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Best fucks of the year 2012

The Hottest Fucks of 2012

When it comes to 2012 and thinking back, I had luck and loss when it came to fucking. I lot of indistinguishable ass from assholes. People I wouldn’t want to repeat (and many of those folks do not appear on these virtual pages, although I did indulge a few of the worst abortions here Opens a new window from this blog and here Opens a new window from this blog

Overall, I did fuck some hotties and got a few mediocre in between. A few of you might notice a missing entry or two — perhaps about you. Those are my own personal fuck tales. I’m looking for something more interesting to happen before I’d write about them.

A fuck worthy of an entry on this blog needs a hook — something interesting worthy to write about. If your ass is just another good ass from among the masses, then what’s to make it interesting? If you call me “Daddy” or you beg for my cum, it’s just like everyone else or it’s about like a few dozen others. It’s got to be interesting to me before it’s interesting for the readers.

Below are my top fucks from 2012, in no particular order ending with my top three places, in a particular order. When you consider I’ve fucked almost 250 holes this year, this list contains less than the top 5 percent… the cream of the creamy crop, so to speak.


Key West Postcard

Latin Spice to Make My Tropical Vacation Nice Opens a new window from this blog

Fucking a 20-year-old makes everything great, but this smooth Latino proved to be especially delightful on my vacation. A Craigslist hookup, he turned out to have an interesting hole.

Know how most assholes have a discoloration leading up to the pucker?

He didn’t. His had consistently colored skin.

And it opened like a flower. He begged for my DNA and I gave it to him in his tight little perfect hole. He obviously wasn’t a virgin, but something could make me pretend like he happened to be. He had a huge cock and just beautiful body.



The Tao of Taye Opens a new window from this blog

Part of my Northern California Triple Play Opens a new window from this blog, Taye was a fan of my blog and drove from San Francisco to my hotel in Silicon Valley one day after work. Turned out to be worth the trip — and I think he agrees.

His prominent pecs include two rather sensitive nipples that I manipulated with ease to get Taye to do as I wanted, not that he’d do otherwise. And when his rather impressive booty opened up for my cock, I slid it home and fucked him for a good, long while before depositing my load deep.

And I kept fucking it deep to make sure my DNA took.

Taye ruined the sheets of my hotel room, but I didn’t mind. I didn’t mind at all.


ass2Behind Dead Eyes (1 Opens a new window from this blog, 2 Opens a new window from this blog, 3 Opens a new window from this blog and the Return Opens a new window from this blog)

If I’ve written about breeding him thrice, I obviously love his ass. And I do.

Words fail me to adequately describe what it’s like. Sure, there’s a photo here to show it to you. But when you see it in person, it seemingly glows all its own with a beauty and personality unlike any other.

And on his own, he does have a charm. It’s practically irresistible to me. I find him  alluring in so many ways. But I’ve learned my lesson with some bottoms. This is one of them.

I love no strings fun, but fucking more than a few times are bound to create threads at the very least. If you don’t choose to acknowledge that, you’re fucking stupid.

Moreover, as a top, I am not just available to service the bottom. I generally don’t like for a bottom to summon and for me to clean up and go running.

But this man’s ass proved to be absolutely delightful and, for a time, I got ensnared in a trap. It can happen to the best of us. Even a top like me.


RustyNailing Rusty Opens a new window from this blog

At 23, he was a shy Northern California hook up with a body of death and a chest of perfection. The photo doesn’t do him justice, as I wrote in January. He kissed and loved getting fucked and loaded.

And boy did I.

What he did’t have in talent, he made up for in sheer enthusiasm.

He asked to meet up again but we never quite made it happen. I still see him online on occasion, so if I make it back out there again, you can bet I’ll look him up.


Rice Surfer, Dude Opens a new window from this blog

I violated one of my policies when it came to stealthing Opens a new window from this blog with this dude. However, he was an escort Opens a new window from this blog, so in fact he happened to be a slut and would do practically anything. That is except take my cock raw.

I was in Southern California on business and looking for an Asian, one of my favorite types. But when this body popped up, I couldn’t resist. Could you? Look at him! I mean, DAMN!


Found an cash machine and withdrew the required amount. We hadn’t spoken about being safe. I’d said I was looking for an Asian to load up in my Craigslist ad. It seemed pretty clear to me.

If anything happened to be deceptive, it was him when he pulled out the condom and put it on. In the final moments of fucking him, I slipped it off and loaded his ass.

Mission accomplished.


