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Going Back to Indy

Apparently, I didn’t get my fill during my recent but very brief visit in Indy last week, so I’m headed back into the city for a bit. Wonder what I’ll find this time.

I can always hope for a lot of ass to breed.

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Gay Bareback Booty Call

Bareback Booty Call

I’ve been busy.

Hooking up can be work. And some of these damn fucking bottoms make it more fucking work than it’s worth just to use their asses and leave. It’s a pump and dump. What’s the fucking deal?

I had to hit downtown for a couple of appointments. Using the geolocation feature on the BarebackRT.com Link Opens in a New Window, a hot bottom showed up. I messaged him. He messaged back as I waited for my appointment. We had our own appointment quickly.

Between my two downtown appointments, I made a two-mile detour to his house. At 45, this brown-haired athletic man stood 5-foot-11-inches. He also had an ass of death that the photos here do not do justice. When I arrived at his place, the door was open. I stepped inside, and found him ass up, back arched. I’ve seen asses that weren’t as good on twentysomethings.

I unbuttoned and unzipped, him going to work on my cock. His tanned body unusual against his beautiful smooth and alabaster white ass. He’d lubed it with Gun Oil. So when he turned around, I entered smoothly.

Fucking at any pace caused the same  reaction. He just begged for raw cock. I reached around I felt his slightly hairy ass, his perky tits and his chubbed up cock.

I didn’t have a lot of time. So I snorted the poppers, gave him a hit and focused on popping one out. I climbed on top and let it get to the point of no return. Then I pushed my cock in and let my load go.

His ass swallowed.

I’d never really felt a sensation like an ass swallowing, but his did. He loved the sensation of cum.

“I’ve got two more coming after you,” he said. “It’s staying in there and will go even deeper for them.”

I recovered from the poppers and pulled out. My cock perfectly clean except for a little lube. I pulled my pants up, zipped up and left.

I was five minutes late for my next appointment.

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Travel Journal: The Asian Con Artist

Travel Journal: The Asian Con Artist

I’ve written much too often of my affinity for Asian ass. It goes without saying that the tight and smooth ass of this Far East delicacy can be one which I enjoy immensely, although I am an equal opportunity fucker and find other flavors equally amazing.

When visiting the West Coast, I am afforded greater opportunity to indulge in this delicious flavor and sometimes solicit it. Such was the case during my recent visit to Northern California, when I posted a Craigslist ad asking for Asian Ass to fuck. I’d been specific and requested my usual non-smoking variety.

When it comes to Asians, age makes no difference. The saying regarding African Americans that “black doesn’t crack” refers to their youthful appearance. It seems Asians don’t turn to raisins. They’re smooth until they’re fucking ancient.

I got several hits from my ad but the one that kept my attention was a delicate Taiwanese just up I-880 from me. He wanted to host and be ass up and waiting. Some negotiation later and after dark, I was on my way.

I hesitate sometimes to do this because I’m in unfamiliar territory and I don’t know what’s the good part of town and what’s bad. But still I end up in a questionable part of town walking into a small condo.

As I do, the smell hits me. It’s undeniable. He smokes.

Even though I’ve asked and he’s said no, he doesn’t. He does. He lives alone as this tiny condo is such I’m walking in the front door directly into the bedroom.

But that ass. I walk up to it and touch it. He grunts. I begin feeling his body.

The photos I’ve included here do not do this man justice. His muscular body is tight. His waist is no more than 29 inches around and it’s perfectly muscular. Yet he has a little meaty pecs and nice nipples.

And I’d been building up to this moment. It was getting late, I was horny and I didn’t feel like driving back to my hotel and starting an ass search. So the proverbial one in the hand…

I dropped my pants.

A little lube and breathing through my mouth helped. I never could get completely rock hard but hard enough that he seemed impressed. We never changed position. I just mounted him and made sure to keep him face down so we never kissed. In fact, I wrapped one hand around his chest and I put him in a choke hold with my other hand.

I then forced my cock into his hole. With my hips forcefully pummeling his ass. My waist was massive compared to his. My body weight pinned him down. My hand around his neck allowed me to feel his pulse quickening as I then raised myself up on my toes and really began to slam into him.

“You want my load?”

“Yes,” he said in obviously broken English. “I want you cum. Put it in my ass.”

“Want it no matter what?”

“Please breed my boy pussy.”

I fucked him even harder. It took some real force for me to bring my cum to the surface. I always have a harder time cumming under these conditions. But finally, I reached the spot and shot my load into his ass. I grunted with my exertion. He released a sigh of content. Jizzjoy. I wanted it.

He wanted me to stay but now the stink returned and I needed to go. I begged away and pulled on my clothes, leaving quickly.

I wish he hadn’t lied and I hadn’t invested my whole day chatting with him when I could have had a Filipino… a little heftier but a lot less smelly.

