Open Letter: Putting Bottoms on Notice

Open Letter: Putting Bottoms on Notice

Dear Bottoms:

I think there’s been a little confusion of late. Maybe the tops who you’ve found have been a little too nice, although I’d probably attribute it to the fact they’ve been sucked into the heterocentric sensitivity training of taking care of the wife or some other bullshit. Or maybe there’s too much of the Housewives of Wherever-The-Fuck on TV, showing the women getting all uppity on their men.

That or some queeny, bitch-ass bottom started a movement that they’ve got the hole so they get to be large and in charge.

As I’ve been communicating with a few of your compatriots who want cocks and cum, I’m getting these demands. I’m being told — not requested, but ordered — to provide certain items. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Face photograph
  • Full body shots
  • Videos of me fucking
  • Recent paperwork showing my HIV and STI/STD status

In most if not all of these cases, the bitch who’s making these demands is not providing any of these to me and, for the most part, gives me some line of bullshit that he’s “assuming all the risk.”

If I could reach through the Internet lines and grab you by the balls, bend you over and rape you lubeless, I would.

Additionally, I am getting a lot of feedback with which the precision a bottom wishes to be fucked. One said that I must only fuck him on his back, I must kiss him and, of course, he wants me to pull out and cum on his face.

In all of the preceding cases, I have declined to fuck them.

While I might entertain an occasional request from a bottom, that ass and body is there for my pleasure. If the bottom gets something out of it, good for you. I rarely give a fuck. But if a bottom seems particularly receptive to my fucking, I’ll be glad to make sure he gets to cum.

Good news is if I’m really enjoying myself, often the bottom will just cum on his own.

Here’s a little reminder of the 11 Commandments for a True Bottom. These were written by a bottom for all bottoms.

If you have a problem with this, please do me the kindness and fuck off.

Otherwise, I look forward to hearing from you.


Mark Bentson aka iBLASTinside
Twitter @iBLASTinside
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  1. Ok, Sir. Been meaning to express my gratitude for Your response. Live north of Boston if anyone wants to help fill my asshole. short slim smooth fairskinned workout.

  2. Well hopefully this attitude is what you like. For years I really enjoyed sucking cocks at glory holes. One day, about seven years I guess, I was sitting in an adult book store in a booth sucking cocks through the hole and jacking off. I had cum once already about half an hour earlier so I wasn’t going to get hard again anytime soon, but it was the weekend and I was just enjoying day, the cocks, and the porn on the video screen. So This cock comes though the hole, nice cock, not huge, but hard and I’m slurping away like a kid with a drippy ice cream cone when after a few minutes the cock withdraws and the guy taps his finger in the edge of the hole. So, OK, I’m not gonna bust a nut, but he can suck me a while and when I don’t come, I figure he’ll give me back his cock to finish him off. So he sucks me for less than a minute then pulls back and using his hand, guides me to turn around. OK, cool, I’m gonna get rimmed. He proceeds to tongue my ass really, then stops for about two seconds – and without any warning shoves his cock up my ass.

    Now here’s the really important point.

    I didn’t protest, I didn’t pull away, the IMMEDIATE thing I did was to grab my cock, which was totally soft, and start jacking. Within 5 seconds I was coming, again with a TOTALLY soft cock. The top came about 30 seconds later.

    EVER SINCE THEn, it’s not like I don’t like sucking cock, it’s just not enough any more and I cruise the highways and byways to get fucked through the hole. I NEVER get enough. It’s my favorite thing.

    I live in North West Arizona and work takes me into Las Vegas 1-4 times a month. Hope someday for my asshole to service your cock. Email me at – thank you.

  3. I’m in London and would love to provide you with s flavour of international bottom! Do you ever travel this far? If so, hit me up….and then fill me up!x

  4. You are 52 years old in a “loving but sexless” relationship. I imagine having any sex — even with that piece of plastic between you and the other person — might be nice.

    But if you were honest with yourself (and you’re on a bareback blog, so let’s take a stab at this) you don’t want that piece of plastic there. You want the joy, electricity and excitement of skin-to-skin contact.

