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Behind Dead Eyes… A Return to Breed a Third Load

Behind Dead Eyes… A Return to Breed a Third Load

The text message appeared: “I’m horny.”

Let’s admit that I did like the bottom in my entries from Behind Dead Eyes Opens a new window from this blog. Perhaps that creeped him out a little or the fact he never liked that I implied he had “dead eyes.” Instead, it’s a metaphor for the protective wall he builds around himself and that inner being.

After our time of debauchery at the bookstore Opens a new window from this blog, we’d texted a bit but not met up again.

“I am too,” I responded.

“I want cum,” he wrote.

“I’ll give you some,” I typed back.

As it turned out, I was downtown and would be glad to hit the bookstore yet again. A few more of his coy questions and my to-the-bone answers.

I had an appointment but once it was over, I wanted to fuck him. That was the only reason to drive over and pay the $11 admission. Once I admitted to having my good poppers Opens a new window from this blog, I got the green light. I made a left instead of a right and headed toward one of the best asses ever.

And I mean best asses.

It’s usual for me to really look forward to seeing someone. I’ll admit my crush on this boy. There’s chemistry there, even if he can’t admit there’s any. And we fuck well.

I arrived, whipping into a parking place. I plunged into the darkness and throbbing environment of sexual scents, Pine Sol and satellite radio.

He stood along the edge of one of the banks of booths on the basement floor, not far from the entrance. Approaching him, he spoke under his breath, “You have to act like you don’t know me.”

My anticipation fluttered a little. I missed a beat, but I recovered and made the walk upstairs to the rooms.

Within moments, he joined me.

He wore a strange combination of a stretched out tank under a button down. This flashback to the Flash Dance 1980s look seemed strange to me since I recalled the original look. Here I am in jeans and a t-shirt and he appeared so perfectly coiffed. He walked past me into a room. I followed.

He started removing his clothing immediately and I did the same, inquiring whether I should lock the door. He shrugged, a hallmark of his usual indecision. But I didn’t care.

He stripped completely naked and went to sucking my cock, getting it hard. His oral skills undeniably good. Then he crouched on the mattress, ass in the air.

As I did before, I went in for food. I ate his ass, spreading my meal wide. Oh how delicious his hole proved to be. So good! I’ve ate many asses in my day. His just perfection, just lovely, just nice. The soft hairs never wiry and adding to the opening up, never detracting from the effort to open the hole.

With a little more spit as I pushed my tongue into his pucker and deep pink, I stood and began to push my cock into him.

I’d handed him the poppers earlier and he’d been sniffing them already, but now he really snorted them as my seven inches invaded his interior.

Oh my fucking God, how his ass was so damn tight and molded perfectly around my cock. In a way, it felt as if I was pushing my cock into clay.

He moaned. I pushed. I’d pull back a little and push farther in.

Soon, I made it all the way.

I looked down to see this almost perfect hourglass shape. His smooth body. His back and upper chest wide, his waist going smaller and then that ass, the widest of all. Not fat, but perfect. And as I plunged inside it, just wonderful.

And in a way, I just hit paydirt.

Pumping in him deep once, I felt something. Oh so warm. Oh. This was a new sensation. Like I’d popped through to a new place, this warmth began to trickle down past my cockhead and tickle my balls, some dripping off and some running down my legs.

I inquired to be sure and disappointingly discovered I was the first to be fucking his ass, so all I felt was water. Knowing this bottom’s routine, I knew it was clean and nothing to worry about. No scents or anything other than the unusual sensation that enthused me a little. If only I’d been squishing around a little extra cum as well.

The door to the room opened. I’d not locked in.

In walked an older white man and not at all attractive followed by an older African American who turned out to be a little fat. I didn’t mind the audience. He urged me on, wanting to eat the cum out of the bottom’s ass after I was done.

As I fucked more, the little trickle of water turned more into a gush of water and I really enjoyed that sensation of warm water along my balls that now cooled in the air. I borrowed the poppers and took a sniff.

I fucked harder. More gusto.

“You want my load?”

“Give it to me!” he said. “Give me your load.”

