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  1. VAPOR SPA Louisville Kentucky

  2. I have never have sex with a man but often fantacized about it I would set on his pole until he released his lode in me and pushes it dep in me marking me as his

  3. you are some man! I have never had sex with a guy before, however I would let you balstinside! If you are ecer in Ireland and fancy breaking in a virgin ass, look me up.

  4. Chute in phoenix is more bear friendly bathhouse, lots of seeded holes.

  5. Just found this website, That part about jizzjoy is totally how I’ve always felt but been unable to describe. I get so happy when I feel that warm load start pumping into me. Its a relief to know I just took a fresh load. You definitely make me wanna be proud of being a barebacker.

  6. You should add Club 442 for California in San Francisco.

  7. Sexy

  8. Ive had sex with men since a young age.the last few years i was with a man who was very large and when he put a condom on it wasnt as hard.i got curous and asked if he got tested could we i found out it was an amazing feeling,he got very evcited and shot,as he pulled out i could feel it running down my leg.when i got home it oozed out again.i have never felt such an amazing feeling as when hot sperm fills u up.

  9. in the rather improbable occasion in which you find yourself traveling in the north-east of italy and in dire need to breed a 24 years old bottom, feel free to contact me!

  10. Mark,

    I very much want to experience my first glory hole and suck and swallow til my jaw locks up or my belly is full – whichever comes first BUT i’m having so much anxiety about catching an std. what are your thoughts on my risk of infection b/c i really really don’t want to use condoms when performing oral sex.

    sorry for sounding like a complete pussy but i need some advice or reassurance or (i dont’ know what)


  11. Mark,
    In most encounters, I am usually top. That is because I am a mature, muscular guy, and bottoms want me to dominate them, Which I am often glad to do. But I am often thinking about meeting a good top to breed me. Is has happened a few time (I wrote about it in another blog here).
    I am in the Philly area and would love you to breed my ass. I tried finding you on BBRT but was unsuccessful. If you ever come up this way, please let me know, and I will be your totally submissive cum slut (A role I often think about but almost never have done).
    Also would be good for you to write about hook up places in different citys. Your following is expanding.
    Fuck by proxy :
    If you have any boys in the philly area who need to be bare backed. Let them know I am available as your proxy to breed them. We could take pics to show the mission is complete. I will also post any encounters.
    Philly Rex

  12. I was on leave from the military, in the NJ area. I went into a gay bar and met this hot Hispanic guy. Well we were both interested in hooking up, but neither of us had a place to play. We took my car to this cemetery.
    Well, I’m usually top, but this guy wanted to fuck me. I was so attracted to him, I let him have his way. I gave him a condom and he fucked me in the back seat. I told him to keep his cock inside me until I came. I was really turned on, getting fucked by him.
    I dropped him off at the bar. I did not realize right away that I was stealthed until after I dropped him off. I found the unused condom in the back seat, and realized that my wet ass was from his cum dripping from my hole.
    I later jerked off again, thinking how hot it was, taking his sperm inside me.

  13. Hey guy
    Haven`t really dug deep into your site yet but WOW I love the straight forwardness. Believe it or not my sexual origin =s started when I was in 2nd grade, 7 years old I guess, lol. I had this school buddy that now I know must of been getting fucked with and he at play time would pass it on to me and a couple of my female cousins.
    Already learning to lick and suck dick and even yes rubbing the heads of our then hard dicks (believe me I was an early bloomer) on my 2 cousins bare pussy`s. Couldn`t cum yet but damn did it all ever feel good.
    lol…I was already eatin pussy and rubbing my cock on their slits till I was what in 7th grade making me 12.
    I and one of my cousins damn near shit the very first time I came like a rocket and geez never did figure out that all I had to do was push through a bit to get to a much better wetter place ( looking back what a good thing, I would have knocked one of them up) But man did they ever enjoy my oral skills.
    Alas it all one day just ended and there I was with a rock hard cock almost daily. The fuckin thing actually hurt man.
    I`m doing all this but I was actually a really dumb slow learner needing to figure out what it was all about.
    I hadn`t played with a guy for years now and finally I discovered my old mans stash of tity magazines. I stroked till my hand hurt.
    Finally some time goes by, I`ve fucked a few teenage babes I dated and was an all out pot smoking Hippie.
    One day I leave my folks place to go smoke one and pull into a local rest area, about half way through this black guy comes walking up and asks me what I`m doing as this cloud pours out of my van….lol
    Of course he asks if he can join me and I say yeah. Well things being what they are he gets to asking me if he can suck my cock and being a little nervous after all these years I say ok.
    Well you can just imagine with it all feeling as great as it did I just crawled into a 69 with him.
    I started frequenting this rest area got right into sucking dick, as years went past discovered glory holes, I would spend hours sucking one dick after another my record being 17 in one evening, most times leaving (stumbling) what I call cock drunk…lol
    I mastered the art of being throat fucked, sucking and licking on balls and tongue fucking a nice hole. I just turn into a freak for a BIG cock.
    Then one day I finally took the next step when a gorgeous 9 – 10″ cock worked its way through a glory hole. I worked a bunch of spit on and in my hole and backed up and lined it up pushing back as he began to thrust through the hole. Hurt like Hell at first but slowly I became a slut for it and started to fuck back on it. I came like a Hell before he filled my hole with his load.
    Ever since yeah their has been big pauses, life happens but I have frequented bath houses, sex lounges and can honestly say going to Inserection about a year ago I have enjoyed a monster 10″ cock.
    I have lived a fair distance from Atl so it was always something special and I always put on my best slut for the evening making sure I got enough cock in my mouth, very rarely in my hole.
    Well I just got a job offer in Decatur and I`ll be starting in a week or 2.
    I`m so tired of just stroking my cock to videos and am ready to get into full slut mode and want to be used like the pig cum dump I want to be.
    I`m 51, tall, shaved head, got a bit of a gut but all in all not to horrible to look at. I haven`t been fucked in a little over a year so I need a good big cock or several for a good stretching.
    I would really like to get hooked up with the underground folks out there like yourself so I can avoid all the BS at places like Inserection.
    My fantasy to this day is to be gang fucked and filmed being the cum pig I want to be.
    I`m for real
    Can you help me out Bryan?
    Bottom pig in need

