Nitro Extra (UK)


Nitro Extra


Sometimes words like”extra” and “strong” can lure one in. It did me.

When I saw the Nitro Extra Strong Aroma, maybe I grew a little nostalgic for the old Looney Toons cartoons with the Road Runner and Coyote. Americans of a certain age has to admit they see it too in the bottle design. I wanted a little pep in my step.

With the first fuck, I didn’t get a pep in my step. I got some burn in my nose.

A recent trend emerged among aroma makers and that’s upping the intensity of the burn. It’s not in the scent, per se. Think of it like salsa. It’s not adding flavor but just adding heat.

Nitro does that. It adds heat to the fire, but there’s no extra burst of euphoria. In fact, the high remains below Amsterdam XXX Opens new window of a page on this blog. That lower intensity gives Nitro an edge for intermediate users but the burn keeps it away from the beginners.

Nitro still packs a punch and lacks the strong chemical scent one might expect. I remain impressed in that regard that the UK flavors keep some odors down to a minimum. But I just can’t be a fan of the burn. I’m sorry. For that reason, it loses and drops down to get a 3½.

three-and-a-half-stars out of five rating

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Milder than many but still a good high without the chemical scent


Can provide a burning sensation in the nostrils

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