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Dichotomy, Part I

Dichotomy, Part I

People have pointed out my own dichotomy, but let’s consider their own. An interesting example is “Ray,” who contacted me just this past week. His first e-mail:

I am a Malaysian Chinese, living and working in B’ham, AL. Let me know when you are in town the next time. We can go get together and hang out? Just want to be friend with you.

Now I enjoy a little Asian in my life and having a good Birmingham fuck might be just the ticket. But he soon made it clear that our options were limited when I asked if he wanted to get fucked.

Only if you put on a rubber…. haha, which i understand that you only go bare. My ex and i used to go bare. Well, i just want to be your friend first. A good friend that can hang out and do some other things besides having sex…

Truth be told, I wouldn’t mind getting to know someone in Birmingham. I go there enough. So, as I tend to do, I ask for a photograph. His response were four photos, all quite similar to this one:

A bikini brief Asian

I pointed out to him the dichotomy. He wants to become friends and not get fucked by me but sends those photos. His response:

you didn’t say what type of pictures you want to see so i sent you pictures of my crotch on purpose, just to get your attention. I see you are a meet and fuck kinda person instead of meet and talk kinda person? call me weirdo, i cannot let people fuck me unless i get to know the other person first. Personally, i think you are a deeper person than what you portrayed on IBI. I read that you have so much disappointment with the hookups you tried to make while you were in B’ham. i thought have a “normal” friend in B’ham might make your stay over here more pleasant. That’s just the caring side of me talking, not my horny side.

So send me a regular photo of your face then! We chatted on Gtalk for a bit today, but in the end, his face was off limits but I could see his panty-clad crotch for days.


Q&A: What’s Your Type?

Q&A: What’s Your Type?

Do you have a type? (race, body type, etc)

Yes and no. How about a series of preferences? I can outline some basics that get me going. But you’re going to find a lot of conflicting desires. So there’s not a single kind of type or even two types.

1. Beefy pecs. Hairy or smooth, doesn’t matter. I like pecs with some heft. Guys with good pecs get fucked on their back. And I really planting my palms over them and grab. It’s a major turn on.

2. Taller, bigger and stronger than me. There’s something about someone who’s so much more physically powerful than me but whimpering and begging for my cock. That’s a huge turn-on.

3. “Straights” who like cock in their ass. They don’t kiss. They are disgusted by what they’re doing with me. But they love it and can’t help themselves.

4. Tiny, slim men. Shorter men with a tiny waist can be hot as hell, especially as I’m the beefy, dominant man using their ass. I’m fascinated in watching my huge cock disappear into their tiny ass.

5. Asians. I probably prefer Filipino among all the flavors.

6. Naturally smooth (and sometimes not so natural). I love it when naturally smooth guys trim down what little body hair they have.

7. “Frat” good-looking guys. Now who doesn’t like these twinks? But there’s something about these incredible men who stoop to my level.

8. Silky, smooth hairy men. I prefer men whose body hair isn’t wiry but very smooth.

9. Ethnic men. While I mentioned Asians, I also find African Americans, Latinos and other flavors of the planet tasty to fuck. My mighty white cock entering their colored asses just intrigues me, especially the big-dicked ones.

Deceptively Fun #3: Asian Ass

Deceptively Fun #3: Asian Ass

I’ve recently developed a thing for Asians. I am not sure where it came from – probably this Chinese guy who used to come over to my place during the late nights.

I talked him into coming over one night. Damn, I was horny. He was, like, 30 and about 5-foot, 10 inches. He had a slender waist – no more than 28 inches, I bet – that broadened up to a wide chest with fat pecs. I love it when guys aren’t so toned that you can see the sinewy rips of muscle. I like a little give with something I can hang onto.

Fuck, did this dude have the nicest pecs. He was smooth everywhere except for a little tuft just above his cock, a tiny amount in his pits and a hint of a ring around his hole. His golden skin was flawless.

Despite his age, he had to look 10 years younger.

“I suck you now?” He asked in broken English.

My cock was at attention. He didn’t wait for me to answer before he was on his knees. He never sucked me deep. That’s okay. But my head was just getting a little too stimulated and I needed a change of pace.

As is my common route, I kissed his mouth, nibbled on his nipples and went down on his cock, just long enough to put him under my firm hand. Then I went lower. his balls, around his balls. hooking my arms underneath his legs, I lifted him for full access to his ass.

I really went at that pucker. Jabbing my tongue in deeper and deeper. I added a lot of spit to my tongue. All part of my master plan. He a natural bottom. His cock turned a bright orange and began to leak. He moaned. And before I knew it, he spun around on his knees to give me greater access to his hole.

I didn’t hesitate. I mean, I dung in deep, jabbing my furry chin into that smooth crack. Tickling the outer edges of his opened-up hole. And I used my tongue to shove more spit inside.

I used the tips of my chin goatee to tickle his back as I came up behind him. He was so opened up that, by the time my cockhead hit its target, his hole swallowed me whole.

But he pushed me off for a second.

