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If you’re just getting started with poppers or you’re someone who gets headaches, I find that Taiwan Blue might be a good option.

They are very mild, pure and provide a nice slope up to the pleasure zone and then an easy path down if you do not sniff too deeply. For people prone to headaches, Taiwan Blue is a great option.

For the more advanced among you, I hear that Taiwan Blue can be appropriate for fistee (the one being fisted) if inhaled deeply.

If you are someone who finds you enjoy poppers more than rarely, you can easily get used to the other brand name poppers out there, especially the ones below. Taiwan Blue is only available in 15ml “tall” bottles and can be rather pricey, up to $30 for a bottle. But they can be worth it.

(I personally do not find Taiwan Blue enjoyable any longer but I keep recommending them because they were my “gateway” to popper pleasure.)



three-and-a-half-stars out of five rating

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Mild; perfect for first-time users and those prone to headaches


Once used a few times, do not continue to provide high


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