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Hate for Out POZ and Barebackers on Grindr Sent by Other Gays

Hate for Out POZ and Barebackers on Grindr Sent by Other Gays

Recently on Link Opens in a New Window, I met a 23-year-old bottom. Very much into the leather world, this pup absolutely loves getting bred. He even grew a beard to help show off his more masculine side, because without it, he looks like a teenager. His body is smooth. He’s just too fucking cute.

I don’t mean a little cute. He’s adorable. Dirty blond

My BBRT profile Link Opens in a New Window highlights the fact I have a blog (or it did until recently) and he asked to see it. In it, he saw the recent rants regarding barebacking, hypocrisy and the porn world. This young man then forwarded to me a message he received via Grindr during a recent visit to his native Pittsburgh (you see it above).

You see, he’s an out barebacker and he’s very much out about being HIV positive. He’s not forcing it on anyone. He’s just out.

He didn’t message the guy who sent the above. Unprovoked, the guy sent this message to him.

This is the kind of shit I’m talking about when I say barebackers are hated. Hated by our own.

He’s an honest kid, straightforward about what he wants. This is what our so-called community gives back.


Please Comment

This young man asked me not to use his name and I didn’t. For some reason, I am hopeful for the best of my readers to show that you’re not like the fucking asshole who sent that grind. PLEASE comment. He will be reading this. Tell him the rest of us aren’t like that. Click the comment area below. Thanks! 

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Chris Front, TIM's Newest Bareback Top from the United Kingdom

Bend Over for Chris Front

iBLASTinside’s First Bareback Porn Star Profile with Treasure Island Media’s Newest Brit Top

If you’re in the UK and you’re a bottom, versatile or ever let your ankles float toward the ceiling once in a while, your asshole is about to twitch. Fuck, I’ll admit it. My pucker twitched a few times during my conversation with Chris Front, and the Atlantic Ocean separates us.

iBLASTinside's Bareback Porn Star Profile

Treasure Island Media’s Liam Cole found this Dominant man and cast him in a couple of movies. We connected up online and he’s the first ever of iBLASTinside’s Bareback Porn Star Profile.

You’ve got to read the interview with him. While doing porn happened to be on this 34-year-old’s bucket list, he’s far from kicking anything but the ass of the men he fucks. And apparently, he fucks ass hard… like a certain beast of the jungle.

Check out the Rapid Fire Q&A followed by a link over to the complete interview. And if your ass doesn’t twitch a time or two, you might need to see a doctor. In fact, I think that’s one of the outfits a certain Dominant escort in Britain might offer…

Read the complete Bareback Porn Star Profile with Chris Front…


Rapid Fire Q&A


What gets your dick hard?

When my boyfriend plants it in the back of my throat


What makes your hole twitch?

A man who knows what being Dominant is really about.


What turns you off?

Feminine guys


What’s your favorite curse word or phrase?

“I’m gonna fuck you in the fuckin’ pussy, you cunt!”


When did you start barebacking?

On and off throughout my sex life; more dedicated from 2010 post-diagnosis


Who is your favorite porn star?

Either Chris Duffy or Tom Lord


Read the complete Bareback Porn Star Profile with Chris Front…


 Getting in touch with Chris Front…

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Gaucho De Niro Bends Over for My Cock

Gaucho De Niro Bends Over for My Cock

My timing is a bit off over the last week or so. Not sure what the deal might be but I’ve found myself a little late or a little early. Friday I hit the local adult bookstore before heading home at the behest of a bottom for a quick breeding, missing him by about 10 minutes — or so he claimed via text. He’d bailed after getting “bred by the biggest cock there ever.”

Generally I’m not inclined to believe that shit except for the fact I ended up encountering a big-dicked guy who’s cock smelled like he’d unloaded deep in a raw ass. A raw ass that had failed to clean out very well and the top didn’t exactly hit the bathroom sink after the fuck.

Anyway, it’s a little disappointing that the bottom took one load and bolted. Still, the big-dicked top had probably stretched that ass out. But it left me with nothing around that evening but a slightly adequate blowjob by a bubba before heading home.

So Saturday morning, I vowed to find some ass and I headed back down again.

