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Q&A: Can His Poz (But Undetectable) Load Go into My Neg Ass and I Stay Neg?

Q&A: Can His Poz (But Undetectable) Load Go into My Neg Ass and I Stay Neg?

QuestionI love reading your blog! Not only is it hotter than fuck, but it’s also super informative.

My partner and I are both in our 40s. He’s poz, I’m neg. Recently, after almost a decade together, we started fucking bareback.

When I fuck him, I don’t use a condom and I cum inside him.

When he fucks me (which is more frequent) he pulls out and cums on my ass. I’d love for him to cum inside me but he won’t do it. He doesn’t want to be responsible for making me poz.

His viral load has been undetectable for years.

What are the risks to me if he were to cum inside me? I really want his load in me.

Your blog rocks!

AnswerKudos on you two sharing your DNA! Well, one of you is sharing yours, actually. You really want his and to experience jizzjoy Open-New-Window-External.

I’m going to give you the skinny first with a couple of alternatives.

What Your Doctor Might Say…

What the fuck do you think you’re doing? Slap that condom on both of you and forget about it.

The Drug Route

Serodiscordant Open-New-Window-External couples, as a physician would call you, makes the negative partner a perfect candidate for prophylaxis Truvada Open-New-Window-External regimen, which means you’d take the antiviral as a precaution against getting HIV.

It’s an expensive choice and, in some cases, your insurance may not cover it since it’s just preventative. Plus, you may or may not suffer side effects of the drug.

Now for what I really think.

And part of me wants to take you both, slap you up side the head and then have your partner fuck you and teach you, as a bottom, how to make sure that fucking load ends up with it belongs.

You’re both already doing everything else.

When You Fuck Your Boyfriend

Let me paint a picture.

Micron-DickThis is your cock in the photo your provided to the right. It is 8 inches long and 4 inches around.

Now because HIV is a little bugger, I’m just (for fuck’s sake) going to convert inches into millimeters because that’s the smallest measurement we all think of in our daily lives (but you’re going to be proud because your cock is going to sound huge).

Your cock is 203 mm long and 102 mm around.

The approximate surface area of your cock is 24,000 square millimeters (if your cock were a perfect cylinder, and that calculation skips the base).

That much surface area is going into the HIV-rich juices of your boyfriend’s ass every time you fuck him. Every time. Deep in his gut.

Visualize that for a moment. The smallest skin cut gives a route into your skin.

Now to get really fucking real, HIV is 10,000 times smaller than a millimeter. HIV is about 0.1 micron. In other words, if we were to measure the area of your cock in microns, that would be 24 million square microns. And each square micron could give 100 bugs to pass through at any given time.

Let’s multiply that out even more and say that the “holes” available for HIV to invade your body just through your cock’s surface area alone is something like 2.4 billion.

But so far, you haven’t gotten it.

It’s not like you’re not risking getting it when you fuck him.

When Your Boyfriend Tops You

Has he put a cork in his cock? Has he assured there’s no precum slipping out through that pee-hole?

I’ve never gotten the whole “pulling out” bullshit, which is why I blast inside (sorry, couldn’t resist).

Now he’s inside you, pumping away. Your most vulnerable moments are when you first stretch out and microfissures can open up in the linings of the colon. The colon offers lots of opportunity to transfer bodily fluids both ways, but of course the bottom is receiving.

As he’s fucking you in those early stages, he is grinding his fluids into your ass and into whatever openings are there. You’re getting his precum, his spit, his sweat, left over piss, and pretty much anything else between the two of you anyway.

Take those same measurements and of his cock and you can take the amount of your interior skin being exposed to his fluids through that touch.

I’m skipping your oral activity and the debatable kissing and other fun stuff. And I didn’t even bother to suggest there might be something a little more kinky going on.

Here’s the Point

If you were to become poz, it likely would have already happened. But let me make the logical point.

Your boyfriend’s viral load — the amount of the virus in his blood — is undetectable. I can’t stress this enough. Tests can’t detect it.

I know it’s not an exact congruence, but it’s like HIV has gone into remission. It’s hiding. It’s somewhere in the body, but you just don’t know where it is or when and where it will likely turn up.

While there’s a chance that it could change at anytime and reemerge, for now he’s essentially negative.

You’re both basically seroconcordant Open-New-Window-External.

Either fuck or don’t. I personally say fuck. Your boyfriend needs to understand that you can just as easily become HIV-positive by what you’re currently doing if the virus decides to return. But tomorrow there could be an earthquake or an asteroid or a car wreck. I’m not suggesting you live your life as if you’ll die tomorrow. I’m suggesting you live your life as if the traffic light is on green all the time, not yellow.


