Time for Some Fresh Fucks in 2014

Time for Some Fresh Fucks in 2014

Around this time of year, I review my top fucks for 2013 and head toward 2014. But not this year.

While 2013 did contain some good ass worth recalling (like Chris the escort who seems to be all over the place these days, a hot Indy bottom, a Baltimore hottie, along with one or two others), it was not a banner year for me and breeding.

In fact, I’d consider myself a bit off my game.

All totaled up for 2013, I made 213 deposits, 31 stealths and actually took 11 in my own ass.

Yes, I’ve been bottoming.

A top must never be complacent in his skill set. Being open to the possibilities is a must. Normally these topping sessions occur in conjunction with a massage session, where a therapist takes the time to relax me and allow me to open up, so to speak.

But a couple of times, it’s just been a beautiful cock and I really didn’t feel like sucking it until it came. And it seemed like such a waste to let it go someplace else when I had a perfectly good ass I could back up to the gloryhole.

Into 2014

Like 2013, I will be traveling extensively and hoping for new asses to breed. Don’t worry, I’m not going bottom on anyone. But I’ll probably supplement my load counts with loads in my ass with the truly versatiles out there — not that there are many available.

I’d like to see my numbers grow this year, although let’s face it — I’m no spring chicken. At 46, a lot of the younger bucks run away and the old farts (like me) are chasing young bucks.

What’s your #LoadCount? Tweet me st @iblastinside or comment here.

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  1. Well, Mark, I think I know where I want you to visit, and where I want you to cum.

  2. Dude u sound so hot. Found this website years ago! I’m a 29year old in shape Btm bro and would love to get bred! Let
    Me know if ur in Toronto!!

  3. If you’re in Connecticut, or the NY tri-state area in your travels, I’d be honored to take a pounding from you.

  4. Let me know if you visit Europe again this year, I would like to meet.

  5. Love your site and very into bb , older guy here at 52 so I do not get out as often as I use but love nasty bb phone if you or friends might be interested
    Do you get to NY?