Jungle Juice Black Label (US)

jungle-juice-black-labelJungle Juice Black Label



Some who indulge in poppers really love the newest Black Label from Jungle Juice. Not as harsh as Platinum Opens new window of a page on this blog with a sweeter scent — I’d liken it almost to Taiwan Blue Opens new window of a page on this blog.


Personally, I do not find it enjoyable and cannot get an intense high anywhere close to what I receive from Platinum. Jungle Juice Black Label just provides a really mild high and it’s scent is a bit too sweet too me, like someone dumped floral Glade plug-in into the bottle.

But again, some really love it. I’d suggest those who like poppers — especially the Jungle Juice variety — to try them. They are expensive (in some cases, $30 or more) and only available in 30ml large bottles, which mean most ends up going to waste unless you have an orgy or you’re an intense user.

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Sweet scent


Costly; large bottle; goes bad fast


Where to get Jungle Juice Black Label

PictureBrite.com Open-New-Window-External, PoppersExpress.com Open-New-Window-External

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  1. I’ve just recently bought these from a EU site (I’m based in EU). The guys on the site place these poppers as “the strongest” of the Jungle Juice brands. I found that the bottles I received (bought 3 on an offer) were all good quality and lasted really well until the bottles were nearly drained!!! I used them taking loads in saunas and on holidays and guys who I played with all commented on their strength. The packaging was however different from the bottle in the image above, with a black plastic style wrapper completely covering the bottle.

  2. I am using JJ Black right now and I love it. I also use Blue Boy and Amsterdam. I like Blue Boy because it does not give you a headache and the high is very unique compared to all other poppers I have tried. It really eliminated inhibitions and there is not a plateau effect when you sniff more in one sitting. The more you sniff, the more insane it can get unlike most other poppers where there is a point where you cant get any higher (in my opinion).

    With that said, I found JJ-Black from a vending machine in Steamworks. It felt so good taking whiffs in the hot tub. Now when I use it, it makes me feel I am in that hot tube once more. I dont know, it is not as harsh as amsterdam in the headache sense, but gives a comparable high to Blue Boy. It is more intensely instant in my opinion than other poppers too, but does not make you feel knocked down. It just tricks you into feeling really good really fast without realizing it…. hard to explain.