Confessional-1The Confessional Is Open

What have you done? What sleazy, horrendous, hot, sexy, bareback, nasty, crazy, quasi-illegal, strange, secret are you harboring?

Tell the world. Tell your BBBH brothers. Tell me.

The confessional is open. Confession is good for the soul. Bare your secret, whatever it is.


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  1. Was always a safe sex only guy for years. When a guy wanted me to top him bareback, I always put on a condom. Was over at a guys private glory hole where we had blown each other a bunch of times, never seeing his face. I swallowed his load, then he started sucking my cock. I was rock hard and he stopped for a minute and I got the grip around the base of my cock. Felt some lube and knew what was going to happen, but didn’t stop. My cock slid into his ass and I started to pump away, cumming deep inside him after only a minute. Now, all I want to do is breed an anon ass. Any guys in Minneapolis that want an anon load, comment.

  2. I’m the guy you’d never suspect. 50 year old, handsome professional man, well known in my community. Beautiful long time girlfriend. But I’ve got a hunger to dominate men. I kept it in check for years, only playing when I’m traveling for business. I try to play safe, and most times I do, but when I look back, I realize I’ve dropped raw loads in holes in a bath house in Houston, at Hanks bar in Orlando, the Club in DC, a hotel in Minneapolis, the Paris theatre in Portland. I could keep it to a few loads a year until last year, when a new sex club opened within driving distance to a client I visit every two weeks. I’ll drive by and see the pick up trucks on a thursday afternoon and I cant help myself. There is a “lounge’ in the back, you pay $10 and walk in. Gay and straight porn playing, everything painted black. And Men. And Glorylholes. Blue collar guys are my weakness. I, apparently, am theirs. All I have to do is stand there, showing my sizable dick, hard in my suit pants, watching the straight porn. I dont really give a shit about the chicks in the porn, but it attracts the right guys. Next thing I know, he’s on his knees. Whoever he is. Cocksuckers love my tool, but often have trouble with my length. When they gag, I ask them if their other hole is deeper. Then I just take control, bend them over, spit and slide home. Few object. Thats the way it always plays out. But not last week,last week was different. I went, and their were only four guys, including me. Two old guys, no interest. Me and another guy. Im in a suit, he’s in blue coveralls with a name patch. We watch some porn together and haul out our cocks, mine long and average thickness, his short and fat. FAT. He’s nothing to look at, 40’s, beer belly, dirty baseball cap. Hunter jacket. Wedding ring. We jack each other off for a bit, but he’s clearly not interested in my cock. I’m just gonna jerk off and split, when he spins me around and bends me over. I havent taken a cock in years and tell him so. He says “about time, then” and produces a bottle of lube, greases up his dick and just kind of swirls it around my hole. Now I’m wanting it, but that fucker is fat, and it just won’t go in. Then it does, and I expel all the air in my lungs. Fuck it hurts. And then it doesn’t. He fucks me like I’ve fucked so many others. Doesn’t ask me what I want, just fucks jackrabbit style for three minutes, stays deep and just unloads. I feel it, then he squishes it around in there, wipes his rod on my shirt tail and is gone. What have I done! Im dizzy and in ten strokes I wash the wall with the biggest load I’ve shot in years. In the car I look at myself in the mirror, my tie is ruined, grease on it and my shirt from when he mauled my tits. I guess I had it coming…

  3. I was at Flex in Atlanta, had been playing with a few guys all night but hadn’t cum yet. I was getting bored and frustrated when i walked in the sauna. I saw the hairiest man I have ever seen getting blown by a black guy. He was covered in hair from head to toe, including a mountain man beard. I suspected he was homeless he was so poorly groomed and he was primally face fucking the black guy.

    I walked up and showed my ass. He pushed the black guy off his cock so he could eat it and started going insane. He told me he had to fuck me and he slid in raw. Within minutes I came, as the black guy drank my load from my cock.

    I felt like I hit a new low, taking raw cock from a potentially homeless guy. But I’m rock hard thinking about how hairy and primal he was.

  4. I’m not a bug-chaser, but poz tats are really hot and seeing them makes me want to get bred, hard.

  5. Stumbled on block during gloryhole search on trip to Atlanta.
    Very steamy stuff. Eager to be fed poppers and used for hours.
    Originally thought only can be done ANON now and serve as part of bukkake now eager to see if wine and poppers takes me elsewhere.
    Looking to get pop the virgin cherry.