The trolls agreed.

And I went into a place where my cock and the bottom’s ass  just existed together. The water now emptied out, I replaced it with my flood into his guts with my cum. I throbbed. I buried to the hilt and stood still, letting my cock deposit all my seed into his ass. I pushed it in as deep as I could and then pulled it out as his ass sealed up behind my extracting rod.

My bottom friend objected to the trolls even touching him and we kicked them out, now the festivities were over. And he turned horrified at the splattered water on the mattress, not to mention me. Even with my promise that I enjoyed it, he just couldn’t believe how much came out.

I kissed him for the first time as he began putting on his clothes. Oh, how well he kissed.

“I’ll see you later,” I said.

“You’re leaving?”

“I came here just to fuck you,” I replied.


“Really,” I said. “Take care.”

And I left.

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Deceptively Fun #16: Plastic Or Skin

Deceptively Fun #16: Plastic Or Skin

You know, it’s funny how many “safe” tops I hear from that say they get soft while fucking with a condom. No wonder. Society is all about putting a “safe” distance between you and everyone else. Whether it’s masks to keep away germs or gloves to prevent contaminants from leaking into our food or that “personal space” between you and the hot guy you’re talking with.

Life is messy. We always seem to be trying to clean it up.

So I am chatting online with this hot little number who lives too fucking close to believe it. We do not clarify whether he’s in the “safe” camp, which is fine by me. I never arrive with a condom in those situations. I think the, “I’m out of condoms” is a passive-aggressive way of saying, “Please fuck me raw.” I mean, how often do people run out of the essentials.

In my book, fucking is essential.

So the guy’s setting up a three-way cause he’s never been double-fucked and he wants to try it out. The other top is nothing more than a dick shot, so I’m not certain what I am getting myself into. The good news is the bottom is a hottie… 5-foot-6 with auburn hair, smooth and almost tightly muscular — although with a nice layer of winter fat on top.

So I’m the first one there and we chit chat before he starts kissing on me and rubbing my cock through my jeans in order to get an estimation of whether it will fit. My 7-cut throbber goes rock hard for him, convincing him he’s in for a treat. Then the other top shows up.

Well, he’s not bad. A little overweight, but then again, so am I. Hell, unless you’re some fucking gym god, we could all stand to lose a few pounds. But he needs to loose a few more than me.

We head to the bedroom and get naked. The bottom is totally smooth, although touching some parts of his tanned skin, it’s artificial smoothness. The other top is a little hairy, at 6-feet tall and light brown hair and somewhere around 210 pounds. And I’m in the middle of the hairy scale. We start kissing and jerking.

But in one of the top’s hands, he’s already holding a condom. It’s still in the wrapper. He brought it with him. It’s his safety blanket. No tongue with him, either. Almost a dry kiss. Damn, I like it when it’s wet. But the bottom is satisfying me in that way and, it becomes obvious who’s going to have the most fun.

I’ll cut to the chase. After a little sucking, we all climb onto the bed and the bottom is sucking my cock when the top puts on his condom and slides his covered cock into the bottom. He is a machine, just slamming the cock into the bottom without any real finnesse. But the good news is he uses plenty of lube.

So I am on my back, the bottom is sucking my cock, on his knees with his ass in the air. That’s when I pull him forward, off of my cock, for a nice, juicy kiss. The other top is suddenly fucking air, but I don’t care.

As we kiss, I gently move the bottom so his knees are on either side of me and his ass is right in place. My spit-soaked cockhead is gently prodding at the hole when a hand grabs it.

At first, I’m thinking the other top is going to put a fucking condom on me, but he doesn’t. He’s adding a little lube (which, could be a preparation for a condom, but I scoot up a little and he lets me go).

Then I am pushing up at the ass and the bottom gets the hint, arching his back the right way for my cock to enter him.

Damn, the other top does NOT know what he’s missing. This boy has a tight, hot hole. He doesn’t need to get double fucked. He’s tight enough as it is.

