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Off to the Not-So-Wild-West Again

Off to the Not-So-Wild-West Again

My CockWell… California…. here I come again. And I hope to cum again and again. LOL. I’ll be arriving on Monday and staying much of the week.

Why I bother sometimes, I’m not sure. I get more hits off and Craigslist. In fact, no one ever follows up through here when I head out West.

Anyway, I’m just letting everyone know.

P.S. I’ve updated this with a photo of my cock that I like to use to raw top bottoms. I’ll be staying toward Silicon Valley in East Bay but with easy access to San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose. In fact, I’m sort of in the middle of all of these. And if you’re wondering how to get in touch with me, there’s always my contact page.

Travel Diary, Day 13: Fucking Filipino

Travel Diary, Day 13: Fucking Filipino

Married with three kids. His naturally smooth chest in a dark olive only made his deep chocolate nipples stand out more. His photo hightlighted his chest and I could see why. His cock met the stereotypical measurement of maybe four inches. His dark balls also lacked hair naturally. His face with puffy lips and bulging eyes failed to be appealing at all.

But he was straight. Mostly. He took my quiet nature as shyness. He took my passive “do whatever you want” demeanor as inexperience. He accepted the ring on my left hand as proof of my wife and child and general “straightness.” He assumed I’d only done this a few times.

“You’re really big,” he said stroking my cock. He straddled me. His ass poised to sit onto my cock. “Has anyone told you that?”

“Not really,” I responded. In my mind, I’m recalling all the Asians I’ve ever fucked. It seems Asians are always impressed with my length and girth even though I consider my seven inches pretty damn average.

Is it a lie if you let someone just make a series if assumptions and don’t correct them?

“Do you have a condom?”

“No,” I answered. “I didn’t exactly come prepared for this.”

“It’s okay,” he said.

He reached over to grab the tiny lotion bottle that came with the other toiletries in the bathroom. He’d retrieved it earlier. Of course, my preference is spit. But raw fucking is raw fucking. I’m not going to be choosey.

He lathered his asshole then my cock and began to take a seat. He strained. He pulled off and added more lotion. In a moment, though, he turned into a bucking bronco. Fast and furious. The friction building. Then it began. A burning sensation. All over my cock.

I can say now from experience. Ginger-based lotion cannot be used for fast fucking.

I got him off my cock and put him flat on his stomach. I entered him slowly and deliberately before laying on top of him. With a controlled pace, I slid my cock in and out of his very tight hole. I focused on the sensation of my cock and his warmness. I knew my goal and it was just in sight. Controlling my breathing and pace, my cock began to throb. Then I unleashed it. I let my cum burst into his ass. I pushed it into his raw, married ass. Deeper.

“Are you close?” he asked.

“No,” I answered honestly.

“Okay,” he said. “Don’t cum inside.”

My mind is thinking, “Too late.” I just grunt in agreement.

He rides my cock more, amazed at its hardness. He rides with such velocity that he too experiences the burning sensation, eventually jumping off because of its intensity. He jerks off a little later and volunteers to help me pop off, unaware of my gut swimmers infiltrating the membranes of his bowels. He leaves, hoping to see me again

Travel Diary: On the Road Again

Travel Diary: On the Road Again

For all my travelling, this portion is the first major car trip I’ll be suffering through, although it will be among the first ventures into the interior of the state. Okay, well that’s not true. I once spent about three hours in Palm Springs and I’m not talking about the fun part of Palm Springs.

So as I venture inland, I’ll get to travel around the state for a bit — again, with a straight cutie who would probably freak out knowing that I lust after his ass. His wife might not approve as well.

Road trip it is. Hopefully, the destination holds more than another hotel and nights alone in a hotel bar drinking with a bunch of straights.