog suddenly feels the sharp prick of the scorpion’s stinger. As he feels the poison begin to numb him and his body slow, the frog asks, “Why?”

“Alas,” the scorpion says. “It’s in my nature to sting.”

They both sink into the depths of the pond and drown.

I am a top. I am driven by a force I cannot describe to breed. You don’t want it, don’t fuck with me.

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Loading Zone: Teeth-Ripping Condom Bottom

[alert style=”green”]I’ve done it a few times, but here’s a post not by me. It came in an e-mail from a bottom. It’s in response to my stealthing piece recently (and my responses). I thought it deserved a post. Enjoy or get pissed off.

You too can contribute to my blog by sending in your own adventures. Just contact me Opens a new window from this blog.[/alert]

A Reverse Stealth

Hey man, I liked your post on stealthing so much, I figured I’d share my own form of stealthing with you. Feel free to share it on your site, just keep me anonymous.

iBLASTinside's Bareback Loading ZoneAlthough, like you said, there’s some assumption about the top being some evil disease-ridden son-of-a-bitch and the bottom being pure and innocent… this is hardly the case. While I’m free of any STDs so far as I know (and, come on, unless you didn’t have any sex in the past three months then get checked for everything, you never REALLY know, you’re guessing, hence my frank interpretation that I’m clean so far as I know), I’m a bottom who’s far from pure and innocent.

I’m a total bareback bottom. And I too have resorted to stealthing… really, it works for bottoms too.

I’d share all of my tactics but I’m afraid tops I’ve been with might catch on. So it’s easier that I share a simple one: Putting the condom on with my mouth. Eh, it’s better to share it as a story:

I was hanging out with a bud of mine — a bareback top — and we were playing together and inviting other dudes to come over and join us and load up my hole too. I’d indicated to some dudes that they had the choice of either fucking me or just watching, jerking off onto my hole, and my bud would fuck it inside. It was unclear that I wanted it bareback… where I am, being direct about bareback is an easy way to get everyone to immediately ignore your posts.

So, at one point a dude came over, not too bad looking (in some ways, I like guys who are just average looking, to me that’s hot) with a decent cock… discreet marired due as so many are. I was sucking him while my buddy was fucking my ass, then asked if they wanted to switch. The married dude said sure, and pulled out a condom.

I took it with a smile, opened it, turned to the night stand, put it in my mouth, and began tearing the tip with my front teeth. The married guy couldn’t see anything other than I was pulling lube out of the nightstand, but my bud could see, and smiled. I then turned around… it was apparent it was in my mouth, but I’d stopped chewing. I knelt down and started to chew again as I lubed/stroked him. He didn’t notice… I’ve never had a top that did. Once I was sure he was lubed up and very hard (read: It was completely torn), I used my mouth to put the condom on, which he really seemed to like.

I made sure to leave some space at the end (weird thing about many tops, why do you insist on pulling the condom down as tight as possible, you know you’re supposed to leave space, right? Apparently not… so many safe sex tops who have no idea how to even use a rubber, and not just straight/married ones), then lubed him up and bent over.

To make things simple, I’d only chewed this enough to guarantee I’d get his load, not to guarantee I’d have his raw cock in me completely. I do like when it’s their raw cock, because I know they’ll never fuck an ass as hot as mine, because every other fuck will be a condom covered bore fest. It also means a potential popping as they tear some of the condom which they may or may not feel… I’ve had some tops never seem to notice, and others tell me the condom broke and we’ll have to try again.

So, he was fucking, and it was a decent fuck. When he started to get close, he asked if I wanted him to pull out and shoot all over my hole, like I’d said before. I looked up at my buddy, and asked what he wanted.

“I want you to shoot it in the condom while you’re fucking him,” said my buddy knowingly.

That was all the motivation the married dude needed, as he finished off inside. When he started to pull out, I grabbed the base of the condom and pulled away, which, if you use the right condoms and lube, keeps the condom in your ass. I moved as best I could to the bathroom, squeezed my hole tight, and pulled it out. The end was torn just a little, and not a single drop of cum in the condom… and the married dude had no clue. He dressed and left while my bud went back to fucking my ass with a brand new load of cum inside it.

So, for all the bottoms who are told to beware… tops, beware too. Especially of bottoms who want to put the condom on with their mouths.

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