Again, I had the promise of a bottom. This time, a tight but older muscleman who failed to how up until at least 90 minutes after his appointed promised hour. Searching for him resulted in me ending up in a room with a Gaucho from Argentina.

If it weren’t for the fact we were in Georgia at an adult bookstore and he was at least 20 years younger, I’d swear he looked like Robert De Niro. Swarthy good looks with a smooth demeanor and the facial mole in almost the perfect place, he passed by me into a room and motioned me in before locking the door behind us. In a broken English and heavy accent, he asked what I’d do.

“I’m a top,” I said.

“I bottom,” he said.

Then his pants and shirt came off. Completely naked, his uncut pinga suspended between us before kneeling and sucking my cock to it’s full erectness as I too stripped down. He licked his hand as he stood and turned around. Despite having a whole room, he leaned against the wall and pulled my cock toward his hole.

He didn’t need to ask twice.

Most Latinos have just a bit of hair, especially along the crack of their ass. Some have a fair amount on their ass. This Gaucho didn’t. Nothing. Smooth. If he shaved, even the sensitive head of my cock didn’t detect the prickly pear stubble in finding his hole.

I slid part way and then encountered his ring. I pushed forward. He pushed back. It took some pressure for me to break through.

I needed to add more spit to give us enough lubricant and make it slick enough to really fuck. But pretty soon his face was pressed into the wall and he looked like I might press him deep into the drywall.

Moved him toward the crappy bed. Since opening the upstairs here, the fags have taken to slashing open the cushions so attempts at duct taping this one up had long since failed. We found a spot and I began pumping him in earnest.

He began saying I could come over to his house sometime and fuck him and his “daddy.” I slowed up enough to allow him to pull up a phone photo of a too-fat guy. Oh I don’t mind the older men and I especially like some beef, but this guy had a few too many miles and way too many pounds. My cock would never reach his hole.

“No man,” I said. “Just want to breed you.”

“Oh no,” he said. “No cum in mi culo. We use condom.”

“Don’t worry,” I said. “I’m not cumming yet.”

Of course, this set off alarm bells for me. I reached for my shorts while he fumbled to put up him phone. My cock slipped out of his ass, of course. I pulled out my poppers. “Want some poppers?”

“Sí,” he said, then taking a snort. I took my snort then went to fucking.

“No cum yet,” he said.

“Don’t worry,” I said, lying. “You’ll know when I cum.”

His ass was so damn smooth. And while his chute was too, it had a wicked curve up that made really sticking it deep on a consistent basis tough. But I kept pace and knew it wouldn’t be too long. I began to fuck a little harder. He began to moan a little louder.

I didn’t care. I could feel him approaching his own orgasm but mine wasn’t too far off either. I closed my eyes and felt his hole began to spasm as I kept up the pace. And I began to release my load into his raw ass.

Then his ass seized up. It clenched down on my cock and I had to stop. I only hoped I wasn’t throbbing any more.

His ass got so tight, it began to squeeze me out. I looked down as I slipped out of his smooth ass and saw my cock slide out with a cum string remaining, connecting his asshole with my still hard and still wet cock. I wiped it off, but he turned around to see my hand on the head of my cock.

“Did you cum?”

“No,” I said. “Not yet. Did you?”

“Sí,” he said. “Feel good. Sorry I could not wait.”

“It’s alright,” I said. I was reaching for my pants as he reached for his clothes. “Where are you from?”

“Argentina,” he said.

“Cool,” I said, then thinking I’d never fucked an Argentinian.

“You sure you no cum?”

“Nope,” I said. “I’m very loud when I cum.”

Still, I left to head home quite satisfied. And he went home to daddy with my load inside him.

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LOADING ZONE: Cowboy Rides Me Bareback for My First Raw Fuck

LOADING ZONE: Cowboy Rides Me Bareback for My First Raw Fuck

A Note from Mark: Not too long ago, I got a note from a guy on Twitter. He informed me after some contemplation, he’d finally been barebacked.

As he noted when we chatted via direct messages back and forth, he’s not much of a writer. I’ve attempted to smooth out the prose a bit without a total rewrite. A bit about him: He’s barely in his twenties and cute, substantial but not at all overweight with an exotic appeal. He lives in the Southwest.