Honorable Mentions

Worthy of mentioning but not quite making the top spots, these guys could make my 2013 list if they apply themselves and take a load from me….


Top Three Fucks of 2012

While the five fucks above representing eight loads were in no particular order, plus two more honorable mentions for 10 total loads worth of the Top 10 fucks. But below, you will find the absolute best of the best for 2012. No one was better during the year. Here’s the four loads that stand out among the 200 to 250 I deposited in asses this past year.


furry chest of a bottom#3 Furry Fuck Jizzjoy Opens a new window from this blog

I’ve felt bottoms moan and groan and sigh and just generally feel relieved when I breed them.

But this hot piece of ass. He went into pure convulsions at my injection of spunk.

Jizzjoy Link Opens in a New Window truly works for this man and fucking him is as much a joy for a top as it is anything else, easy enough to put him as number three on my top three of 2012.

I’ve actually returned and fucked him a second time to confirm this and I plan to return a few more times in 2013 to try his furry ass again and again. When a man begs for your load and has a series of involuntary reactions when you load it, you know you’ve hit gold.


Asian Ass#2 Las Vegas Man of Mystery Opens a new window from this blog

I attempted to host a fuck fest while in Las Vegas that worked out all right if for one man and his gorgeous ass, who I loaded. I couldn’t help it. He begged for it and he ass deserved my load.

If not for the moments of less than enthusiastic participants, perhaps he could have been a contender for first place. But he wasn’t. Yet his ass turned out to be A-MAZ-ING.

You know, one of those asses with plenty of cushion but not too much to keep your cock out?

I loved fucked him and listening to him beg for my load just pushed me over the edge.


Paduwan#1. The Man Who Would Be Paduwan Opens a new window from this blog

This young man still haunts my fantasies with his talent and obsession with me. Obsession could be a good thing. It could be a bad. He skirts a fine line but so far, he stays to this side of it and I cannot wait until I breed his ass again.

This time, I want to double penetrate him.

Hairy, weirdly attractive in a geekish way, I’m as drawn to him as he is to me. And when we get together, the sex is indeed explosive. He seemingly studies my entries for the activities I like (deep-throat blowjobs that include licking my balls), perfects them and then does them for me.

Few men in this world earn my interest more than a slut like him — one who I could somewhat “date” and send him out on missions to collect loads. He would joyously collect every cumload and return to me full of DNA from strangers for me to churn up and them pull my cock out to let him taste.

Our fuck session lasted so long, I can neither tell you every moment nor convey the sensations of it adequately. But his ass remains in the top three I’ve fucked in the world.


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I had planned on writing a hot story about my encounter last week with a terrific Latino boy. His copper eyes, his smooth body, his massive uncut cock and his incredible tight ass.

He kisses like crazy and I bred him despite him asking me not to do so. I was pumping his ass so hard he was about to cum so I let him.

You see, he’s a top. Not usually a bottom.

I lifted his legs and took a whiff. No stank. So I went in for that darting lick — just beneath his balls and well above his pucker.

I came back with a mouth full of bitterness.


How anyone could have shit that far away from their asshole, especially knowing they were off to play baffled me. I decided he needed a kiss.

In the back of my head, I knew it was toxic.


Sunday, I felt weird. By Sunday night, I began with whole-body aches and pains. These usually mean an oncoming fever. As I get them, let me tell you, acetaminophen or ibuprofen make no dent in the relief. I went scouring through the house on Monday for anything stronger, finding a few left over pills from oral surgeries and others I’d kept for rainy days.

Man, it was raining Friday night.

Not raining outside but into my toilets. I knew exactly what this was. I’d had it twice before. Once when I was much younger but the last time I’d had it, I spent five days in the hospital. Shigella Link Opens in a New Window.

Shigella is not fun. I really do not recommend it at all. And if you wonder why I get fucking pissed off at bottoms who don’t clean their asses, this is the number-one-with-a-bullet reason why Opens a new window from this blog.

Tuesday morning, I was first thing in the doctor to get everything updated get the new stuff.

Thank God for an understanding Gay doctor who gave me what I needed.

I’m on the mend, missing a full week of work for a decent hook-up (not worth the pain and suffering I’ve gone through).

Bareback Cherry Tales: “I’ve Never Done This”

Bareback Cherry Tales: “I’ve Never Done This”

“I’ve never done this,” he said.

As he’s saying it, I’m almost not paying attention. I’m too focused on the fact that my raw cock is sliding in and out of his ass and I’m about to cum.

