The Best Fuck of 2016

The Best Fuck of 2016

I genuinely love a couple of scenes, especially when a travel. One I’ve used often is “room service” (examples of this scene are here, here and here).

I posted one on Craigslist and got the usual selection of “that’s hot” and other flakes.

But the cream of the crop rose to the top of the selection I had received: A younger man seemingly on fire to get bred. Little did I know.

He arrived in my darkened hotel room and stripped, as per the requirement. Our conversation had been brief.

I go with my gut on a lot of this stuff. And I was right on this one.

From the moment he touched my leg, his service proved to be on point. Very good mouth work, which says a lot due to his claimed age of 21. As things progressed and he was getting ready to sit on my cock, I found his hole very tight and even a little difficult to enter.

Like something to be discarded, he mentioned he’d never been fucked before.

Now, often I will receive brags about “virgin” ass available for my taking. In my experience, these guys are usually flakes with no intention of actually taking a cock, much less a load from a stranger. I especially are suspicious of forty- or fifty-somethings who have let a huge chunk of their life pass by without cock-in-ass.

This determined young man works to get my cock in his tight hole.

And it’s so fucking tight. I slip inside and I’m met with a huge grip.

Slowly he takes a seat. And in this process, I’m pretty sure it’s not a tale. This guy is a virgin. And I will be his first.

Generally I don’t find fucking a virgin as a thrill. Why? One usually has to constantly reassure things like, if it hurts too much, I’ll stop, or please don’t cum inside me, or are you “sure” you’re clean?

This young man did none of these actions. His eyes fluttered with the intensity of his first warm cock inside his hole. As I allowed him to adjust, I ran my hands across his very slim body, across the muscles tightly wound just beneath a lightly hairy but very soft skin.

Soon, he was dick compliant, asking for a fuck.

I moved him to his back and began to fuck in earnest, my cock inside this massively tight hole.

He took one brief break, but otherwise asked for more and more of my rock hard to slam his interior. I invaded with intensity and passion.

I assured him all he needed to was ask for my load.

“I want to get fucked a little longer,” he said. “You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this.”

I moved him into a couple more positions, although knowing he’d be a little sore tomorrow. On his stomach was when I finally got the words to cum inside him.

“Please breed me,” he said. “Harder.”

I picked up the pace when entered to the moment of no-return.

“Tell me you want my load,” I whispered in his ear.

“Please, please give me your cum.”

At that moment, my cock unleashed a two-week build-up of cum directly into his no-longer-virgin hole. And I pushed it in even deeper.

After recovering, I rolled off. We had a little small talk and then issued an open invitation to fuck him again when I retuned to his city.

We made small talk as he put on his clothes and left. I sat on the edge of the bed, over the light pink blood stains from his first ever fuck… and knowing that my DNA would be a part of him… forever.

The Disappointing Fucks of 2016

The Disappointing Fucks of 2016

Someone said to me once that fucking was like pizza…. when it’s good, it’s great. When it’s not, it’s still pizza.

2016 might go down as one of the most boring years when it comes to fucking. I had a lot of good fucking, but few rise to the top. Or something might push what would have been a good fuck into mediocre territory.

An example is fitting here.

Everything is going rather well with this chunky hunk I’d met through In fact, it was going really well.

When I like someone — and I mean sexually, I don’t mean let’s go get a beer — I’ll actually kiss them. On the lips. With tongue.

In general, most of my fucking doesn’t include this indulgence. But in this case, I was in the mood and he was turning into a pretty good fuck.

So my hard cock is slamming into his pleasure center and he ends up shooting a load on his lightly hairy belly.

I’ve been doing my job and well for him to shoot without touching himself.

In the moment, I swoop down to lick up the swimmers and go in for a kiss to share some of the bounty.

He refuses the kiss.

“I don’t like the taste of my own cum,” he says, mid-fuck.

The kissing off the table, my like plummets and it becomes a pump and dump. I turn him over and fuck until I blast my juicy cum in his ass.

The moment was gone. And what had began as a promising fuck becomes nothing more than a standard fuck, like hundreds before him.

A couple of other tricks of note.

I am disappointed at the number of bottoms who arrive sans lube. This is especially notable when I am traveling. Sometimes I remember to pack less than three ounces of lube, but sometimes I don’t.

As I am an equal-opportunity fucker, an older gentleman joined me for a brief romp. His sucking was okay. This guy was the kind I lay back and let service me. When the fucking time came, he sat down using only spit.


I love spit as lube. My own works well. But in this case, the guy wasn’t in tune with his own body to recognize a rough, hemorrhoid flap at the southeast corner of his asshole (for reference, north would be him on his stomach… my favorite position to unload).

A bottom such as this should carry lube with him always for the comfort of his top. Alas, no. So I had to take matters into hand, flip him over, use the strange lotion that comes with every hotel room (that never works very well and occasionally burns).

I imagine his robust sphincter ended up irritated. Or maybe it was just an itch that needed some rough scratching.

My Christmas Wish List

Fucking Possible

Hello Gents and Fellow Brothers:

Occasionally, I get a message inquiring about what’s going on, as to why there aren’t new posts. And I’ll admit there’s been some adjustments to life.

You can see me often on (the only bareback hookup site I fully recommend) and occasionally a few other “apps.”

And I continue to fuck. And breed.

Perhaps it’s not as much as in the past, but the level of activity doesn’t truly reflect my advocacy for raw fucking.

Just yesterday, I got an e-mail from a young buck expressing his appreciation for this blog and the path it set him on to potentially get loaded. After a brief e-mail exchange, he admitted he’s yet to take a load.

