About Me

Everything you wanted to know and may want to know but didn’t ask

Born out of wedlock, adopted into a Christian home, somehow I turned out okay, finding my way in the world after growing up a goody two-shoes. Some of that goodness remains. I don’t jaywalk and I’ve never, ever done an illegal substance. Yet, I’ve attempted to violate sodomy laws in every Bible Belt state and beyond.

If you’re easily offended or confused, I don’t recommend approaching me. I’m not safe for work (NSFW) and usually offensive to almost everyone who’s ever met me. My sense of humor is biting, sarcastic, dry and can be harmful if swallowed (unless you’re talking about my cum which can be swallowed but I prefer injecting elsewhere).

For all the basics of your interest, here we go.

Mark in rubberMy age (in the traditional year measurement) is 45.

My Zodiac sign (in case you care about that shit) is Taurus (and I promise I’m bullishly stubborn as hell).

It’s not much better if you’re into the Chinese Zodiac cause it makes me a Ram and God knows I like to ram Opens a new window from this blog.

Born in Georgia and all my formative childhood and very early adulthood years spent here but I’ve also lived in FloridaWashington, D.C.Virginia and Maryland. Currently, I live in the far northern suburbs outside Atlanta Opens a new window from this blog.

My educational experience includes Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Details of these forays into academia fail to properly convey the education and experience gained beyond the influence of most professors. That said, intelligence might be among the greatest aphrodisiacs for me.

For the puerile among the readers who probably skipped over that word to get to the so-called “good stuff” …

  • 45 years old
  • Light brown hair
  • Speckled green eyes behind nerd glasses
  • Light beard
  • 6 foot, 2½ inches tall
  • 230 pounds
  • Moderately hairy (more legs and ass than chest; no back hair)
  • 7 inches cut, rock hard and big juicy loads
  • Top (95 percent of the time)
  • Barebacker (99.95 percent of the time)
  • Geekish good looks
  • Size 12 shoes
  • Extra large gloves

Adorkable, nerdastic, geekalicious, we all must face our destinies. I am a geek. I am a nerd. I know that, upon seeing me, most assume I’m the smartest guy in the room who can likely operate the audio-visual equipment or fix your computer. Under most circumstances, that assumption holds true.

Popping out a load

However, just beneath the façade of the geek holds a creative genius, a devious plotter and a mischievous thinker who maneuvers through and will mindfuck and stealth-fuck Opens a new window from this blog.

Introvert Opens a new window from this blog might best describe me, as you will rarely find me in crowds. Shyness isn’t a problem. I speak with authority and I own my feelings. Someone once told me I had a “quiet dominance” that makes me a force. But since I don’t conform to the normal ideal of what people think of dominant, because I’m not a muscle daddy in leather, I don’t scream or order through gritted teeth.

So consider the alternative. Everyone else. Or me. Different. Unique. Unusual.

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  1. btw……I need to have man breed me…..more than a few times.

  2. I know I cannot e erget enough cum. I am a serious lover of dick. The more the better.
    Love being dicked

  3. You are hot and i agree wiyh you, poz and neg cum belong into a man’s asshole and no condoms ever! Status not important and i don’t tell either…they havd to take my load, that’s all

  4. Yes, I have flown with poppers. They’re less than 3 oz. Just take the label off if it scares you. Put it in your little clear bag with your other liquids and gels. No one at the airport will take a second look.

  5. One day, I hope someone beats you to death, cause you’re a sick man…you give all gays a bad reputation

  6. I am wondering if you ever flown with poppers. Either in your checked baggage or carry on. I am wondering if it is OK to have them in your carry on bag. I would appreciate any info you may have. Thank you in advance.

  7. you are some man! fair play to you.

  8. I would love to take your load!!!

  9. Please visit West Bromwich in the UK. id love to have you decorate my insides.

  10. I now live in Washington DC and looking to continue to cheat and get barebacked… any tops interested? 🙂 plantromeo profile btmtopcouple, but i hook up solo via that profile.

