I Am An Ordinary Guy And A Big Ole Geek

I Am An Ordinary Guy And A Big Ole Geek

I am an ordinary guy and a big ole geek. I never proclaimed myself to be anything more or less.

Okay. Maybe I am a stud. And I don’t mean a stud in some amorphous sense that one looks at a hot guy and goes, “Damn, he’s a stud.” I also don’t mean the term you might find in some urban dictionary where it refers to a general bad ass.

I am the animal kingdom version of a stud.

Definition: “An animal retained for breeding.”

Those who give me half a chance to get hard and shove my cock into their hole realize two things:

1. This guy has a very hard cock.

2. This guy knows how to fuck.

Given time, a third thing happens.

3. He breeds.

Knock on wood — primarily, my own — that’s what happens.

My blog here makes no secret of who I am and the type of person I happen to be. I should work out more. I’m not hugely fat. I have one tattoo. I wear geek glasses. I am not stud looking.

Bottom-BrainiacImagine my surprise when this fucking brainiac arrives at my door and says he’s confused who I actually am. Apparently, he’d confused me with some of the porn images on my website.

As he explained — in trying to leave and not have to see me naked — he’d assumed I was the beefy, tattooed guy who was fucking on my site.

Now I went through the last several entries. For the most part, all the porn stuff is labeled. So let’s say the dumb ass can read (but after chatting with him a bit, I’m not sure about that).

It leaves us with the escort entries on Chris, formerly of Detroit, formerly of Orlando, now I think he’s back in Detroit.

This means genius-in-muscles actually thought I was a bottom who was going to fuck him.

I didn’t fuck him because he wanted a pass. And who am I to rape the unwilling (and someone who’s six-f00t-six and got enough muscles to break me in half).

Truth be told, I got this beautiful, muscular Hispanic man with a gorgeous ass who came preloaded with two other loads that gave his ass this tangy taste!

But that’s another story.

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  1. Some guys just fixate on their creative fantasies rather than reality when they start thinking about hooking up. They take the image they want you to be, hone in on it, and then forget about all the other details (regardless of how explicitly or frequently you mention them).

    It’s good to hear you found another match to make up for the dud.

  2. I don’t care about what others think of you. In my opinion, you are one hot stud ready for breeding!

  3. Yeah, tell us about that hot muscular Latin preloaded bottom. Sounds hot!
    His ass any good?

  4. wow. what a jerk! there are still plenty of people out here that think you’re smoking hot. 🙂

  5. I know that everyone has his preferences, but I think that this guy lost out on something very good.

    And you know I cannot wait to hear about the Hispanic that was thrice-filled after you studded him!