I inquired why he’d chosen to go bare and the answer just never seemed to come forth. It was always something he wanted to do. I understand the urge all too well. So onto the recount of his first time getting a raw cock in his ass…


So I really don’t know how to start this so I’m going to go the beginning.

iBLASTinside's Bareback Loading ZoneA few months ago I posted an ad on Craigslist looking for anyone who wanted to use and abuse me. A few days later I received an e-mail from a super hot cowboy. In his e-mail he told me how he wanted to tie me up and make me his slave.

After a few e-mails back and forth, I gave him my cell phone number. One night I texted him telling him I needed his huge cock deep in me. He responded with an invitation to come right over, giving me his address. I was horny and I did want his cock. So I left and started the drive.

I arrived at his place out in the country — so far out that know one could hear me scream, which I really liked. I knock and he opened the door.

He was just wearing basketball shorts so I could see the already hard cock. Tranny porn was playing in the living room.

I wanted to get started right away so I asked him where the bedroom was. He led the way.

We both stripped out of our clothes and we started making out. He pushed me down on the bed tied my hands to the headboard and told me that’s this was my lucky day cause he has been saving his cum just for me. He put a gag on me and started rimming my pink asshole.

It wasn’t the first time I ever been rimmed but he was the best so far, his tongue pushing into my hole deep, getting me very wet. He got on his knees and lifted my legs on his shoulders.

He spit on his cock and fucking rammed his cock in my spit-lubed hole. I let out a huge scream but it was muffled by the gag in my mouth.

At first I was in so much pain that I almost blacked out. But then the sensation began to change over to that familiar good. Then it started to feel so good. Then it felt great.

He fucked me so hard and rough. He didn’t let up. His raw cock inside me, slamming hard. It felt so different. I’d been fucked with a condom but this was so… warm. And the connection with him seemed complete. It was electric. Every nerve ending in my ass was on fire.

Within 10 minutes, I shot a load of cum without touching myself. Two shots blasted me in the face while the rest crossed my chest and stomach.

As the cowboy was fucking my ass good he started licking up my cum off my chest.

He started to slow down and asked me the question that I wouldn’t regret answering: “Do you want my fucking cum deep inside you?”

I nodded yes (I couldn’t say anything because the gag).

After a few more minutes of him fucking me, I felt a nice warm shot of his cum deep inside me. It was nothing I ever felt before. It gave me the chills that it was the best thing I ever had. His cock still inside of me he took off the gag and told me to clean his cock off. Before I could say anything his cock was deep down my throat, head fucking me.

I didn’t think he was going to cum a second time but he did after a few minutes. Then again I felt the same nice warm cum shot down my throat. I was the best tasting thing I ever had.

He untied me from the bed and I got dressed and left.

That was the first time I ever barebacked and, from now on, it’s the only way for me to be fucked.

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Sling Time

Sling Time

The hallways, passageways and places for sex were, without a doubt, interesting. I’d heard of Manifest, a liberation of local sex clubs. Not quite a bathhouse but not the sleazy bookstores I’d been frequenting of late.

I’d gone to a strip club and hoped for a bit of an ego boost, but found instead horniness and, well, something a little less than an ego boost. I fucking hate it when the dancers pitch their own form of attitude at the clients (or me). I’m spending my hard-earned cash expecting you to tell me how I’m not too old, not too gross and I’m not like the other guys in here. I ended up giving young “Jonathan” a piece of my mind and, well, the basics of what the fuck he was there to do for me.

I left more frustrated than when I went inside. So here I am, $160 poorer and more frustrated. I decided to venture to the standard bookstore for a gloryhole fuck, only to find it closed down with a plumbing problem. That left me to consider Manifest for the first time.

Damn, I’m glad I did.

Cleaner, nicer and more upscale than I expected. The gloryhole booths provided large holes with thin plywood (smooth, no splinters). I sampled several mouths and, at one, someone slipped a condom on me and sat down on my cock. It was early in the evening and, well, I obliged for a bit, still tempted to remove it and breed him. But I didn’t. He popped off quickly anyway. Funny how some guys just need a warm cock in their ass like I need a warm ass on my cock.