    I would just

  14. Ever in the DMV (Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia)? Eager bottom here. HUGE cum fetish. Will beg for your loads (in my mouth and deep in my ass). I want to carry your essence around with me forever!!!

  15. If you’re ever in Melbourne, Australia, would love to take your load! We Aussies are pigger than people think!

  16. Bottom cum pig slut in Eugene, Oregon who visits Portland, Oregon on occasion that would love to be barebacked by you. Ever come out here?

  17. Have a tight hungry hole. Love to feel a big hot load shoot deep in my hole again and again. Let me know when your available in Baltimore.

  18. let me know if you’re ever in Sonora, Mexico! I would love to know you and to beg you for your cum in my ass. :)!

  19. If you’re ever in Seattle let me know. I’d love to have you seed my tight hole.

  20. This is my review site and in that way, it’s legitimate. You have your own website and when I submitted my comments there, they did not appear. Hmmm. Interesting. Is that frustrating a little bit Bryan? It sure was to me. Didn’t seem fair if you’re able to post only positive ones that gush only good things.

  21. If this is truly a fair review site they why did you delete my response to your review of me Mark? Is this blog just a place for you to air all of your nasty, cynical comments and outright lies without giving the other person a chance to respond? You write all that crap about me on your blog but you cant handle my comments where I am simply defending myself. You have a form to allow people to write comments about your reviews but when the masseur himself tries to write a comment you delete it. If you have any integrity whatsoever you will do what any legitimate review site does and let people respond.

  22. I loved your stealth bareback posts. I had a stealth encounter for my 1st gay experience and 1st time as a bottom. Met up with a stud from a gay chat line. I told him it was my 1st time. We started out with some surprising hot 69, also my 1st taste of hard cock and precum. We then proceed to prop up my pillows so I could lay on my stomach and be taken from behind. It was very exciting for me to put on 1 of my condoms on his SUPER rock hard 8 inch dick. I laid down and he lubed me with his spit and what felt like his middle finger, then 2 fingers and more spit. He was stroking his cock and I swear I could hear the slurpy rubbery sound of it sliding over his hardon. He then hovered over me and pushed then head of his warm hard cock up against my asshole. It took him a minute or 2 too work it in. I asked him not to be too gentle, I wanted to remember my devirginizing. So the next thing I knew he pushed and was balls deep very quickly. I thought it was going to touch the back of my brain! It hurt SO good! Well he started to slowly deep stroke fuck my freshly devirginized ass. It felt beyond wonderful. Well I decided to reach around and spread my ass cheeks for him to see. He said “Man you really want to make me cum fast don’t you.” Some time during his deep stroking I felt a wet warm feeling on my inner thigh as I was getting fucked. I reached back and found the condom! My naive self nervously said “I guess the condom fell off”.
    He pushed his cock all the way into me and said into my ear “Yeah that’s what happened, the condom just fell off” While holding himself balls deep in me he asked me if I wanted him to put it back on. He said if I wanted to do it right I would let him finish this way and cum in my ass since the condom had already “fallen off” putting it back on wouldn’t do any good anyway. That was so hot I told him he could keep going only if he fucked me hard and when he came I wanted it all the way in and then for him to keep fucking his load into me. That was my fantasy that I was too scared to try, yet here it was happening beyond my control. He fucked me so good and then told me to pay attention. Just then I felt a very warm wet filling feeling deep inside me as he slowed down and hovered just more than half up my ass, I was being filled up. When he was done pumping he was good to his word and over the next 5 minutes he proceed to slowly and deeply push all his load deeper into my ass. When he finally pulled out, I could barely move. He rolled me over and sucked on my dick in a very strange way that made me come in less than a minute. I then got my 1st taste of any cum as he quickly moved up to my mouth and tongue kissed me. We hung out for a while and before he left, having had my interest peeked about eating cum, I asked if I could try to give him a complete blowjob. I sucked very happily on his cock until he held the sides of my head, positioned his cock not too deep and proceeded to empty a surprisingly large load into my my mouth. He told me not to swallow yet but to move it around in my mouth to taste it. When I did that then he let me swallow it. I have only had 2 more experiences with men since it is not too easy to arrange where I live but both times I got barebacked and cummed in, but nothing like the 1st time. I also topped once, he asked me for a condom, I said I didn’t have any. After long fooling around, he let me do it anyway and I came in his ass. I only hope I gave him nearly as much pleasure as my 3 barebacks gave me. I would LOVE to do it again, always keeping the eyes and ears open. Thanks for listening. I’ve never told this to ANYONE. P.S. I still have no idea ha=ow and when he took the condom off?! Before or during sex? I guess I’ll never know.