  6. Had bareback sex with another missionary when I was on my mission for the Mormon church. His was the first cock I ever took and the first person to ever breed me, from that point on I knew I loved bareback sex.

  7. Despite a clear test, I am pretty sure I am POZ and I can’t stop thinking about getting filled up with all the cock and cum I can get. My fiance knows nothing.

  8. At local sauna there’s a bench you can lean over and put your hole on display. I had 4 guys round me – each took it in turns to fuck me and then load me. I have no idea who they were – my head was kept down and I couldn’t see much than a couple of cocks I was sucking on whilst I was getting shafted. Had a magnificent cum deposit in my pants on way home.

  9. I love hours in a sling!!!

  10. i have stealth thrre guys this month was so exotic to do

  11. I raw fuck and breed guys all the time. I’ve been fucked raw, but never let anyone cum inside me. I fantasize about letting men breed me at the bathhouse or if I hookup with them online. I want to know what if feels like to have another guy’s seed inside me. Maybe someday soon.

  12. I used to be a “safe-sex only” person. Even when I started going to the bathhouse, I would not fuck or be fucked without a condom.

    One evening I had been siting (and laying) around for several hours wanting to fuck someone. I had watched several guys taking turns on a guy a few rooms down. The were all fucking him bareback and cumming inside him. The all looked as though it was the best thing ever. That moment, I decided I wanted to fuck someone raw.

    It was late and I was laying on the mattress in my room. This cute Hispanic guy walked in and sat next to me. He played with my cock for a bit and even sucked on it. I asked him if he wanted to fuck, but he said he was not ready. He asked if I was going to be there much longer and I told him I had the room for the night. I thought that would be the last I would see of him.

    For about an hour I walked around looking for some ass to fuck. No one was willing to do it raw. I was beginning to get frustrated, so I went back to my room and kicked back. After about 20 minutes, the cute Hispanic guy came back in and asked if I still wanted to fuck him.

    I reached over and yanked his towel off. Then I wrapped my arm around him and pulled him onto the mattress. We kissed for a few minutes and then I rolled him over on his stomach.

    Even though there were several condoms next to the mattress, I only picked up the lube and squirted some on his hole and then smeared some on my cock. I can’t tell you how excited I was that I was about to bareback this guys really hot ass.

    I slowly slid into him. He moaned deeply as I hit bottom inside him. He looked back at me and asked if I was wearing a condom. I told him that I wasn’t because I wanted to fuck him bare. He said it was OK and I started to fuck him harder.

    After a bit, I pulled out and put him on his back with his legs in the air. I slid my cock back into him and began to fuck hard and deep. I told him I was about to cum inside him. He locked his eyes with mine as I filled the deepest recesses of his ass with my seed.

    Once I was done, I asked him if he was OK with me fucking him like that. He said he was and then pulled me down into a kiss. He left my room to shower with my cum leaking out of him.

    Ever since then I only fuck guys raw and cum inside them. If they refuse to do it that way, I leave or make them leave.

    What I haven’t been able to bring myself to do yet is let a guy cum inside me. Oh, I’ve been fucked raw before, but I always made him pull out before cumming. My deepest fantasy has been to give myself up to one or more men and let them breed me (damn the consequences). Maybe one day soon I will.

  13. I am obsessed with taking and giving cum in my butt and then in my mouth through fletching. I need cum from multiple partners in my DNA to be alive!

  14. I started taking bare cock in my ass at 11…and I really enjoyed it. I was actively seeking out pedophiles by the time I was 12. Thinking about my experiences makes my dick rage!

  15. I know why I hear voices. Well, it’s not really voices. Other people live with me. Inside me. It’s cause I was molested. It started with my dad and big brother. But by the time I was old enough to truly understand it, I knew my ass was for fucking.

    I get fucked daily. Raw. And the voices encourage it.