I’d just asked him if he wanted my load. He didn’t say yes. He didn’t say no. He didn’t pull away. In fact, his act began to back up more toward  my ass.

He’d been sitting on my cock since the fuck started. But this fuck was a long time coming. Probably almost two years.

This smooth boy with a perfectly average build, black hair and an Abercrombie & Fitch look chatted on and off for a while. I never hid I was a barebacker and that I would breed him. And he never hid he was a virgin to this whole raw thing.

But we’d go in spurts of chatting. Then he’d disappear.

Bored at home on a Friday, I posted an ad and he responded. He used a new e-mail I didn’t recognize. But he recognized me when I responded. I asked if he was ready for my load. His response was simple:


After about 20 minutes, he arrived. We were in my bed and making out, working our way to fucking. He claimed it had been more than eight months since his last fuck. He worked his way onto my cock, sitting onto it and taking his time. He never quite made it down to the hilt. Interestingly, his cock was bigger than mine. He had a nice, hard, pointed 8-inch cock.

As he took a seat, his cock began to spurt precum. I mean spurt.

“I precum a lot,” he said. He seemed to be enjoying it.

“Feel good?”

“Yes,” he said.

I just let him ride it for a while. He jerked his cock a lot. I just hoped he wouldn’t cum. I arched my back and tried to get in a little deeper since I only made it about two-thirds in, but he prevented me from really making it in far.

He rode for a while and I asked if he’d gotten used to it and we could try another position.

“I’m afraid if we try another position, I’m not sure you can get back in,” he said.

“I want you on your stomach,” not really responding to him.

I moved him to lay flat down and found his hole. I pushed inside. I whispered, “Just relax,” as my cock went inside him.

Even from this position, his ass seemed to have a brutal bend that wouldn’t let me go more than about three-fourths in. I’d just have to let that be enough.

I snorted some poppers.

Even though this boy had been fucked before in his 28 years, he’d never been bred. And I would be the first man to deposit my DNA inside him.

“You want it?”

“What?” he said.

“My cum,” I said, with a dramatic pause. “Inside you.”

“I’ve never done this,” he said.

The combination of being the first man to mark this territory and the tightness of his hole put me to the point of no return.

“You’re about to,” I said. “You’re about to have cum inside you.”

He didn’t pull away. I didn’t have him in a death grip. He could. But the funny thing was how his ass finally began to move back toward me. How that subtle movement told me how much he really wanted it. He’d been so passive, so quiet. But now his ass moved with every thrust. My cock didn’t go deeper as much as it didn’t need to move as much.

I began to throb. The flood of cum started and I mean flood.

Lately, I’ve been producing a lot of cum. His ass kept moving, my cock coated with my own cum as thrust after thrust included several shots of cum.

I rested inside of him and let him continue to move a little. I recovered and offered to let him cum by riding me.

We flipped over and he would put my cockhead at his hole but never ever put it inside before shooting.

He wanted a quick exit and took it, but texted me several times, repeating several times how he’d never done this before and freaking out. It calmed down after a while, but just before midnight, I got the text, “Good night. Text me again when you’re free and want to fuck me again.”

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Enthusiasm of Youth

Enthusiasm of Youth

He claims to be 22, not that it really matters since he’s definitely in his twenties. He’s on the beefy side of things, too cute in the face considering his occasional cravings.

When these cravings overtake him, my phone begins to light up with text messages and my e-mail goes off. He wants cock and cum in his ass. No isn’t an option.

Now why in the world would I ever turn down ass? Why would I turn down a very tight ass on a cute boy body?

Normally I don’t. I enjoy him. His biggest turn on is kissing and chewing hard on his nipples. He’s a nice guy and sex with him is fun and intense.

But as with this last time, the experience ends much too soon for me. Well, this time, I was a little more prepared.

After our time kissing and chewing on his nipples, he sat on my cock . Slowly, he eased himself down, taking a huge hit on my poppers. His ass was tight, wrapped around me intensely. He never touched himself, but his cock jutted forth from his body and he leaned forward for a kiss as he began to grind. His cock was caught there between us, I could feel the leak of precum intensely lubricating our bellies.

But I let him continue. I let him kiss. I pinched his nipples on his smooth, hairless chest as those oval mounds ached. I arched my back so my cock entered him deeper, my raw cock inside his ass, rubbing against his joy-button. Letting him feel the intensity as I made sure every nerve in his body felt pleasure as he rocked back and forth.

I felt it in his ass first, as it constricted around my cock first and the throb started on the inside. The globs of cum came out coating our bellies as he broke off the kisses to say he was cumming. But I let him experience it all.

