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Chemically, Maximum Impact and its sister aerosol cousins bear no resemblance to poppers Opens new window of a page on this blog. Poppers are in the nitrite family and arrive in liquid form. Max Impact is an aerosol and is commonly known as an ethyl chloride, but in today’s chemical terms, a chloroethane Open-New-Window-External. You might recognize this class of products as the duster for your computer or a local anesthesia that a doctor may use before cutting off a skin tag or wart.

The most noticeable part of chloroethanes are the chilling effect when sprayed for a period of time.

Even more chilling: Inhale them too much, and you could die.

I didn’t know this fact when I tried Max Impact, which is sprayed into a rag or wash cloth and then held up to your face or mouth and breathed in deeply. As I took a whiff, taking in the sickly sweet scent against my now cold face, I felt almost nothing.

Well maybe a slight tingle.

Chloroethanes act as a central nervous system system depressant. In other words, it lessens all sensations of your body. While poppers enhance sensations, chloroethanes deaden the sensations.

Not at all what I use poppers to experience.

In the end, I find Maximum Impact actually deadens the impact of any fun and, frankly, makes for a less enhanced experienced.

[alert style=”red”] Should any chlorothane become 15 percent or more of the air you breathe, it could be deadly. As a safety precaution, always use these products with a friend nearby to monitor your use to remove the rag from your face. [/alert]


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I can find no quality that makes it qualify as a popper


Could be deadly, it deadens all sensations.


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  1. Agreed, Maximum Impact can be dangerous and not fun. I used to use this and often times, I would totally pass out for 20-30 minutes. During this time I had no recolection of things that may have happened and since I was usually in a bathhouse, that could be bad. Also, they have made me fall a few times and i’ve even hit my head so definately not something I use anymore. Guess in the long run I was very lucky but please be careful guys.

  2. I also imagine your husband did a lot more things than just Max Impact and if he’s somehow convinced you that’s all he did, then he’s not the only one having hallucinations.

  3. This stuff that is supposed to give you pleasure, is giving me a lot of pain now! I’m currently looking at my husband in the ICU unit of the hospital, because he had too much of this crap, and is now going through crazy hallucinations and withdrawal. My advice…this shouldn’t be sold ANYWHERE!!! It should be collected, put in a fire pit, and burned away! Don’t take it at all! Causes addictions!!!

  4. i have to agree with nuttmybutt. If you do it right and mix poppers with ethyl chloride the feeling is crazy, plus I throw in some nipple clamps and a vibrator and the feeling is 100% AMAZING. But as he mentions, you do have to time it right, so it can be hit and miss.

  5. Perhaps you changed brands or the company changed formulas. If you snort too aggressively, you can get liquid in your nasal passages which will burn.

  6. After having poppers for a long while, all of a sudden they started to burn my nosetrails….is that common?

  7. let me just say that if done at the right times, in combination with good poppers, max impact can prolong the effect of really good poppers and if used during masturbation to porn, again at the right time can prolong/change orgasms into life-changing, mind-altering events. i would suggest using sparingly after a good sniff of good poppers, a light sniff of the lightly saturated rag with 2 quick sprays of max impact…it does require some experimentation and timing, but what i have experienced on them when done correctly is worth the effort. it is worth noting that it doesn’t work every single time, and a drug-holiday is required to get back to that first time perfect “click” of popper/spray/orgasm, but it is well worth it. it oftentimes prolongs that effect poppers has of making something that is normally just “hot” and turning it on it’s ear into “fuck-every-hole-in-my-body-hot.”