Why No New Blog Posts?

Why No New Blog Posts?

So I guess you’re wondering why I’ve not posted anything new of late.

It’s a combination of a few things…

…Disappointing bottoms.

…Ordinary bottoms.

…Uninspiring bottoms.

Sounds like I am blaming bottoms. I am. I don’t quite get a few things:

  • The last few bottoms I’ve met at the adult bookstore (with one very distinct exception, #6 on that list) did not have lubed up asses. Seriously? I don’t mind a little spit shine but generally I expect some smooth entry into an ass. I don’t expect to tear what’s left of my foreskin off trying to get inside your tight bunghole.
  • If I ask you if you want my load, answer me. I get so many bottoms begging for verbal tops and I am. I am very, very verbal. I get off on being verbal. But fuck, you’ve got to answer back. It’s even better if you beg… verbally.
  • If you want to be my regular bottom, you have to work around my schedule of horniness… not yours. I understand work and life schedules and whatnot but get with the damn program. A bottom who’s been begging to be my regular one day turned me down because he “didn’t feel horny.” The next day, he wanted it. Well, too damn bad because I fucked someone else.
  • Bottoms have to do a little work on their cocksucking. I’ve had some seriously shitty blowjobs leading up to the fuck. Teeth scraping, flat tongues and very little movement… never mind how much you’re forgetting my balls. Sometimes I just fuck to get it over with.

Enough bitching. I’m looking for some decent bottoms to populate some new blog posts. Any around?

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  1. Im sick of bottoms getting all the blame, there are more lazy tops then bottoms. Your dick isn’t magic you have to do something too and hopefully in unison with the bottom. People only want things their way, well this isn’t fucking burger king. Sex is a partner ship, even when its a hot rape scene, it takes two, if you cant see what excites your partner. Open your lazy eyes, look, feel, engage. Hot sex is connected sex, i don’t care if we are fucking only once for 10 min in a bathroom stall , im giving it my all, im going to fuck you like you are my boyfriend, my dirty slut boyfriend that wants to shoot his fucking load on my face and then you know what , he gets me off too. WHAT? a top helping a bottom get off after he fucks? Yeah im kidding that never happens, i can count on one hand,the number of tops that have helped get me off after they came one hand in 2 years, i a slut, i fuck guys whenever i want out of all those guys 4, 4 fucking guys…..yeah lazy selfish tops… people always say what a,lazy bottom about someone and i ask oh was your bed covered in poo? NO? THEN HE ISN’T THAT LAZY. EVERYONE SHOW UP TO PLAY, If we want to fuck a lifeless hole, we can get fleshlights or fuck Trump. Ps sick of bait and switch, if you say you’re a top you better fuck me, its called flip fucking. Try it, you might like it. I don’t do anything if i don’t do it well.

  2. I guess dude… but your third bullet is just ridiculous, unless you live by the Dom/Sub fetish, or you’re stuck in some stereotype, not everyone is there with you, if you’re gonna be regular, you meet in the middle out of respect, everything should go both ways, pleasure and effort, and just cuz you’re an inspiring top doesn’t mean that the majority of them are as well, doesn’t mean that they ain’t begging for some hot ass constantly, but somehow take the feeling of domination seriously? It’s all for fun in the end… PS… tops should check their head game as well… sorry for the ramble, I like to argie, and have absolutely nothing better to do right now…

  3. I AM surprised I had not commented on this blog post, Mark.

    Personally, I AM glad you have written a few new blog posts, and you are certainly doing a great job of reviewing some great videos on Timfuck.com!

    As you know, right now I have two WordPress Blogs, but I also have a busy professional Psychic Practice, as well as a side position of employment I have had since 2010, but that has been more full-time than part-time since September, 2014. My blogging has decreased since then.

    I can understand why a fellow blogger is writing less often. Very well, actually.

    Nonetheless, I do look forward to catching up with your fantastic blog (as well as my own, but I digress).

    Be well, my friend, and enjoy the rest of your week!

  4. I’ll tell you why they don’t tell you if they want your load. They want YOU to fucking make the decision and take it out of their hands. On some levels asking / begging for the load takes some of the taboo-factor off the table. Just my $0.02, though.