Gloryhole Etiquette

What is a Gloryhole?

A gloryhole Open-New-Window-External is a opening or hole in a wall, partition or divider about waist high so that a man can pass his cock through from one side to the other so that another man on the other side may service his cock orally (blowjob), anally (fuck) or manually (handjob). Gloryholes are most often associated with blowjobs or oral servicing.

The gloryhole allows for an anonymous sexual experience where the blowjob giver (or bottom) cannot see anything but the cock of the blowjob receiver (or top) and the blowjob receiver just feels the oral attentions of whoever happens to be on the other side of the partition.

Gloryhole in a public restroomGloryholes are most often found at adult bookstores and sex clubs, but can occasionally be carved out at certain public restrooms (also known as tearooms), rest stops (or cottages in the UK and Europe) or even in some people’s homes.

Public and semi-public locations are considered AYOR or at your own risk Open-New-Window-External, where one might be caught by those not into such activity or, worse, law enforcement. Once must be incredibly careful and focused on one’s surroundings in an AYOR location.

Is there really an Etiquette to Gloryholes?

My short answer is yes.

In general, one needs to understand the subtle movements of each party to begin to comprehend the unspoken language of the sexual encounter that may (or may not) occur. Expectations should also be fulfilled and getting them satisfied might be also an effort.

If you’re sticking your cock through a hole and the cocksucker on the other side suddenly stops, you might wonder why or, on the other hand, a cocksucker could be fellating away when the cock suddenly withdraws.

If it happens once, you can attribute that to the fickleness of the person on the other side. But if a pattern develops, you might want to consider something’s up. The problem might be you.

This guide provides a standard approach to giving and receiving, sucking and fucking as well as all the signals and indications.

The Different Gloryholes

Yes, there are different kinds of gloryholes to choose from. In these cases, one must be aware of your choices and act appropriately.

Bookstore or Sex Club Carved Gloryhole

These are your top-of-the-line choices, sometimes even including handholds for the guy who’s putting his cock through and a stool or seat for the man who’s sucking or servicing cock. I’ve even heard of places where the gloryhole is more of an ass-shaped opening with a slight, cushioned ledge for the bottom to rest his ass comfortably (I’ve never seen such).

Ideal shape of a gloryholeThe best provide for different height options, so the openings are more elongated, as illustrated. This allows for a man who’s 6-foot-3 or 5-foot-4 to stick his cock through without straining his back.

Generally, these gloryholes have been professionally cut and the edges smoothed so that no splinters or other issues are in the way. Often, duct-tape may be taken to line the edges to assure nonesuch issues will get in the way of thrusts around the sensitive groin areas.

The thickness of the partition should be about a quarter inch.

platform-gloryholesSome sex clubs will create a location where the top men step up onto a platform and the bottom or servicer can stand upright as well (see illustration). This is a convenience but it does not provide for anal options in sex through a gloryhole.

AYOR Gloryholes

Found in bathrooms usually in older malls and store rest rooms, rest stops, truck stops, colleges and universities and other places, these gloryholes are patiently and lovingly created by the perverts who frequent the cruisy location and are tired of bending over and serving under the bathroom stall partition. Because these partitions are normally metal, these gloryholes can include sharp edges, so being extremely careful with your cock is paramount.

Cuts can occur when a new visitor to the bathroom opens the door and you have to jerk your cock back and resume the sitting position as if you’re taking a shit. That’s why duct, fabric or masking tape is a friend and should be used along the edges. If not available at the time, keep a hand (or two) cupped around the hole for an easy withdrawal.

Private, In-Home Gloryholes

These are appearing more and more frequently as AYOR holes disappear and people are reluctant to pay entry fees or drive long distances to adult bookstores or sex clubs. You can see invitations to gloryholes online at Just look at the Personals sections of Casual Encounters or Men Seeking Men.

I prefer to clarify a few things about the gloryhole setup, as to what it’s like.

Generally, the best situation has a private entrance.

Sheet, tarp or shower curtain with cut hole: This is the cheap or quickest gloryhole option. Sometimes this can be fun but generally I prefer a more solid partition.

A Bed GloryholeBed gloryhole: I’ve actually experienced this a couple of times (see the photo). It can be fun.

Doorway gloryhole: The best potential setup, of course. But it’s best not to use a real door because it can be too thick.