What a disappointment.

Nonetheless, the relevancy of this blog continues. I am “active,” although other, more lucrative, priorities do tend to keep me from investing in writing here.

I will make an effort to write more and update my loyal readers.

In the meantime, I wish you all the best holiday wishes and for many gifts to come.

Bottom Gets Stealthed and Goes Bareback Forever

Bottom Gets Stealthed and Goes Bareback Forever

The following is a story submitted by a reader of my blog

It was my first ever “anon” type encounter. We did chat on Grindr for a while, and traded pics so I knew what he looked like.

iBLASTinside's Bareback Loading ZoneHe was traveling through my state on business: 6’3″, fit, red head, 26 years old, athlete. Not usually my type but the options around my town are slim so when travelers come through I usually take a swing.

At this point I had only barebacked with my ex of 5 years who I had just left about 5 months before this hookup, so I was practicing safer sex and always used condoms.

The guy wasn’t feeling the condoms, but after I insisted he agreed. in exchange he wanted me to unlock my front door, leave my bedroom door open, lights off, have the poppers, lube and condom on the nightstand and have my ass in a jock in the air.

It was hot and exciting, but scary, so I took a chance.

He crept in. I took a quick peek to see if it was him — it was. He got on the bed and started eating my ass which got me moaning a bit, he started unbuckling his belt and pulling off his pants. The noise alone had me rock hard.

He spit in his hand and started jacking off while he continued to eat my ass. I knew ahead of time he was 8½ inches, so I was nervous as hell. But when he lifted up and slapped his rock hard cock on my hole, I literally melted. Just the sound alone had me precumming. He started rubbing it on my hole, stroking it with the head pressed on me, telling me how pretty my hole is and how he can’t wait to wreck it.

Then he started to push, slowly opening me up, it was such an amazing feeling that I forgot he wasn’t wearing the condom yet. He kept teasing me with his head, in and out, while I was face down in the pillow, in ecstasy, drooling, distracted.

He put his hand between my shoulder blades and pushed down to lift himself up and started pushing it inside more and more.

At this point I worked up the nerve to lift up and grab the condom, before he could get all the way in and start pounding, because I knew if it got all the way in, I’d be a lost cause.

Without looking I reached back and handed it to him, he sighed, grabbed it and said, “Oh, with the way you were loving my raw cock, I forgot all about the condom. You sure?”

To which I replied, “Yeah. I’m sorry, but I’d just rather you wear it.”

I heard him open it, pull it out, and roll it on. I passed the lube back and he lubed us both up, since his precum wouldn’t work this time. He pressed back against my hole, and I reached back to guide him in, but really to check for the condom. It was on so I let him in.

He started to POUND me, which I wasn’t ready for. He was huge — but I wanted to stick it out cause I didn’t want to annoy him anymore (I used to be very submissive, not just sexually, but mentally. I think he picked up on that.)

He started doing all the right things with it though, pulled me up by my hair, slapping my ass, talking dirty and down to me, setting his dominance.

After maybe 10 or15 mins of this, he slammed forward, pushing me down and into the pillow. He reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the poppers, pulled me back up by the hair, and put the bottle to my nose and one finger to the other nostril with one hand, and had his other hand over my mouth, making me take deep inhales. He repeated on the other nostril until I was literally gone.

I fell flat, and he pulled out, then all the way in, in and out, in and out while I was poppered up and i was loving it.

After a bit he flipped me over, face to face, and started fucking me, slapping me, choking me. He was so much more into it at this point. Telling me how amazing my hole felt wrapped tight around his cock, how warm it was. He started kissing me while pounding me, finally making me feel like I was actually there with him.

Shortly after that, he pulled out, flipped me back over, and shoved it back in in almost one swift motion. He put his weight all on me and held me tightly as he fucked harder, more wildly, like losing his focus. He was close.

He pushed my head down even harder, grunting, straining, tense. “I’m going to cum, fuck I’m gonna cum” was about all he was muttering until his last forceful pound when he pushed as deep as he could go and held it and said, “Fuck yeah take that load.”

All the while I loved all of it, didn’t even think of what he said. I was in bliss.

After he held it in for a bit, he got maybe five more good strokes in before he pulled out, pulled up his pants, slapped me on the ass and walked out.

I laid there for a while before getting up and cleaning, collected the lube, poppers, and started pulling up the covers when I saw the condom roll off onto the floor.

When I bent down and picked it up, I didn’t notice it at first.

But it hit me that there was nothing in it and it was all rolled up. So I stretched it out and sure enough there was a huge hole where the tip was.

I didn’t know what to think, I was still turned on by the sex but I was pissed at what I found. I messaged him immediately confronting him and he replied with, “Oh I didn’t notice it broke”

But when I said, “How could you not notice? You knew!”

He said, “Either way, you loved it. You wanted my cock raw and you know it. You’re just scared to admit it.”

I was mad for a few days after but found myself thinking about it while I jacked off and slowly found myself searching for things like it online which lead me to your website, and others.

I now get fucked bareback and only bareback.

TIMFuck: Sam Porter, Jacob James and Alex Kage

When real life couple Sam Porter and Jacob James heard their fuck toy for the day was going to be Alex Kage, they got pretty excited. So excited, in fact, Sam can’t wait for the kid to arrive and dives right in, eating out his boyfriend’s ass. Once Alex gets to the alley, the guys are quick to welcome him — and Alex is just as quick to surrender, eagerly inviting the hot ‘n’ hung Euro studs to use and abuse both of his holes to their heart’s content.