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One of my personal favorites is Amsterdam with the pink label. (Do not confuse these with the silver-label Amsterdam Special or the European Amsterdam XXX Opens new window of a page on this blog.)

While Jungle Juice Platinum Opens new window of a page on this blog might sometimes give me a slightly higher high, Amsterdam gives me the longest endurance euphoria. Moreover, these bottles do stay fresher and the recovery sensations are a little more mellow.

The scent can be a little strong for beginners; that’s why I don’t recommend it for those just starting out. The aroma doesn’t tend to be too chemically or floral. I find it somewhat neutral — at least in the popper world.

Now that I’ve been using English (white label) Opens new window of a page on this blog  for a bit, I’ve found that Amsterdam lost a little luster. Just a little. As the bottle will stale a little, it does lose some strength in the high. But the bottles are available in the smaller 9ml as well as the larger 30ml. I’ve found the 9ml bottles online for less than $5 (around €3.50 or £3.10 as of early 2013).

While I’ve labeled this as a U.S. product, I’ve noticed popper websites all over the world carrying Amsterdam with the pink label.

You can’t go wrong with Amsterdam. They always get me off.



four-out-of-five-stars rating

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Longer, more sustained high; stays relatively fresh; neutral scent


High could be more intense


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  1. I ordered Amsterdam Pink a few days ago, and it just arrived. Of course I had to open it up and try it out right away. It has become my new favorite, I can see why it’s top on your list.
    For me, the high is just perfect, and it lasts a bit longer than some of the others I’ve tried.
    Well worth the money.
    I give it an automatic 5 stars.

  2. I’ve been using the English white label ever since I read your review of them, but these are a good reliable, always available, option. Love your poppers reviews. Great idea, and very useful information.