I get a few thrusts into his ass. The bottom is moaning, which I am sure Mr. Safety Top never noticed the bottom did during the earlier assault. But the top man is suddenly there, his fat cockhead is right along the rim of where my cock is inside the bottom’s ass.

The bottom and I stop moving. I know he wants to try it, so I let him.

The good news about the condom is Safety Top is not completely hard… even close to what he was like when we were doing the suck-off thing earlier. But he’s forcing the issue, pushing his half-hard six-incher into the boy’s hole.

It pushes in and he gasps, reaching for the bottle of poppers. Who can blame him? I stay still, although I do borrow the poppers after the boy’s done.

And the machine gets to work. The tight space along with skin vs. latex requires more lube in a bit, but soon we’re just kissing. We let him fuck it out of his system until he shoots into the condom. I mean, the tightness felt good. But I’m in this nice, wet, warm place and this cool plastic thing is rubbing up against me. There’s some novelty with it. But Mr. Safety Top never pauses or varies his pace.

He’s in a safe place, where nothing is disturbed. There’s a barrier between him and everyone else in the world.

Not us.

As he leaves to wash off the dirt of the scene, we kiss deeply. I begin pushing my cock into him, deeper and deeper. That raw space is filled with nothing but us. And he moans more. We fuck for about 10 minutes, sometimes he’s hopping up and down on me, his back arched and in a crab position. Other times, I am thrusting up into him, the angle of my cock causing me to slam against his G spot.

As he lets loose, shooting his load all over my chest with a few grunts. He looks into my eyes and whispers, “Breed me.”

It doesn’t take long until I am pumping my baby batter into his nicely used ass.

I don’t shower. I barely wipe off, although Mr. Safety Top is waiting with a warm, wet rag. As we’re escorted out, I kiss the bottom as top makes a run for his car.

“Next time,” I say. “No condoms and let me be in back.”

He smiles. “You’re on.”

Later on that evening at home, I pull off my undershirt, which sticks to a few crusty remnants of the load shot on my chest.

I like it when life gets a little dirty.

Deceptively Fun #15: The Seduction of Poppers

Deceptively Fun #15: The Seduction of Poppers

Do you smoke? Do you do drugs? Do you drive too fast?

Life is only worth living if you take risks. Someone mistakenly sent me an e-mail thinking my stories were about “conversion.” They’re not. It’s about the risk I choose to take and the risks others take or, in their stupidity or the heat of the moment, they indulge in what they really want, at some subconscious level.

Man is an animal, pure and simple. Of course, the hunting and gathering occurs at your local market rather than caves and fields, but really what we desire as red-blooded men is to spread our seed.

And we want human contact. Think of the act of fucking, pushing that rock hard (or at least MINE is rock hard) into the soft, warm, enveloping embrace of that ass chute. In the most intimate moment, we put a barrier we believe that will protect us from a microscopic entity or two.

Maybe you’re health conscious. Maybe you don’t add sweetener in the pink packet for fear of cancer. Maybe you pay your taxes, drive at safe speeds, always use your turn signal and look both ways before crossing the street where a maniac with C4 explosives tied to his chest decides to proclaim holy jihad on your unsuspecting ass.

An ass that has never felt the warmth of another man deep inside it.

Take Bryan, for instance. He’s a 32-year-old strawberry blond who chatted me up. I find it interesting, the “mostly top” guys out there who, with a little rim job, flip over for it.

Truth be know, Bryan didn’t flip over. He just ground down until my cock was deep inside his ass.

Bryan’s lived a safe life. He’s barely kissed another man in the past six years after his last bottom boyfriend left him to be a top. I don’t think it was the pain of the break up as much as the “fear” of what he’d been “exposed” to. But 12 tests since, he’d only ended up with a mild case of crabs and that was from something probably in the gym.

Bryan’s sex life, up until me, was online free porn samples. In his suburban loft apartment using a slightly out-of-date laptop, Bryan had whacked off to everything.

Then he found a barebacking site.

“I’ve never cum so much in my life,” he types to me. “What does it feel like?”

I chuckled. Another innocent about to be exposed to the reality of the world.

“Beyond heaven,” I respond.