The evening wore on and, well, oral seemed to be the choice of the evening. Oral. LOTS of oral. I could get blowjobs everywhere I turned. After a couple of hours, every mouth in the place had sucked me and no further ass fucking could be found.

All except one.

A tweaker.

I generally hate tweakers. You can’t get them to hold still to get what you need. They’re just too flighty and, well, they’re tweaked out of reality too far. But I started to get desperate since I wasn’t going to find a mouth good enough to suck a load out of me. So we ended up in a booth together and I started to fuck him.

I started to. He’d taken a hit off my poppers and, well, began to complain they were “too strong.”

All this did was piss me off.

“Shut the fuck up,” I said. “You said you wanted me to fuck you.”

“I know,” he said. “But those poppers.”

I just looked at him without sympathy. “Turn the fuck around and bend over.”

He started to cry. “But those poppers really messed me up.”

“No,” I said. “The crystal meth you were stupid enough to use messed you up. Now turn the fuck around.”

I grabbed him forcefully and put him into position. He began to sob more loudly. I wondered if anyone in the nearby booths could hear him. He didn’t screan for help. At least, not yet. But I had my next problem.

My cock was only half hard.

I’m just not a rapist. The tweaker wasn’t hot and, well, I just fucking hate tweakers. I tried to get hard. He clenched his ass shut and made it tougher on me, so fucking proved doubly difficult. At this moment, I wanted to punch the shit out of the fucker and leave his bleeding ass in the corner. But assault, also, just didn’t work for me. So I pushed him out of my way, pulled up my pants, zipped up and left him sobbing in the corner.

And I took my poppers. They were some of the best poppers I had.

Wandering around a bit more, I hoped to find someone with a silky mouth who I could skull fuck when I ended up in the sling room where a little JO session seemed to be starting. That is, except the young man in the center was completely naked.

Manifest tended not to be a place where you saw naked people. Shirtless, maybe. Completely naked? No. Except for boots, this little five-foot-eight-inch wonder was. He turned and knelt, sucking on an exhibitionist who’d been working his 10-inch schlong all evening (an impressive piece, even I had to say). Then he stood and the magic moment happened. He turned around and opened his ass cheeks, offering his raw hole to Mr. Mammoth Cock, who promptly declined (he was about showing off his cock, not using it on a hole).

The young man in front of me, though, took the opportunity to turn around naked boy and began fucking him without any regard for the bottom’s pleasure. A few brutal thrusts, he then yanked it out, slapped the bottom on the ass and walked away, leaking the ass exposed to me.

I stepped up and caressed this round melon, finding it plump and, when my finger tip found the hole, encountering the appropriate amount of juicy. My very hard cockhead was positioned at the opening and I put my hard on his hips, preparing for the entry. He chose the timing and the pace of entry, backing onto my thick seven. Soon we were fucking like wild men, surrounded by jacking men, watching us.

But truth be told, I didn’t notice them and neither did he. Sometimes in these public displays of sexual depravity, you reach out and grab a cock or kiss someone else. Or he’d suck someone. Neither of us touched anyone but one another in raw passion. As I cupped his slightly hairy pecs and tweaked his nippled, he arched his back and twisted his head so we could kiss.

“You want my load?” I whispered.

“Fuck yea!” he whispered back, now his brown eyes seeming to cut into the darkness to look into mine. “Breed me please!”

“You’re about to get it,” I said.

“Give it to me!” He said. “Fucking coat my ass walls with your cum. Be my first tonight.”

With that, I unleashed a torrent of cum into his hole. I pulled his hips down onto mine and we paused.

“Fuck yea! I can FEEL it!” he said.

After finishing with several more pulses of cum into his ass, I began pumping it into him deeper and deeper. We would kiss occasionally. Finally, he came off, sucked his juices and mine off my cock and we kissed, the mixture still in his mouth.

“That was fucking hot,” he said. “Thanks.”

“Anytime,” I said.

“I think it’s sling time,” he said, motioning over to the empty sling across the room.

“I think so,” I smiled.

As he headed over, the men who’d been watching us gathered around him for their turn like vultures. I slipped out into the crisp night.

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