  16. You may have read my confession from a few weeks ago (me and the 420 otter). We had another epic fuck date this past weekend. A rare opportunity came up – both our partners were off doing other stuff. Naturally – we took advantage of this. I go to his place and 30 seconds after arriving his gigantic cock was in my mouth. I nursed on his cock for a few minutes in the kitchen before whipping my hole fucker out. He blew me while I packed a bowl. We each took a hit then moved to the living room for round 1. He was prepared – poppers, a bottle of Wet, towel – like the pig he is. I sucked on his ears for a bit (makes him squirm) and a few minutes later he was lubing my cock up. He straddled me on the couch and sat on my aching dick. He was a little tight, so we paused so I could tongue fuck his cum hole. After a few minutes he was prime to fuck. Back to straddling me, he sat all the way down on my cock – I’m balls deep at this point. We each hit he bowl again while I’m in him (HOT) and he rides me like this for a good 5 minutes. His giant dong starts to drip while I poke at his prostate. Next he’s on his back on the couch while I kneel on the floor and plunge in deep. He’s in total ecstasy at this point and moaning. I recently discovered how fucking crazy feet make me so I suck on his toes while fucking him. I knew I had multiple loads for him so I wasted no time pumping load #1 deep into his ass. Amazing. At this point we move upstairs – my turn to get nailed. We go into a bedroom, lube up the otter’s cock and my hole, then I very slowly sit on his boy fucker. And FUCK – he’s big. Everytime he fucks me I can hardly believe his fat 8’incher fits in me. With some effort, he’s inside and I’m in heaven. I ride him like this for a few minutes until I’m hard and dripping – I knew I needed to cum again. He pulls his cock out and I move up to his face so he can blow me while I puff on the bowl. Now I’m kneeling in front of him on the bed. No issues this time getting back in him. I fuck him on his back for a few minutes while he moans loudly, begging for my load. No problem – his hole is sloppy cummy now I can smell the sweet mix of cum and ass (have I mentioned how crazy his mansmells make me?) I pull out to jerk my cock and next thing I know I’m fucking load #2 into him while he moans exceptionally loudly. Now time for the grand finale – he needed to nut bad, and I needed his 7 day+ load in me. I flip onto my back and he pushes that larger than life cock into me. He grabs my legs and starts to fuck me. And I mean FUCK ME. He wasn’t holding back, and I’m glad he didn’t. He tells me he’s getting close and needs to cum badly. I beg for it which pushes him over the edge. A few seconds later he’s cumming – and it was unreal. It was beyond perfect. I never heard him groan so loudly while cumming (and we fuck a lot). I can literally feel his gigantic warm load filling me up. This went on for a solid 15 seconds before he was spent. I squeeze my hole to milk every last drop out of the otter. I was stuffed. Later that night I went home, and rubbed load #3 out of my cock thinking about the pig sex we just had. I pushed some of his cum out into my hand and used it as lube (which tasted amazing too). I finished myself off while fingering my unbelievably cummy hole. It’s only been a few days since that evening, but I’ve cum more times then he’ll ever know thinking about that. Everytime we fuck I say it’s the best sex I’ve had – can’t wait til we go at it again.

  17. Many years ago I was having phone sex with this poz dude. We started getting real fucking out there. I told him I knew of this 22 year old neg kid who loved getting really drunk and then being fucked.

    I had the phone sex guy and the 22 year old over. I kept pouring the 22 year old screw drivers til he was good and sloshed. Then I watched the phone sex guy rip his asshole open and pump a couple of toxic loads into the kid. I’ve been using this image to jerk off to for many years.

    The hottest thing I ever did.

  18. I’m a young undetectable poz bottom and I lie to guys who about my status when they ask for it. I want to tell them but I don’t want to get hurt emotionally or physically as the tops I get to play around with are older and aggressively dominant. And I don’t want them to use a condom if I tell them as those who ask for my status usually want to cum in me.

  19. I had sex with this muscled top daddy the other week. We talked online and he immediately said he likes twinks who will only fuck raw. Brilliant! I responded and I arranged to go to his place. When he got there, immediately we went int the bedroom and ripped my clothes off (bought an extra pair). He fucked me for three hours while I kept sniffing fresh poppers. He bred me three times with his thick 8 inch, each time groaned “Take my fucking load, let your boypussy take it” and then continued to fuck me deep telling me he knew I wanted his “swimmers” deep up my gut and that my twinky was hungry. On breaks he made sure I had a buttplug up my wrecked ass so none of his juices would come out because he also precum a lot!!! Finally he would open me up with a speculum, piss in me with out telling as I was high on poppers, before taking it out and fuck the piss out of me. Next time he’s going to put a gas mask on me and make me take sedatives so he can fuck me longer and rent me out to his friends who he says they like to use twinky boys like me, especially when they are to weak to move a muscle or have passed out.