You do need to be prepared for the possibility of conversion Open-New-Window-External, even if you keep fucking the same way you are now. And while I wouldn’t pretend to know the nature of your relationship, I am betting you don’t have a problem with being poz. He’s not hearing you right now because he sees the prejudice that being positive brings among gays.

I want that to stop as much as you do. My point of all this was to make it clear that you both are lucky to have found one another. It’s a wonderful thing to share and your partner needs to stop feeling guilty that he might expose you to something that you’re exposed to already.

It’s a choice you’ve both made to share. I think it’s wonderful.

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Friday Fuck: My Birthday Weekend Begins Smelly and Half-Hard

Friday Fuck: My Birthday Weekend Begins Smelly and Half-Hard

Help make Mark’s birthday a little better while he’s out of work with a donation. Learn more about the gift-giving effort.

I should have known.

For months, this “muscle bottom” and I have gone round and round about meeting up and fucking. I’d actually driven to his address only to find the place was a condo surrounded by a locked gate that required a code. That prompted me to skip him since I couldn’t exactly e-mail him via one of the bareback sites and wait for his response while engine running in the fucking driveway.

Later, another invitation was interrupted because, as I was getting the details, another top arrived and, well, first things first. So by the time he returned to our conversation, I’d moved on.

This time, I started early. I got the address. I got the gate code and I got the condo number. He told me the back door would be unlocked so I thought we had it covered. Did I mention I had to ask for each one? It was a challenge.

Fucking hell, no.

I got there fine but the building in question only had one condo with an exterior door accessible to the outside of the building. The other eight entrances were not labeled and I looked suspicious enough going to doors and attempting to open after walking around the entire building once. So I went back and sent him a message.

He repeated the first instructions.


Yes, I knew all that. I couldn’t get in the goddamned building.

He finally wrote a paragraph explaining the door I should try. Indeed, it worked (when I got to it) and I made it to his place.

As I stepped inside the condo into the unused kitchen, new smells bombarded me. The distinct scent of pot and something much crisper, sharper had been smoked here and then an attempt of patchouli to cover it up. I could see the smooth white ass in the bedroom beyond the tastefully decorated living room.

I stepped into the bedroom to discover mirrors, floor to ceiling and 8 feet wide in front of the bottom and to my right. Bareback porno played on a 52-inch flat screen.

The brass bed had multiple restraints attached to it of many sorts — leather, metal, chains. The bedside table included a selection of poppers and lube worthy of any adult store.

For all this, I was struck by another scent. Now I know a lot of folks get into manscents — the unwashed and undeoderized. I’m not someone that likes perfumes or even all that much cologne. But I doubt this man had showered in three days. I knew the lens trick often referred to by old Hollywood starlets as smearing petroleum jelly all over to give it a glow and slight lack of focus. Lord knows he had plenty of it anyway.

I was prepared that he was at least 10 years senior his claim — probably more. Didn’t bother me there. But that smell.

My cock didn’t want to get hard but I wanted to get my weekend off with a bang and I was determined. So I watched the TV porn, which was some sort of gang bang with a bunch of performers I didn’t recognize. That got me halfway there to slide into his hole. A hole like his was easy to enter.

So I started to fuck. He had a big chest and, for what I could feel, nice nips. I wanted to feel him up but, fuck, every time I bent over, I’d get a whiff of those pits and the jock he had on (now I figured out it was loaded with piss). I dared not do that any more for trying to avoid gagging. His ass felt good but my cock’s hardness did not improve all that much.


Watching the porn managed to build me into enough of a frenzy that it was popper time and I snorted some, went into top mode and eventually blew a small load into his ass. Pulling out with a tiny pop, you could see just a touch leaking out. He didn’t move. I left.

This ended a week where my temporary engagement downtown also ended, so I’m without work again. Let’s hope that over the next couple of days, some things pop up!

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Join Me in Fucking Tennessee

Join Me in Fucking Tennessee

Tennessee boy wants me to get a group of four men (plus me) to fuck and breed him. Believe me when I say I’d enjoy making this little fucker’s dream cum true. Are you a top (or versatile who can get it up and keep it there) in the Atlanta area? Please e-mail me at

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ass ass

Taking the Ass of a Tennessee Boy

We’d been texting for a couple of months. Every once in a while, he’d pop up, begging me to come visit him and breed his ass. Just before the Atlanta snow storm, he wanted me to rush over and get stranded at his place so we could fuck through it.

His pics sent — looking back — do him fine, but it was his face and body photo (that I’m not including here) that misses the mark. I’m wondering now if it’s a photo of an older, slimmer brother, cousin or just something he picked up off the Internet that he thought resembled him.

I knew his type. His intense interest would lead to a very intense session that would end abruptly.

His text messages would come in spurts on odd, weeknight evenings, begging me to come over, assuring easy parking, easy access to everything.

