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The harshest (without being cheap and ineffective) that I’ve ever experienced is English with the very nondescript white label. And let me suggest you be careful because the first time you try these, you will be thrown for a loop.

Massive bottle at 30ml, this is probably the only bottle I would carry to an orgy. Among the costly bottles only, it’s very special for those who’ve tried them… and survived.

Let me tell you just how incredibly intense English can be. To me, sniffing poppers reduces everything around you into the sensation of your cock… just your cock. English (white label) takes that same level and pumps it up to 11 — it’s like my cock is covered with pinpricks of pleasure throughout it. So intense, it verges on pain.

And I dare say you can come away the first few times without an incredible headache.

Even more, you will be unsteady on your feet. I’ve experienced double vision and can’t stand up straight so bad that I need a few moments to recover.

But again, when I approached orgasm and finally pumped my load out into a bottom’s ass, the sensation approached true ecstasy. Nothing and no other poppers I’ve found has ever reached what English (white label) can do.

I am reluctant to share this at times because I have had bottoms get so nauseated by English (white label) that they wanted sex to stop (do you think I stopped?). Let me caution you clearly.

warning English poppers with the nondescript white labels is truly for advanced, experienced poppers connoisseurs. Do not try these poppers unless you’ve been doing poppers for quite a while. warning

And with that warning, English (white label) are the best fucking poppers I’ve ever found.



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Most intense high possible


For advanced poppers connoisseurs only; disorientation following orgasm; harsh headache the first few times


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  1. Searching for English (white label). The two websites that are posted here do not have or site is down. Can anyone tell me where i could find English ? I live in NJ.

  2. I finish a bottle of this in a month daily use. LOOOOVE THEM.

  3. Great poppers. Turns me into a real cumpig when getting fucked.

  4. These are also the only poppers I know of that will last any amount of time once they are opened. I think they are great, but I have to admit, I’ve had allergy and hay fever like symptoms since I discovered them about 6 months ago. This is unusual for me. Can’t help but wonder if maybe they are too strong for daily use.