GayEthicalSlut: Before and After

GayEthicalSlut: Before and After

As I was updating iBLASTinside’s Broken Virginity Seal of Approval page, I knew I needed to update an item. I thought I’d make note of it in an entry.

The original man who earned the first ever official endorsement happens to be GayEthicalSlut. His ass remains among the top five I’ve ever fucked (along with DeepHole4Loads).

But in the past two years, this Asian hottie has gone through a body transformation that deserves a big thumbs up.

Before (2012)



After (2014)


Now let me tell you, he was one hot fuck back when I got him in 2012. In 2014, I’m betting he’s off the charts!

He earned the status of having the Ultimate Asian Ass. He just might also now have the Ultimate Asian EVERYTHING!

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One Comment


  1. Mark, I had forgotten that about you.

    It looks like we have three things in common. One, that we are both Horned Signs; two, that we love Asian men (the third item I shall share with you privately [sorry, blog followers and readers, but I honor Mark’s privacy, as he honors mine], although I think you already know what it is, Mark).

    I must admit, part of me finds “gayethicalslut’s” body more appealing from 2012, but I certainly enjoy hearing about (and yes, seeing) his physical transformation.

    Finally, it is interesting how, when I AM writing one to two blog posts a day, between my two WordPress blogs, that that is when I discover several new posts from you. Once again, I need to catch up on your sexcapades and writings.