Time to Grow Up and Get Safe: Wrap Your Willie Twice

Time to Grow Up and Get Safe: Wrap Your Willie Twice

It’s been heart wrenching for me, but I finally have been convinced that I cannot fuck bareback anymore. It’s just not safe. All the people who send me the hate mail, tell me I’m a sociopath, inform me that it’s just wrong to breed the bottoms… well, I’m inclined to agree with you. I’ve spread my seed to enough people, it’s time to stop. In fact, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to not only put on one condom, but two.

Too Much Pleasure So Two

All through these years that I’ve been fucking raw, it’s been wrong. I’ve just had too much pleasure. So I’ve concluded that I need to plastic protect my penis at least twice. It’s called “double bagging.” I’m going to put on two condoms. That way, I dull the pleasure twice as much. I’m not able to feel anything rubbing against me. I almost want to make sure I feel nothing when I fuck, just to punish myself. I don’t deserve any more pleasure. I must deny myself. No more fun. No more pleasure. No more enjoyment for me. I figure with feeling nothing, I can work purely for the bottom’s joy. Make the bottom feel good. Maybe I won’t even cum. I’ll make sure the bottom feels my condomed cock, plastic wrapped for his pleasure. I will put on one condom for blowjobs too.

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  1. Best april fools day prank I’ve seen all day. The double bagging is gold.

  2. Ha! Good April Fools joke!

  3. For all those posting in response of this topic, remember this day, April 1, 2013, as a day of infamy. For the OP: Don’t forget to put on a body condom for foreplay!

  4. Hmm, our fearless leader has left himself wide open (so to speak) .. he mentions wrapping himself but does not mention any one wrapping themselves while fucking him! Any tops out there willing to raw fuck his ass this April 1? Poisson d’Avril

  5. Mark, I just Emailed you. What happened?

    I AM a Gay Man, a Witch, and a Psychic, and I learned long ago that not everyone is going to like me. And as someone who is not cut up with muscles and has the body of a porn star, I AM also aware that not everyone is going to find me attractive.

    I AM fortunate that I do not receive hate Emails, but who knows? That may happen in the future.

    Nonetheless, please let me know what happened. If you want to call, then please do.