Suggestions for Oral Servicing

1. Pace yourself

If you’re oral only, don’t exhaust yourself in the first two minutes. I expect it will take me at least five solid minutes of oral before popping off.

2. Minimal hands

If you must use your hands, do not use them in exclusion of your mouth. Combine the two. If I wanted a handjob, I would have done it myself.

3. No teeth

I think it should go without saying but, fuck, I still get a good scraping. Last month, someone actually scratched me near the head on the left side of my cock.

4. Take a hint

If we’re pulling away, you need to start doing your best or we’re leaving. Even if you do your best, it may not be good enough for what each cock needs (more on that in a minute). So don’t go grabbing after it. Just cause you didn’t get a load doesn’t mean we didn’t enjoy ourselves.

5. Sometimes we will be back

Occasionally we will sample the room of cocksuckers and then return to the best. It’s rare for me to know I’ve found the best, especially if I’m hoping for a little ass. And I can count on one hand the number of times I know a blowjob is going to do the job of an assfucking.

6. I don’t want to hear you spit

Even if you are going to spit, I want to believe you swallowed. So please, the whole places doesn’t need to hear you attempt to scrape your lungs and throat with mucus to remove every little element of my sperm. My swimmers deserve a death in your stomach or ass, so please, make their euthanasia silent for me.

Now for some of the motions I make (or I think a lot of tops make) to help you understand what we mean…

Three-way gloryholes can be fun too



Gestures and Their Meaning

1. Hand at the gloryhole.

Gesture by the oral servicer or the bottom.
Please put your cock through this gloryhole so I might give your cock pleasure.

2. Cock through the gloryhole.

Gesture by the top or the servicee.
Please suck my cock.

3. Elbow or palm of hand blocking a gloryhole.

Gesture by either party.
I am not interested in servicing you or being serviced by you. This is unlikely to change throughout the time you’re visiting at the gloryhole location.

4. Face at a gloryhole (usually with mouth open and tongue out).

Gesture by the oral servicer.
Please fuck my face.

cock through a gloryhole

5. Two men shaking their cocks at one another on either side.

Gesture usually by two men desiring to be oral servicees.
If one is versatile, the polite thing to do is to kneel and start sucking. Usually the older, less good looking or the less hung should be doing the sucking.

6. The suckee receives for a while; the servicer pauses with a push away or a couple of light taps on the cock (kind of like a tap on the shoulder).

This usually occurs when the other party wants to get sucked too or wants to discuss meeting together in the same booth. By the way, it’s okay to decline meeting in the same booth. For the gloryhole experience, part of the fun is the whole gloryhole anonymous thing, even though you can see them through the hole.

7. The suckee receives for a while, a pause comes and there’s a slap on the cock.

This usually means the asshole cocksucker is leaving. It’s also an indicator of a couple of more things that I regret to inform you.

(1.) You have disappointed the cocksucker with your size. Cocksuckers like to be challenged and, if yours just doesn’t snake far enough down their throat, then fuck off. Or,
(2.) the cocksucker thinks he’s so damn good that you should have shot your load by now and he’s done sucking you.

8. The suckee receives for a while, up to hardness and a little beyond; then the cocksucker stops and there’s a firm grip on the receiver’s cock and a pause…

We’ll address fucking through a gloryhole in a moment in another section, but that is indeed is what’s about to happen. That firm grip means two things:

(1.) Positioning your cock to line it up for the ass; or,
(2.) Positioning your cock for a rubber.

9. The sucker is giving a blowjob and the cock begins to move in a fucking motion.

sucking through a gloryholeThe top either wants to…

(1.) fuck your mouth; or,
(2.) fuck your ass.

The latter is more likely, at least when I make the motion.  If fucking your ass is an option, get to it. The most important part now to to vary what you’re doing.

If you won’t go to the ass, don’t be surprised if number 10 ends up happening. With your mouth, go down deeper on his cock, work the whole shaft and see if you can take a whole mouth fucking. That said, if he’s a top like me, he wants to unload in an ass and a mouth just isn’t enough

10. The suckee begins to pull out slowly.

The sucker is not earning his keep. The top is getting bored with the sucking and is considering moving on but has given you another opportunity to redouble effort and prove the blowjob giver is the one he should let suck you off.

