Q&A: What’s a Bottom to Do When a Top Flakes?

Q&A: What’s a Bottom to Do When a Top Flakes?

Oh grand-master of all unholy cum-union:

Pray tell how would you rule. I had a punk scheduled (known as a demon-fuck) who I have known since he was 18. He is thirtysomething now, hardcore bareback top.

Does one excuse the TOTAL FLAKING without a peep until three days later? Does one play hard to get or does one just keep the barn-door open for the damn fool to plant his seed whenever he comes through?

I would have written to ‘Dear Abby’ but the old lady might have had stroke…

Yours truly,

An unrepentant follower of the raw, fearless, guilt-free passion-of-the-flesh

P.S. Still desperately short of the multiple loads I had planned to take by now.

Bottoms Available at the Convenience of a Top

You are a bottom. You are available whenever and at the convenience of any top.

That does assume he is a true top — flake or not. A top must be able to …

  • Get hard
  • Maintain an erection
  • Fuck
  • Cum inside

Tops are not required to…

  • Talk dirty
  • Fuck in a particular position
  • Pleasure or get off the bottom
  • Arrive on time
  • Fuck hard, slow, rough or some particular way
  • Provide a minimum (or maximum) inches in an endowment
  • Provide any explanation of his actions preceding, during or following the breeding
  • Provide poppers, lube, towels, etc. or any accommodation for the bottom

You are a bottom. You are available only for service to and for the top.

Any other conversation is worthless.

Open the barn-door. The problem isn’t with the tops. It’s with you. That’s why you aren’t getting loads.

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  1. Interestingly enough, I have had the opposite situation.

    In other words, I have had bottoms flake out on me.

    A perfect example: This guy began messaging me, via Growlr. He made it clear to me on numerous occasions that he wanted to be my submissive pussy. I told him my requirements, and he said yes to all of them.

    Then, when the appointed day and time came, he flaked. In other words, I did not cum. Oh, wait, actually, yes, I did; unlike you, Mark, I do jack off.

    Here is the crazy part: this was his second chance. The crazier part is that he kept messaging me, asking me how I AM doing, how I AM feeling, how my day is going, etc. Alas, I resorted to being cruel and unkind, and he came back for more.

    I finally blocked him, but I think next time, I need to simply ignore him.

    These days, I have become much more discerning and much less available, which has not only made me happier, but healthier (both physically and emotionally).

    If I were to give fellow tops advice on bottoms that flake, I would say, have a back up bottom.

    In the meantime, so glad you have some new posts, Mark. I need to catch up!