Tina, That Evil Bitch

Tina, That Evil Bitch

I don’t like meth bottoms.

Sure, they’re insatiable bottoms. Sure, they want my cum. Sure, they beg for it. Sure, they can take a fucking.

They chew. They move too much. They’re just plain a fucking mess.

No matter how much I tell the fuckers I’m not into the Tina queens, they’ll show up.

I’m traveling again and I had a beefy fiftysomething man with some nice nips on BarebackRT. My profile on BBRT clearly states “hell no” on drug use. And for some reason, I think on a Tuesday night with a mature man, I’m safe.

The smacking begins as soon as he’s naked (and he’s stopped sucking).

Maybe he took his teeth out.

I can’t stand the shit.

I pretend to cum quickly and send him home.

Yes, I fake orgasms.

I go to bed unsatisfied.

If I wanted drugs to fuck me over, I’d use them.

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  1. A
    Tina bitch bottom I am NOT. A spun Fucking Top who spreads a 1/2 cup of cum in as many as 1/2 dozen men’s fuck holes. That is who I am.

  2. Defo. Tina is the worst thing to use. I saw many methheads in Berlin. Its awfull what it does. Its horny that Tina makes you really horny slut but what it does to body and mind is not worth. If one wants to use drugs please never use Tina. Its devastating even in small doses. Plus its so addictive.
    Untill last year, i realized in 37 years i never tried any chems so decided to try all. Most of them just relax or make you high but Tina i tried 80mg and was in total shit for a week. Not to mention teeth pain, unable to sleep, numb spine, headache, loss of appetite…. Never again will use it. What was left i let down the drain. And was happy to do so. Never again. Even if that was the only thing to Save my life. So if you never tried it, dont try it. Dont be tempted. Its not worth.

  3. I’m surprised you even bother to pretend to cum, why not just throw the fucker out on his high as shit ass.