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Going Out in Atlanta

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I’m headed out tonight, probably to my standby… Swinging Richards… to see some hard-bodied men (because I hit Nob Hill in San Francisco and that review won’t be all that friendly as a stripper club or a gloryhole club).

After getting a little tipsy (and sobering up), I’ll probably head over to some place to breed a hole or two, likely Inserection.

Want to say hello? Look for me on Scruff (while I try it out), maybe Grindr and, of course, Twitter. You can always contact me via e-mail. If you do, send a pic or two.

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Like Every Queer, I’ve Got to Check Out the Gay Ghetto

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Yes. I must go. It is a pilgrimage we all must make.

This weekend, I will be in the Castro.

It is as if we are all drawn there at some point in our lives. This will be my point. I am going there. I hope to see some of you there. Or at least I hope someone wants to see me there… Brothers? Anyone for a Tweet-up?

* * *

Getting in touch with Mark is easy. Just visit the Contact page or check out the links on the top right of every page on this site…

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Northern California! There’s Gold in Them Silicon Boards!

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This time will be different.

I’m returning to Northern California this week.

(There’s no use linking to the Travel Diaries of 2011 since I’m optimistic it will improve in 2012.)

And this time is significantly different since I will be in the area for a significantly longer period…and over a weekend.

And since I’ve been there once, I’ll venture forth a little further than just my hotel.

Of course, anyone volunteering to show me around a bit might is welcome to help a newbie out a bit. Look, we don’t always have to fuck. I appreciate meeting fellow tops or especially fellow Bareback Brotherhood members. Heck, even just geeks like me. I even get along with straight and bi guys.

This especially includes showing me the ropes of local night clubs and hot spots near San Jose, CA. This especially includes the local bathhouse, the WaterGarden, especially with its very, very mixed reviews on Yelp.

* * *

Getting in touch with Mark is easy. Just visit the Contact page or check out the links on the top right of every page on this site…

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2011: Bareback Brotherhood & Other Raw Revolutions

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How to quantify 2011? For me personally, I find it a reprehensible year, kicked off by being fired for being gay and spending almost the entire year looking for work. But when it comes to barebacking, this community I so love (and fuck), we made tremendous strides.

#1, more than anything else, we are visible.

Not that we were not visible before 2011. But our visibility prior to 2011 happened to be via porn and hook-up sites. And, quite frankly, that might be our goals. However, it’s beginning to blossom well beyond that. Evidence?

  • Of course we can point at the Bareback Brotherhood or #BBBH. I’m a proud co-founder along with my good friends @GaPozAthens and @CH4SUK, all started on Twitter. It formed February and, now with more than 2,500 members at and on Twitter using the hashtage #BBBH, the Brotherhood shows that bareback isn’t just about the hookup but also about making this choice legitimate.
  • Along with other bareback advocates, I’ve been included in European academic works discussing the Bareback movement and how its momentum is gaining legitimacy. American academics may still be afraid of the right-wing backlash, but it’s increasingly apparent that Barebacking isn’t just about the fuck but also about the choice.
  • Of course, mainstream news outlets still negatively cover Barebacking, but an uncensored look made a podcast during the year.

We had our share of setbacks, mainly with the porn industry still producing a chasm between the two realms of bareback and condom, exemplified by the switch of hottie barebacker Chris Gabriel to condom-user Mark Dylan. Why we can’t peacefully coexist still baffles me.

So pro-Bareback is growing. And I am glad.

That doesn’t mean the hate is over. It continues. But we’re moving in the right direction. Years from now, the Bareback Rights movement has a beginning (not the only beginning). 2011.