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As a Top, I Like Marking My Territory and a Bottom Gets Off on ‘Jizzjoy’

As a Top, I Like Marking My Territory and a Bottom Gets Off on ‘Jizzjoy’

I’ve been having a discussion with HavingIt from Seattle on BBRT. He describes the moment when a man injects his cum into his ass “jizzjoy.” As a natural bottom, there’s no greater high than that moment. That sensation of cum flooding your ass and your walls feeling the spunk.

When I fuck a bottom, I know the difference between real, natural bottoms and the one who just take cock bareback. When you’re fucking them, it’s a small moment. It’s sometimes audible but sometimes not. It’s is indeed detecting the moment that I think HavingIt has correctly identified as Jizzjoy.

For some bottoms, it’s a sigh of relief. Like a drug addict who finally has their fix … if just for a moment. They know. They’ve got fresh cum. And they will keep it in their ass as long as possible. They won’t lose it. They absorb as much of that cum into their body until finally they’re forced to relinquish it naturally.

When it comes to the top side of things, you’d think the most important effort is just to cum. Of course, I like cumming, but that’s not what gets me off (so to speak). Sometimes I don’t cum and say I do to deadfucks who aren’t worth it. It’s when they don’t beg enough for my DNA.

Deadfucks. I’m not necessarily talking about bottoms who just lay there. I’m talking about bottoms who don’t deserve my cum. Men who don’t beg enough. Who aren’t really worth my DNA.

I get off knowing that the man I’m putting my DNA into will be walking around later with a little bit of me. Like a dog who pisses here or there, it’s a way to let others know, “I’ve been here.”

Or more in my speak, “This is my ass.”

If I don’t actually breed it. If I fake getting off. It’s not worth claiming as mine.

The more difficult it is for me to get, the more I want to mark it. If I have to stealth it, the more I want to mark it. The more the bottom begs for it, the more I need to mark it. And if I know the bottom will get true Jizzjoy, then I must mark it.

I fuck to make it mine, to mark what’s mine. And I press my DNA deep into an ass. I hope it stays there as long as possible.

If you’re a Jizzjoy bottom, I’m happy to give you what you need.


* * *

Allow me to personally endorse HavingIt in Seattle. He’s the first in a series of men who get the thumbs up from iBLASTinside.

As of yet, I have not had the opportunity to fuck his ass, I would like to suggest anyone in the Seattle area or planning to visit take advantage of his ass. He’s real and earns an Official iBLASTinside Broken Virginity Seal of Approval.

If you do fuck his ass, please let me know. I can’t wait to hear more about it. Drop me a line.

* * *

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Top Ass at the Glory Hole

Top Ass at the Glory Hole

My testosterone rebounded of late or something. I’m hornier than a hound dog in heat with an ass rash. So I posted on BBRT and Craigslist that I’d be hitting up the local adult bookstore to fuck some ass.

I was not the only horny guy in the world.

Fuck if I didn’t get a few dozen responses. Weeding things down, I ended up with two serious contenders — one a top from BBRT and one a bottom from Craigslist. I didn’t give a fuck which one I ended up with, I just wanted hole. The question all came down to timing and who got my cock first.

When I arrived, the place was hopping. The two of them were texting updates regarding their arrival times. I didn’t promise anything, although secretly hoped the top would arrive first.

He did. We met on opposite sides of a booth. I dropped my jeans and shoved my cock on the other side through the oblong gloryhole. He sucked me hard and when I pulled away, his slightly hairy ass was at the gloryhole. I couldn’t get a good look at him, but his ass was practically flawless. I felt around and found the asshole. It was a little damp, probably from some sweat and from his effort cleaning it out earlier. I spit on my hand and slathered it on his pucker. I added more spit to my 7 incher and put it at his hole and pushed inside.

He gave way. A little at a time, but it went it. As his ass opened up more and more, I slid in deeper. I gotta admit. For a top, he took it like a champ. He never backed away.

Pretty soon I was all the way in. I rested there a moment before pulling out all the way. He shifted a little too far to the left and I had to get his hole lined up with the gloryhole again. Then I went in again.

His mostly dry hole and the slight amount of spit made for a perfect fit. He was tight as hell. And his ass-ring gripped my ass just perfectly.

I began to fuck. And fuck in earnest.

Part of me wanted to take this 30-year-old ass some place where I wasn’t blocked by this wall. Yet, with a gloryhole, all you feel is your cock in an ass. There’s something fantastic about that simple sensation of just a cock in a hole. A tight hole at that.

I fucked at a pace. And that pace picked up. And I found myself slamming into the wall in front of me harder. And faster.

I took a snort of poppers. And that did it. I was over the top and into the zone. I could feel my spunk boiling up and surging from my balls and through me until I was spurting into that raw hole of his. I just shoved into his ass and let it flow out. Then I pumped some more, making sure to plant my seed deep in his ass before pulling out, pulling up my jeans, zipping up and leaving.

But before I left, I shoved my hand through the gloryhole and gave him the “thumbs up” sign.

Now that was an ass I want to fuck again.

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