Not-so-secretly, I enjoyed his begging, although it did come at odd times. And it would overwhelm my phone. His text messages would just blow it the fuck up.

He also never really answered my questions. No name (not even a fake one) and his stats were never really given. People bashful about those basics always worry me, especially when we’re talking about a 45-minute drive into the unknown. So when it came to getting stranded with him for a snow storm, the answer was a definite no.

After meeting him, I wish I’d said yes.

Bookstore Bad Night

Fast forward to Wednesday night. So I’ve had a dry spell, partially due to the weather with the other half due to my mood. That and every post got a combination of flakes and previous fucks not worth a dry hump.

I crawled into the car and pointed it toward Inserection Opens a new window from this blog, hoping for a decent night but knowing in general that Wednesdays suck.

Fuck a duck, my instincts were right on.

The parking lot was the first clue, finding plenty of spots. Usually the Doris Day spots are the open ones since everyone there likes to pretend they aren’t there, parking as far away from the door, as close to the dumpster and backing in to pretend like someone is going to go through the lot and record every single license plate. Please. Really who gives a fuck?

So I go and park anyway because I’m here, but begin fiddling with my cell, immediately seeing if there’s anything I can do to improve my odds.

Pay the toll and walk inside to find a few interesting prospects including a Latino I’ve fucked before and rather enjoyed. In fact, within moments, we’re in booths opposite one another and he’s sucking on my cock and then, magically, sitting on it, letting me fuck him. I’m thinking this evening is going to go smoothly and I’m going to pop my nut quickly.

But as soon as he’s on it, he’s off it.

“What’s up?” I whisper through the hole.

“Sorry, Papi,” he says. “No condom.”

“But I’ve already fucked you!” I say, and then just button up and storm out.

Over the next hour, I dance the dance but finally come across that Tennessee area code to zip off a cry of help, met with a similar response, begging me to come over and fuck his pussy.

Fucking Tennessee

My drive is a barrage of texts that overlay the mapping application guiding me to my destination. Promises of what I will see and get. I’m just hopeful it’s better than what I left.

As I approach, he stands kneels silhouetted on the bed, a harsh blue florescent dances to the beat of his cock flopping in front, as he caresses his own body. This display of exhibitionism, just for me, as no one else is in the driveway and can see it. But his constant texts leave me cold, as I just want to get inside and see what I’m going to fuck.

I press forward, opening the door into the small studio and he flicks off the harsh light and deftly flops naked onto the bed, turns and looks at me.

He is beefy, broad shoulders like a football player. But not like someone who says that and then is thick as in fat. On him, the broadness fits, spreading wide in proportion to his entire body. His pecs, each mound rising with hair and huge nipples standing like zeniths on a mountain, then followed by a respectable cascade to his stomach that had a youthful, twentysomething tightness. His trunks of legs held up this meaty mound, bringing him to a very solid five-foot-ten. And his squat oval face screamed Australian  rugby player until he opened his mouth and out flowed the most gorgeous and masculine Virginia accent.

If you’re not from the South, you may not be able to tell the subtle differences between each state. In brief conversation later, he would admit to being from a town close to Virginia.

But at this particular moment, his mouth was full of my cock, not that I needed any inspiration to get hard. His body glistened with a fresh shower as I fucked his face, holding his dark brown hair in its short, thick tufts and forcing his manly lips across my hard cock’s ridges.

I was already almost naked and he leaped across the bed, spreading his legs and asking, yet again, if I were sure I was clean (I provided the usual platitudes and promises). He spit on his hand and pushed some into his hole. When I saw this, I couldn’t resist, diving in for a flavor sample all my own. His warm spit hit me first (delicious) followed by the cooler bathwater as my tongue darted into his hole and began to open him up fully.

He groaned, but wouldn’t be denied my cock for long, so I sat up and poised the throbbing knob at the hole and pushed forward a bit. He did the rest, working it down.

It took a moment to push it through but then I felt the ring give and I was inside. He eased down, still having a little trouble until I could really fuck him.

Then it was go time.

No time to waste, go for it. Fuck, fuck, fuck away!

What a delicious hole as we kissed deeply, intensely and he began begging for my cum.

Uh oh. He’s begging for my cum? NOW?

That’s one of my trigger points. I usually ask a bottom if he wants my cum and then we go for giving it up.

So as a good top, wanting this to last a little while, I suggest a change in position where he can sit on it. I love this position, gives me full view of the bottom and both hands to, in this case, stimulate him and slow him up a little.

He pulls off, “Sure.” And begins moving but ends up flat on his stomach. “But let’s try this one first.”

The little fucker chooses my favorite position.

However, for most bottoms, they just lie there and let me piston the hell out of them so that’s why I like this position. It’s a way to get me off. I mount him.