I spoke to him softly, letting him just relax, but I never withdrew my cock. Letting him collapse. His instinct had been to leap and leave, but this time I kept him in place, my cock deep inside.

I found the poppers and took a strong snort, then began moving ever so subtly. He didn’t want to be there, but I held him where he was, moving a little more with each stroke, finding my pleasure. Getting to a pace where I found his ass accommodating and quite nice, where he pleasured me.

And then, with slow deliberate pressure, I pushed into him and I released my load.

The sound that came from him started as pain but soon turned into a quizzical sound. He could feel my cum inside him. Even though he would always beg for my cum, if he ever got a hint I was close, he would hop off. Now he was feeling it. He was feeling cum pump into his gut.

He whispered, “Are you cumming?”

My load mostly released, I answered, “Yes.”

He didn’t move. Silence expanded. I think he realized he liked it. And maybe, maybe, waiting for me might be worth it.

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19-Year-Old Tight Pussy

19-Year-Old Tight Pussy

Getting prime pussy is one of those things can amaze even me. I fuck amazing asses — and when I write about amazing asses, I refer to the whole package: the cheeks, the asshole, the sphincter (yes, the hole and sphincter are separate things) and that lovely chute inside.Beautiful front side of a 19-year-old local

Should I continue the anatomy lesson? I’m separating the cheeks, the bouncy buns from everything else when I talk about a pussy — a boy pussy of course.

I’d posted on Craigs List, half expecting the usual collection of shit when the 19-year-old’s response arrived, asking if I would please fuck him hard. And a promise he was close. Very close. At least, geographically.

I answered his questions honestly — my age and stats and my photo. I expected, as with most younger men, he’d stop responding and not visit. But he asked for an address and promised to arrive in 15 minutes.

He was at my door in 10.

Standing at no more that five-foot-five and weighing around 130 pounds soaking wet, the photograph barely does him justice.

We were naked in less than a minute. No kissing or anything. He sucked me hard, not that it took much. He never asked for a condom or for lube. He wanted a hard cock in his ass. He’d not showered, not that I gave a shit. The musky teen scent actually turned out to be a bit of a turn-on.

Adding spit only to my cock, he took a seat on my cock.

To express how tight his hole was, I need a thesaurus and the Oxford English Dictionary and additional languages — probably Latin, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.

First, have you ever seen how in ancient times, one Asian culture (I think it was China, but it might have been Japan) bind their feet and try to make them tiny. Well, this ass has not been penetrated. It felt virginal. I mean, I’d swear I was popping a cherry, except for the fact this boy never pulled off my cock. He sat on it and went into another world. This chute was bound tight, like someone had wrapped up the muscles.

Now I have a hard cock. I mean rock hard. So that means my thickness remains consistent. But I swear to God that this boy’s pussy was like a girdle, making my girth thinner.

Within moments, he’d adjusted and rolled onto his back, indicating he wanted me to take over the fuck.

No problem.

I began fucking him with zest. He said he wanted it hard.

But I admit. I didn’t want to. I slowed it up, enjoying the sensation of his pussy. I mean tops, you encounter one of these cunts rarely. They are magnificent when you do. New, unused. He knew nothing about  muscle control. He didn’t need to know anything. His ass muscles were as tight as his ab muscles.

As for his butt cheeks, well, they were toned and muscular as well. So we’re not talking about bouncing masses. Beautiful, fitting his body type, but hard when my thighs hit them.

So I developed a pace and enjoyed it. I spit on my hand and took his respectable six incher into my hand and began working it. Moving through his tight cunt, feeling my cock begin to add my own pre-cum to the spit and his ass juices, things got a little slicker.

Interestingly enough, I have this moment sometimes when I actually produce copious amounts of what looks like cum — well, it basically is cum. It’s an indication I’ve reached the final plateau before I actually experience a full orgasm. Then a few minutes later, I actually produce an equal or even more cum and then have the actual sensation of an orgasm. This does not happen to me all the time. I am able to this on certain occasions, so not all the time.

Well, this was one of those occasions. So I injected him full of the first load, adding a slick stickiness to his ass.

I picked up pace, both with my hand and with my thrusting.

“I’m getting close, man,” he said.

I kept pumping. And I felt his ass muscles clench, he began to shoot across that beautiful chest and I was letting another load off into his ass, but to make the little guy feel better, I pulled out and let a couple of ropes land across his balls.

We cleaned up. He left.


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