iBLASTinside’s ‘Broken Virginity’ Seal of Approval

So many men, so few condoms. Thank goodness.

About a decade ago, these two female friends of mine were getting a little drunk and having a debate during a party my former partner and I hosted (yes, I’ve been in a few serious relationships). Being the polite host, I was mingling around and checking on my guests and happened to interrupt this conversation. In it, the ladies were having a slut-off — debating who was sluttier. One had been with 20-plus men and the other with almost 30. The question came from how to count blowjobs.

I just looked at the two with humor, as if staring at a couple of kindergarten children arguing over a toy.

“Girls, girls,” I said. “When you get to triple digits, give me a call. Until then, there’s nothing slutty about either one of you.”

I’m a lucky man. In my lifetime, I’ve fucked thousands of men and sampled so many assholes, it would take another lifetime to recount them all. But I do obviously write about many of them.

With an Internet full of fuck-ups, flakes and fakes, it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s bullshit. So I’m offering a place to put a few worthwhile  men. I can honestly say here that these men are legit and worth the time.

This is iBLASTinside’s Broken Virginity Seal of  Approval.

If you want on the list — especially if I’ve fucked you in the past — let me know.

Men I’ve Fucked

These are men I have fucked. With these men, I can honestly speak to an experience and endorse them in some way, shape or form.


5 out of 5 stars


Geographic Location: Washington, D.C.
Online Location: BarebackRT

Position: Versatile Bottom

Basic Statistics: Late 20s, 6 feet even, 170 pounds, toned muscular build, Caucasian, thick dark brown hair, brown eyes, a bit of hair, perfect ass, non-smoker, average cock size, below the waist

Status: Undetectable

Looks: If you’re someone who goes for that dark, handsome look, he’ll rate a 9½ easy. He prefers though men concentrate on his ass, which is easily a 10.

Rate his ass: Muscular melons with just a touch of fuzz, the pucker on his hole is easily accessible and entry can be gained with just a bit of spit. His ability to open and allow access is remarkable and the way his ass walls contour to a cock is perfection.

Proclivities: If you are lucky enough to get a chance at breeding him, it will be an impersonal pump and dump. Don’t expect more and enjoy that experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hot, muscular god of perfection or a smooth toned frat boy twink with a 9-inch cock or a hairy millionaire daddy with a beer can thick prick that shoots diamond globs of cum. He works for loads and on the nights he’s working for cum, he has them lined up. When I bred him, I was the third load in one night and the sixth load in another. 


5 out of 5 stars


Geographic Location: Hawaii
Online Location: Tumblr & Twitter

Position: Versatile to Versatile Bottom

Basic Statistics: Late 20s, 5 feet 2 inches, 120 pounds, athletic build, Asian, black hair (short), chocolate eyes, naturally smooth, perfect ass, non-smoker, average cock size, below the waist piercings 

Current status: Negative

Looks: Extraordinarily cute and innocent but devilishly good in the sack; a pocket gay, my bias for Asians wants to rate him higher, but he’s a 8 to 8½ in looks.

Rate his ass: Smooth, plump, perfect, responsive. He may fist but I am so very impressed with his control. First, it’s tasty, like an exotic fruit. Second, he can milk a cock like there’s no tomorrow. Third, he loves taking cum.

Proclivities: No impersonal pumps-n-dumps for this guy (and why would you want to). He’s an extended play only kind of guy and worth every moment. His wild streak reaches deep into BDSM territory where he’s technically a switch. He loves getting fisted (and can self fist, which I’ve witnessed this remarkable act). His fetish for athletic footwear makes fucking around with him particularly fun.

GES-afterUpdate on GayEthicalSlut

It’s like a before and after photo.

The photo is two years ago and the one here is from recently on his Twitter feed.

I think this pocket gay is hotter than ever!



  1. Just found your blog, and i have to say, i love it! It grabbed me and i couldn’t stop reading, just mesmerized me, Anyway, i’m newly divorced, from a female, i have dabbled in man on man sex throughout my life, manly gloryhole BJ’s, but always craved the cum, i loved having it pumped down my throat, still do, but since the first time i opened my hole for another man i can’t get enough hard cock and cum in my ass, it’s intoxicating, i have since prided myself on pleasing the top in hopes that he’ll reward me with his load. Thanks for all the good words and informed opinions you have written about, keep it up. Who knows maybe each of us will be lucky enough to be in the same spot at the same time and allow some heavy breeding.

  2. let me know when your in DC again. I enjoyed reading your feedback on my cum hole. Pretty accurate. I left u a msg on bbrt w my new user name.

  3. So much of what you write is experientially true. When I encounter a hot top(s) my tight little hole puckers up and clouds my thinking with the urge desire and craving to accept what it natural in the most natural of ways. Yeah I can say as I have “got a condom” but in fact I don’t listen for his answer. I am after all his to use as nature has ordained. His cum load is a gift not to be spurned or accepted with conditions that compromise the act of one man breeding and one man being bred.

  4. Fascinating web/discussion site…. I’m a a doctor in New Zealand wanting to understand better at a social level the acceptance of risk, and other ideas like HIV brotherhood, community, or healthcare entitlement. Keep that discussion going, and the best gay sex remains bareback (IMO).

  5. Just have to say I am in the process of converting and I could never feel more free. I hope to someday get your seal of approval. Thank you for being so open.

  6. I know you are the ying to my yang. I am 100% bb bottom. Your poppers guide and sex club guides were ripped from my mind. It seems we have crossed paths many times via the same states, and yet we missed the chance for you to fill me with your seed.

  7. Both of these men sound lovely, but given how much more I find Asian men attractive, I cannot deny that I would certainly enjoy “GAYETHICALSLUT.”

    Interestingly enough, there is a book entitled “The Ethical Slut: A Practical Guide to Polyamory, Open Relationships & Other Adventures,” by Dossie Easton and Janet W. Hardy. I have had the book for several years, but this is the second time I have mentioned it since the beginning of the year, so here is another Sign that I need to read this book.

  8. If you’re ever in the SF area again. Oakland specifically. It’d be real nice to meet you. Also Steamworks in Berkeley is quite nice.

  9. Cum to nyc sometime. I will suck the cum right out of your cock and then i will give u some great ass

  10. i want to one day have Your “Seal Of Approval” . . . maybe tattooed on. (michael g.b.)