11. The suckee all of a sudden pulls out or jerks away.

One of two things:

(1.) The bottom used teeth. Don’t do that.
(2.) The top is too close to coming and he’s not quite ready for it.

Either way, take it slow if you get the cock back in hand, be gentle and kind.

12. The top’s balls are shaved.

I believe if a top shaves his balls or he makes the point of getting them through the gloryhole, there’s a task for the bottom and that’s to lick, lick and lick some more. Access might be tough, but still, it’s an invitation to lick away.

Now, there are many other possibilities. I will often step away and look into the hole. If, on the other side, I see a naked guy, I might give him a little more time to get up the courage to do what I hope he will do. Otherwise, I’ll move on.


Fucking Through a Gloryhole

bareback fucking through a gloryholeThe ultimate experience has got to be fucking though a gloyhole and, of course, I would approve of that bareback. If you are at all concerned about fucking barebacking, be aware that this is a potential experience when you put your cock through a hole. I have found that about 20 percent of the time (or one out of five fucks) you will luck up with a gloryhole fuck. Hints that this will happen can usually be told if you see the servicer is completely naked, but that is not always the case.

If the bottom chooses to use a condom, the sensation I’m most familiar with is what I’ll call the pinch. It’s how some inexperienced people will usually put a condom on someone else, by pinching the tip to remove air but leave an empty reservoir for cum later. Generally, the applier will catch the tip of the cock as well and it can, well, pinch a little. It doesn’t hurt as much as it’s uncomfortable.

Following that process is the roll, where the condom is rolled down the shaft. Again, this sensation doesn’t feel ideal but usually the sense is the sudden dulling of sensation.

At this point, you’ll usually hear the pop, as the bottom opens a bottle of lube and begins applying it liberally on your plastic sheathed cock and on his ass.

Finally, there’s the base death grip,  which guides the cock into the hole.

Generally, whether bareback or covered, allowing the bottom to back up on your cock is a good idea. Then, once he leans back onto the gloryhole, it’s the top’s queue to fuck away. The top usually moves for this while the bottom stays stationary.

As for bareback fucking, I find the bottoms are more prepared, usually well lubed and ready to just back up. They usually go from sucking to the base death grip.

It goes without saying that, if you’re going to be fucked, please clean out well before arriving and, well, monitor your cleanliness. If I catch the scent of shit, I will leave quick without the polite “thank you” tap on the ass.

I have removed a condom while fucking and he knew it. If you’re a bottom and you want the condom on the top, pay attention.

As for how long it should last, well, there’s the polite way. If the ass is good, I will fuck it until I cum. Once I cum, I tap a nice “thank you” and zip up and leave. If I’m not ready to cum, I still tap a “thank you.” If there’s a problem with the ass, I simply leave. Nothing polite about it. I hope the rudeness sends a message to the ass he needs to check on things.


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  4. I have a huge thick long dick , i have always been sucked well at g h i always try not to cun pulling out in time ,this excites the men watching and soon i am surrounded by nen pulling cock , its not them i want its the hole ,,,i can just stand and be serviced….one problem i have is some holes are not big enough for thick cock b

  5. This article is for queeny fags.
    1. No true cocksucker would ever turn down any dick.
    2. If someone puts a condom on you, NEVER take it off. It is their safety and health you are playing with and you have no right to put others at risk. Don’t like it? Then move on.
    3. Unless the guy is bad and/or can’t get you off, you never switch people. Anyone who goes to bookstores knows the pickings are often luck of the draw. So being a Goldy Locks about cocksuckers is bs and normally ensures you go home with blue balls.
    4. If you are getting sucked and they want you to suck them, at the very least jerk them off when they stick it through. It indicates you don’t suck but you still appreciate what they are doing.
    5. BIGGEST RULE: If you are alternating sucking each other (which is ALWAYS preferred) and you cum first, DO NOT just zip up and walk away. Don’t be a dick. You should at least attempt to get him off as well since he did it for you.

    *Two side notes: If someone tells you no more than twice, it means they are not interested in you. Take the hint and leave them alone. Even if you’ve played with them before.
    *If someone doesn’t want to go in your booth, yes they heard you shout it through the hole 50 times already, they don’t want to. Drop the subject and keep sucking.

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    Graduate to blowjobs.

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