  11. I just started to get barebacked about 13 months ago. Ive been with my husband for 8 years, just got married 1.5 yrs ago. He is very careful sexually and doesnt want me to even suck a guys cock and have the guy blow on my face. So i go to glory holes and swallow random loads, up to 10 loads at a session. I also now get barebacked almost every time I hook up, even when I have condoms in pocket. last year 17 guys cam inside me, before that i only had 10 guys load me up in my entire life. I have over 45 guys bareback me. All this my husband doesnt know. I love to cheat and when we do threeways i take the used condoms and swallow the load in the other room or i turn the guys condoms inside out and shove it up my ass and go back to the room and continue having sex with my husband and the third. 🙂

    I tested negative dec 1 2014. I hope to remain negative, but will continue barebacking to anyone undetectable or negative. I love trusting strangers…

  12. If you ever visit Austral;ia, Queensland Gold Coast, I will certainly be your bottom, I only have one rule, the Top is boss.

  13. Hi – In awe of your site and of you! Would be an honour to take your loads and be bred by you, if you’re ever in the UK let me know, very willing ass here for your total use.

  14. Just been through your blog, totally awesome man, love your attitude and ethos. wish I had you in my ass, would love to show you how I can control my muscles when you plow me deep, not to mention the noises I make. would love to feel you flood my hole.

  15. i’m looking for a buddy to show me Atlanta’s BB scene. Mark, I’m hoping you will be that buddy!!! If so, you can fuck my tight ass

  16. Sorry I missed you when you were in Raleigh last. When will you be back this way?

  17. You are a god.
    Reading your view on bareback, particularly stealth fuck has made my cock the hardest, its impossible to not to jerk off while reading your work.
    Stealth fuck is the best way to teach a lesson and welcoming to the true brotherhood, especially for those lacking access to proper manhood like young dudes, Asians and married guys.

  18. I love your blog. And your candor. Just now found it while at IML and will continue reading it. Are you at IML in chicago this year? would like to see if I stack up good enough for you to breed.

  19. I am italian and I really would love to take your cock If you’ll ever come to Italy. You got my email, now get my ass 😉

  20. I have traveled with unmarked bottles in my toiletries numerous times without incident. If you’re ever asked, it’s lens cleaner. Gladly tell the TSA to pitch it. More than likely, such a small bottle will be overlooked.

  21. Hey there – been a follower of yours for a while now. Reading your stories in the past has got me off a number of times. I have some advice that I am seeking, if you don’t mind. I don’t travel much but am about to head somewhere fun and wondered your advice on traveling with poppers since I know you travel on a frequent basis and love some poppers when you’re about to blast. Can I pack them in a toiletry bag (in my checked bag) and get through with them with no troubles?

  22. Very nice website! I have a few questions. Would you mind sending me and email? Greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  23. I find this very interesting. We live in a land where everyone is able to express there own beliefs without persecution. I am glad to see you have stepped forward and know how to use social media to your benefit. There is a belief that telling people “No, Don’t Do” is going to stop things from happening. This always causes the opposite effect. We need more people like you out in the world holding a mirror in peoples faces. Only then will we actually gather enough people together and move society forward. If life were fair I would have been close by to meet and converse with you. But alas, I will have to be satisfied that this blog is a true reflection of your thoughts, beliefs and way of life which intrigue me. A conversation to get to know you, what’s behind your eyes and understand why you’ve stepped forward with this blog and other social media…that’s the intrigue. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

  24. My god I want you to fuck me. I’m sure you get that all the time but … I mean, wow. Your poppers guide was useful but GOD I WANT YOUR COCK IN ME.

  25. Your mindset is very much like how I think. Which is why I put HIV status right at the forefront on my lo-gin handles, which for about 95 of the sites I visit. I use my handle of Proud2bpoz (at Yahoo if you wan the contact, just send me one). So when any contact me, they can see I am poz, and don’t have to be freaked out when traditional means don’t work I really did like what you had to say. Whether its over grilled cheese and a cup of coffee, whatever, I’d be interested in meeting. Deep in the heard of TX here in DFW.

  26. I would like to speak to you. please get back to me if you can. please email.

  27. Damn. I was just in Atlanta for 10 days and didn’t get my lips or ass wrapped around one of those long, thick black cocks once. A couple of hot young guys working at the hotel were teasing a lot, but I had co-workers staying with me who aren’t into playing. Next time I cum to Atlanta I’d love to have you help me get my mouth and ass filled with cum !!