A couple of days later, I am shaking Bryan’s hand and entering his apartment, as he offers me a drink. A beer, of course, is my drink of choice. Bryan, instead, indulges in something more heavy, probably to loosen up.

Now, I must say, Bryan had informed me that sex was out of the question. But I’d brought him this far in our conversations. I was going to take him all the way.

The small talk proceeded with my usual wit and charm on high intensity, feeling the man out and getting his groove. After a while, he relaxed. Probably partially from the booze, but more likely cause, despite the charm, I hadn’t made a move in his direction.

This is a classic move. Patient people can do it. Hell, I wouldn’t have moved in for the kill if I wasn’t certain my mission couldn’t be accomplished.

That mission was cock in ass, sperm in ass — mission success.

So after dinner at a local swanky place and bit of wine, Bryan’s strawberry was beginning to blossom into a cherry I was going to bust.

“Have you tried poppers?” I ask him partially into a sex conversation Bryan had initiated himself.

“Never,” he says. “I heard they were bad….”

“From who?” I ask.

“People say,” he responds, but his voice seems to trail off.

“Well, the drug in poppers was originally developed to help people with heart problems,” I try to sound official. Someone had mentioned that, but I could never really be sure if it’s true or not.

“Really?” he seems sincerely interested. He’s not feigning anything. I am pulling out a small brown bottle.

“Yup,” I say. “Seriously, you won’t believe what it feels like.”

“Why?” he says. “What does it feel like?”

“Imagine if everything happening to you is all you experience,” I explain, making poppers sound more like a religious experience than a rush to head. “Imagine if there’s no tomorrow, no yesterday, no two minutes from now and no this morning. Imagine if everything, every fiber of your being, is focused on the pinprick of the moment.”

He looks at me wide eyed, finally muttering, “Wow.”

I pull out a bottle.

“The good news is that the effect of the poppers lasts just a few minutes,” I say.

“But people talk about headaches,” he begins.

“Got some aspirin?” I ask.

“I do,” he responds. “More likely Advil or something. Need some?”

“No, but if you get a headache, take some.”

I do a snort, not a deep one, and hand it to him.

He’s hesistant, but I knew the curiosity would get to him. Not long and he’s madly kissing me.

“Damn, I like that,” he says.

I smile: “I knew you would.”

After 20 minutes or so of making out, our clothes are off and we’re writhing around on the couch. Pretty soon, I am in position to begin kissing his ass — literally. I am working my tongue in and he’s moaning like the bitch-in-heat he is.

And that’s when it happens. Sitting on the sofa, he climbs onto my lap and begins to kiss me. My cockhead touches gold, but I just leave it firmly against the hole when I pull away, snort a little and hand the bottle to him.

He does a deep smell and relaxes so my cock head slips in. He begins to pull off right as the poppers kick into high gear and he begins to moan. The cock goes in deeper and deeper until he’s completely sitting on my cock.

In his ass. Raw.

“I should get a condom,” he says, as he rides my cock.

I want to tell him it’s a little too late for that, but I don’t. Part of the charm.

“Sure,” I say. “Okay.” But I just sit there and he continues to ride it.

“It sure feels good,” he says.

“It sure as hell does.”

He’s not a regular bottom or even a natural one. The hole is friggin’ tight and I know his endurance is going to be minimal. So I begin to pump with his motion, entering him as deep as possible. We fuck like this for a few minutes, his eyes closed, not looking at me or acknowledging there’s a raw cock in his ass.

I hand him the poppers for another huff. He takes it.

“I’m close,” he says.

“Me too,” and I am.

“AWWW…” he’s moaning. “Would you…?”

“What?” I say breathlessly as I take the poppers from his hand and snort some.

“Would you cum? Now?”

“Yessssssssssss” I say, as the high hits me. I let the cock throb and I release my load into his hole. He’s letting out something close to a guttural scream when his cock suddenly stands upright and the red head flairs. It looks almost like a cartoon snake spitting white stuff into the air that, like some obscene fountain, shoots up in an arc and lands just left of my chin. Three or four more spurts follow, all at a diminishing force, landing on my chest. There’s a copious amount of spooge on my chest as he comes off my cock immediately, stands and walks away.