This fucker’s already two steps ahead of me and begins rocking his J-Lo booty for all it’s worth. Within moments, I’m on the brink of dumping my load. I have to pull out to prevent a premature blast, something unusual for me.

We flip over and he rides it, but again with the milking. And begging. And now he’s spied the poppers. The aggressive bottom he is, snorts his own and shoves the bottle underneath my nose.

I give into the temptation. He wants it all slam, bam, thank you, Sam. So be it. He won’t let me set the pace. I can get mean and do it my way or just go with it. Surrender to the bottom.

I do.

I snort. And within moments and at his begging, release more than a week’s nut into his ass.

The sensation is like no other. The pressure has been building for a while and now, like the cork being forced out from the inside, I pop with pressure. He’s not slowing down his movement, but had he, I’m sure he would have felt the pressure of the cum slam into his gut walls and then continue to squeeze out.

Once I shot, he asked me to stay inside until I could piss, but alas, that is a gift I’ve never been able to give.

We chatted a bit and I played with his cummy hole, but he didn’t want to get off, admitting that he would jerk off later in phone sex with a friend in Tennessee (ummm… can you say BOYFRIEND?)…

And so I left.

When I got in the car, the time difference was exactly 13 minutes, including all the chat.

I swung back by the bookstore to find nothing much else going on and  went on home. Later that night, I posted something again that even Tennessee boy noticed and texted me about, thinking it was hot I was still horny after fucking his booty. I guess he didn’t quite get that, while I found him intensely agreeable in so many ways, a demanding bottom can make the entire fuck less than satisfying by not allowing the top to set the pace.

I was a load lighter, but I left heavy still wanting to fuck.

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Q&A: Weirdest Sexual Experiences

Q. Someone asked me this, so I’m going to pay it forward. What is your weirdest sexual experience?

A. So this is a difficult question to answer since the adjective weird might have different meanings to different people. I’ll just run through the top ten (in no particular order) that go through my head:

1. Having sex in a cemetery (more creepy than weird I think, but that was the only place convenient to us at the time). We were both 17 and horny and had no other place to go so give us both a break.

2. Showing up at an after church orgy (yes, you read that right) and having the host introduce us to the 14-year-old kid who had slipped out of his parents house down the street (we kindly excused ourselves).

3. Having sex when I was 19 years old and I took my shirt off. I had some acne on my back, to which the hookup asked if I had AIDS (I put my shirt back on and sent him home).

4. Having my clothes and keys stolen during an orgy (and that was relatively recent even you can read about at

5. He was a fireman. He was willing to let me do anything to him. Fuck him, he would suck me. Whatever. One requirement. I needed to piss on him. Our time together proved to be less than stellar. We went into the bathroom and he knelt in the shower. He was flaccid, a little chilled (at the time, it was winter) and it took a moment for me to build up steam. A trickle turned into a stream. By 10 seconds in, he had a respectable firm 5 incher. At 20 seconds, he had a load in his hand. By 30 seconds, he was showering off.

6. I walked into this guy’s house and we started to undress. He looked at my cock and said, “I thought you were cut.” I responded, “I am.” He said, “No you’re not.” I pulled up the cock and showed him the circumcision scar, “Yes, I am. I just have a little extra skin for play.” At that moment, it looked as if the man might barf. He begins slowly shaking his head no then it becomes more violent. “We can’t do this. Now way.”

7. Sometimes I get a little horny and others who are a little more “liberal” invite you over. So I’m expecting just to fuck but I get there and the guy’s got a rim seat. I’ve never been on one but, what the hell. I take a seat and he really enjoys his work, let me tell you. He begins to mine for gold. And pretty soon, I realize he’s going to strike gold. I let nature take its course. Not proud of it. But his ass was clean when i fucked it and left my load. Mutual assured destruction and pleasure. No kiss goodbye.

8. Double-fucking a guy but the other top insisted on wrapping while I went raw, which really felt quite weird, so I think it qualifies (wrote about this one too at

9. It had been snowing and only in the last couple of days has the roads been cleared enough for local driving. I lived up north at the time so this was a big deal. Offered a blowjob by a married man, his wife stranded at her mother’s, I went over to find he was 20 years older and 40 pounds less muscle. But good news, he still had all his teeth. And he used them. All of them. Kept using them. 

10. Went to a campground with my partner (at the time) and two friends… one was supposed to be “my” friend and the other was supposed to be my partner’s. Truth was, they were both my partner’s friends and I was SOL. Long shitty weekend. I’m pissed. My partner’s getting it all over. And the only one who’s expressed an interest in me seems to look like Santa Claus. Then, on a dark hike back to the tent, my partner’s best friend admits how he’s always wondered what my cock is like and what it tastes like. He found out. As I’m zipping up, my partner appears out of the darkness. The friend suddenly barfs, my load and more, all over the place.

 I hope this meets to your satisfaction!