  28. I’m just glad I caught you on BBRT and you told me about BBBH and your blog. I’ve been getting fucked for years and yet I’ve learned so much from reading you. Now I just need to get a current pic to send to you and maybe you won’t think of me as a catfish (great term!).

  29. Have tried several of these massage guys with varying results…some good, some bad. The Aveda guy was probably the worst. Ramses the best. Appreciate seeing these ratings. Thanks for posting this stuff.

  30. I enjoyed reading this about you, Mark. And now I know even more about you! Ha, ha!!

    Interestingly enough, my Sun-Sign is Capricorn (January 8, here), and like Taurus and Aries, a Horned Sign. I often say that Capricorn is the Sign of the Horny Goat, and my Rising Sign is Leo, the Sign of Sex, and I AM Cuban. It is a fantasy of mine to have sex with another man or men every day, and I think I would enjoy it. Granted, it might bite into my professional schedule, but I think I would get over that easily.

    In Chinese Astrology, depending on the resource (that Astrological System is Lunar) I AM either an Metal Rooster or a Fire Dog, both animals seem to have a connection with sex, yes?

    And you enjoy BDSM? That is good, because regardless of whether or not I AM fucking or being fucked, I love to smack a good ass, and I have a feeling you have a really good ass, studly.

  31. Mark . . . i really love this web-site of yours . . . so much yet to visit on it and see and expereince . . . i am sure i’ll be spending a lot of time on this site . . rading . . and learning . . . i don’t see an e-mail address posted where one can write to you . . . but maybe i will yet stumble upon one. 🙂 (michael g.b.)

  32. I’m still fascinated

  33. i’d love to know a couple of the techniques not posted here since I’d like to try with my married top. I’m on breedingzone.com same handle.

  34. I’ve spent all afternoon reading your blog, now I have to go to the bookstore

  35. I have just found this website/blogsite and is now one of my top favourite sites.
    I’m not sure if I would try barebacking myself but to watch it is something I love. your blog is great. No plots like in the porn movies, just real people Haveing raw pleasure.
    I am in the UK and wished I was over in the US to watch you work your magic and do what you do best.
    Thanks for this truly great blogsite.
    From daz

  36. I would love to have you be my first top to bareeback me 38 ohio 5’11” 34”waist brown hair hair and eyes, just to ashamed to ask guys to bareback me

  37. I like the frank and articulate style of your bio, although I’d like to know more about the geek side. Being a painfully shy Taurean geek myself, I’m surprised that you seem to come out of your shell so easily for dalliances with men; I’ve only just hopped back on that wagon after a decade, and suffer from terrible nerves that definitely kill the vibe when I hook up. Any tips ? If not, can you help me get to grips with Bind9 SDB ?

  38. I’d win. I have glasses.

  39. We have to geek out one day.

  40. Hey Mark – just spent the afternoon reading your blog (in reverse order !!) and I wanted to say how much I loved it. I found you through a link on Jasun Mark/Gay Daily Hot. Not sure how many women contact you, or even if you generally expect any women to read the blog. I only really use ‘gay’porn, well porn that doesn’t involve women (they do nothing for me!!). In the US bareback seems such a political issue – although I think there is the same type of judgemental attitude towards sex in general, the definition of safe or un safe sex. As a straight woman I have rarely used a condom, I know the risks and I choose to take them. I cannot bear to interrupt the sex to put a condom on the guy Im with (although these days mostly the husband !!). I have always struggled to find any other girl who feels the same about sex as I do, or will admit to it – it seems only gay men seem to be honest about the recreational nature of sex and the impossibility of monogamy in the strictest terms. I love your blog – keep on writing – love Zoe xxx

  41. There seem to be a lot of geeks that get called those names. I wonder if it’s written on our bodies? XD


    Great job on the website!

  42. I am into BDSM. You’ve not read a lot of my blog…

  43. I love the honesty and information. If you were into BDSM my ass would be yours. cheers

  44. I wouldn’t mind meeting you in person. I’m sure we’d get along, famously. 😉

  45. Love a good mindfucking geek 😉 Hot!

  46. God I love your blog. Thanks for everything.

  47. Self-absorption? Really?

  48. I enjoy your sexual exploits, but am not so much interested in your self absorption.