The guilt of barebacking hits him. He runs to the bathroom, probably to try and flush out all the baby batter I’ve deposited into him.

A few awkward moments later, I am on my way home.

A few days later, he chats me up online for “good barebacking videos.”

A few days after that, he calls and chats about nothing.

A few days after that, he invites me over.

The only thing I’ve converted is a man into fucking the way it should be.

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Deceptively Fun #14: Condom Nazi

Deceptively Fun #14: Condom Nazi

Buddies have to help each other out.

So I’m at a club in Atlanta, hanging with my top bud (from the ninth in this series). He’s a 27 year old Latino, 5-foot-8, beefy but in all the right places (including his hot, hairy ass) and a thick, uncut six-incher. The club we’re at has a reputation. My buddy is a total barebacker like me. And, like me, he’s a charmer with puppy dog brown eyes.

An innocent look helps. He’s probably better at it than me. I’m more unassuming. You might even call me a geek. I could walk past you and it would not even register I’d walked by. I’m so damn normal, white bread looking, it’s a wonder I get as much ass as I do. I am tall, at 6-foot-3, but I always wear glasses, unless the fuck is really good or really bad. If it’s really bad, I don’t want to see what my cock’s going into. If it’s really good, I’m close up next to the bottom so I can see everything.

We’re suckling on a couple of beers along a slightly darkened hallway in this metro-area club that’s got a little reputation for being sleazy. But it’s inconsistent. And tonight is not getting sleazy. Since I’ve just recently moved to town, I’m still checking out the scene here. It’s my first time at this hedonistic destination.

But tonight is just not happening.

“Fuck man,” my bud says. “I need to spread my seed.”

It’s one of his favorite sayings when he’s horned up. I nod in agreement. But the mid-week evening wasn’t netting any potentials except for some older, easy targets.

We were looking for some new ass. He’d fucked several around here, but he wanted something tight and young.

“I’m getting another beer. Want one?” he asks.

“Naw,” I said. “I better switch to water.”

It was an acknowledgement that the evening wasn’t going our way.

My bud wandered off and I stood there waiting for a bit. Damn, I enjoyed fucking ass with this guy. He thought a lot like me. A LOT. We’d used the glory hole place a few times but the bottom there got pissed at us. We preferred to only fuck him together now and we’d never come over for a one-on-one.

Time passed a little longer than I expected for him to return. This left me hopeful. So I downed the rest of my beer and headed toward the front bar to see if my bud was catching us some poon-tang.

Sure enough as I rounded the corner, he was chatting up a little blond boy. Damn, he’d struck gold with this boy that could have been no more than 23 or 24, short and wispy. Surely, he was totally smooth with barely any blond fur coming out for his pubes. I was hanging back to make sure he’d hooked the boy, but my bud invited me over.

“Hey, Mark, this is Todd,” he says, motioning at the blond boy.

“Nice to meet you, Todd,” I smile, shaking his hand.

“He is a tall one,” Todd says. “I like ’em tall.”

I won’t bore you with the details of the small talk. We can both charm. And we both know how to buy drinks for a cute boy. If he’s 135 pounds soaking wet, it would be amazing. And so it takes a drink and two shots for our little boy to be drunk.

Just not drunk enough, though.

We escort him home, which is easy to do since he lives in an apartment complex less than a mile up the road. He’d caught a ride with another resident, so our offer to drive him home seemed chivalrous. He invites us up to his apartment, which turns out to be a tiny studio. His “executive assistant” salary cannot afford much, and it’s almost barren. Still, we’re there for the boy.

Within moments, the boy is sucking on my friend’s cock and I’m eating Todd’s hairless ass. We switch off for a bit so my buddy can eat before we fuck it. My bud is a little impatient tonight and he barely licks between the mounds before he’s got his dick rubbing at the hole.

Todd comes off my cock as soon as he feels that uncut meat poised to enter. Todd bounced on the bed away from us and reaches underneath, pulling out a plastic shoebox from beneath the bed. He pops off the top and shoved it toward my friend.