    Stop worrying. You’re fucking 52 and on the downward slope toward the River Styx. It’s not the years in your life, it’s the life in your years. LIVE. FUCK. A little antibiotics or a few pills might seem horrendous, but shit, you’re probably already stopping by the Walgreens twice a month for refills anyway.

  5. First, I’d like to compliment Mr. Bentson on his candor and humor. Agree with him or not, there is a section of the gay or “men-who-have-sex-with-men” “community” who operate under these mores, and his honesty is refreshing. This, despite the risks taken with unprotected anal sex including the possible infections: HIV, Hepatitis, HPV (can lead to anal cancer, throat cancer, head and neck cancer, penile cancer et al), herpes, syphyllis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichinosis, scabies, crabs… And more I’ve left out). Barebacking does provide both partners with a more sensual and sexual experience, but given the aforementioned diseases, is barebacking worth it? Age-old question for adults especially since the late 1970s.

    Switching gears, I’ve been involved in a loving but sexless relationship for over eight years and am looking for relief and a release. It’s a very different scene from a decade ago. Interesting to me because the majority of gay men still seem to identify as versatile and oral, perhaps because if the higher risks associated with anal sex, or to the fact that ansl sex requires more work for both the top and the bottom. Not sure. But, it seems to have changed quite a bit for the smaller section of those practicing anal sex wherein most identify as bottoms. It’s stunning how few tops there are. I’m not criticizing as I’m a lifelong bottom, perhaps due to my stereotypical bottom appearance ( short,
    slim, smooth, fairskinned, boyish looking still at my age of 52, blah blah blah) and my predilection for this role. So I also appreciate the viewpoint of ansterdamslut above. Great blog and interesting viewpoints. I wish everyone hot times and good health!

  6. Reading this comment made my cock rock hard and my hole twitch. I’ve never been bred before but fantasize about it. Having never felt right practicing safe sex, I don’t buy into equal control in during sexual congress. Your dominant, I-don’t-give-a-fuck-if-you-get-off attitude ignites my lust, and yes, if you could reach through these internet lines and rape me, I would be fulfilled. I want to feel your load inside me and offer my hole to you.

  7. I am a bottom. I am a cum dump. My hole was designed for cock. All though I have favorite positions to be in, it’s more for the top so I can ensure he is getting the proper depth so that he can be balls deep in me. I only insist on pics if you are coming over, to ensure that you are who you say you are and not some flake!

  8. i so agree with what you say! we bottoms should respect men like you! We can’t fuck, we need a man to do it for us. So it would be rude to be demanding!

  9. You can breed my hole. I can’t wait!!!

  10. You can breed me. I’ll be in Atlanta in the fall. Will that work?

  11. I am versatile, out of necessity, but much prefer being BBBtm. I totally agree with you that the top decides the plan of action for his invasion. The reason is very simple to understand. I was once an aggressive power bottom. Even then, it was not so much trying to lead, but my hungry hole wanting more cock…EWG. After having to flip in order to have some fun – tops became scarce in the South – I quickly learned that the top cannot get his rhythm in stride and maintain or give the btm a good f**k. AND YES, WUD DEFINITELY LIKE TO HAVE UR COCK AND CUM IN ME!!

  12. Glad I didn’t have sex with you when I had the chance. While I naturally do some of those things listed in those commandments, I do them because that’s how I operate, not because it’s “what I’m supposed to do” as a bottom. Despite what you think, I’m not merely some fleshlight, and while I enjoy being fucked (and getting a nice load deep in my ass), I also enjoy being human.

    Also, while I agree that simply demanding things is rather obnoxious, requesting paperwork on your HIV status is completely legit. But if they want to see yours, they have to show theirs as well; after all, turnabout’s fair play.

  13. Don’t you realize there is an unlimited supply of top cum? Unless a guy packs 8.5″ and up he’s going to have to accept a cock is a cock and its easy to get bred.

  14. I agree 100%, we are all to be used, bred and seeding any way the stud wants to do it. I’m sending you via email my pictures and info for use. Hope you will want to use me STUD

  15. Well said! You turn me on….