Georgia Gay Cub Reporters Write Cute Newspaper Article About Me & Pal

link Georgia Boys Founders of Gay Men’s ‘Bareback Brotherhood’


So the above appeared in the GA Voice back in June 2013.  It’s the Gay rag for the Atlanta area. I’d say Georgia and I image a few people pick some up in Savannah and maybe Augusta (where these fine reporters probably haven’t noticed that two of three major Georgia hubs host huge bareback orgies once a month).

I’m glad that two of the three of the founders of the Bareback Brotherhood or #BBBH qualify as “boys.”

Fuck that.

I don’t know about @GaPozAthens, but last time I checked, I am a MAN.

Further, did you know you don’t have to be Gay to be in the Bareback Brotherhood?

That’s right. Ding ding ding!

You just have to be a guy to be a part of a brotherhood. Duh.

Bareback as a bi, as a straight or even just curious. Doesn’t matter.

Just fuck raw.



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One Comment


  1. Mark, I must say, I find it interesting that exactly thirteen days ago, you published a post about an article that appeared a little more than nine months ago, speaks volumes.

    Alas, I, too, share your stance about the media: “I don’t trust the media to be honest and unbiased.” Indeed.

    Thank you, Mark.