“Condoms and lube are in there,” Todd says.

“I’m neg, so it’s cool,” my bud replies too hastily. I almost groan. We will NOT get into this boy’s ass raw now. I know. My bud just committed an error from which we won’t recover. He’s “charming” technique isn’t as honed as mine.

“I don’t get fucked without a condom,” Todd says.

I stop the talk by pulling Todd into a kiss and then pushing his face down onto my cock again. I motion to my friend to put one on. He points over to my pants on the other side of the room, where he knows I’ve probably got my special, easily breakable condoms. But I shake my head, pointing at the box.

Todd would figure out something was up if my bud had moved, so we were going to play safe, at least for now.

He tore off the foil wrapper with a look of disgust and slid it on his thick cock. He applied some lube and poised it at Todd’s hole.

Just as I expected, Todd paused from giving me a blow job to reach back and check my bud’s cock to make sure it was sheathed. The he eased back onto it, a little at a time.

Even in a condom, my bud was feeling this boy’s tight ass. And it felt good. Not great. But good.

As we developed a rhythm to fuck the boy at both ends, he began to groan. Louder. Todd was enjoying this.

And I got an idea. An evil one. I pulled off Todd, bending down to kiss him. Then I went to get the poppers from my pocket. I left the condoms where they were. I returned to the scene. I offered the poppers to Todd, who refused and then went up to my bud. I got behind him.

“You want some of this sweet ass,” he almost whispered. I could get a hint of his sarcasm in his voice.

“No man,” as I reached around him, unscrewing the top of the poppers and putting it up to his nose. “Shoot your load.”

A shocked look came on his face. I knew he wanted to fucked more. I then whispered in his ear, “Trust me. Cum now.”

He had a look of confusion, but as he took a deep snort from the bottle, he went to town on the boy’s ass. Todd’s groaned. He was very much enjoying my friend’s thick cock. And with every grunt and slam, the slapping noise against Todd’s ass got louder until my friend let loose and shoved it all the way in.

“I’m cumming!” he said. And he let his load enter into that condom. I moved off to the side where Todd could just see me. I was lubing up my cock some and tearing open a condom. My friend was finishing up. As I got the new condom to the tip, Todd stopped watching me to reach back and make sure the condom exited with my friend’s uncut cock. I stepped back there as my pal stepped back breathlessly. He reached down to his covered cock but my hand got there first. I pulled the condom off myself and held it up, showing him the white juice held inside. I handed my friend the unused condom and, to his wide eyes, put his used condom on inside out.

A little cum dropped onto the floor, but most of it now covered my seven-plus-inch condomed cock.

I poised it at Todd’s hole and didn’t wait. I shoved it in. All the way.

He groaned, but grabbed up at the cock quickly and I paused to let him feel the rolled end of the condom near the base of my cock.

My buddy still stared at me. I was spreading his seed. He got his wish.

“Damn, this is a sweet ass,” I said sincerely. I pulled out so my friend could see the ring of spooge around the boy’s hole as I used his cum as lube to fuck.

“Goddamn,” my friend said. “That’s hot.”

“And big,” Todd said. “Mark, please fuck me.”

And I did. I fucked him hard, slamming my cock into his hole, with my buddy’s cum now coating the inside of that ass.

My buddy was holding the new condom, wondering what to do, when I grabbed it from him. His cock was still hard. He was enjoying my abuse of this boy. After a few minutes of fucking Todd good, I pulled out and ripped the condom off, throwing it at my friend.

“I wanna fuck you on your back,” I said, at the same time, sliding the new condom on and adding some lube. Todd rolled over and I slid my cock into his ass.

“God-fucking-damn,” Todd said.

I took a snort of poppers. I knew what I needed to do. And I hoped my bud got the hint. I started grunting and pretty soon, on the crest of the popper high, I let my load loose into the condom. It was nice. And Todd was loving it.

After a moment, I pulled out, Todd’s little hand making sure the condom was coming out intact. I pulled the condom off with my right hand and crawled up toward Todd, kissing his face deeply. I put my hand behind my back in the middle of the kiss and my bud was there. He took the condom from my hand. You know what he did next.