  23. If you’re ever in central PA, would love to have you over for a night of fun. I’d love to have that hot cum deep inside me!

  24. Mark,
    It would be a pleasure to give it up to you bareback. If you’re in Denver sometime, please contact me. Perhaps we could meet so you could evaluate your interest in my offer.

  25. This west Texas guy would love to get tagged by you. If you’re ever headed this way, let me know…or if you’re in DFW, that’s a short 2 hour drive for me and well worth it to meet you.

  26. My interview from a few months back…ready now to give another and drop the anonymity. I am a bareback loving bisexual married faggot with AIDS. I was infected by knowingly and willingly engaging in unprotected receptive anal intercourse with men I knew to be HIV Positive or interred with full blown AIDS! Shall we continue?

  27. Where is a good place for multiple men in Atlanta. Seriously looking for something different. Possibility of more and more guys joining in. More than I would expect and want it stealthed or just plain told they came inside.

    Asked this on another pages in hopes to get real info. I always chicken out at the video booths.

  28. If you’re ever in the Netherlands… I’m up for you and your 11 commandments… unless you don’t want me to be… I’ll shut up now.

  29. If you’re near Chicago I’d love a turn to take your seed. I just pray my ass is good enough to leave an impression 😉

  30. Hi there, Brit boy here who loves your blog. Just wondering if you could publish some advice on how to successfully infect a guy? Ive been bug chasing for 18 months now with no success, and ive heard it said that there is a certain ‘way’ you can fuck a guy that pretty much guarentees an infection. If you know this info, please tell us!

  31. if you are in indy Apirl 25th thru the 27th there will be tons of firemen in town, its called FDIC and the worlds largest fire expo. firemen at HOT!!

  32. I’m in Indy, hot college grad, fellow total top, I could tell you about the city. Hit me up

  33. i wish you would fuck me i don’t care if you have HIV or not!

  34. What does it feel like to be filled with cum?

    Your terminology ‘jizzjoy’ sums it all. Sometimes I feel the sensation of being flooded, or I can feel the throbbing inside me or sometimes nothing at all. Walking around with cum inside me sometimes feels like the cum is dripping out of me. But however it is actually the sensation of cum sliding down ‘inside of me’ due to the movements I make and gravity. It feels good to be reminded that I have cum inside of me.

  35. No time soon, I’m afraid.

  36. when will you com e to Colorado? I want to try bareback with u.

  37. come to boston and have lunch with me! I think I could learn much from talking with you.

  38. Can you take a photo of your last HIV test results and post it?
    I’m big on bareback sex, but too terrified to ask enough questions to hunt down a negative man. I had an incident where I went over to someone’s house, miscommunication, and had a hard time ever since.

    If I saw a man’s HIV test signoff from a Doc… I’d consider fucking bareback, because it’s the fucking hottest.


  39. Mark, I mean Mr IBlastinside,

    Amazing blog! Found it and you through another blog by a buddy of mine, Brad Bares. You also know another bud, Mr Steed of A Breeders Journal. Would like to get to know you better (and hopefully you might want to of me). You in ATL? Ever film your encounters? I do, or rather others have filmed my ass in action. (Yes, porn. Bareback. What I am born, built, and bred for.) Hope to hear from you soon.

    All ways raw,

  40. Twice a week or so. Can be more or less. Of course, you could help make it more…

  41. How many times do you cum in a day? P.S. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!

  42. Dude, I just wanna say bareback is the only way to go…you can explore my ass anytime


  43. I was there several times over the summer… too bad we missed each other.

  44. Hey! When are you going to be in Dallas TX?
    I would love for you to explode in my ass!

    Tom A