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Travel Diary: Latino Liar Cock Texan Tease

Travel Diary: Latino Liar Cock Texan Tease

Suffer not fools.

Unfortunately, the Internet is filled with them. Fools, flakes, assholes and generally a lot of fucking assholes. And not the kind of assholes I want to fuck. My travels will tend to be short hops all over the country — interestingly enough, “D” cities like Des Moines, Dallas and Denver. When posting ads on Craigslist, the text rings true: “ONE NIGHT AND ONE NIGHT ONLY.”

Other specifics are included, such as: “Non-smokers only.”

While filtering through bots, photo collectors and the usual flakes, narrowing down to a few potentials can be easy. I decided on one. After a little back and forth, the address and name of the hotel is sent along with my cell phone number.

Fifteen minutes pass, then this e-mail arrives: “Ohh cool I would love to go there and take care of you now but I don’t have gas and I get pay tomorrow!”

I responded: “Ummm…. then why the fuck did you respond?”

A few minutes later, this e-mail arrived: “Coz I just got in my car and realized are you free tomorrow in the morning?”

I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck. The morning won’t make a difference in your bank account, asshole. “No. Read the ad again. Tonight and tonight only.”

In the end, the jerk wad did come over. He started with the calling me “sir” and shit. You can see the photo of him above, which probably appears about six or seven years and 20 pounds ago. He’s much beefier, which didn’t bother me at all. I like beefy.

So he arrives and, well, he’s a little more refried beans than I’d prefer. So much for out of gas. Sketchy, making me wonder whether he’d snorted a little something before visiting. At around 5-foot-5, he’s relatively cleaned up and ready to be slutty, which makes it easy to get him to start sucking.

His suck skills, like more, proves to be unremarkable. His sketch can’t keep him in one position long enough, so he stands up. Interestingly, his whole front side is shaved. Balls, pubes, pits, nips, etc. Good job without being prickly pear.

He leaves his knee-high, Lycra socks on. I’m guessing a fetish. After snorting poppers and sucking a little more, he hops onto the bed and pushes his ass into the air. From a smooth front, we have a not so smooth back with a hairy crack and hair above the crack in a massive pube-like area. I eat a little ass. Just enough to open him up and shove my cock in.

His hole is tight but with a pop, opens up and accepts my hard seven inches. His asshole is like others — tight at the opening, but inside, it’s a chasm, open and wide. But the tightness of his ring makes it worthwhile.

He’s a little squirmy. And his ass a little too bony. So I turn him over and begin fucking him with his legs in the air. This way, my pelvis is pummeling him thighs.

He won’t stop squirming.

Fuck, I hate crystal. No wonder you don’t have gas for your car, asshole. It’s cause you smoked it all up. Smoking. That’s the other thing he lied about. Now that I’m facing him, his dragon’s breath and exhale from lungs steeped in menthols now reach my nose. I lean away and grab his sock-covered ankles. Weird. For once, I’ve made a bad choice. I should have left the cock tease at home.

I reach for the poppers, snort and pop off in his ass without even letting him know I’m cumming. I pull out.

“Are you going to cum, Sir?”

“I already did.”

“But what about me, papi?”

“You can go get some gas.”

I threw him a five dollar bill.

He left. I know he didn’t buy gas. Everything is bigger in Texas. Even the liars.

Travel Diary, Day 22: My First Loading

Travel Diary, Day 22: My First Loading

I’ve not found Grindr, the iPhone application, to be all that helpful. But on this section of my travel in Orlando and Dallas, the activity on Grindr impressed me — to a certain extent. Its capability of being accurate about distance failed — usually being much further away.

The silky ass boy turned out to be a temporary fix. I was still horny. So Grindr turned into one of resources I consulted to see if more activity might be available. Proximity to public places with Grindr made accuracy difficulty. Plus, of course, documenting the vertical location (being that I was in a high-rise hotel) didn’t help.

He messaged me first. An older man, in his early 50s, appeared but he appeared attractive enough and in good shape. After the usual back and forth with some pic trading, we began exchanging location information.

Same hotel. Same floor. In a moment, I pulled on my shorts and walked down the hall.

He opened the door before I could knock. Naked. His photo proved accurate. After a moment of sucking each other, he had me on the bed and worked over my cock and balls. He lifted my legs.

“Ever bottom?” he asked.

“Yup,” I said.

He spit on my hole and pushed his cock in.

At maybe four inches and not at all thick, I accepted it without much difficulty. He thrust back and forth quickly. His hands wrapped tight around my ankles, I noticed his wedding band as well. His little cock pushing into me, I clenched once.

He pulled out and shot on my hole and disappeared into the bathroom.

I pushed a little cum in my ass — he didn’t cum much — and pulled on my shorts. Another load likely wouldn’t happen, but I tried that night. I went to sleep, one load lighter in the front, one load heavier in the back and neither particularly satisfying.

Travel Diary, Day 22: Like Silk

Travel Diary, Day 22: Like Silk

No more than 25 years old, this young man broke my mold. A gravitational pull seems to keep me closing in on the younger set — although he never stood out as my first choice. Still, he handed in a stellar performance.

Arriving promptly, he entered and asked timidly (before getting naked) if he could use the bathroom. The young ones never follow instructions. Still, when he stepped into the room, his appearance delighted me. I relaxed on the bed as he approached, finally naked after his pit stop. His cool hands (after all, it was fucking cold outside) braced himself against my thighs as he lowered his face to my cock and began plumping it up.

I could see his own cock, rock hard and a firm five inches jutting out. He sucked a little more but he wanted fucking. I could tell. After a moment of fumbling around, he settled on his side, exposing his ass to me. I sniffed around a bit, realizing he’d come straight from work so it wasn’t as fresh as I’d like. A little spit and a touch of lube. I put my cockhead at his hole and pushed.

It ripped inside him and he grunted. The grimace on his face let me know my cock might be a little much, but he didn’t pull away and I didn’t pull out. However, he kept the angle difficult to mount him right.

“Want to ride it?” I asked.

“Sure,” he said.

At this phase, young ones can be skittish. So I let him up and ride. He proceeded and sat on it. Within a moment, he bucked back and forth. I took the moment to enjoy this boy and to touch his body. Something about these young ones, their body hair feels so silky — not wiry like those of us with body hair for years.

His photo (above) didn’t do his lithe body justice. To match his body hair, his ass opened up and felt silky smooth. After a while of letting him do the work, I began taking his ass, thrusting into it. I pulled him forward so I could plunge all the way in and begin to control the fuck a little boy.

The bitch wasn’t having it.

He pulled off and positioned himself again on his side. Obviously, this is what the boy liked. So I relented and shoved my cock into his ass. I began to build up pace and just let things happened naturally. My cum boiled up and I let it loose, deep into his guts. I kept pace and controlled my breathing.

If his ass was silky before, adding my cum to it helped.

After a moment, I began the typical heavy breathing of an orgasm. “You want it?” I asked.

As I predicted, he popped off my cock immediately and asked me to cum on him. I jerked aggressively, as he did. When he blew, I did too. I think he noticed the lack of output, but who cared at that point.

He went into the bathroom to clean up and shower. I just relaxed back and let him leave. But I wasn’t done that evening. Not at all.