Pretty soon, Todd was moaning as my bud’s still-inflamed cock entered the blond’s ass. I turned around, crawling off Todd and kissing my friend. I then looked down to see if what I expected was there.

It was. A ring of spooge around a nice, tight, hairless hole.

Buddies have to help each other out.

Deceptively Fun #13: Condom Breaks

Deceptively Fun #13: Condom Breaks

It’s funny how people can fill in the blanks with what they want to believe.

So I’m online the other day and I get asked the question I hear every once in a while: whether I fuck bare.

“Been known to,” I answer.

“Yeah, I do safe mostly,” he responds. “Only fucked bare in a relationship.”

“Of course,” I reply. “My last LTR lasted 8 years.”

“Damn, when did it end?” he asks.

“Last year,” I respond.

“Oh man, I bet you miss fucking bare,” he writes.

“Yup,” I answer simply. Truth is, I fucked an ass earlier this week nice and raw. But I do miss having my cock inside an ass. His assumption, of course, is that I’ve been “safe” since my last relationship ended. But that’s his assumption.

You know what the stupid saying is about people who assume (makes an “ass” of “u” and “me”). But I can’t help how people interpret what’s being said.

So with more small talk, we meet. I arrive at his place and discover he’s hotter than the “jock” in his screen name even hinted at. Dark features — you could swear almost Middle Eastern — with harshly black hair and a neatly trimmed goatee, he stood at five-foot-eight with less than 10-percent body fat leaving him around 165 pound. As instructed, he answered the door naked. His smooth pecs didn’t bulge out but were quite defined above what was unmistakably an eight-pac.

The almost perfect “V” down to his 30-inch waist highlighted an uncut cock, which hung relaxed but still around six inches. His legs were nicely built and lightly hairy — not the standard gay man who worked only his chest. This was a true athletic man.

When he turned around to walk away from me, his ass came into view and I had no doubt I’d enjoy myself. Not a bubble butt — which tends to be more fat than muscle. This was one of those perky specimens that you could bounce off.

I started unbuttoning as we walked toward his bedroom in his tiny apartment. He turned and dropped to his knees immediately and finished with my pants, not waiting a moment to engorge himself on my cock.

He slurped messily while I slipped out of my shoes and took off my shirt. Sure, my six-foot-three-inch frame wasn’t as impressive as his. But he wanted cock, and mine was perfect. At around seven inches, my rock hard cock stayed hard, even after I shot off.

As he stood, we kissed for the first time, with my slipping off my pants and underwear. I turned him around and pushed him on the bed, taking charge. I started eating out his ass, immediately, causing him to push his ass further into my face. With obvious muscle control, he opened up and allowed my tongue entry easily. I mean, I was slobbering down his chute.

I knew he was enjoying himself and this was a no-nonsense fuck. He wanted my cock in his ass.

As I came up from his ass, gently tickling up his back, my cock hit his crack. I kissed the back of his neck as he handed me a condom.


Of course, it was one of his, not one of my intentionally weakened variety. I took it, but continued to grind into his wet crack, kissing his neck.

“Oh fuck man, I want that cock,” he whispered.

So I scooted down a bit and poised it at his hole. He looked up at me suspiciously, grinned and then flipped over, grabbing me so, in a fluid motion, I was on my back on the bed and he was on top.

He must have once been a college wrestler or something. He took the condom from my hand, ripped it open with his teeth and pulled it out of the foil wrapper. As he leaned down to kiss me, I could feel his hand on my cock, stroking it. With again the deftness of someone who’d done this a dozen times, he sheathed my cock.


Within a moment, his asshole was poised at the top of my cock and he dropped onto it like a long-starving man who had happened on an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Of course it felt all right — just not as good as entering the hole raw.

We fucked in that position, him bouncing on my cock, almost silent for five or ten minutes. There was heavy breathing. He moved, again, in that cat-like movement until he was on his back, his head off the base of the bed — my covered cock still in his ass.