“You got condom?” he asked in his broken English.

“Sorry, I’m all out,” I said. I arched my hips forward just a bit so the cock was poised the enter him. But it wasn’t inside yet.

“I have in my car,” he said.

I came off him, removing my cockhead from his hole. But I didn’t let him up. I went back down and slobbered on his hole some more, pushing my tongue inside and getting a little taste of that squeaky clean hole. This boy knew he was going to get fucked. And I was going to give it to him the way it was intended.

So I had to eat ass a little longer before I came up. When my cockhead hit target this time, I went at least halfway in. He was moaning. He liked a nice juicy cock inside him. “No cum inside, please.”

“You don’t have anything to worry about,” I whispered into his ear.

“Oh!” he said as I eased deeply into him. “You last long time. Yes?”

“As long as you can,” I said.

As I started fucking him in earnest from behind, I kept moving. It’s a good trick for when I want to shoot and not say anything. I was really horny, so I let my first load go.

While I can sometimes control it, I don’t like to. It’s not like my hardon will go away. I keep it. And only the best bottoms who know me could even tell.

So I close my eyes, lean back, and ride the waves of pleasure as my cock pumps seed into his raw hole.

Now, of course, he has no idea I just did that. But the fuck consistency does have a tendency to change with the addition of cum – especially how much I tend to inject into an ass.

So I pull out: “Turn over so I can kiss you while I fuck you.”

I add a bit of lube — more for the dramatics of it. I love fucking with just spit as lube, but some cannot stand such a hardcore fuck. I like the sensation of feeling every fold of their ass-chute — especially since I can feel their prostate with such a rigid cock — and letting them feel the ridges of my cock. But another reason for lube – especially the cheap kind — is when it’s used a lot, it turns a creamy color. So when he shits out white stuff later, he doesn’t automatically think cum.

I reenter him swiftly, my pubes grind up against his hairless balls. I lean forward and kiss him sloppily. He reaches up and touches my goatee. I’m pushing into him deep, just to make sure my cum is really up in his gut.

I lean back, grab his ankles, put them on my shoulders and wrap my arms around his thighs. Now I begin to slam his ass. Hard. He’s moaning.

“I cum now?” he asks.

“Not yet,” I say. I need a little more time to work up to a second load. “You asked me to last long.”

“OOOO, I know, but it feel good. Very good.” He arches his back.

My cock points straight up at my belly button. I can tell by the little bump when I pull almost all the way out and push back into him that I am really riding his prostate. That has him close. So I need another angle. I take one of his legs and bring it down to my hip. Then I lean forward a bit, so I am just brushing his prostate but entering into him deeply.

He moans again. He’s really feeling my hard cock. And I like how is ass is clenching. It’s just enough to get me really excited again. I’ve recovered enough and now my cock is swelling again.

“No cum, right?” he’s noticing my breathing is picking up.

“Not yet,” I say.

“Cum soon?” he begins to reach for his cock.

“No,” I say, and gently brush his hand away. When I do, I touch his cock. He’s leaking A LOT. His belly has a lot of glistening precum. I dip my finger into it, getting a liberal amount, and put my finger into his agape mouth. He looks shocked at first, but then I lean forward and kiss him, tasting his precum.

He’s moaning again.

“I want cum now,” he says. I know he’s not asking for my cum. He wants to cum. So I rock him back into position and let my cock hit his prostate hard and on target. He lets out a gasp and within moments his little uncut cock is spewing juice all over his chest. Two spurts hit his shoulder while a third lands right below his left nipple. The rest dribble out into his belly. And he keeps moaning.

His ass clenches down hard, although it’s just a little pressure. Not like a cock ring. Not like the bi guy.

I stop moving – mostly. And I lean down and kiss him.

“You ready to cum?” he asks.

“Not quite,” I say with a smile.

“You fuck more?” SHIT! I love it when a bottom can still take it after he cums.

“Can I?” I ask, politely.

“For a minute.”

So I begin to move and pick up pace. I am sliding in and out of his hole, working up to my second load. I focus on the sensation of my cock entering him. I like how my hairy balls, which are hanging low now, are slamming into that smooth ass. I really try to find that right thing that can put me over the edge — again.

And there it is. That fleeting sensation returns. I begin to regulate my breathing and tense up. I want to give it to him.

I really couldn’t give a shit about him, at this moment. He’s a masturbatory device. And I need him to tighten his ass up a touch. So I lean forward and my angle changes just enough he’s a bit confused. That causes the reaction I needed.

Three more thrusts and I almost there.

He’s beginning to whimper.

I pull out my cock, grab ahold of it and aim.

The first shot is on target. Right on his face. The next two hit just between his pecs and the last three cover his cock and balls.

I back away, stand up and reach for a towel. I throw it over him and the mess. He cleans himself. My heart is still beating hard. But I feel good. Very good.

After a little small talk and a shower, he’s getting ready to leave.

“Thank you for no cumming inside me.”

“Sure thing,” I say. He turns and I slap the left cheek of his ass.