On Sabbatical, But the Blog Remains Live (and I’m Still Around)

On Sabbatical, But the Blog Remains Live (and I’m Still Around)

I wanted to make this brief statement to the few fans and readers out there who continue to hit up the blog: I’m all right, fine and alive. My life goes on. But for now, I’m breaking away from this blog and, for the most part, Twitter.

You can still contact me and I’ll be traveling around here and there, in the likelihood to meet men who want to meet and possibly fuck. But it’s time for a break.

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  1. Bob is making me look bad. He sent you money.

    However, I have already informed you what you get with me! Ha, Ha!!

    Seriously, I AM happy you are keeping your blog around for now, and I already commented on your previous post.

    Be well, my dear, and I shall Email an update to you shortly.

  2. You (and others) can always contact me. I generally don’t mind.

  3. Bob,

    It was kind of you to send me the gift. I truly appreciate it.


  4. Hey Mark. We’ve communicated very briefly thru your blog before. Glad you’re OK. Was definitely wondering. Hang in there and enjoy the silence 😉

    -Matt in ATL

  5. Hey, I hear you and understand. I’ll miss your pointed posts, especially the ones calling out the catfish and overly righteous pricks amongst us.
    Can I send you some seed $$’s for your sabbatical?