“Fuck, I want this ass raw,” I’m thinking.

As I looked at him, I looked past him and at my pants on the floor. I saw just the base of my popper bottle peaking out of the pocket. An idea began to form.

I began fucking him harder and he started grunting. As I really got to fucking him, his less-than-supportive bed allowed me to push him closer toward the floor until he was off the bed completely. His ass up, my protected cock still slamming into him. Finally, I knew I could reach the poppers.

I offered them to him first. These were my best poppers with a good, long-term high. I was surprised he took them and took a few, deep snorts. I kept my snorts short, because I knew the high would get to him soon.

I fucked hard and deep. And he closed his eyes. He really started to moan. His ass clenched down around my cock. And he was approaching ecstasy.

“Shit!” I exclaimed, pulling my cock completely out of his ass and sitting back on my haunches on his bed. I could see the shocked look on his face as his ass was empty suddenly. In a quick movement myself (well-enough practiced), I pinched the end of the condom and pulled, while holding the base. SNAP!

“Damn condom broke,” I said under my breath, breaking it myself and showing it to him. He scrambled up, still missing the cock in his ass.

“I don’t care,” he said breathlessly.

And he was on top of me, my uncovered cock in his ass immediately.

He wanted cock, condom or no.

AHHHH. It went in smoothly and his ass clenched down. His eyes were closed and he was some place else. I smiled up.

He was grunting and grinding, forcing my raw cock as deep as possible into his ass. I knew my juices were leaking, coating his ass chute liberally. After a few minutes, I grabbed for the bottle of poppers, which had rolled against my right leg and opened it up. As I started my first deep snort, he opened his eyes and looked at me, slowing his assault on my cock.

I really took in a good amount and handed the bottle to him.

“Please don’t cum in my ass,” he said, taking the open bottle from my hand.

“You’ve got nothing to worry about,” I said.

He snorted his next hit. And then he began to impale himself on my cock.

Of course, you never tell me what I’m not going to do. I focused on the sensation of my cock entering his ass and the feeling it created. Then the waves of pleasure from the poppers hit me. It wasn’t far to go, and pretty soon, I felt the cum boiling in my balls.

I let go and my first load shot deep into his ass as he continued to bounce on my cock. Cum just had to be coating the inside of his ass. And I was feeling much better.

Sometimes bottoms might notice the change in the fuck sensations with the added lubricant. So I grabbed his hips, pushing him onto my cock and pulling him close to me for a kiss. I pulled my cock from his ass and scooted away, pushing him down onto his stomach.

He still had the poppers, taking another snort.

As I looked down from behind, my cock was shiny and angry red. Still rock hard, the head had shrunk a bit since releasing load number one. Around the hairy base, I could see the milky white “ring around the collar” of cum. And his hole seemed to be leaking a little viscous liquid of my spooge. As he handed me the bottle of poppers, I plunged in deep and held my cum-covered cock in his hole.

I snorted more poppers and went to fucking.

For the next 24 minutes, I fucked him in three other positions, ended back on his stomach, me slamming into his ass. As I was getting ready for my second load, I was grunting deeply.

“FUCK ME!” he’s screaming.


Before I can say “cum,” he’s off my cock, pushing me back and scooting down.


“CUM!” I say.

I grab my cock and jerk a little, pushing me over the edge.

My cum shoots out with such force, it hits his pecs with the first string of sperm. I push down, shooting the second load on the tip of his cock. He’s scooping up all the cum he can grab and begins to jerk off, using my cum as lube.

The next few spurts shoot onto his flying hand. He’s closing his eyes and groaning. A couple of moments later, a respectable load begins to fly out of his cock, landing on his sweaty chest.

He collapses, stopping his furious jerking, but still breathing hard. I fall off to his side.

After a few minutes of recovery, he never opens his eyes: “Damn, that felt SO much better than anything I’ve had in years.”

“Yeah,” I say. “I know what you mean.”

A few more minutes pass and he rolls off the bed, standing up and looking back at me. “I’m going to shower.”

As he walks toward the bathroom, I can see a bead of some liquid snake down the inside of his leg.

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